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Arsenal draw AC Milan in Europa League Round of 16

The draw for the Round of 16 of the Europa League was made today, and Arsenal have been drawn against AC Milan.

The Gunners made it through to the next knock-out round despite losing 2-1 to Östersunds FK at the Emirates last night, an embarrassing result and performance regardless of our qualification.

The first leg takes place on Thursday March 8th, with the return leg a week later on March 15th.

Previous meetings with AC Milan

2011-12 – Champions League

Milan 4-0 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Milan

2007-08 – Champions League

Arsenal 0-0 Milan
Milan 0-2 Arsenal

1994-95 – European Super Cup

Arsenal 0-0 Milan
Milan 2-0 Arsenal

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dr Strange

Milan oh for fucks sake. At least it wasn’t Dortmund.

lucky number 7

I dunno, might actually make them all take the game/tournament seriously…


dortmund aint that special, at least it wasant atletico as simeone with his tactics would knock us out without breaking a sweat.

Milan is mediocore and we should win but watching yesterday we can lose even iw we drew plzen.

The Loon Ranger

Of course this was part of Baldric’s (oops slip of the keyboard there) AW’s cunning plan. To make the Mancs overconfident and all the European opponents of course as well #ya gunners ya

dr Strange

We can’t cope with a high preassure team like dortmund.

Wreh\'s FA Cup dream

Dunno, Milan have won 8 of their last 11 games. Arsenal have won 4…

Viva la prof

Tasty !


Is lacazatte gng to be back by march 15?

dr Strange



Tough but beatable. Need to put their strongest team out though. Might give them a bit more confidence in the league if they get through


Every team we’ve met who were tough but beatable, have won against us. Sayings like that Doesnt exactly work for spineless teams like ours.


Bring it on. True test for these guys in this competition now. We’ll be in it if we deserve to. Getting really tired of being disappointed over and over again. If we’re going to crash out, better do it now. And if we beat Milan, that’s one of the big boys out. COYG.


Fantastic draw

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I love this draw, the players were way too complacent and relaxed last time. I expect a big, famous club like Milan, even if they are shit today, to give them a kick in the ass. It’s fucked up that they need it though.

Jean Ralphio

We have to beat them all to win anyway

Tom Gun

Let me explain how knockout competitions work…….no wait I can’t be bothered! Needless to say we DON’T have to beat every team!


How sad to watch these fixtures in Europe League


Yeah two months ago Benevento’s keeper scored in the 95th minute to get a draw vs Milan (2-2), their first point of the season. Getting excited/afraid of this tie, in the current circumstances, probably marks a new low for the Wenger era.

Toure Motors

Yeah it’s awful being in a European competition in March . Jesus, have a little perspective

Da Boss

Don’t blame Jesus


I was hoping for this one, I’ve truly missed playing Italian teams since Seria A became shit. San Siro is one of the most epic arenas in the world, Milan is a legendary club and I can’t wait for this one!

Beats the hell out of a dull fixture in fucking Moscow.


Very interesting draw. This will test our resolves if we belong to the Champions league.


that’s us out then


Lets hope AC do not sabotage the pitch like last time…


Disgraceful tactic, guaranteed to do it again. They’re desperate.


Let’s hope our striker doesn’t blunder a 1 v 1 opportunity against the keeper at home this time either…

*cough* skunk


they seem to be in a pretty similar place to us at the moment, probably not the toughest draw we could have got

Wilshere\'s Hairline

Are we at home for the first leg or away?





Why not

Interesting. Like in the FA cup or The Tinky winky pepsi cup. You have to beat some good teams.

At least it wont be the snoozefest that Ostersunds was. Both the performances and the spectacle. Dull as fuck


I Love this let see if the boys can prove that they are man also for welbeck i think he should just take his leave out of the club cos he his jobless and not productive again. Please Mr wenger this is the time you need to make use of your top best cos we can aviod to loss out of this when we all knw that top four is nt sure to make please work with this Mr Wenger

Lack of Perspective



I really don’t think that’s half as bad as it could have been… was hoping for Plzen or Salzburg in a way (ironically both in the final 5 of the balls left!) but if Welbeck gets enough game time & we play our strongest available side it’s do-able IMO


I had completely forgotten it is Welbeck up front.

I love the guy, he works hard. Injuries have not helped either. But it is going to be a tough 2 games if he is our only striker during that period.


Love it COYG!

nacho man

who is home first?

Santi’s Smile

Guardian mbm says Arsenal travel to Milan for the first leg.


They are


I was hoping for some big teams to get matched up to eliminate a few but it looks like the biggest matchup is ours. Would be loved a Madrid v Dortmund match. If we progress, it will be a tough go.

SB Still

So we have the 2nd leg at home. Don’t know if that’s an advantage given how we play at home in Europe…actually given how we play currently.

Ofcourse hoped for an easier tie – maybe a miracle will happen and our team wakes up and starts paying seriously.


Hahahahaha.. This is some funny shit. End of the line for us and any hope of Champion’s league feature next season. We playing Welbeck FFS!


I love it! This is actually feeling like good old European football

Lack of Perspective

I like it as well

Kwame Ampadu Down

AC not the club they used to be. 7th in Serie A. Nice to have a big name but we really should be good enough to beat them.

Heavenly Chapecoense

AC Milan fans must be saying exact same thing of us.

Kwame Ampadu Down


Donald\'s Trump

Nice draw. Been to the San Siro in 2007-08. Fans are racist as fuck so don’t fancy going there again.


Great glamour draw. Good way to go out.


well happy with that


Man it’s strong. Salzburg and Plzen are the only easy-ish sides. At this standard I’d have taken Milan over 3/4 of the other teams in the draw. Definitely over any of the Russian teams.


Interesting draw for a change. Which Arsenal will turn up. The rarely seen good one. The shit one, the really shit one, the fuck me i paid to watch this shit one, the this is the last time i’m renewing my season ticket one?


Well, we have been seeing ‘the shit one’ for some time now so it is expected that ‘the rarely seen good one’ will show up first this Sunday and then for both the Milan ties. I hope. No I pray. No I’m pleading….


Don’t even know which team is worse, my darling Arsenal or Milan. Two very inconsistent teams.


Certainly one of the teams I would of liked the club to have avoided
But reality is, if this doesnt force the gaffer into playing hos best team and have a decent cack at it, then atleast we can say the team went out to a decent opponent.


Milan is the sixth best team in Italy, on the way up. Arsenal number six in England, on the way down. The English league probably being of higher quality, Arsenal should be marginally better. But Milan won 4-0 on aggregate agains Ludogrets. I keep thinking that Arsenal would probably not have held the zero, but conceded a goal or two.

The defense must be fixed. In fact, that does not entail new players, but defensive plans, clear roles – the area where Arsene Wenger has not updated his tactics and skills since the 1990’s.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wenger likes what he calls positive game. Is it positive if you concede goals all the time, your defence out of position and overwhelmed , running like headless chickens and all the players not looking intelligent players at all?


Could have been worse. But still an epic Match between two clubs who used to be at the pinnacle of European football.


The good thing is, it will be a great game and AC are awful atm, the bad thing is, we are without Lacazette for this games… but hey, let’s hope that Dat guy will find his mojo and bang some nice goals for us.
The excitement is ON! COYG!

Godfrey Twatsloch

That’s a proper team for us to take on and they’re gobbing off already. We have no excuses not to go out and thump them. Fucking do it!


Mentality is not the problem of arsenal players. Has mustaffi been sternly talked to after a horror show against the swans? Has bellerin been told he is underperforming? Has Czech been threatened with an ospina replacement? Do we have a natural DM? Tactically, have the players been told that if an opponent ‘packs the bus’ the possible route to follow is loading the balls into their 18 yard box instead of eternal trying to walk through? We can easily see off Milan with a tactical approach,they are not Barcelona.

Lord Bendnter

That 2-0 win at Sin Siro is one of my greatest memories


I like the draw. At least it wasn’t Dortmund or atletico…. Arsenal can make it


Not the best team in the competition so if we don’t fancy them then we aren’t up to the task. Just fuck ’em up. We should be better. If we aren’t, the club should respond.

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