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Wenger bemoans self-inflicted defeat: ‘Everything went against us’

Arsene Wenger says that Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat to Man City in the Carabao Cup final was ‘self-inflicted’, but also feels that City’s second goal should not have stood.

The Frenchman believes that Leroy Sane was standing in an offside position and interfering with play, and was baffled as to why VAR didn’t rule it out.

“I feel a little bit that everything went against us,” he said. “We self inflicted our punishment because we had an unbelievable chance at 0-0, we gave them a goal at 1-0.

“We were a bit unlucky in the second half even if i think we didn’t start well at all and we punished, but the second goal was offside.

“I don’t know who watched the game on VAR, but it’s a mystery to me how you can watch that on replay and not give offside.

“After that it was game over. City controlled the game and were better than us from then on. So well done to them, that’s basically it.”

Wenger did conceded that mistakes cost his side, for the the first and third goals.

“We made a silly mistake which led to the first goal and that was disappointing,” he continued.

“There was no need to make the corner on the second goal. But you take the good and the bad as a manager.”

Arsenal 0-3 Man City – player ratings

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Tommy Gunner

I know this article is about Wenger, but on the basis he referenced the “silly mistake” for their first goal I hope that allows me to legitimately comment on Mustafi. The man is a dozy cunt. That is all

Mein Bergkampf

Cunt is strong but the guy’s a liability, that’s for sure. For every heroic last ditch tackle there’s ten dodgy decisions, piss poor positioning and general schoolboy tomfoolery. However two weeks ago that got me over 100 thumbs down and a fair bit of abuse for “scapegoating”. Not that I’m bitter.

Twisted cuntloks

Being born in Islington, I fell in love with Arsenal as a young lad in the 70’s. I’ve seen some good times, and many, many awful performances and teams but then GG came along. He became my hero and still is to this day. He took the club on an incredible adventure. Then DD brought in AW who took us to new levels and became one of the worlds top 5 managers, we were privileged to have him. The manager he has become now should not be manager of this club. We are approaching full circle from what we were… Read more »

Big T

i feel you brother


Mustafi should be nowhere near Arsenal Football Club. That goes too for Xhaka, Iwobi, Chambers, Holding, Elneny, Cech, Welbeck and, after his comments about ‘real fans’, Bellerin. The club’s dressing room is rotten to the core with bang-average players picking up massive salaries for generally doing fuck all but embarrass themselves, the club and its supporters. I’ve had it up to here with Wenger and his endless wankblasting soundbites to excuse the latest umpteenth pile of shite that they’ve served up. The club’s a fucking joke and thanks to Wenger, the laughing stock of football.


The guy on aftv is bang on and hilarious

Hector bellerin I’m not criticising you for what you said. I’m criticising you because your fucking shit

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah, but you can all say “Man, that guy is sheer class” when he lets Giroud go to a rival club or says something nice about Robert Pires or invites back Eboue for a training session. Ignore the delusional hissy fits and refusal to take responsibility for the river of shite we currently swim in. At least he’s a class guy.

Bored with the whingers

Bellerin was right about ‘real’ fans and it’s our angry, spoilt, delusional fans who are the laughing stock of football. Little vocal support for the team at the stadium and then too many of them piss off when we go 2-0 down and slag off the club. Grow up and recognise that we got beat by a team with a sugar daddy that’s prepared to spend 250 million quid on its defence.


Why does everybody keep talking about money when it comes to city, yes they have oil money but so does Chelsea, PSG buys the best players, Madrid, Barca, United… what I’m trying to say is that the market as change drastically to get the player you need to compete it’s going to cost, Pep got the players he need, and they cost alot, but you still have to coach them and they still have to play well so give the man some credit. Difference is Pep gets player’s who he identifies will work in his system, Wenger gets player’s who… Read more »

Gary Lawrence

You’re entitled to your opinion, as is Bellerin, but once the dust has settles, the thing that will be apparent to everyone is that “YES” Man City have a sugar daddy but we didn’t have the stomach for a fight. And that has been missing from our game for years! We got lucky with cup success of late but the table doesn’t lie. We bent over for them yesterday and took it up the shitter for the whole world to see and this has been going on for years!!!

Lord Bendnter

I’m sorry, but I have to say this. There is a MAJOR problem with our defensive coaches! Mustafi was a brilliant buy, I just don’t think Arsenal has helped him improve at all. We need some major changes in that defensive coaching department.
I think you can buy the best defenders out there and over time, they will decline in their progress at Arsenal.

Mein Bergkampf

I don’t think you can do that mate. Unless you have an understanding of the inner workings of the club, the minutiae of daily training sessions, you cannot point the finger at members of staff who are working under a stubborn and authoritative manager. It’s all under Wenger’s stewardship, always has been. If he wants to exert his power over everything, we can’t keep pointing the blame elsewhere when shit goes down. Wenger’s team, Wenger’s training sessions, Wenger’s fault.


You said: “Unless you have an understanding of the inner workings of the club, the minutiae of daily training sessions, you cannot point the finger at members of staff”. Then you proceed to point the finger at Wenger. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. I actually agree with you that we don’t know much of what is really happening in training or elsewhere. We only see the end result and some bits of “insider” gossip through the media. But it is plainly obvious that no manager coaches every player individually, so something is clearly wrong with the coaches AS… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Anyways, given that Mustafi was very close to leaving last summer, I have a strong feeling this will be his last season with us. My problem is that I know that no matter who we bring in, whichever CB, our defensive coaches will just make them crap.
We need a new manager, and one who will bring his own preferred coaches with him.


I don’t see the benefit of Arsene saying this stuff 5 days before we play the same team in a game that is a must win for us. If this is some sort of psychological warfare against Man City then it seems way off target. If it’s meant to raise our own game then I can’t see it working.

“Well done, lads. We shot ourselves in the foot twice and were unlucky with a VAR decision that I disagree with.”

Yep, our team is now motivated to thrash Man City on Thursday in the league game. Don’t think so.


Why is that a must win game though? There’s no chance of us getting into the top 4.


Well I guess falling further down the table towards Burnley or Everton doesn’t matter. Fair point.


No, it most certainly does matter.
Ya want the team to win, I have to assume. Chels are in also in free fall. Top 4 is a VERY long shot. Europe again next year is worth working for because its not impossible.

We’re about to find out that is not all easy opponents and cake walks.

Cliff Bastin

Ah well on to the next game! Oh wait


He just sounds deluded now. How can he not see what all of us are seeing? We have fallen MILES behind – and it’s all down to him. How he still thinks he can turn it around is beyond me.

The board needs to do the right thing and move on in the summer. There’s easily 5 teams better than us now, we’re clearly going backwards while the top 5 are improving. This can’t go on any longer.


Surely Wenger must know time is up right? Is he such a glutton for punishment that he is gonna persist with this torture? Of himself and the fan base? He is absolutely being f**king humiliated almost on weekly basis right now, what sane person would cling on? His legacy is utterly tarnished by now, tarnished by his own stubbornness to adapt or move on. I doubt there is any segmenr of fans in his corner anymore. Turning point for me was two seasons ago when Leicester walked off with the title with old man wenger on the sideline ringing his… Read more »

Mkhi Most

Agreed it’s sad to watch his decline even though it’s now self-inflicted. Gary Neville calls the team spineless but it’s the board who are spineless for not taking AW aside and telling him his time is up


Wenger thinks City were better than us after they scored the second goal?! They were better than us from the off you dumb fuck. That has got to be the most lacklustre performance I have ever seen from a side contesting a cup final. So sick of this shit.


Nah, I thought the first half was surprisingly even.
City wasn’t dominating, and Arsenal grew into it and have some of the ball in City’s end. The Mustafi fuck up was the killer. True that after that point, it was all down hill. And I, along with surely many Arsenal supporters, was glad it didn’t turn into a total blood bath.

Otherwise, I’m in full agreement with you. Crap performance. Not one of those fuckers in T2 deserved to wear the shirt. And Wenger … good god man, just go.


He’s turned into the teacher in Charlie Brown cartoons


It baffles me how he continues to not take responsibility. He really should step down himself.


Self-inflicted coaching

One Dennis Bergkamp

He forgot to mention the handbrake.


While it is disgusting how Mustafi let himself stopped by that slight push and stopped alltogether to complain, I feel it has to be noted City got away with a lot of pushes like this one while we were always penaltized (on even smaller ones). I don’t say it should have been blown (and I do not think either) but referees should really really aim to be more consistent with their decision making even more so on neutral ground.
Not like it would have changed anything but it is still frustrating.


You are as delusional as the manager if you think refereeing decisions cost us that game today.


It’s not the referee Arsene, it’s the crapness.


There was a reason Wenger was going to sell Mustafi evident today very average player goes to ground too much he’s a liability

Average Joe

Why the fuck is he on the pitch then?


Mate if we didn’t play very average players, with this squad we’d be putting out a team of maybe 6 or 7.


Does anyone have a recent footage or video of arsenal’s training sessions prior to this match, what the fuck do they do there , do they have balls there , do managers train them how to pass the ball accurately, do they train how to move the ball out of their half successfully, do they even train together cause i heard that ozil was in Istanbul with his girlfriend in Thursday, did he catch any of the training sessions, do they train them how to cross the ball successfully to the lone striker so he can try and score at… Read more »


Funny you say that cause yesterday xhaka posted pics on insta taking corners.

10/10 on corners today..



Actually training on taking corners is not mentioned in my it’s a relief to know they have training sessions


His comments after the game left me turning the air blue then having to apologise to my wife ,Wenger should have been apologising to the entire Arsenal support base and offering to refund the ticket price and travel costs of the unfortunate souls who paid good money to witness the shite on offer from our team !!! Instead he was delusional talking about decisions going against us ,mistakes and lack of concentration ! We were poor on the ball awful without it had maybe 2 attempts on goal all game ,at times in the second half our defending was keystone… Read more »


No good or bad in your world arsene. There are no consequences


Let’s be honest. It’s gonna take a new manager two seasons minimum to fix this team. This has to be the weirdest Arsenal team ever. No identity at all. Just a total jazz team, who occasionally when the wind blows right, look like a football team. More often than not, we look like what we are, a fucking shambles waiting to be ripped apart.
I expected nothing less than a defeat, I was just hoping against a thumping. That says it all really.


There was once a time when losing at home to ostersunds would be unthinkable.

It wasn’t a surprise

That’s how bad it’s become

Stuck on repeat...

Completely agree Des with your aptly put “No identity at all. Just a total jazz team, who occasionally when the wind blows right, look like a football team”.

Good Lord, today found myself desperately missing Theo, Giroud, Le Coq & The Ox. Not all world beaters I know, but at least they were ours & we had SOME form of identity. Just couldn’t connect with the team today…as seemingly nor could they amongst themselves. Sad sad days…

Stuck on repeat...

Sorry but tired of hearing it time & time again. Woefull performance in our last game, where we failed to show up as a team, were leaderless on the pitch, had a manager standing silent hands in pockets seemingly devoid of tactics, a bench with no optipns & that arguably makes us worse even on paper, an inept first half, team talk at half time…& then an even worse performance in the second half. Don’t worry, our “focus” is on preparations for the next game. Next game comes & it’s exactly the same. What could possibly go wrong with selling… Read more »


This has become the normal now with many fans expectations so low we just hope we don’t get spanked who ever we play. Poor wenger tries to clutch at certain moments that he feels changed the game while not facing upto the constant piss poor showings being served up over and over and often finding ever new ways to fuck up and loose. It’s clear this summer the club needs to step up be brave and save wenger from himself.


The gunners defence had been aproblem for many years and yet the fm is still dishing out the same excuse year year out.
Hopefully this could be the catalyst for change with a proven trophy winner taking over not one aspiring up and coming one full of potential only to prove a false dawn.


At our peak we had strong defenders who knew how to defend. Sometimes it was overkill as they were so good and the game was getting more technical. So over time the makeup of our defence got more and more attack minded. Then we arrive at today where our defense is too focused forward than back. Its the wrong idea, wrong tactics and wrong sort of players. Yes you can have one expressive ball carrying defend, but not two or even three. Especially when you have a fullback setup that involves the fullbacks bombing forward at the slightest sight of… Read more »


Mustafi’s mistake looked like the final straw of his career. Not quite sure how it is Wenger has so many more straws to clutch at, however.


I don’t feel the pain these days as I have become numb to it. I knew we’d lose just hoped we wouldn’t get thumped and at least put up a fight – that’s how bad it has become. I switched over just before the free kick which led up to the 2nd goal because I didn’t want to see City scoring from the free kick. That’s how confident I was that they’d score from that particular passage of play. Utterly abysmal from 1-11.


Wenger is dishonest to his federation.


If I have Arsenal’s job and money, I’ll buy replacement for Bellerin, put him on the bench; loan out Mustafi, buy a steely defender. Put Xhaka or whatever his name is,on the bench to decide what to do with him in the summer. I will sell Chambers, he is not improving, also sell Eneny and Ospina and invest in a proper DM. Truth be told Lacazette is not Arsenal’s quality, Auba has proper positioning, but I shall buy another striker in the mold of Vardy to compete with Auba. Chelsea has steely and disciplined defenders. Against superior oppositions they form… Read more »

Drew Dewsall

And then turn Football manager off on the PC when mum tells you it’s time for bed.


I simply don’t understand why players are playing so shite and that too when there’s a world cup at the end of the season!?

Sean Juba

1. Lack of leadership on the pitch. No one is getting at them.
2. Arsene Wenger.
3. Quite a few of them are not that good.
4. Arsene Wenger.
5. Errrrr
6. Arsene Wenger.


Le boss has lost le dressing room.
Its quite obvious. The only one buying into Wenger’s B.S. now is him.


The only thing that went against us is the January transfer window. Rather than reinforce properly we : 1) Made unnecessary adjustments to the attack and not for any improvement. 2) Bought Mhkitrayn who is cup tied for Caribao cup, Aubameyang cup tied for europa. 3) Did not reinforce midfield instead preferring to rely on flawed Granit or mediocre Elneny (god forbid Maitland Niles) 4) Did not buy a Cback instead bought Mavropanos so we can add to Chambers and Holdings. 5) Lost our creative player out wide (alexis) without replacement and lost the pace out wide so we need… Read more »

Sean Juba

You can polish a turd Arsene but even with a huge tin of brasso and rigorous elbow grease it remains a stinking pile of sweet corn riddled shite. And Bellerin – I’m a real fan. But if I was at Wembley I wouldn’t have walked too as if the players on the pitch don’t give a fuck why should I. And that comment won’t detract from the fact that Mane ripped you several new holes. If you don’t like Arsenal anymore fuck off. You are not as good as we initially thought anyway.

Sean Juba

That’s WOULD have walked.


Theres a few of them who aint as good as we first thought. Its crazy, we got rid of 2 like that and still left with nearly a team full.

Odjimogho Happy

For the first time the thought came to me that Wenger would probably be shocking us with a resignation letter. The team carried their shambolic display from last Thursday to the cup final. There was no urgency to make things right. I saw over paid lads being taught lessons on the field. Never confident with Mustafi( after his shambolic displays with Germany at the Confederation Cup always giving the team headaches) and Bellerin ( over rated). We must wake up from our dreams where we pride ourselves with having world class mid fielders who couldn’t move the ball to the… Read more »


Can we end the season now and get a new manager in? This is painful.
I can’t wait for the Milan game ?


Please just go


AW – “I feel a little bit that everything went against us.” Boo fucking hoo! Grow a pair of fucking balls, for fuck’s sake! I’m sick of this pathetic, wimpy, ‘poor us’ attitude, every fucking game. Stop making excuses!!! I’ve had enough of this crap! Supported the club for nearly fifty years, but I’ve NEVER felt like I do about them the way I feel in the last few weeks. I couldn’t give a toss any more. Just leave while you have a faint shred of dignity left, Wenger. Go now, and some might forgive you, but stay another season… Read more »

Drew Dewsall

Can somebody please tell Robbie and all the wankpuffins on Arsenal FAM TV to please shut the fuck up and fuck off.

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