Friday, March 1, 2024

Arsenal 3-0 Watford – player ratings

Despite not always being convincing, Arsenal beat Watford 3-0 at the Emirates this afternoon, a triumph made all the sweeter by the fact Troy Deeney saw his penalty saved by Petr Cech.

Read the report and watch goals/highlights here.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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A Commenter

“belly with legs”, lol……


Belly’s gonna get yaaa…

Sean Juba

Dear Troy Deeney


Sean Juba

Agree with the marks from blogs. Cech made my day saving from that snivelling tub of shite. Congrats to him on the 200 too. A good way for him to bow out perhaps. Elneny was excellent. Good game time from the young defenders. Not perfect but nor would we expect that. Give them game time Arsene please – if they are to make the grade that’s what they need. Today doesn’t paper over the cracks but it’s a good day to be a Gooner and I intend to enjoy it and save the negatives for another day. Did I mention… Read more »

Gearoid Kelly

I think Cech could be an ideal no.2 next season.


Baiting a top team when you play in a team fighting relegation every year probably isn’t a great idea

They are going to go all out to tear you apart in every game after that just to prove a point

Ernest Reed

Wouldnt exactly qualify Arsenal as a top team these days.

Mein Bergkampf

Bournemouth up at Spurs. Mind the gap please! Now that would trump Deeney’s penalty miss.


At least wait until half time!


I enjoyed that scoreline too and they were robbed of an equaliser by one of the referees that isn’t up to the job. The Dean and Atkinson duo!


good and professional performance. and congrats to petr.

Heavy Gunner

Eat poo pie , Deeney! Almost died of asphyxiation laughing- still got aching sides..


I had the neighbors checking in on me I laughed so loud.

John Doh

Mkhitarian delayed the final pass a couple of times, needs to release it quicker. Overall, good performance though.


I thought the other thing Mkhi has really added is tenacity. Pressured the opposition aggressively, attacked at pace, worked hard when he turned it over. Tighten up the possession passing and get caught on the ball a little less and he’s going to be quite the dangerous addition.

David C

He has to watch the little flicks in our end, but overall you can see the chemistry getting better at the front.


You’re right, it really was amazing to see him putting in a defensive shift. It would be great to see Iwobi match him on the other side of the pitch


Really, how does iwobi keep getting in the starting lineup?


“Proper Sanchez replacement” is the phrase you were looking for.


Xhaka visibly improving.


I’ll also add Kolasinac to this as well.


Yes, perhaps he is improving, but he still loses the ball too often. He fails to check towards the pass and gets it nipped off him sometimes. I also wonder why Wenger can’t break him of his bad habit of mouthing off to the official. Those yellows can be disastrous for a DM in the context of a game, and he really should be concentrating on where he should be rather than complaining that a call didn’t go his way. I do like the way he gets his head on the ball defensively.

Igor Stepanovs

Think it helps the midfield seems to be more balanced around him. Suits a partner who plays deeper alongside him, I think.


Bonus rating: 0/10 Deeney’s cojones.


Still to be collected from the Emirates lost & found after being picked up by Cech in the penalty box.


Hope Mustafi’s injury is not bad. We need him soon for our now the major campaign of the season.

Olivije Žirod

Buzzing that we are getting our confidence back. You could see from the start how important was a win against AC Milan and some passes through the middle from Mustafi, Holding, Xhaka were really lovely. Very happy for Cech for both reaching the milestone and for saving a penalty. But the player I loved the most today was Elneny. He really added a lot to his game recently. He never moans and he wants to get better. Perfect squad player and I really don’t know why so many does not like him. Arguably the best Egyptian in the league.


Let’s offer him to Liverpool in a straight swap for Salah then 🙂


Easily the best Egyptian in the league, no one comes close.


Definitely the best Egyptian named Mohamed in the league


Definitely the best Egyptian named Mohamed with big hair that plays for a team wearing red in the league


Reason why I make it a point to read Arseblog, such conversations bring a smile to our faces for sure 😀

Wreh\'s FA Cup dream

Greatest Egyptian footballer since Rami Shaaban, in my opinion.

A Different George

Increasingly impressive–tendency for safe, backward passing that stifled momentum when in possession seems to be gone. Still pops up unexpectedly for big defensive clearances, seems to cover for many mistakes. Beginning to think he might become more than an excellent squad player.


Even as a follow gooner you can’t be serious, best Egyptian in the league, over Mo Salah ?
Agree though he has improved and I like his effort.
But in reality he wouldnt get into any top 4 side squad. This is our issue, you cant get a top 4 place with out centre mid options (wiltshire excluded).

Still three points come on you gooners !
And Troy Deeney is a shocking excuse for a prem stricker the over weight lump.


Boooooo :p


Good comments. I’ve always liked Elneny. Wenger likes a DM he can stick in a back three, and ME may be the one that does it best, too. Auba looked really comfortable today. He’s going to score a lot of goals for us.

achimugu jibrin

good performance from Elneny today but i doubt the the aspect of best Egyptian player in the league that has mo sallah.


What a game we had, we didn’t mind being physical and put in a shift! I’ve been critical of Cech quite often this season but not this game, he played like a man possessed, no one could have taken his 200th clean sheet away today! We could have put the tie to rest in first half but we missed easy chances, particularly the Ozil one. He needs to be more calm to score these goals that he so often misses or simply play that Ozil shot where he hits the ball into ground and it bounces in to the net.… Read more »

A Different George

I agree Ozil should have scored–but it was really a fantastic save as well. Ozil sent the keeper the wrong way, but he was able to save with his foot.


I don’t see it either with Iwobi. Never have. When he gets the ball in the final third, you might as well start making your way back in defence.


Couple points that might not be popular:

– I actually still think there’s an outstanding defender in Mustafi, just need someone who will properly coach the mistakes out of him

– Xhaka has been very good again (!) and I would be ok with giving him even higher rating. Improvement on the defensive front is obvious. He’s finally actually tracking back properly.

– Iwobi hasn’t got any better since he joined the first team – he might even deteriorated a bit. Shouldn’t be anywhere our starting 11 right now. Reiss deserves a shot.


For Mustafi’s age and 30 mill price tag he should not really need to have mistakes coached out that is an exuse for holding and poss chambers but not an experinced CB.

Iwobi has talent and 100 percent needs to be coached better and have a player to look up to /learn from.

Agree on Xhaka point but two games isn’t enough to judge him in lets see if he keeps the effort and concentration up until end of season.


Mustafi is only 25 just 2 and 3 years older than chambers and holding now. U only think hes old cos of his beard. Ferdinand moved to Man U for a huge sum when he was 24, and it took him a while to be at his best. I love his aggression and how he treats every game as a battle. I also think he can be a great defender. Most of his mistakes are ones which can be coached or learnt from experience.


That’s all true.

Though I do find he takes a while to warm up in a game. He’ll be dodgy for the first 15 mins or so.


Mkhitaryan now has more goals and assists for Arsenal than Alexis has for Man u.

King Nacho

I felt he was our best player today. Made good contributions going forward but defended really well when we didn’t have the ball.


Agree. Was impressed with his defensive efforts


The cunts were blitzed.


Congratulations to Cech, but as much as I love him, I hope we’re looking to bring in a first choice keeper in the summer ( Oblak would be marvellous ). Also Cech is exactly the kind of player we should be trying to keep at the club in a behind the scenes role. Great bloke and fantastic role model.


Totally agree with Cech’s 10/10 rating. The man has had a tough season and today was his Arsenal dog day.

He’d still be a good back up gk next season and as you said, great role model behind the scene. Whoever comes in as first choice gk next season can still learn plenty from this giant legend.


Absolutely, he’d be perfect as a sort of player-coach next season. Can’t think of any team in the league that would boast of a better back up keeper.

Toxteth O\'Grady

Sometimes, the universe just works. Natural justice, karma, calling what you will. Ultimately, deeney is a below average shit-kicker with a big mouth, and belly. His big issue is not being good enough to play for the arsenal. Fuck you troy. Fuck you.


Yeah! That step on Mikhi’s foot was clearly intentional too.

How did Mkhitaryan not get a penalty when he was wiped out after a pass? Definitely more of a pen than the one Deeney missed.


I bet Mikhi was surprised too. He would have got a penalty in his old team.


Such a treat to see such positive ratings across the board (minus Iwobi — I think he needs to feel some genuine pressure for his place from Nketiah and Nelson: Wenger needs to engineer that …). I actually thought Jack was the perfect final substitution because we needed more control in the midfield and to have a better chance of doing something with our defensive clearances, and he provided just that. I’d like to see Nketiah and Nelson put pressure on Iwobi’s place.

Kartik Iyer

Shoved the cojones right up deeney’s arse, didn’t we?




You couldn’t have written that better for Cech! Dine out on it mate. 🙂


7.5 for Xhaka is wayyy too low. Deserved an 8.5. He earned it I believe. What a performance from us tonight! Makes all the pain worth it when we see Arsenal play like this! I swear I celebrated that Deeney save more than I have celebrated most goals in my life. There is just something poetic in Cech getting to the milestone by saving a penalty from that wanker. Also, shout-out to Mesut, fastest player to 50 PL assists! What a fucking day! It’s 10:30 PM here in India and I have an important paper presentation tomorrow, but I couldn’t… Read more »

A Different George

I was a little surprised by the assist statistic–not that Ozil was fastest, or that Bergkamp and Cesc were high on the list–but that the previous quickest was Cantona. Must’ve been the seagulls.


That free kick from a dangerous spot just outside the box in the first half that Cech spilled and Watford should have put in the back of the net? Caused by Xhaka who needlessly fouled a player that was going nowhere.


A good performance overall but a few poxy mistakes. I like Iwobi but he’s really got no final ball. Just a crisis of confidence? I hope so. 10/10 for Deeney! What’s the score? Deeney Deeney what’s the score? The fat fuck.


Totally with you…great celentation?


Most strikers celebrate, Aubameyang celentates.
And when he does it three times you know he scoted a hat trixl.


Elneny was excellent. Some of the best passing of the match. Covered a ton of ground. More to his game than is given credit for.


Note a significant difference in his game today: he wasn’t constantly following his own passes to be an ever-present outlet. He passed, and moved to space. I really like that safe part of his game, but his movement away from the ball kept passing lanes open. One of the most distinct tactical changes I’ve witnessed this season.

A Different George

Really smart point–I hadn’t noticed it that way before. Thanks.


I only realized it thinking back on the game. What a difference tho, right??


Elneny ran the whole pitch from the one corner towards the end, along with welbeck, and, welbeck was fresh from subs, elneny had played the whole game till that point still he ran to put pressure, excellent sqaud player, he ia


Yes. One thing i really admire is Elneny’s vision – not in an attacking sense but overall he always knows where his teammates are before receiving the ball. There’s quite a few occasions where I am sure passing to Elneny would not be the right choice as he’s being pressed quite well but he always pulls off a good one touch pass. I remember Cesc was emphasising how important that mental image/awareness was in one of his tutorial videos. This is something Xhaka needs to improve on to move to the next level. He always needs to take a touch… Read more »

NY Gooner

Nice to see both PEA and H. Mkhitaryan both outperforming Alexis Sanchez.


John Terry and Troy Cojones.
The CuntFathers.


Elneny was excellent today…Outpacing Welbeck while Closing down their keeper from our corner in the 88th minute…Fair play. Xhaxa has been…good!?…For two games now…Turning a corner? Kolasinac has also been much improved the last couple of games. Niles entertains me…Im sure i saw him tackle someone with a backheel/cruyff turn hybrid..The guy is so composed it works against him sometimes but the talent is clear to see..Probably better than Bellerin..Has several more things about his game and can match Bellerins major asset. Even saw confident left foot passes when he was forced inside. When Our front 3 and a new… Read more »


“The pie was made out of poo”? Please no. Troy Weeney will indubitably wolf that down too…..


He talks shit, now he’s eating it… karma indeed

Yorkshire gunner

Gotta say, despite a… Quiet… Start to arsenal life, am proper loving elneny at the moment, seems to be an important part of the team on and off the pitch

me 2

Great result for Arsenal and a confidence booster for the Milan game on Thursday.
I still don’t think it means anything in relation to the inquest that will be undertaken at the end of the season regarding how we go forward because in relation to the top four the fight is over.
Nice to see Denney humiliated – what a twat he really is…

Satori Hansei

Great performance!

Agree on the points of Iwobi and bringing on Nelson.

I would like to see a Chambers and Holding partnership get a run of matches in the league as we’ve put our focus on the Europa League.


Elneny quietly controlled the whole game. What a positive he is in our squad.


Alexis who?


What a completely different team and performance. Even Wenger got up and shouted a bit. I actually thought I was dreaming when Cech saved the pen. Just need Iwobi to wake up and we could actually be good. Amazing


Good performance and beat what was put in front of us. Sadly I cant quite understand the love fest Elneny is getting here. Certainly improved but i still think he and xhaka have to many errors in them and along with Mustafi are dangerously one footed.
Againest Watford played well but getting found out by teams in top half of the table.

But must be positive, its another win and congratulations to Cech for reaching 200 clean sheets.

Santi Clauzorla

top 5 bonus comments in history at least blogs, cheers!


Our team really fucks with our emotions doesn’t it.
I take my hat off to Wenger. While I still think he should go, he said he would get a response and he has.

Goonerest Gooner

Fat git would probably eat the poo pie

Robins Boost

elneny is great! i like his non-stop running, crisp passing, and, above all, constant movement and always making himself available for a pass. that’s crucial. if we could partner him with Destroyer i say they’d make a very good pair indeed in helping us keep our shape and stability, while getting the ball to the attackers constantly.
A midfield 3 of Fabled Destroyer + AlwaysAvailable Elneny + ChooseTheRightMomentToBombANDHardWorking Ramsey flanked by Micky and Mesut, completed by Auba would be my first choice.


Two wins in a row. Good. Everyone happy. Problems solved. What do we need? Wait, will tell you after next game.

T. House

I’m frequently down on Cech, but he was the money today. That was a great game from him.


10/10 for Xhaka winning the ball back in our box and back-healing to Cech.


I actually cheerd more for the penalty save than for the three, very enjoyable, goals! Happy day.

49 Games

I wonder if Lacazette could be moulded into the left sided attacker we need. Martial would be a decent signing if we could get him.


With alot of the confidence back in the team…I now fear for Milan in the second leg at Emirates. Im looking at probably another 2-0 / 3-0 scoreline for us!


How good was Elneny? Jack should be worried, and well he seems to be playing like that in last 2-3 games. I thought Holding was the stand out in defence, bar his late misplaced pass he was brilliant, more like he was when he first signed, good to see. AMN was as predicted beastly at RB, Hector should also be worried, maybe lose the shades and get stuck in. With Mkhi’s work rate I can imagine him playing deeper in a mid 3 as well, would be better maybe as further up he gets caught with his back to goal,… Read more »

Robins Boost

Sounds great. Though i’d replace xhaka with Elneny


Want to contribute my share for Deeney’s pie. That potato on top of a pumpkin fella.


Whats a “celenation” ?? 😀

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