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Bould: Training has been lively this week

Steve Bould insists that Arsenal are excited about the rest of the season and fully focused on putting points on the board in the Premier League even though their chances of securing a position in the top four look slim.

Many have tipped Arsene Wenger to increasingly rotate his squad so that his best players are available for the Europa League, however, despite that competition being the Gunners best chance of a return to the Champions League, Bould maintains that the liveliness of the players in training is proof that they are prepared for all the challenges ahead, both at home and abroad.

“It’s definitely countdown [time],” he told Arsenal Player.

“It’s important that we concentrate on league games, people keep talking about the Europa League, but we need some wins in the Premier League. That’s where out focus is at our present time.

“I don’t think there’s any fatigue. Fatigue is when you’ve not got anything to strive for.

“We’ve still got an awful lot to do and I think there’s a bit of excitement actually.

“Training has been really lively this week with the 10 or so boys who have been here. I don’t think they’re just looking towards the end of the season for a holiday.

“The worst thing in the world, if you’ve got to win a football game, is to get beaten in the one before. It’s just a fact that confidence drops.

“It’s a big game for us against Stoke. We need the three points, a bit of confidence, see if we can improve our form with a view to the Europa League. Really, though, Sunday’s the focus.”

Arsenal are currently eight points behind Chelsea who are above them in fifth and a further five points adrift of Sp*rs in fourth. The Gunners have never come lower than fifth in the table during Arsene Wenger’s tenure at the club.

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5th our worse finish under Wenger (so far). Sp*rs have only beaten that 4 times in Wenger’s management reign.


You are using this as a reason to keep that cunt on?

JJs Bender

Arsene may be many things but please don’t call him that, even if it does seem ironic for you to do so


Perhaps I should just call him a washed up, dribbling, senile old dinosaur?
No – cunt is just fine for me…


What term should an Arsenal fan use for someone that calls our most successful manager a c*nt?


He’s not a “fan” in the true sense of the word I think?


Trailer trash


So Me2, are you Wenger to go before the end of his contract or see it out and then go?



jack jack jack

Did she turn the weans against you?

Bored of loudmouthed idjits

Ho hum, another keyboard warrior flexing his tiny muscles


You’re wasting air for everyone else. Pls stop breathing forever.


Sonny, there is no need to call him that.
Be respectful.
I want him to leave since 2013, but you don’t need to be a piss sucking ant throwing sissy fits to do that.


You wouldn’t say that to my face. But I wish you would.


Glad the 10 boys were lively, but surely irrelevant as it’s a much different 11 against that lot on Sunday?


The Europa League is a double edged sword.
Win it and we will be stuck with the existing regime forever.
Lose it and it will be, hopefully a fresh start under a new manager.
As for the league it is utterly meaningless…


Lots of people seem to happy to see Arsenal struggling just as long as Arsene Wenger is still there clinging on, destroying our chances…


You’re a really sad and negative person. I hope you have other things in life to find joy in.


Maybe you should try Arsenal “Fan” TV instead?

JJs Bender

Conclusion: you want us to lose?

jack jack jack

Fans are weird these days. There’s a European trophy on the line for christ’s sake


Arseblog could you please ban or block this character …


I like optimism – its a good thing.
But I don’t think this season should be written off as an anomaly because its not. There needs to be a change.
This season has been a disaster -I don’t think anyone can deny that..
And Arsenal getting Bould to make statements like this really isn’t going to fool anyone.


europa europa europa.

We need to win it now.

Lacazette will be crucial.

Kim Kallstrom Kardashian

Is there anything more unsettling than Steve Bould attempting to smile like in the pic?

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