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Happy Ozil admits to unfinished business at Arsenal

Mesut Ozil says his love for London and a desire to fulfil long-standing goals at the Emirates made it an ‘easy decision’ to stay at Arsenal.

After 18 months of speculation, the Gunners announced last month that the Germany international had put pen-to-paper on a contract that keeps him at the club until the summer of 2021.

Despite the time it took to thrash out the financial terms, Ozil, who last weekend reached 50 assists for Arsenal, played up how happy he is to commit to the club he signed for in 2013.

“It feels really good,” he told Arsenal Player. “I’m really happy to sign here for such a big club like Arsenal. I’ve always said to the club that i’m happy here and now I’ve signed, I’m really happy.

“My team-mates and family have always supported me. I have a lot of goals here with the team, I want to reach those and I’m really happy.

“I love the city. Before I signed the contract, I spoke with my family about what the best decision was for me. At the end of the day, it was really easy for me to say ‘yes’ to the club. I’m here for more years and I hope we will win some titles with the team. I believe in that.”

In the short-term, Ozil’s main focus will be on helping the Gunners back into the Champions League via success in the Europa League. The World Cup winner reached the final of the tournament with Werder Bremen in 2009 only to lose in extra-time to Shakhtar Donetsk.

Arsenal will first look to finish the job against AC Milan on Thursday – they lead 2-0 from the first leg – before finding out potential quarter-final opponents in Friday’s draw.


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Christopher Wreh

What a player. Although I do wonder if he knows something we don’t…


I wonder…. I have a theory but 2+2 might make 5…

Merts is Academy Head Coach, Ozil signs a contract extension, strong connections with ex Dortmund players, high ranking officials etc.

Joachim Loew World Cup winning Manager, if he wins it again this summer what has he got left to achieve except go back into day to day football management.

Christopher Wreh

Interesting… I’m refusing to get ahead of myself though. For now I just hope we win the Europa League so we’re back where we belong next season.


I am not claiming to be some guy in the know or anything ludicrous like that. But I genuinely have heard quite a few things going around that Adidas are looking to make a move for a big London club. Mesut is their biggest star, obviously linking up with Arsenal makes sense. Mixed in with all that noise are the Joachim Low rumors taking over from Wenger. Potentially its looking as if Adidas would be the catalyst behind a new German initiative at Arsenal. I know Joachim Low skill set is yet to be quantified at club level, but it… Read more »

Mayor McCheese

One accusation that would never be leveled at Low is that he has no cojones. So there’s that.


I have noticed it’s gotten pretty Teutonic around there. The adidas and Löw and Merts connections you mention does get the beard scratched and an eyebrow raised. But it seems too neat. Who knows, though?


@N10 Top use of the term ‘Teutonic.’ Yeah I am not professing to be some super clued up individual. I just have a few friends that work in the commercial side of football and they’ve mentioned it to me a few times. Then you combine that with whats been going on at Arsenal recently i.e. Sven Mislintat coming in, Mertersacker taking a background role, Ozil signing a new deal, the acquisitions of Aubameyang + Mkhitaryan, the Puma deal expiring round about the same time that Wengers deal and Joachim Lows’ contracts all run out. Seems as if everything is perfectly… Read more »

jack jack jack

Not convinced by the arse-picker, but who knows. I feel like there are sexier options at club level right now…

Robins Boost

just so long as JLo doesnt go around sniffing anything on Live TV.


Let’s hope he does.

Imagine this quite possible scenario: In a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 Laca and Auba team up and get to striking, Mkhi settles in, Eleny improves, Ramsey stays healthy.

Changes: Xhaka goes, add world class defensive midfielder, back and goalie, new coach.

Trying to be optimistic. But it’s really not out of the realm for us to at least get back to top 4 by the start of next season if some of the changes happen, most importantly a new coach who can build a new energy, structure and direction.

Hereford Gooner

If I were Ozil, money aside, the only reassurance I’d be looking for when considering the new deal was that the club, under whatever management structure, will sign the fucking defensive midfielder we have fucking needed for ten fucking years. If the club said “yes, maybe it is time that we replace gilfuckingberto,” then, as Mesut Ozil, I would think to myself ‘well that means that I can enjoy my football in front of me without having to endure the shit show taking place behind me. If he knows that we will replace Gilberto then I am sure it will… Read more »


Yeah, but you are not Ozil. As your original premise is wrong, your short essay is irrelevant.


Still find it hard to understand why he’s extended his contract with us, a player in his prime, signing an extension with a club that’s clearly on the decline (as much as that pains me to say it), hopefully he knows that Wenger’s on his way out at the end of the season and we’ve got someone decent lined up to take over…


350k a week and competitive football so he wont be dropped from the national team.


Also because we are about the only “big club” in the world that plays with a dedicated number 10.


He loves Arsenal, he loves London, he loves playing attacking football, he has the trust of his coaches and teammates, he is adored by most of the fans, and he’s making a pretty decent wage. I also think the players and fans see the results differently – Ozil has stated on many occasions that the three FA Cups in the last four years have meant a lot to him and the players, even if they have not meant much to a portion of the fanbase and our critics. Those trophies prove something to the players, if not to us. I… Read more »

Teryima Adi

Ozil is the pass master.


Wenger is the past master?


Pedant is the Piss Master.


Does that make A P the Pissed Mister?

Evang. Simon

and MPLS the Mister Pissed


And Evang.Sang the MisterES?


My favorite player since DB10. Glad he extended his contract, and looking forward to more contributions from him. Congrats to reaching the 50 assist milestone in record time!


Looking forward to his ?th assist!

Ozil signing is absolutely key for us to attract top players (if we don’t make UCL). I shudder to think what the road down would look like had he taken the Alexis path…


It’s not working out too well for Alexis at the moment …


Whilst I do believe you love the club and city, I’m sure the bumper new package didn’t hurt as well ?


If we had managed to win the league instead of Leicester, players like Ozil and Alexis would have been club legends now. I hope Mesut will get there soon.


But we didn’t

Lack of Perspective

Alexis will never be a legend.


Alexis always felt out of place for me. Never seemed like he clicked with the rest of the squad. Given his boot at Barca and his current form with United; I think it’s safe to say that perhaps, getting rid and taking on both Mkhi and Aubamayeng has been by far the best business we’ve done in a while.

Mesut O\'Neill

So Leonardo Ulloa is a legend?


He never fails to mention his love for the city

David Hillier\'s luggage

Best city in the world!


That would be Dublin


“I’m really happy to sign here for such a big club like Arsenal.”

I just hope he and the club define “big club” in the way we all do — aspiring to compete for trophies each and every year. Definitely the bar needs to be set higher than recent performance indicates.

True gunner

Ozil is not my sort of play, but I guess he’s here to stay. Get a backbone and show-up in a big game for Arsenal for once, and you might start earning the respect of those who don’t rate you much.

St. Cathorla

Right on, mate. We need players like BIG GLENN MURRAY who show PASHUN and run around a bit, not Premier League assist record setting merchants like Ozil.


I remember the day when some fans were wishing we signed Shane “Played for every mid-table team ever” Long. The reason? Cause the bloke can run fast and works hard.


Show up in a big game. You have to be one of the biggest John Terry’s ever to comment on this blog.

Goonerest Gooner

I read….
“I’ve always said to the club that i’m happy here and now I’ve signed (a big money deal at the only club that would pay me big money), I’m really happy”

Sorry for being a cynical old git.


Ozil, Mhiki and Auba can flourish under a new coach


Well, this is pleasant.

On the news thread referencing the fact that a football master, one of the true – and few – world class players on Arsenal’s squad, and rather than even relative or muted joy and optimism, its a bunch of whinging and complaining. FFS, does nothing make you lot happy.

Go support City. Really, you’d be much happier.


It’s almost as if they’d only be happy with a whole team of Danny Drinkwaters


At least they would be hydrated


I think it’s fair to say that City fans are currently happier than Arsenal fans.

Though that doesn’t mean I want to support them. But I do like them. Don’t know why. They seem very nice.

Not like Manchester United. Horrible club. Mourinho with them is just the poo on the shit cake.


Always says the ‘right’ things, Ozil.

Grimandi The Great

What is the unfinished business?


Getting relegated!

Tas Gunner

Haha..just goes to show you have no ambition.. playing for this shit arsed manager and hoping for trophies? come on.you stayed because NOBODY wanted you.you won’t be inany other team in top six.greedy and sterile.thats why alexis left and you decided to stay.Can’t tackle,lazy as fuck.worst player in the team imo.I’ll rather play willock in CM and jack in 10 rather have someone like you crying around after losing a ball.Man up or leave.stop robbing us.

Tas Gunner

Wow..THIS got likes? sheeeeeeeeeesh.


Legend in the making

Jean Ralphio

I like fairytale endings and Ozil is without a doubt a genuine world class player and I hope we win the title with. Let’s start with the Europa League.


Arsenal in Europe longer than ManUre (and the Spuds)


Or Chel$ki, after tomorrow.


hasnt that’s been the case though since Wenger came to the club? As a club over the last 22 years, we have the best record of qualifying for European football.


ozil is happy. alexis and jose are unhappy. that makes me very happy


How good was N’Zonzi? … surely he wold fit right in at Arsenal.
United were awful. The Special Cunt almost choked on his own snot.
Sevilla missed open goal at end as well. Lovely jubly.
PS: please put AC Milan away. COYG


Totally off topic, but did anyone see Sanchez at OT tonight? He did play…?


yep… in a kind of hybrid Winger / 10 role…. nothing fantastic… and… the specialy cuntish one + his one billion team are out!!!


Sky rated him 4/10


Alexis Sanchez lost the ball 42 times vs Sevilla at Old Trafford. The most for an individual player in the Champions League this season.


Selling him to that lot was pure genius.


He broke the champions league record of most times dispossessed in a game. Not going well at all for little huffy hole


hahahahaha, f**k off mourinho. Two of the most poor, negative performances i can ever remember in a CL knock out game. Call yourself the biggest club in the world, playing like that… jog on.

Billy Bob

Ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole Sevilla do to Maureen what arsenal need to do in the upcoming fixture against that dross!!!

Glasgow Gooner

Watching him at the World Cup as a youngster I dreamed he would play for Arsenal then he went and joined Madrid and while gutted I started tuning in. Then we actually fuckin signed him. One of the happiest days of my life !!


Me too, love it


“At the end of the day, it was really easy for me to say ‘yes’ to the club.” LOL. Saying yes to 300 quid a week. Of course that’s a no brainer!


I wouldn’t get out of bed for £300 quid a week!


Many don’t

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