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Wenger confirms Bellerin absence from Milan clash

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Hector Bellerin is out of tomorrow night’s Europa League encounter with AC Milan.

The Spaniard is suffering from an inflammation of the knee and was unable to finish the training session this morning, so has not been risked.

The issue for Arsenal right now is that we don’t really have a back-up of sufficient quality, with Calum Chambers able but much more comfortable in the centre of defence.

Speaking from Italy this evening, Wenger said, “He is injured, he has an inflammation of his left knee.

“He had a scan yesterday, he tried today and it needs further investigation. He has to spend the afternoon in the hospital to see why he is in so much pain. It’s not a long-term thing.

“He tried, he went out, but couldn’t absorb the training session, so we had to leave him behind.”

It sounds a bit worrying to us, so fingers crossed it’s nothing too serious.

Arsenal will also be without his compatriot, Nacho Monreal, who remains sidelined with a back injury, while Alexandre Lacazette’s recent surgery means Danny Welbeck will start up front looking for his first European goal for the club since a hat-trick against Galatasaray in 2014.

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Too Drunk To Be Offside

First reaction is great! I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I think Bellerin is a liability in defence. He has pace but that is about all he has. He has no product going forward and can’t defend. He is regularly caught out of position and doesn’t do enough.

AMN would be a very fine replacement for him for sure.


“No product going forward” … 3 goals in 19 games as RWB. He’s no Alonso obviously, but 3 in 19 is not too bad?


Bellerin is one of if not the only player we have right now who would elicit interest from a top club (maybe ozil) if he decided to leave as he’s very highly rated pretty much by everyone except a section of Arsenal fans.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Honestly guys I don’t know what you see in Bellerin. I have never seen him put in a tackle, defensively his position is attrocious, is regularly caught out of position.

Bellerin not playing is a great plus for sure.


To be fair you’ve just described pretty much any midfielder or defender who has spent more than a few weeks with Wenger the past few years. Bellerin has enormous potential

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I agree that he’s maybe not the greatest in the world, to put it that way. But I don’t get the notion at all that we have a better replacement for tomorrow


“Never seen him put in a tackle…”

Oh come on. Google it:

Reality check

We don’t teach defense at Arsenal atm and Hector needs exactly that at this stage of his career. Some positional sense, some organisation. Dani Alves was never really a good defender but had very good positional sense and timing, same goes for other great attacking fullbacks.

One Dennis Bergkamp

Bellerin is one of our world class players, Barcelona and Madrid would be happy to have him.

Drunk, do you enjoy the game at all? You seem to be a glass empty kind of guy based on your comments.


AMN over Chambers, it has to be

Lord Bendnter

We really could have used LeCoq


I thought chambers played alright against brighton – one of the better performances, or maybe my perception of playing alright has been skewed recently

Preston Parkway

I feel really really nervous about this one, hoping to be proved wrong.


I agree. I am picking a 2-0 loss. They have a solid defence and we have a shit attack. They have an average attack and we have a shit defence. They will be happy with 2-0 (they won’t want to concede an away goal)


Maitland-Niles needs to come in at RB now. Chambers is not athletic enough and hasn’t the attacking ability to play full back. In fact I’d go for a 3 with AMN right wing back.

Mayor McCheese

I agree, but I fully expect Wenger to play AMN at LB and Kolasinac at RB. I’ve come to the conclusion that the worst thing a player can do is reveal to Wenger what his natural position is. Big mistake.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

He’s been talking about aubemyang as a winger as well

One Dennis Bergkamp

Would it also depend on who he’s gonna be facing right? Speedy winger would suit AMN better, strong technical player Chambers surely?


Nothing seems to be going right for this club at the moment.
Sad state of affairs

Tom Kennedy

We’re f*cked


I really hope this doesn’t mean Chambers is guaranteed a game, worst defender we got and that’s saying something with the choices we have


Push Mustafi to RB where he plays for ze germans. Lolo and a pairing of chambers or holding at CB if we play a back 4.

Back 3, Niles at RWB

jon fox

Had I wanted us to win in Milan I would have been glad Bellerin is missing, since he is hopeless, all over the place and can’t defend Fort Knox from attack by a gnat. But as I want Wenger sacked, ASAP, I crave yet another embarrassing surrender in Milan, which though likely in any case, is marginally less certain with hopeless Bellerin out. Nothing at all matters now this season except getting Wenger out .

Goonerest Gooner

What kind of fan “craves another embarrassing surrender”?

And even if we do get that, you’re deluding yourself if you think it will led to Wenger getting sacked.


One who wants Wenger gone I suspect.
Its a catch 22 situation – we all want him gone but we don’t want to lose either.
The problem is this team IS Wenger personified on the pitch – no fight, no imagination, no pride.
Its difficult to get behind a team of players who simply don’t give a shit.
So personally I won’t be too upset either…


Fully agree with @jon fox … atm I don’t care about thumbs down. Those who thumb him down are short termist.
And that is the reason we are still stuck in the rot today. Those of us who foresaw this rot 2 or 3 years ago and wanted wenger out were viciously hounded out by wenger loyalist
What really hurts (and the consequence of this) is spuds is stabilising ahead of us for the second season running
As long as I wake up, look at the table and that is what I see, all short term tactics talk is BORING


I agree. Anyone who didn’t suffer from blind faith saw this train wreck coming years ago


If from an Arsenal “fan” , this underlines the problem this club has …. fans who wish for their team’s defeat … what percentage of Arsenal fans belongs in this category ?


A vocal minority is my guess. But it’s growing unfortunately. It’s naive to think that when arsene leaves all our problems go away. Suddenly the media take their foot off our neck, Arsenal TV disbands and referees suddenly start dishin out Arsenal penalties. Not gonna happen. We’re broken. Our fan base is broken. Our stadium is broken. We need a truly galvanising force in charge after Wenger, and I have no idea who could do that. Klopp maybe but he ain’t coming. Simeone may be the one, and we should go balls out for him.


I couldn’t care less who manages this team for the next century going forward. I just want the team to win. That’s what I want. Every time I watch a game, I want the team to win, be it in a packed bar with the local fanclub, or at home after a day at work. I want the team to win. I love this club, and even though it pains me to see the team playing poorly, and even though it pains me more knowing that its time to try something new, its fucking exhausting reading bullshit like “I want… Read more »

Bill Nye

Poor choice of metaphor… would be quite difficult to defend Fort Knox against a gnat, even with the latest technology.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Surely by definition a supporter want their club to win games?

You’re entitled to your opinion, but please don’t ever bring it to the stadium and just leave it on the internet.


Even though he’s not been at hus best its a Bad time to loose him I hope it’s nothing long term.
Playing the b team in pervious rounds and in the cups hasn’t made much difference on the injury front or on our league form.


Im not sure if im ill or something but im strangely optimistic about tomorrow. Nice to feel something other than bland indifference! Come on boys!


Debuchy to the rescue. Umm, never mind.


I’d rather have Lee Dixon even at his age now 🙂


When will Laca be back. I thought it was meant to be about now.


The excuses begin already.
What is the weather like in Milan?
Perhaps there might be too much tomato in their spaghetti sauce.
Or the Italian elections have left the Arsenal squad unsettled.
Does anyone actually believe this team of clowns can get anything there?
Still if we do lose its another nail in the coffin of our resident dinosaur – Wengersaurus !

One Dennis Bergkamp

Danny’s been with us since 2014! Would’ve lost a bit of money betting to the contrary! Let’s hope he rediscovers his scoring touch sooner than later.


If he could find touch at all would help.

Crash Fistfight

He finds touch quite regularly.


Amn. Has fast pace to play at rb. Or wing back. I hope elneny plays at def mid or as third cb with mustafi and kos.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Sounds like he’s got inflammation of the Juventus ligament.


Berllerin out !! Oh no, now we’ve no chance of beating AC Milan……by the way my cup of sarcasm is overflowing.

SB Still

Our season is one game from being a write-off.

So, the only interest left is, news and speculation about changes are we to make post season and improve, while being petty and enjoy any bad result for our traditional rivals.

So, it’s a good day in terms of Tottenham going out of Europe.

Allegri for the next manager?

Crash Fistfight

Stay tuned to see him enjoying the Monaco Gran Prix.


What absolute twaddle. There’s so much spin at Arsenal, which is fine and most clubs do it. The problem really arises when it’s combined with monumental hubris, a la AW, and it infects everyone else at Arsenal.
Kroenke’s are cunts too, from 1 to 102.


I would not be placing a huge fortune on Bellerin staying past the summer. I think he’ll leave for the same reason Ox did. Sick of the same old story under the manager. Of course, Wenger in his infinite intelligence won’t acknowledge this. It’ll probably be someone else’s fault.


We are fucked. I expect we will lose 2-0 or 3-0


In my opinion Bellerin is a very fine player who just hasn’t had the best season. Just like everyone else in the team…

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