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Arsenal 4-1 West Ham: By the Numbers


7 – Goals by Nacho Monreal in senior play (Osasuna, Malaga, Arsenal) before this season
372 – Matches played by Monreal before this season (same clubs as above, all competitions)
6 – Goals by Nacho Monreal this season (all competitions)
34 – Matches played by Monreal this season (all competitions)
51 – Shots Monreal took in his first 4.5 seasons at Arsenal
29 – Shots Monreal has taken this season
36 – Percent of all career Arsenal shots Monreal has taken this season

Ramsey Man of the Match

61 – Passes
85 – Percent successful passing
34 – Passes in the final third
5 – Passes completed from inside the 18 yard box (led all players)
3 – Key passes
2 – Key passes made inside the 18 yard box
1 – Assist
4 – Shots
1 – Goal
4 – Successful dribbles (of 5, led all players)
2 – Successful dribbles in the 18 yard box (led all players joint with Lacazette)

Weird West Ham

Such a boring match from a stats standpoint. Arsenal took 20 shots but only 2 big chances leaving us with an expected goals of just 2.0. One thing to note about expected goals is that when teams score from outside (like Ramsey today) it tends to skew the expected goals toward “overperform”.

That’s because goals from outside are so rare statistically. So, if you score on a “3%” shot from outside it’s going to skew the actual goals to expected goals by -.97 isn’t it?

Arsenal scored three goals in the final 10 minutes against West Ham. That brought Arsenal to third in the League in goals in the final 15 minutes of games with 16.

Those four goals also brought Arsenal’s home goals total to an amazing 49 goals, just 9 short of Man City in second place in the League. And Arsenal have the 2nd most key passes (passes that lead to a shot) in home games with 252, behind Chelsea’s 259, and above Man City with 244. Weirdly, Arsenal lead the League in set play goals at home with 12. I doubt people think of Arsenal as a set piece team at home but apparently we are.

I’m not digging the grave of Arsenal’s away form again. If you want to see that stuff, go have a look at last week’s post.

Nice, boring win for the Arsenal on a sunny day in North London, on the weekend after Wenger tendered his resignation.


Sources: Opta, my database


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Cliff Bastin

Genius – Wenger. Sells Sanchez to Manu and he knocks out spurs for a record 8th semi final loss.


Since the Spuds beat Arsenal in ‘91, they’ve lost 8 semis on the bounce and we’ve won 8 FA Cups.

A Different George

And if they had somehow gotten to the final, Giroud would have done them.


Monreal’s stats – getting more of the ball down the left flank now, instead of being ignored on the overlap by Alexis when he cuts infield?


Loved Arsenal before Wenger will love Arsnal after Wenger. Arsenal made him not the other way around.

Gudang Pelor

Arsenal should hire you for youe analysis. But do you think arsenal have these stats?

I am asking bcauae if they do have these insights, l am wondering, what had they done to rectify the discrepancies between home and away performances.

A Different George

It’s pretty clear that Arsenal has for many years known about the likelihood of scoring from inside the six compared to outside the eighteen. Thus, the endless nonsense about Arsenal wanting to pass it into the net.


Moyes ……Twat
Lee Mason………What a Twat


Here are important numbers to remember and spread.

Arsene's Micki

Love the banter! Spuds really scorned lol


Mention them to your Sp*rs mates. And send the graph around to show their decline, it is damning.


Sp*rs graph shows:

5 trophies in the 60s
4 trophies in the 70s
3 trophies in the 80s
2 trophies in the 90s
1 trophy in the Noughties
0 trophies this decade (with one more year to try and get one).

Team in decline?


Do you have any stats on Xhaka from the last couple of games? I’ve really been feeling that he has started to up his game immensely in the last 3-4 games, especially by starting to make a lot more of strong, precise passes forwards through the lines. I think he didn’t do it at all before, but suddenly he does a very big amount of passes forward. I think this helps us a lot, because we are spending less time passing it between the CBs and CMs in positions where losing the ball would mean instant danger. So it sort… Read more »

Evang. Simon

Am expecting this scoreline on Thursday…. How dare you say its impossible…

Arsene of Arsenal………… What a name!


Watching Ramsey’s goal again, everyone was confused. That’s exactly the kind of goal we would usually concede, with Mustafi being at fault trying to blame the keeper.

A Different George

Phil Neville, in the first half on the US feed, said something about how Arsenal players’ unwillingness to shoot from outside the box showed a lack of confidence and that they wanted to pass the responsibility to someone else. Not even a clue about that 3 percent issue, no idea that a goal is much more likely to come by attempting even a difficult pass to a teammate close in than by firing from 25 yards.

He was also amazed that a Moyes side should be vulnerable to Arsenal (Arsenal!) on set pieces.


We aren’t a set piece team. I think it is al down to Mesuts great delivery!


Monreal is really stepping up as a senior player to make something happen. Many of his goals this season seemed to be important ones that helped change the match.

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