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Bellerin on ‘amazing guy’ Aubameyang and talking too much

Arsene Wenger was full of praise for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and his decision to let Alexandre Lacazette Arsenal second penalty in the 3-0 win over Stoke on Sunday.

Having already bagged a brace, including an earlier penalty, the Gabon international might have helped himself to a hat-trick but he unselfishly gave the ball to his French teammate knowing a goal would give his striker partner, just back from five weeks out, a confidence boost.

Like Wenger, Bellerin noted that the decision was both a mark of the man and of the good atmosphere in the Gunners dressing room.

“He (Aubameyang) is an amazing guy,” the Spaniard told Sky Sports. “He has settled in so nicely.

“That showed how he is as a person and how committed he is to the club and his colleagues.

“They are both strikers but you can see how much respect they have for each other and how much they enjoy playing together.

“I think it was a great sign of the atmosphere that we have in our dressing room.”

Bellerin also touched on his in-game tête-à-tête with Mesut Ozil which was resolved post-game in the most modern way possible – social media ‘banter’.

The World Cup winner, seemingly frustrated that a pass wasn’t made early enough, was caught on camera telling the right-back that he talks too much. It’s a description that Bellerin says isn’t too far off the truth.

“We are two passionate players and we love the game, and you get into those situations.

“Straight after the game, we were hugging each other. It happens and what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch.

“I think he said something like ‘you talk too much’ and to be fair, if I was a guy playing alongside myself, I do probably talk a bit too much!

“But I always want to give information to the players in front of me and I want players to demand from me as well. That is how it works.

“We only have a pair of eyes so, when you have players around you that can give you information, it is always important.

“It is normal to always get into things like that in games, this time the cameras picked it up.

“This is part of football, it happens every day and once it finishes, we are all friends again.”

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I like


Am i the only one who thinks Bellerin is one of the most overrated regular starter we’ve had in a long time?

King Nacho

I think so


Yes, you are the only one.


ha , king gets 156 thumbs up, against 5 down for agreeing with antgoon , and then 175 thumbs up against 2 down for agreeing with what chuqu says , make your minds up men


Not the only one, but one of a few whom never apparently seemed to see squillaci, bendter, chamak, Andre Santos or Francis jeffers play for the first team


They weren’t ever rated though.

Love Bellerin though.


They all were at one point. Usually their debut season granted.


Except in Bendtner’s case – by himself

John bull

Looks like it ….negative comments on a young player who is also coveted by other big European teams are not the best way to motivate a team to a better performance .


I think that the bellerin game form dipped whole season and most of the last season because we changed the system to 3 5 2 and he was alone on the flank with no support, bellerin played a stellar seasom when he had a winger in front of him that was walcott or ox, even now when we switched back to 4 2 3 1 he has bo winger in front of him with ozil alway looking to go inside the middle, miki even he is not a true wingee but he plas much better than ozil on the wing… Read more »


Absolutely agree with the above post. Bellerin full potential lies in a 4231. Unfortunately until we get that defender we desperately need, any manager of this club would be tied to playing 3 defenders in a 352 which doesnt give Bellerin ability to bomb forward. Unless we have a mobile DM like Kante in the team. Perhaps if Niles bulks up and improves his defensive concentration we might have such a player. Either way, we need to support Bellerin, both on the pitch and off it to get the best out of him. Unfortunately this season he has been the… Read more »


First of your kind I’m afraid….


apart from ozil you mean


Yes. Bellerin had some dips in form over the last couple years, but that can be said of most our players. I have criticized him quite a few times, but to say he is overrated and discredit his abilities is daft. I don’t think the constant changes of system helped any of our team. It seems we are firmly back to 4 at the back, and most players seem a tad more comfortable with that. Bellerin has also been pretty good of late.

Yellow Ribbon

I just absolutely fell in love with Bellerin after reading this. Top Bloke. Way to go.

David Hillier's luggage

Behind all the flashy cars and diamond studded clothes, Aubameyang comes across as a really nice bloke in interviews and on social media – relatively humble, happy demeanour, infectious character. Hope some of that rubs off around the dressing room (and fans too 😉 )!

Arsene's Micki

especially the fans. Judging by the abuse these players endure each time things don’t seem to go well, it seems like it’s so hard to please them nowadays

John bull

Have to say that the negativity from some sections of the “supporters” and impatience and boos from a section of the crowd at the stadium are a handicap to the players trying to perform …


For the most part, but showing dissatisfaction is a fans right and some players rise to it.
Like Ramsey vs Stoke.

John bull

Time for negativity and boos to stop – the team have won their last 4 games , scored 3 goals in each of them , have knocked Milan out , are in the last 8 of the Europa , were finalists in the league cup against the richest team with the best players , I think getting on their backs with boos at half time when it is 0-0 is not the right way to support your team and motivate the team …

I like turtles


That’s so last season. Rhinos is where it’s at now 😉


Turtles NEVER get old.


When I read such things, I do reflect on myself… Why can’t I be humble? Though I’m not the greatest striker in the world.


Strangely, I’m incredibly humble AND the greatest striker the world has ever seen (barring Nicklas Bendtner, obvs).

Robins boost

Seems like another subtle jibe at alexis. Nowadays the players are talking about true team spirit. All of us could see from the selfish play alexis had over his last 6 months especially (to boost personal stats and glory excessively) was hurting the team.
On ozil saying bell talks too much, i will side with bothpartues. Communication is key in a football match and these little talks on the pitxh help to make the team more aware and more functional, but from mesut’s point of view, he sees everything on the pitch already before anyone else!

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