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Wenger not ruling out new deal for Cazorla

Arsene Wenger says he’s heard that Santi Cazorla is doing well with his Achilles injury rehabilitation but admits he’s not currently able to gauge whether the midfielder will be able to play at the top level again.

A series of setbacks, including a nasty infection that necessitated a drastic skin graft procedure, has left the 33-year-old sidelined since October 2016.

He’s out of contract in the summer and while it seems unlikely he’ll be offered an extension, the boss, as was the case in January, refused to rule out a deal for one of his favourite players.

“I’ve not seen him since the League Cup final because he’s gone back to [Spain] to make his rehab,” the boss told press ahead of Sunday’s clas with West Ham United.

“We leave him there. The last news I’ve heard is that he’s doing very well.

“I hope certainly that he’ll come back [to London] before the end of the season and so we can make a check up of where he stands.

“Can he play again in the Premier League? I don’t know. I have to see how he responds to his injury.

“Yes, yes…yes, of course,” he replied when asked if a new contract could be offered.

“We miss him a lot. I never spoke about it in the press conferences, or not many times, because he was not the subject of the day. But we’ve missed him a lot in our game.

“He’s an exceptional football player. Overall, it’s very sad what’s happened to him. And very sad for Arsenal Football Club as well.

“Honestly, to be completely honest, I don’t know [if he can play at the top level again]. I hope yes, but I don’t know.”

Keep going Santi, the fans miss you too.

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Would love him to return but very hard to see it happening, can his body get up to the level needed and at 5 foot 6 can he survive for long anyway if he does start playing?

Big shame as such a great player.


Yes he can. He is short, so he can quickly start rolling. 😉

Twisted cuntloks

Totally agree, would love to see him play at the top level again but it is such a long shot now after that devastating problem.
If he proves himself then he deserves a contract but at 33 I can’t imagine it will be much more than a year.
Good luck santi !


Come on Santi. give it a last push – at least a season. we love you!

Yellow Ribbon

Oh Santi Cazorla! What a sad sad story it has turned out to be.Would never ever forget that beautiful free kick or that beautiful smile on your face. I wish we could have our magician back but unfortunately can’t see it happening. ?

Pepe Nero

The guy is born to play football – just like Ronaldinho, Iniesta, and a precious few others.

Provided he is in good physical shape, I have no doubt he would be the same player, quality wise, as he used to be. His desire and talent alone will see to it.


The contract makes sense only if its a Diaby type pay as you play deal. Else we’d have spent good money out of sentiment & not good financial sense.


Santi <3 <3 <3

Ivan Drago

Not just sad for Arsenal but sad for football in general, he’s an absolute joy to watch

I’d give him a new contract just to have him around the club and younger players. Model professional, always with a smile on his face, perfectly two footed, sign him up!


Depends what we are paying him. To pay him £80k a week (say) and not play is crazy, just like Merts. Paying him a coach’s pay, great, if he can coach.

For £80k a week I’d rather have someone who will play or contend to play, even though they won’t be as good as him.

David C

it’s much wiser to give Santi a pay as you play deal instead of Wilshere. Worth the risk. It’s not like there’s a salary cap or anything.


Arsenal all time best team ever:

Santi – Santi – The BFG – Santi
Rosicky – Santi – Santi
Santi – Bergkamp – Santi

Subs: Pires, Diaby, Santi

I smell like bouef

Santi at GK would be adorable.

Pointless but adorable


Hold on, short, latino, dodgy in the air… i thought was playing in goal for the cup competitions? or is that ospina?

Gooner Sam

I’m guessing the absence of Henry and inclusion of Diaby is part of the joke? If so hats off!

Jonny Bravo

Midfield is our weakest and most disjointed area, arguably since Santi got injured. Sentiment aside, how many injury prone players can we afford to carry in that area? We would all love Santi to return to his previous level, however with Ramsey’s persistent muscular twangs and Jacks worrying lack of form and his own history of injury, the case for contract renewals seems dubious at best.


I’d rather give Santi a chance than Jack, to be honest. Santi is such a delight as a player and person.

bossman bill

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – This has made me muy muy happy.


get wel soon st!


How good would a midfield pairing of fit, in-form Santi & Diaby be?

Stuff dreams are made of.


Didn’t this happen once at Anfield, that game where Diaby tore Liverpool a new one? We won that game if memory serves.


Who is the twat downthumbing all the posts? Satan? Hitler? Mo*rinho?


When somebody is performing energetically and intelligently in midfield, as Elneny did agains CSKA, people say “.. almost as Santi”. We miss you.


unbelievable, only wenger could do such a thing


2 of the most exciting MF players at AFC over the last decade or so (Santi and Rosicky) and robbed of both their best years due to injury. Tragedy.

Arsene's Micki

oh Santi Cazorla! ???


If we could see Santi back next season for maybe even a handful of games, I think the emotional satisfaction of that will amount to so much. I’m just going to say it: Santi back will be like a trophy. I say give him a new deal.


cazorla is history get over him, he is finished


If Santi can play for Arsenal again someday then that will make me smile.

Blogs – what’s with naming me in the list of worst Wenger signings on this week’s Arsecast Extra? That makes me frown! Don’t you remember my assist away to Udinese?! That win alone basically covered my whole transfer fee! Take it back!


Santi will definitely bring back the crowd


I’m not an arsenal fun but I love to see this guy play. Can’t wait to see him on the playing field again.

Tasmanian Jesus

I dont know if I (and the team) have ever missed a player as much as I miss Santi.


cazorla is finished get over him, he is in the past, move on


Sad. I don’t think we’ll see him play anymore. Like Diaby, a sad end to an absolutely superb and gifted (not to mention highly underrated) player alas blighted by the old Arsenal injury curse. There have been only a numner of players capable of the sublime. Henry, Pires, Bergkamp back in the day, for short durations the likes of Suker and Kanu, the more contentious but surely gifted RVP, Nasri (the twat) for short period. Giroud in his own less appreciated way. But from midfield in terms of pure genius, Diaby showed glimpses , Santi delivered. And to be fair… Read more »

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