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Wenger: Wilshere will decide future before World Cup

Arsene Wenger says Arsenal’s contract offer to Jack Wilshere still stands and he believes the midfielder will make a decision about his future before the end of the season.

It’s been widely reported that the Gunners have offered the England international a highly incentivised deal which would see him earn less in terms of his basic salary but with the potential to increase his overall take-home pay through appearances and achievements.

Wilshere, who was yesterday linked with a move to newly promoted Wolves, continues to mull over the terms of the offer but has been far less vocal about his eagerness to stay at the Emirates than he was earlier in the season.

“I can’t give you any news,” said Wenger, before going on to give some news.

“I do not know really what is in his mind. I can update you by saying that until now he has not signed, he has an offer and we want him to stay.

“He has an offer that is on a long-term contract, basically. I hope at some stage he’ll sign it.

“You can reproach me, maybe, but I’m always confident. I am, I am really.”

Given the costs associated with buying a new player, Wenger was asked whether it wouldn’t just be easier to pay Wilshere what he wants.

Having negotiated player contracts for the best part of 30 years, the boss drew attention to a flaw in such thinking.

“Look, if you think like that, there’s no limitations. As a club you want the players to stay and to be paid well. I believe everybody would agree that we pay our players very well.”

On whether a deadline has been set, he continued, “No, no…he has the freedom to make that decision. He knows I want him to stay. He as well, is focused on the next games, on winning the next game, most of the time.

“I think he’ll make his decision before the end of the season. He will not want to go to the World Cup and not have settled his situation. That would not be reasonable for him.”

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I think he is off. Sad, I remember an U18 match he curled a shot in the top corner with Wenger watching and impressed.

I hope he stays but not confident.


I really don’t think an under 18s match and one game against Barca years ago merits any type of new contract. Every time anyone discussed Jack it’s about what he did years ago, he’s not that player any more.


he has been one of our best players this season




its not nonsense, its the truth


Ramsey and Elneny have both been better than him this season. Even Xhaka has overtaken him recently.


ha, ha, ha, ha


you need to see for yourself, and not what others tell you


Elneny and Xhaka have not been better than Jack this season. Last couple of games, yes. But the WHOLE season, that’s total nonsense. Too many people on here can’t remember anything before the last month…


only ramsey has been better than jack this season

Runcorn Gooner

It is a case of what might have been had it not been for (insert one of the many reasons).

It is sad because he was AFC through and through.
The world of football moves on but Jack has been left behind.


I’m a big fan of Wilshere (or was at least) but I don’t agree with this anymore. For example, would anyone taking time on this forum would ever leave for Bournemouth as he did last season? If he was really Arsenal through and through he’d have taken this deal in a heartbeat and backed himself to hit the criteria to earn more. Its not like he’ll be going hungry even if he doesn’t.

Faisal Narrage

Just because he wanted to leave on loan doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Arsenal.
He made a decision on what he felt was the best decision for him and his career (playing time). Ultimately it may have been the wrong decision, but who’s to say (the alternative option always seems better in hindsight. He could’ve played, been injured early and out of the season and we’d all have considered him a right off).

Doesn’t mean he’s not Arsenal through and through, just means he’s pragmatic.


I agree that sadly he’s not the player he used to be and has never fulfilled his potential but he had many great games for us and for England so I think your being a bit unkind by just quoting 2 matches. Has shown moments this season but if he can’t accept the new contract then maybe best to let him go.

Crash Fistfight

I can remember an FA Cup replay against Swansea that he pretty-much won single-handed.

It’s a fair point though.


you are talking nonsense, he has been one of our best players this season, and he has still got it, if he hadn,t got injured he would have been in the England team


Jeez Afan! Are you stuck with a dozen crates of Wilshere jerseys to sell or what?


There’s no question that Wilshere’s intention is to stay and his love and commitment to the club is unquestionable. That tells me that he doesn’t have faith in his body that he can stay fit for a full season, because if he did, he’d take the contract and get the added on incentives for staying fit. You can’t blame the club for offering him a contract based on his fitness, how many consecutive seasons was he injured for almost the entirety of the season? And still we kept faith in him. As much as I love Wilshere, it’s time he… Read more »


This contract proposal is dumb AF . The only thing that will be incentivized is to play despite being at risk of injury. Would you reward your toddler based on the number of times he can cross the street? Just give him a contract based on his history of injuries and let him sleep at night without wondering if his ankle will allow him to get a paycheck next week.


He’s been offered a contract with a lower base pay than the other players. If he’s injured he gets the base pay. If he’s fit & performs, he’ll get base pay plus high incentives which should put him at par with the highest paid at the club. How is this not a fair deal for both player & club?

Yellow Ribbon

Yeah! I think it would be extremely stupid of him to leave for his own good. I don’t think any other club would put up with his injuries like we have done. He is yet to prove himself with his performances. I doubt any of the top dogs would want to get him. If he leaves he could end up somewhere in like Everton at the max. For me he would leave only if he thinks out of his arse and not with his brain.

David C

I would offer him the same pay, 1 year extension and then just sell him. I think people want him to succeed so desperately because he’s been at the club for so long. Let’s be honest, he has done next to nothing the last 2 years. Elneny deserves Jack’s midfield spot.


Decent idea except that you have to find a buyer who will match his wages and pay a fee. And we would have to pay him a percentage given he didn’t request the transfer. We would have a difficult time moving him on


If it’s a fair deal for Jack, why dont we offer that to everyone?


The contract offer should be rescinded, there are far better players out there.


there are far better players out there than our whole team, so we should get rid of our whole team, right


With fans like you, why the fuck would he want to stay anyway?


Will we sign them though?

John Noshi

Thank you Arsene and Jack for the memories.

Runcorn Gooner

Arsene a helluva lot more thanks than Jack.


Wouldn’t be surprised if they have Max Meyer lined up from Schalke on a free already and the decision with Jack has been made


wilshere joins wolves, and they go on to win the league, what ever you decide jack, good luck to you, you are a class player.


Maybe you can go off to Wolves too!


Jack probably heard Santi will be offered a better deal. I think that sort of puts a bit of perspective on your worth to the Club … when an injured player of 18 months appears to be in a stronger position to negotiate an extension.

Gus Caesar

a) Nobody has said that Santi will be offered a new or better deal. Wenger said that if, and it’s a big ‘if’, he can show his fitness to play at our level again then it’s possible. b) Santi has done more for Arsenal than Wilshere and he’s miles better as a footballer. And he didn’t wander off elsewhere as soon as the going got tough. c) I’m not sure how you’re deducing from this that Santi is in a “stronger position”. Santi has a horrible injury that will in all likelihood end his career. Jack has a very handsome… Read more »


I think you need a pint. You’re a tad too serious for a cheeky comment on a Thursday morn. Glad you got that all off your chest, tho. Have yourself better day. *thumbsup*

Gus Caesar

You’re a tad too dim for this site. Try Online Gooner.


No, you’re typical of our fan base. Fail to support our players, show no pashun apart from when your acting like a victim, and fail to comprehend the fact that fans might show a bit of extra support for a player who came through the ranks, grew up locally and puts his body on the line for the shirt – including multiple serious injuries. You wanna have a word with yourself and start being a proper supporter.

Gus Caesar

Normally i’d avoid responding to the baiting/trolling but i’ll just highlight that I go to every home game and have done for 28 years. Every home game is a 150-mile round trip for me. I’m not after awards, but nobody can question my support for the club I love. I’ve seen and supported the likes of Rocky, Thomas, Adams et al come through, I know genuine love for the club. I’m just not xenophobic, gullible or blinkered.


Wilshere is gone. His head is no longer with Arsenal. His recent performances show


He left our squad a bit bare last season when he went to Bournemouth. Where he didn’t set the team alight. That was his chance to impress Southgate. But here we are with Wenger giving him ample opportunity to prove himself. On merit. And on merit, he is a squad player right now. Probably best all round if he leaves for pastures new if he isn’t happy with the contract. A bigger contract would prevent other signings coming in which are really needed now. And the new transfer team has proven that we still need to sell before we can… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Regardless of whether it’s ‘on merit’ or not, based on Arsene’s team selections of the last few months he is not a squad player, he is a first 11 player.


There’s an interesting sub-plot here which everybody is missing. I have absolutely no doubt that if Wenger was still fully in charge of the club then Wilshere would have been offered a new contract with no strings attached. It’s a sign of how much power Le Prof has lost at the Grove that Arsenal are playing hardball with Jack. The days of Wenger squandering fortunes on often-injured players like Walcott and Abou Diaby are over. And with Wenger probably about to depart the building this summer, nobody is going to allow him to have a say in future signings or… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

I don’t necessarily disagree with your first point, Wenger’s influence over contract negotiations and the decision making around it has clearly been reduced. I think squandering is a bit harsh though, would you call Rosicky, Van Persie or Cazorla’s contract renewals ‘squandering’ too?

Also, with regards to Wilshere, he did have a guaranteed wage and a regular place in a decent mid-table team last season (granted on loan). He didn’t set the league alight and spent the last third of the season out injured, so I’m not sure how you’re coming to the conclusion that it will help his career.


Sad to see him go but that’s mainly related to memories of him leading the ‘what do you think of tottenham?’ chant in 2015 then performances on the pitch.

He has been bang average recently and fades post 60mins mark. He should be dictating games and scoring goals but does neither. A lot of ‘pashun’ that flatters to deceive.

Fact is, he is easily replaceable with someone who doesn’t have an injury record as bad as his. Cya Jack.


One of my favourite players but our other three CM’s are currently offering the team more. Everyone is so quick to abuse Xhaka but Jack’s passing has been awful at times and he has become really frustrating to watch.


He may be off. Can’t do anything but respect his heart and commitment to the club. But the injuries take their toll. Even last several games, he seems a tad off pace and struggling. If he has to go, then maybe Max Meyer? Or Kongdogbia at Valencia? He is on loan from Inter. Or this young chap Tanguy Ndembele at Lyon on loan from Ligue 2 Amiens. He is solid and quick, great skill on the ball which we need (something Santi gave us) but also ability to turn and drive forward with it (something neither Elneny or Granit can… Read more »


Hit the road, Jack… of luck!

Laughing Stock

Hope the manager leaves soon

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