Sunday, May 19, 2024

Arsenal 5-0 Burnley – player ratings

Arsene Wenger’s final game in charge at home was marked with a 5-0 win, a great atmosphere and loud songs throughout.

Read the report and watch the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated on this memorable day.

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”Football like Arsenal” is probably his biggest achievement…Having our name as a byword for good on the eye and at times down right outrageous football..No team has scored the goals we have scored in the last 20 years. Absolute gentlemen and in a way he is almost too pure and idealistic for the current game. Exceptional from Mavrapanos again. Thought Mhki and Jack showed some nice touches ..But i was really pleased firstly for Xhaxa who has been rightfully criticised all season..I think he has been pretty good for a couple months now and Iwobi who looks alot better in… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

We just got rid of the old orcs! 🙁


They always rise from somewhere.


I thought Mav was a bit shaky today actually; missed a header, a few shaky back passes etc – still played well though, and I hope he goes on with it next season.

It’s just interesting to me that Chambers, who I think had a better game than Mav and also was one of our best players against Madrid, is mentioned less. I guess people like shiny and new..?

Arsenala Vista Baby

I hope that Mavro & Chambo can get the best out of Mustafi & Kocielny next season.


I think Kos is done for, unfortunately. What does this mean for Rob Holding though?


He’s our unsung hero. Just like Flamini and Arteta before him. Keeps the team ticking without actually being outstanding.

Abhisek V Manikonda

Merci Arsene!




Still had a bit of magic left in the old hat.

Fireman Sam

Hate to admit it, but I teared up during the gaffer’s parting speech.

Vienna Gooner

#Metoo ;->


Seems to be bugged, I can’t vote 11 for the BFG


Annoyed that I can’t give Per an 11.

10s all round.


Mavropanos – 10. Top lad.

Jungu Beans

“everyone likes a bit of Greek”, heh!


Buvac aaaaaaaht


10/10 for the gaffer. Thanks for the memories, Arsène and thanks for your unflinching dedication to our great club.

DB10s Air Miles

Who votes comments like this down?


the self-important cunts from AFTV, who else


Fat Cunt and his fellow cunts, I guess.

Only One Dennis Bergkamp

Absolutely stupid to vote that down and downright disgraceful.


Iwobi impressed me a lot.


He was good. Shame he has had some many weak performances when things were still important.. Hope he kicks on next year. No doubt ingredients are right.


Just needs to continue working on the final ball and final shoot/pass decisions and composure. It’s getting better and better.

Tony Hall

Another stat to be proud of, Arsene’s teams have smashed 5+ goals past the opponents more times than any other team !

Here’s to adding to that stat many more times !

Romford Pele

What more could you ask for?!

Bog John

Macropanos mark a bit high. Don’t want to get over excited.




Our very own MARVELous villain


Happy that all players performed well on his last game at the emirates.

Merci Arsene. Mkhi reminds me of rosicky. Just a joy to watch. Team player.


True. Direct, dribbling, left foot right foot, asdists, goals, a bit of the daredevil. Me likey


You Seek His Monument Look Around banner needed next season!


Overwhelming to see the fans and John Cross pay so much respect to the man. I’m really pleased for Arsene.

Great result lads.

Bob dobbery

Xhaka next season with the right midfield partner is going to be outrageous. I’m saying it. Anyway, what a fantastic send off for the boss. There’s only one AW ❤️

Greg in Seattle

Xhaka was effing brilliant today.

Chambers is already faster, smoother, and wiser than Mustafi.

Reality check

Not faster.. anyway, you can always praise one players without berating another of your own, should try it, comes out more classy..


What a fabulous yet sad day. I was lucky enough to be there to say goodbye. Was quite comical to see what the fans think of sir chips….


It’s good to celebrate great people when they’re alive even if the times are bad. I wonder how many people and trophy-winning managers will get the kind of send-off this man got for doing what he loved most. Merci Arsene


Arsene has left the club in a very good condition.
I think he may have (my wife is coy on the subject) fathered one of my children and Im completely happy about that!
BTW, goodbye you miserable bunch of Fucks at the Victoria stadium……..if you saw class and grace, none of you pissflaps would recognise it.
Bon Voyage Arsene……..


Can I thank Burnley fans too – as well as the “Only one Arsene Wenger” chant, many stayed on for the speeches and warmly applauded them. If only Stoke had a percentage of that class!


Stoke do have a percentage of that class – zero percent.

Always arsenal

Wow ! Post of the day !

my name is bob

No shame in admitting it, I cried watching that farewell.

Guns Up

Got me with the “I will miss you” that was so obviously genuine.


BFG’s cameo was priceless.


Can you please edit Mertesacker rating option to 11 for readers as well? I bet he would get above 10 but its difficult to press 10/10 at least with mobile.


How did Mourinho not rate Mkhi? The guy is top top quality, I really do think we’ve “won” the Alexis trade. Gives us some directness which we’ve needed in recent times.

Got emotional during the Merci Arsene ceremony, the fact he didn’t make his speech about himself when he had every right to just shows what a classy bloke he is.


He couldn’t find any good quality in Kaka either.

Bob dobbery

Or de Bruyne, or salah…


Hope to see Martial and Rashford on that list

Non-flying dutchman

“Top top quality”, that reminds me of someone…


Because he is a self-centered cunt.


Players with flair are not allowed to express themselves in his teams.

Jean Ralphio

Really sad for it to end like this, but it’s for the best. Merci Arsene. And were the Arsenal fans calling for Patrick Viera? He may be good but I’d rather take a risk with Buvac if he has been credited with the style of play Liverpool are playing.

DB10s Air Miles

I think the commentators made too much out of that…. they were going through some of the old classics, that’s all. They also sang we love you Freddy a few times but nobody suggested the fans were calling for him to be the next manager.


The press searching for a narrative? I simply won’t believe it…

Man Manny

I think Arsene is right: three good additions (and a good manager), will make this team competitive across an entire season. The attack is scary as it is. Mavropanos could be a gem. Chambers could just kick on. AMN too. I am cautiously excited.


If Aubameyang had been available the Atletico ties might well have gone our way. I’m excited for next season.


Was at the stadium. Could come up with so many comments, yet I would like to point out this: the CB duo was really good tonight. Chambers was very composed on the ball, whilst Dinos seemed to haven’t lost a single header despite Wood being very good in the air.

Also, unreal atmosphere & unforgettable memories. So lucky to be part of it.


“Well done, bye bye”. I’m lost for words. Isn’t that the most Arsene way of rounding off 22 years.

Olivije Žirod

There are no words that can describe my sadness and gratefulness at the moment. Thank you Arsene for the memories. I will miss him too. I am probably one of the few who thinks that his best time was in the years after the 2006 to the year when we bought Ozil. He should be proud of what he did. Also thanks to our amazing captain. I have always rated him very highly. Even though that we won’t play in CL for two seasons in row now I still think that we were in the worst condition under Arsene right… Read more »


Top man, decent manager. I’ll miss you Arsene


NO, its not the last we see of jack, he is one of our top three players at the club, lets hope that we see lots more of him in the new season


Who are the other two in your top three? This season Monreal, Chambers, xhaka, Ozil, Ramsey, Mkhitaryan, welbeck, Lacazette and Aubameyang have been better than him


For some reason Wenger had the air of Thano’s at the end of Infinity war and we the fans were baby Gamora.


Top top man Wenger. Soggy eyes every time I come across “merci arsene” . what a speech for a farewell. So unselfish. We will miss you more gentleman, legend!
Dino’s could do with a 10/10. Did any aerial ball go past him?


That game made me happier than any other game this season


End of an era. There’s a lot of good in this team if the new gaffer coming in can harness and refocus them better. Yes and that includes Mustafi. 1) Cech – Relatively untroubled today. In part perhaps a slight dip from Burnley having qualified but that cannot be the only reason as simplistically suggested by the usual media pundits. We also largely controlled midfield and the back line was relatively untroubled. 2) Bellerin – Much better service from him. Two assists I believe but the problem with the balance of this team is we need both fullbacks to bomb… Read more »


Great way to end his Arsenal home career. It’s also exciting to think about next season and what an enterprising manager might be able to get out of a side who definitely has more in them. If nothing else, a lot of these players strong run of form to end the season could mean higher price tags if we want to move anyone on. Welbeck in particular comes to mind, there are a lot of English teams which would pay decent money for him right now. But now I’m starting to think he is a great squad player to hang… Read more »


So is Iwobi better in the middle of the park…He seemed to be playing deeper than Wilshere almost alongside Xhaxa for most of the game..I think his attributes are better suited there..Some very good ”passes before THE pass”..I thought he and xhaxa controlled the game from start to finish and he also added some needed physicality and strength..


His strength is indeed a big asset, especially when having a shaky 1st half like he did, much improved after that pass to hector for the laca goal though, what ever Mavropanos is eating please force it down the rest of the young players that seem to not match that cool confidence.


Really enjoyed the match. Arsene Wengers’ Arsenal made me a football fan. Sad day but merci Arsene!

On a side note, how about a rating for our double agent, Giroud? He seems to be trying his best to knock Tottenham out of the Champions League places.


I thought Xhaka was quality today, more of the same please.

But my favourite moment was when the Greek lad steamed through the back of their centre forward, just before half time, like a freight train running over a chicken.


Hey Blog, Its seriously UNFAIR.

We cant give BFG 11 too.


That greek guy. Wow. We have a gem in our hands. Loved his positive play. Agression and towering header which leaves some marks on the opposing forward.

Evang. Simon

You are indeed biased…… Where is Wenger rating… ?

Merci Arsene (GoonerestGooner)

pretty sure Laca scored two??

Merci Arsene (GoonerestGooner)

ignore me


I can see Xhaka staying at Arsenal for a long time, he was at the heart of nearly every attack, quick, left or right footed passes, first time, into feet. Feel like we’re really starting to see how well he can read the game too, my motm. Chambers close 2nd. Boy do they know how to play when all the pressures off, hopefully the new manager can improve this focus/confidence/consistency issue, then I think the majority of this squad will do wonderful things very soon. Still bummed to miss the peak of his speech, something about how the club is… Read more »

Winterburn Wanderers

Iwobi completed as many passes as Granit, that has to be a rare feat!


Why did I have to watch the two leading lights from Arsenal fan tv on last nights motd2.
They got what they wanted at least show some class and not make it all about them and stay away from the cameras for at least one day.


Hope you guys dont get carried away. Its a good performance yes and credit is where credit due but Burnley didnt show any fight and i believe their heads are already on holiday.


love this club

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