Sunday, May 19, 2024

Arsene Wenger backs Mikel Arteta as his replacement

In an interview with beIN Sports, Arsene Wenger says that Mikel Arteta has all the qualities needed to take over from him at Arsenal.

The soon to be departing Frenchman, who is due to clear out his office this week, has backed his former player and captain and insists he’s one of the leading candidates for the job.

Always that bit more open when talking to media outside England, Wenger said of the 36 year old, ” He has all the qualities to do the job, yes and I think as well he is one of the favourites.

“He was a leader, and he has a good passion for the game and he knows the club well, he knows what is important at the club and he was captain of the club. Why Not?”

His lack of experience is an issue for some but Wenger insists there are people at the club who could offset that.

“I left a lot of experience behind me, people who were with me like Steve Bould who has six years experience, and Jens Lehmann too,” he said.

“He has been an assistant of Guardiola as well, so overall I think he has the qualities.

“I believe it is important that they [Arsenal] make their choice in an objective way and after once they make a decision I will support them.”

Quite the endorsement for Arteta who has been in London all week, and some whispers say an announcement could be made as early as tomorrow.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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It took me awhile but I’m onboard.


I’m on board. Arsenal DNA. Bring back DB10 next. Coaching first touch and what not.


i just dont understand the fascination with arteta. the guy has not managed a single team in his life, no first team , no reserves not even a kids team. i couldnt care less if hes smart . to lead an entire team is a different ballgame altogether and espicially a team like arsenal who have aspirations to be in champions league in one of the most competitive league in the world. in all honesty he could be a guy with potential to be next guardiola , but the thing is we have not seen any kind of indication as… Read more »


Genuinely getting a bit perplexed as to why we are so obsessed with Guardiola. Yes – he has a phenomenal record you can’t dispute that. But what also hugely helps him obtain all of his successes is the fact that he spends absolutely truck loads of cash wherever he goes. He spent just shy of £400 million when he was at Barcelona. He spent just over £200 million at Bayern Munich. He’s then spent close to a billion at Manchester City. He even admitted in a press conference this season that his philosophy only works when he has the best… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

In all respects, the job of ‘on-the-pitch coach’ that Arteta assumed from 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons are pretty much what allowed Wenger to continue his extended time with Arsenal. His leadership rescued a certain portion of our seasons with careful and efficient distribution; in short–passing that brings the most out of his surrounding teammates. Pep more or less passes you to death, and needs perfect material to build a squad that can do that–Arteta embodies many similar qualities that drove a lot of fans mad–but with more dynamic providers like Ozil and attackers like Ramsey, his metronomic stability along with… Read more »


Wenger says. “I know how you do these things – if I say something nice about somebody you will say I am backing him but this is not the case. For Arteta, does he have all the qualities to do the job? Yes. He was a leader and he has a good passion for the game and he knows the club well.


Most unforgiving fans? Mehh, not at all, we are a very patient bunch indeed.
Arteta could be a genuine sensation (nobody expects him to be) or not live up to it, but that’s a gamble we can afford especially with no Champions league football.
And who’s got better hair than our Lego haired gaffer soon-to-be.

PS : I will take Ancelotti all day long, but then I will support Arteta if he is meant to be for the gig this upcoming season.

Ya gooner

Still not really on board, it’s such un underwhelming signing at this stage and I don’t think he has the necessary experience. It just seems like too much of a huge risk at this stage. Obvs love to be proved wrong…


I think we have a surprise lined up in coaching staff appointments. I’m thinking someone like Buvac. Mikel can surely do it with some experienced backroom staff guiding him.


I would have been much more enthusiastic about Viera as Arsenal manager. Imagine the passion and intensity he would bring – as well as a toughness that the squad needs.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Depends how you define ‘on board.’ I don’t think it’s a good idea but looks like a done deal so we have to get behind him & hope he’s up to it.

arseblogger should be careful about statements like ‘Quite the endorsement for Arteta’…do you really think Arsene wouldn’t say hugely complimentary things about the new manager, regardless of who it is ?? I’m not saying he doesn’t approve, I just think we should take that statement with a rather huge pinch of salt.


Arsene shouldn’t really be saying anything should he, as he promised he wouldn’t interfere? But I’m pretty sure that he genuinely does believe in Arteta…the deal was probably done that night Man City embarrassed us at home!

Drink up me hearties

Funny part is the below statement is a direct quote from the interview

“I don’t want to influence that decision – it’s important they make their choice in an objective way and I don’t want anything I say to be misconstrued,” Wenger says. “I know how you do these things – if I say something nice about somebody you will say I am backing him but this is not the case”


Experience is overrated. You don’t need to look far and wide to see experienced people mess things up.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

That’s when you have massive talent in something. Arteta is inexperienced, very polite and dull. I am not looking forward to his pregame presse conference. Not even the passion shown by Conte, Klopp and Moaninho. Vieira could push Mourinho and enlighten my weekend. Good luck to him.


Arteta doesn’t seem very polite to me at all. I think he seems a bit awkward and driven. It’s good the players thought he was a bit weird and focussed on coaching…

Runcorn Gooner

As in Pubis,Fat Sam,Moyes,Pardieu,Hughes,McLaren etc etc
all on the Magic Money Roundabout for some unknown reason.


There’s a line being blurred here.

Those guys aren’t good managers. Because they’re all students of the old school English game. 442. Long ball. Headers. Smashing people in awful tackles.

England is notoriously renowned for being behind the curve in coaching. Whereas in Europe they’re miles ahead of us.

Chippys chip

Great players dont always make great coaches. There is hope.


Tell that to Zidane.


Or Pep or Cruyff

Chippys chip

Ok. See above.

Chippys chip

Ok but in a league with only 2 runners? I didnt say “never” make great coaches AND you are missing my point. Arteta never being a great player may end up a great coach. Jeeez.


He is a risk for lack of managerial experience but he understands the club values, has most of the players respect, and he will likely bring attacking football to the club. If there is a time to take a risk its now. Were not in the champions league and the club have Sven in place to help him with the recruitment. Let’s back whoever is the new manager and let’s hope for the best. If its Brendan Rodgers, then f*ck that… Id start the rant on ArsenalTV and bring the Brendan Out banners. He’s a cunt like John Terry.

George Onyango

What are the values of the club?Being second best all the time?Well that then explains why Arsenal lack success. Arteta will be a disaster!


That is an idiotic statement, we do not lack success, we are just not prepared to buy it like some others who are bankrolled by whole countries or Russian oligarchs. I know what kind of club I’d rather support and I’ve been doing that since 1970. Some of you do not understand the term supporter, that means through thick and thin! Finishing 6th in the top division can hardly be called thin, and winning 3 FA Cups in 5 years is not a lack of success. Go and find another club to ‘support’!

‘Tis Me

Well said Graham. You are spot on.

Iwobis sock suspenders

Maybe if you’ve supported the club for longer than 6 or 7 years (I’m just guessing but can’t be too far off if your outburst is anything to go by), you’ll know that Arsenal has an identity and worldwide respect way above the disappointing last few years of underachievement. It’s why the media and our rivals love to see us fail and lap up comments from fans like you as “Arsenal fans think this”…. when you don’t represent me or many other fans on here. Thanks


Value means you rate class, character and identity above trophies..It means you dont have to support a self declared specialist who wins without trying to play football and pokes the eyes of an opponent when frustrated..I am happy to be second best as long as we are competing with the resources that the conditions permit us to have in a way that makes football worthy enough to watch..Keep your eyes on the glittering trophy, i would rather like to watch the mud ridden ball..You have every right to do so..But there are people who would differ..


I don’t even know where you are coming from with those comments…when did you actually start supporting the team? I’m not trying to offend you, but your response seems a bit knee-jerk.

Man Manny

There are many experienced managers kissing the dust everywhere one turns. David Moyes, Van Gaal, Ancelotti etc.
Experience is no guarantee for success nor the lack of it for failure.
This might just turn out to be a master stroke.

Big Sheezy

Tony pulis is experienced. I certainly don’t want that cunt.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

You’re missing the point. United didn’t even appoint Giggs and this wasn’t because he banged his sister-in-law. It was because he wasn’t ready for such a big club.


Apparently it was exactly why.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Feeling the same. I would want us to wait and see if pochetino and conte will become available and then go for one of them


No way Jose…or Pochetino or Conte.


Isn’t part of the excitement being proved wrong? Obviously if it all goes pear-shaped I think the board should pay for therapy for every fan.

YOLO Toure

I’m just happy it’s not Rodgers tbh – the rest of it, well, let’s just see what happens.


Me too

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I am not on board. This is a fk all appointment. I have been vehemently Wengerout for 4-5 seasons and Wenger > Arteta.

Simeone was the best choice.

Wenger’s stubborness has got Arsenal in this mess. Klopp was available as was Guardiola and the stubborn Wenger refused to go. What did Arsenal get out of two more pointless Wenger seasons.

Look how far Pep and Klopp have taken City and Liverpool. Wenger’s stubbornness meant they went elsewhere and Arsenal will have to make do with Mikel Arteta who has no managerial experience. Fking mental appointment.


‘Wenger > Arteta’ – unfortunately you are absolutely spot on with that comment. And I agree – you wait years for a change and they come up with this crackpot appointment.

Da Boss

I actually love that you’re so anti-Wenger that you’re blaming him for who our next manager is – that’s commitment right there


Too Drunk is probably going to blame Wenger’s stubbornness for his erectile dysfunction too.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Stop being so melodramatic about stuff.

Wenger refusing to make way for better and superior managers and stubbornly sticking to the job is definitely his fault.


I dont understand how Wenger wanting to work and holding onto his job is HIS fault that the other managers were passed over. Surely the board is 100% to blame here, if they wanted Klopp they should of sacked Wenger.
Back to the real world, I wont walk from my job because someone else is percieved to be better. If they want it, they can come and take it from me.. the company I work for can lay me off!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Not about work at all. Wenger said he wants the best for Arsenal. The best for Arsenal was that given how clearly incompetent the board were to sack him, Wenger should have taken the call to make way for a better and more talented manager, who was what Wenger was when he arrived.

Instead Wenger stuck to his job happy to revel in his come-fourth zone and thus the managers went elsewhere, City and Liverpool got way better while Arsenal even lost the fourth place.

Tony Hall

In case you don’t know how it works TDTBO the board choose the next manager not Arsene … So if you don’t like *their* choice of manager have a moan at them. Frankly your one track comments are getting boring as fuck … change the record, AW has gone, you got what you wanted, deal with it.

Max Fischer

OMG…Wenger’s now being blamed for who the club chooses as his replacement?! What’s next? We blame him when we lose an away match in 2023??

The hatred never ends…


That’s it for me. Wenger is clearly a better manager than Arteta, and anyone who think’s Mikel is going to rock up after spending two years in the dugout next to Guardiola, and make us competitive again is totally bananas, its the stuff of complete fantasy. Its not as if he’s been under Guardiola’s wing for 10-15 years. Arteta has been an assistant manager for 76 games Premier League games. Arsene Wenger who has managed well over 1,000 Premier League games, could only manage to get this current crop of players to win once away from home in 2018. There… Read more »


Hate to break it to you, but only one club wins the title/ CL each year.

Although winning is undoubtedly important, success for Arsenal encompasses a whole lot more. Just yesterday, one of the best strikers in world football said he came here expecting to play under “unsuccessful “ Wenger for many years. The oft derided values Wenger talks about are the reason I started supporting Arsenal, and wil continue to do so.


And I hate to break it to you. But Arsenal haven’t been the one club that’s won the title for a long time, nor have we ever been that one club to win the Champions League. And yes, I get that our club values are important. But we shouldn’t hang ourselves with them. And that’s what seems to be going on here. The club values are in my opinion becoming this smoke screen conveniently used by the people in high places at Arsenal to avoid investing in the team correctly. So they have no substance. Because they would be doing… Read more »


And I hate to break it to you too, but when you’ve given your money to Kroenke, it’s his. He effectively owns the club. Don’t forget that.


Also, upon a time, Cruyff was also considered “clearly a better manager” than Wenger..

John C

He still is!


And the C still stands for CUNT.

John C

And the P still stands for PRICK or is it PUSSY?


At least I have a prick, CUNT. Or is it CASTRATED?


Wenger was an unknown to the English media. But he wasn’t a novice like Arteta. He had just shy of 10 years management experience before taking over at Arsenal.

He had already won a league title in France in fairly unbelievable circumstances, as Marseille were fixing all of the games.

He also won 2 cups with Nagoya Grampus Eight when he was managing in Japan.

Like everyone needs to stop referencing it like it means something. There are simply no comparisons between Wenger and Arteta.

Glenn Sheasby

We can’t say Wenger > Arteta yet, since we have no data on what kind of manager Arteta is.

For exactly the same reason, we can’t say Arteta is better either. HUGE gamble – do we really need to take it?


Yes! I was on board when I thought it was Buvac. We need a coach and Arteta has been learning at the knee of Pep who has just produced the most successful PL team in its history (And it actually pains me to say that).

‘Tis Me



Not on board as yet..but hopefully Arteta wins me over.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Laca not going to WC unless there are injuries. I am not happy. There are players will less quality.


France have good attacking players who right now are better than Lacazette. If hopeless Gignac had been picked ahead of him, he’d have every right to be aggrieved! Gameiro’s also missed out as has Martial. They won’t win it as their defence isn’t great.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Thauvin who failed at Newcastle ? He’s had good statistics in Ligue 1 but compared to Laca in Ligue 1, who would you pick?


I’m really disappointed for him. That injury he had has cost him big time.


Santi stays. Fantastic.





bossman bill

good enough


On the eve of our game against Aston Villa at the Cup final a few years back, it was said that Mikel Arteta convinced Arsene Wenger to show the players a video about the history of FA cup. This was done to galvanize and motivate our squad to take the Final seriously and not to take the game for granted. We ended up winning the game emphatically. He’s not my first choice to be manager, but if he’s chosen, I’m sure the board chose him for a good reason and I will stand behind him 110%. I hope we all… Read more »

David C

I hope he does well and I’m proven wrong, but part of me feels the board chose him because he’s the cheapest option…


I’m not sure there really are a lot of great options at this point, so I’m not sure it’s just about $. Allegri doesn’t want to leave Juventus and doesn’t even speak passable English (per him). Luis Enrique was so hated by Barcelona players there are stories of them discussing downing tools to get him fired a la Chelsea with Mourihno. Ancelloti is at best a short term solution & with the stories out of Bayern about how hands off he was (look at how much they improved under Heycknes. There’s not really a can’t miss current coach out there… Read more »


All this he’s never managed a game stuff is garbage, not because of the comparisons with guardiola etc. Because when managing a game the only thing you really need to understand is whether or not what you have practiced is being excecuted. It takes a football brain to understand what you are trying to achieve and to train the team to implement that and i think Arteta has a great football brain, he controlled our team whilst he was captain, he wasn’t flair, and he didn’t pull up any trees, but we were solid(er) with him than we have been… Read more »

Ya gooner

Please stop sensationalising this appointment, of course experience in a job matters. Fans have a right to be worried about getting a manager that has bever had the top spot.


Being worried is completely understandable, but there is equal reason to be excited. While he hasn’t taken the touchline for a game yet, as far as I know, Arteta has got experience — he’s been with PG for 2 years doing all the things that coaches do on a weekly basis. His life has been football, and he’s got considerable experience in the PL as a player and coach. He’ll need great assistant coaches and others to stand in the possible gaps of his resume, but Arsenal have designed the post-Wenger era to be that of a managerial team setup,… Read more »


We’re moving to a managerial team set-up to make it easier for a coach to concentrate on coaching, not to give a novice an easy ride into management.

My biggest problem with the logic employed here: if people are arguing Arteta suits the role we’re creating, they should be arguing that it also fits Steve Bould, Patrick Vieira, or Thierry Henry.

I can understand people arguing in favour of these guys as a group or the younger working coaches like Tedesco or Nagelsmann. These arguments for Arteta *specifically* just sound too much like wishful thinking.


I’m arguing that Arteta suits the role we’re creating because that’s what the article above is about, but sure, other names less established in management would fit here also. We didn’t put Sven and Rui and others in place in order to give anyone an easy ride into management; we did it to ensure success in the post-Wenger era. I certainly didn’t think to myself “I’d love Arteta to take over when Wenger leaves” but the media murmurs are indicating this might be the case, so I am merely lending a rationale of support to the case should the club… Read more »


If Arteta doesn’t come then we may end up with Bould…is that what you want?


Really striking to watch Atletico win the final last night and here we are as a club trying to rationalise this appointment. Even though we had far more incentive to win it for the Champions League spot, they beat us and won it anyway. They did it mostly because their coach is a hardened winner who paid his dues. He started coaching as soon he retired in Argentina. Won a title in his home country, after 5 years there moved to Serie A and saved a smaller club from relegation before Atletico picked him up. That’s what a smart appointment… Read more »


Process? Fuck the process.
We tried to respect FFP and it was a disaster . For once, I would like to see someone trying something really brave and different other than bringing in a Van Gaal or Mourinho and putting the club values into the dustbin


Excellent counterpoint!


That is an excellent dig at the club, with which I have to take issue. First, to laud Atletico for beating us and winning the Europa League because their club respected the Elite Guide to Hiring a Manager and not because we didn’t bury them in the first leg when we should have is a little disingenuous. We’ve had a recent history of beating ourselves, and that’s why everyone is welcoming the change. Second, Arteta will be a head coach with a top team at some point in the next decade, whether we take him or not — so why… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘Second, Arteta will be a head coach with a top team at some point in the next decade,’

‘may be’, not ‘will be’.


Futsboller, with all due respect, that’s not how big European knock-out games work. The winner gets the result they need, the loser goes home and celebrates the fact that they played well. It is absolutely astonishing that we haven’t learnt this after 22 years of consecutive European campaigns. We didn’t need to “bury” Atletico. We should have sat deeper and been pragmatic about our 1-0 lead. At the very least Mustafi and Monreal should have recognised the danger in Griezmann and given Koscielny better cover. And by the way – playing the same way whether you’re favourites or whether you’re… Read more »


Arsenal entered the tie with Atletico with the right gameplan and nearly executed it, but for a quick series of errors (again) that undid all the good work on the evening. It is not foolish to try and score another valuable goal at home against a team reduced to 10 men, knowing that you won’t score in their building, especially when your football is flowing and you’re creating excellent chances on the day. The goal they scored was so stoppable, and we didn’t — embarrassing and disappointing, yes, but I don’t think beating the club up any further for not… Read more »


Yeah Marseille entered the final with the “right gameplan and nearly executed it” too. That’s what Atletico do.

A Different George

I watched that match and my reaction was quite different: if all football matches were like this, I would take up crossword puzzles. Crap game, no ambition, even with great attacking talent like Griezmann and Costa (yes, he’s an awful human being, but that’s not what I am talking about). Simeone’s sides play the same when they are the favourites, with much the better quality players, as when they are down a man against Arsenal. Like Mourinho, another Pulis with money.


You must have forgotten how our title-winning Arsenal teams actually played the game. Watch highlights and all you see is the Wengerball but we were tough, gritty when we needed to be, and yes, we were even grittier after going down to ten men. And won lots of those games!

It’s pretty peak modern Arsenal that we snark about a team that has the same characteristics as our own legendary teams. And just for the record, Atletico spend less than we do and have a lower wage bill. Pulis with money indeed.

John C

I watched the game yesterday and thought exactly the same thing that they played how we used to when we were a winning team.

Team work, commitment, organisation and attacking ruthlessness, all things that used to be the “values” of Arsenal circa pre-2010ish.

I’d take Simeone at a heart beat!


It’s sad that we’ve forgotten that great teams can play beautiful football but know how to win ugly when they need to.

Patrick Vieira’s last game for us in the 2005 FA Cup Final, a brutal backs to the wall defensive performance against a stronger Utd team, was the perfect example of that.


Our Invincibles would destroy today’s Atletico, again and again …

John C

As demonstrated by their excellent European record….


Memories of a match at home against pool comes to mind, back in the early 2000s. Or were we away? But it doesn’t matter.
All I recall was gloating to my pool mates that we beat them 3-0 with a men sent off early. We only mustered 3 shots too. Dug in deep and played it defensive. Loved it.


Big Sam has loads of experience. Just saying.


Previous management experience is garbage???!?! This is incredible. I’m amazed that people seem happy for MA to learn how to manage a top level football team as he goes along. I’ve been to church many times in my life but i really don’t feel ready to put on a dress and take over from the vicar (well maybe the dress). It’s utterly bonkers.


Not Arteta’s fault that you aren’t ambitious enough


I didn’t say that previous experience is garbage, I said that when looking at the appointment of Arteta as our new manager, saying he hasn’t managed a game as a reason not to be excited is garbage. Then I went on to explain that point. I think it’s incredibly exciting that we are giving a young manager tipped to be successful a chance to prove himself at the highest level. They obviously have seen in him that this is possible. And also if he’s not successful we can sack him. It’s not like we have to have each manager for… Read more »

Ya gooner

A lot of the defence of the appointment seems to be based around emotions like ‘excitement’. Even people saying it depends on the people around him – that’s the point it shouldn’t depend that much on the people around him as at the end of the day he’ll be making the decisions on the pitch; if it depended that much on the coaching team one of them should be managing instead. Doesn’t seem like the logical choice to me although I’d really love him to succeed as he’s a top bloke and an arsenal man


Backing this – for a start we’d have the best looking manager in the league

Stuart Theunissen

Only because Big Sam was sacked by Everton


Oh that lego hair


Sean Dyche?


@jack, with perfect (Lego) hair.


Multilingual, Spanish, Arsenal ex captain, EPL experience, ex La Masia, creative attacking/passing mentality, discipline, professional, sharp, classy.

Sounds like a gooner through and through!


Basque. Definitely Basque 🙂


Ok, why not? I’m in. Come on you Gunners!


Submit your cv and application to me


I’m quite positive. I don’t really agree with the “big risk” thing here. No matter how he does I don’t see us being worse than 6th next year. The quality of our squad alone should prevent any further decline.

It will probably take two or three years before we can expect him to challenge for the league, but I don’t see us regressing next year. And we’ll probably have to be a bit patient with all of this.


Totally agree mate




Oh, the stutter m8. a classic

Kwame Ampadu Down

I think the job has been made somewhat easier by Arsene staying on too long. If Arsene left in summer of 2014 (as I firmly believe he should have) the job spec was pretty simple : win us the league. (on the basis that we weren’t a million miles away but just needed a few ruthless changes which Arsene wouldn’t have made) Now, given it’s pretty clear in 2018 that with Arsene in charge we were never likely to finish in the top 4 again, what’s the expectation ? Getting back in the top 4 & possibly winning the Europa… Read more »

Steve Boulderdash

I think the decision is pretty much made, so I am preparing myself to get fully behind our new manager. I’m sick of all the negativity that has plagued our club this past season, and am ready to embrace change and a fresh start. COYG!

the only sam is nelson

Any novice manager who can (and likely will) pick up the phone to get a bit of advice from Wenger and/or Guardiola is going to avoid some of the pitfalls awaiting them in their new role. Arteta has impeccable footballing pedigree, intelligence and a pragmatism evidenced by his fluent move from attacking midfield with Everton to its base at Arsenal. I can’t see insurmountable problems with Arteta, but I can see lots of opportunity. The board, however, is an entirely different matter; are they looking at MA because they believe his relative inexperience will shield them from abuse, or because… Read more »


It would help the transition if he could be known as Arsteta. Any appointment is with risk – especially with the board not wanting to invest that much. He has however got a great squad bubbling with talent. His association with arsenal and pep and barca may lead him to play the possession football – but i hope he abandons this and builds a team that can defend and launch scintillating counters. He will have his enemies in the squad – he may want to get rid of the ones he knows. That process may well create more. I think… Read more »

Casimir Knight

Yes – I think changing his name by deed poll to Arsteta id important

Reality Cech

Arseta surely?


I can’t see Arteta having any enemies in that dressing room. He’s a leader. He was at Everton, he was here. I’m confident he’ll know how to talk to the different personalities. He’s worked with all kinds in his long, respectable career, including top caliber at City. He certainly wasn’t my first thought to go with, but if it’s so, the more I think his leadership and personal composure are well suited. I also wager he can see what we need on the pitch. The things that I wonder about are assembling a staff, prying money from the hands of… Read more »


I really do wonder what REALISTIC alternatives are out there and whether fans are conflating player ability with that of being a manager.

The point is that whoever is going to take over is going to have a pretty difficult time of things jostling for results at the top of the table. The last thing we need regardless of decision is an even more negative fanbase.

My twopenneth? Ask David Dein. Failing that … Paul the octopus. It’s that scientific.


Realistic Alternatives –
Vieira, Bergkamp and anyone outside of the top 4 clubs in england, the top 2 in spain the top 1 in italy.
After that its money and ambition. That’s down to us being one of the top 8 most attractive clubs in the world.


Leo Jardim is a realistic alternative. He’s 43 going on 44, and already has 17 years worth of managerial experience in three different countries.

I think that he fits most, if not all, of the criteria that Ivan G talked about last month, when it was announced that Arsene was stepping down from his role.

I bet Jardim would jump at the chance to be Arsene’s successor.

However, whilst Arteta certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for
the vacancy, if he’s appointed, I’ll support him 100%.


Hear hear, all counts.


I’m a bit fearful of arsenals future, it will never again be the same arsenal fc as we all knew it


I thought that was the point of wanting Arsene to leave?


Massive gamble, im not sure its what the team needs right now. Bould is cited as experienced to help him, Not sure what bould brings to the table. The defence has been a shambles for ages with bould there so not sure what to make of that one. Gazidis needs to get this right for so many reasons, this one stinks of saving money to me, giving the job to someone who will be grateful for the chance and is unlikely to kick up a fuss when not given funds to invest, whereas a Alegri or the like would demand… Read more »


Still struggling on Bould. Have there been any interviews with him showing how good he is or with players saying how good he is?


Quick poll

Yes to Arteta thumbs up. No to Arteta thumbs down

bossman bill

for me, this is a good move. also, who else of quality is available at this point? I get this might be unpopular, but it’s not really the board’s fault Pep and Klopp are elsewhere right now. maybe the board should have been more ruthless years ago and gone after them, but clearly they aren’t and haven’t and this is where we are. so we move on. finally, i don’t understand all the love for allegri, or the anger if we don’t get him. it’s like trying to go after the last bird on the dancefloor when the lights turn… Read more »


BIG sam, david moyes

Fireman Sam

Well there are actually several other “birds on the dancefloor” – it’s not a binary choice of Arteta vs Allegri is it?


So strange him saying they instead of us.


Not my first (or second, third etc) choice and clearly a huge risk, especially if this nonsens about a lack of funds is true- despite two big big signings we’ve actually come out if the season breaking even on transfers (possibly a 3mil profit if transfermarkt is correct)
However, whoever gets the job will
Have my full support and realistically it’s a risk taking anyone on after 22 years of an established system, so why not go for a cheaper option

John C

This would have to be one of the most stupid managerial appointments possible and one that can only be made with blind optimism. How much fan backing do you think he’ll get if results go against him? You’re asking a fan base that is fatigued with showing blind faith in projects for the last 10 years to back a complete novice once again? How much faith do you think the fan’s have left? How much confidence would this give a potential sponsor? We’ve dropped down the league table, played to half full stadiums despite having the second best home form… Read more »


My biggest worry is that I’ll have to spend the next however many years trying to convince fans like John C to “get behind the team” It’s an appointment that’ll give our moaning self pitying section of fans the fuel they need to keep moaning and feeling sorry for themselves. Would’ve preferred jardin. Would have preferred Alegri. Would have preferred Emery. Fuck it, I’d have preferred the promising young English dude who brought Bournemouth from the bottom of league two to three consecutive seasons in the premier league. But if it’s Arteta, he’ll have my support, and I’ll sing my… Read more »

John C

He will have my support, but not at infinitum just like Wenger didn’t.

It’s going to be difficult to get third party sponsors you part with £40-50m a year to get behind someone with no experience what-so-ever when competing with the likes of City, Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool.


It is not a matter of I prefer this or I prefer that. it is a business decision that should be based on the club success as it would impact on its revenue. Lack of success would decrease our attractiveness to investors and new fanbases and see us distance ourselves even further from the heights of world football. From that perspective only, Arteta (whom I like as a person) represents a big gamble and the wrong decision in my opinion. Not even mentioning the little patience fans would have with him, and don’t get it wrong, fans would hold Gazidis… Read more »

John UNT

Well spotted mate!

Frank Bascombe

Fatigued fanbase… Do leave off.

John C

We’ve had attendances that would easily fit into Highbury despite having the 2nd best home form in the league, what would you call it?

Make Arsenal Great Again

Not on board but I hope he proves me wrong. We will be looking for another manager in 18months.


He will be hounded the first time he goes three games without a win. it will be a huge test of his character.


It feels like a massive gamble nonetheless and shows what kind of club we really are these days : ambitious but not with the will to attract the best managers and players. despite the massive funds the owner has. so in that sense it is quite logical to go for a young coach who will accept theses conditions. It also feels like Arteta has been planned and send to Pep to learn his badges in order to come back and with the backing of Arsene.My gut feeling is that Arsene knew it was going to be him. hence the yes… Read more »


Ambitious? I’ve seen no evidence of that


tbh and cynical (I admit: comes with age) I can’t see Wenger being too unhappy with the choice of Arteta. Mikel’s a good guy and may one day be a fine coach, but he’s unlikely to show up Arsene’s latter day failings as a coach. If a new coach had massively improved the team and we started challenging for honours, it would be quite a blow to Wenger’s ego. I will miss Arsene and will always be grateful to him for making me dream, but in the last years he was way behind the required standard of top managers, esp… Read more »


I think you’re right!


ArsenalFANTV must be pleased. They will surely have content for the next season


They will regardless. T*ssers that nothing is right for vs t*ssers that nothing is wrong.

I used to watch initially but can’t be bothered any more.


Oh my. We’re in shit now.


Anyone give any credence to the idea that a ‘big name’ might not want to follow Wenger/the club might not want a ‘big name’ to follow Wenger? And not from a performance/acheievemt point of view, but just interms of association and identity? United have to a certain extent reimagined the whole Moyes/Van Gaal period by suggesting that Maureen was the one they always wanted but I can’t help but feel that the interim period post Fergerson was helpful to the King of C**t as he wasn’t directly following the legend and didn’t have to spend the first 6 months of… Read more »


Wow there were some spectacular typos in that! I hang my head in shame! And I actually wrote hand instead of hang before I checked this too. I give up!


Tactically I think Arteta would be brilliant,if the situation warrants slow down the game ,do it,if it’s to defend a slender lead do it,if it’s to get physical, get it done.Tactics is what Mour,,Conte, Allegri is all about and that’s what we want dearly.gone are the days where we could say if you score 4 were going to put 5 in your net
C’mon Arteta don’t lose against the big6 next year and we should be okay.

Aleksander Włodarz

In a way it is in accordance with recent Bayern M policy – they’ve hired relatively unknown coach who was their player once .

DB10s Air Miles

Well I’m not completely against this decision although, like a lot of other fans, I would’ve felt better about appointing someone with more experience. I think we’ve priced ourselves out of the big names available, possibly because of our new structure, but almost definitely due to our unwillingness to pay huge wage demands and our reported limited transfer budget. I would’ve felt more confident if we had appointed someone like Howe, but I will get behind our Mickey if he’s appointed. I would be pretty pissed off if I were Wenger though….. poor bastard must be thinking really? They’ve got… Read more »


This is why I don’t like rollercoaster’s, excitement mixed with “what the fuck am I doing on this thing!’ This is what I feel about Arsenal right now. The set up is there for Arteta to come in and hopefully be successful because he won’t be doing half the things Wenger did. I wanted a more experienced manager but if that’s not the case at least we have someone that knows the Colney side of the club and I will be behind him from the start. The only problem I see is transfers, before he buys he has to sell.… Read more »


We’ve got quite a few players out on loan who might end up being sold…plus Sven is looking to get some players who have run their contracts down I believe. I don’t believe we only had £50m but it probably isn’t too much more.


Whatever. Can’t be worse than a sixth place finish and the worst away record since the Middle Ages.


Sure you can do worst than 6th.
there is 7th through 20th.

If he goes in there and loses the dressing room he could be down in the weeds before this dithering board make any kind of decision.

So lets not look back on wengers reign with shit colored glasses


One point that might play in Arteta’s favour: I have the impression that there is a tendency for managers to peak earlier in their careers. Maybe it’s the intensity of the job or the increased workload, but many among the best managers seem to become a bit stale earlier than they did. Now it looks like they start going down maybe around their mid-50s, while they reach the top of their skills early in their 40s. If that’s the case, it makes sense to risk hiring someone of Arteta’s age rather than someone with a great track record and a… Read more »


I think they have the manager and backroom staff lined up already, while waiting for the right moment to announce it. Arteta is inexperienced but hopefully he has strong support people around him. He’s young and can start on a modest package, which they definitely can’t by appointing a big name manager.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Has anyone seen the list of players we’ve been linked with? Embarrassing. Has anyone seen the list of players our rivals have been linked with? Even more embarrassing to us. I’m not saying Arteta isn’t a good fit but there’s no way a top flight experienced manager would put up with that.
This pathetic attempt at recruitment looks to be continuing even after AW.


We get linked to al sorts of shite every year. What’s embarrassing is taking any notice of it.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yep, excellent response. Or, you could understand that getting linked to utter shite year is generally connected to the lack of ambition of a club, which is continuing after Wenger leaves. Oh but I’m sure you’re happy with that. Well done.

If some tabloid link is with Neymar, you mean you will believe it?


I’ll choose to judge us on our recent signings, aubamayang and mhikitarian..


I still don’t think this appointment is fair on Arteta, he may not know it now but for all our sakes I pray we don’t end up regretting this decision.