Saturday, June 22, 2024

BBC: Emery to be new Arsenal manager

We hope you weren’t wed to the idea of Mikel Arteta becoming the new Arsenal manager. 


According to the BBC’s David Ornstein, the Arsenal board have come to a unanimous decision on the identity of the club’s new head coach…and it’s Unai Emery, recently of Paris Saint Germain. 

The Spaniard won Ligue 1 and four domestic cups while at the Parc des Princes and thrice won the Europa League with Sevilla. 

So, a football manager who has managed some football matches. That’s a positive. And less risky than a 36-year-old who hasn’t. 

The 46-year-old has also had spells at Almeria, Valencia and Spartak Moscow. He also has a full head of hair, something which Ivan Gazidis appears to like. 

Apparently, a press conference is scheduled for the end of the week. We wait with baited breath for more details. 

This post-Wenger world is mad. And it’s only a few hours since the big man cleared his locker at London Conley. 

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Viva la prof

Is this the dude that didn’t win the champions league with a billion dollar squad ?


Like Pep, you mean or like Chelsea before they lucked it.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Nor did morcuntinho.


Thumb up


We let go of Arsene for…. HIM?


This news is uplifting.


No that was Guardiola


He has won it a couple of times.


Not with his billion dollar squad though

Gooner de Tijuana

If you watched football, you would know they (PSG) were robbed of victory against Barcelona last year in the round of 16. Who knows how far they would have gone if they would have won that draw, so it is hard to say “not with his billion dollar squad.”


I watch lots of football i was simply making the point that a billion dollar squad is no guarantee of success


Nothing is a guarantee of success.

A good manager certainly helps but it’s no guarantee.
A lot of money certainly helps but it’s no guarantee.
Fan support certainly helps but it’s no guarantee.
Lionel Messi in your squad certainly helps but it’s no guarantee.

Fifa rigging a competition…. maybe that’s the only sure bet.


You are dishonest fan of footbal, if you watch the matches despite knowing that FIFA rigs them. Perhaps another sports suits you more.


He’s not the only one to fail with PSGs oil money. Every year PSG breeze through Ligue1 only to fail in the CL, seemingly due to the sudden and massive uptick in opposition quality. Emery is a solid tactician who plays attacking football, which is what most of us have wanted for a decade (emphasis on solid tactician). COYG!

Mayor McCheese

I am not allowed to vote for your comment. But I want to.


And I also.
I wonder if Mikel may still be an option for assistant. Guess Emry may want he own man but certainly that would be an arrangement that I think most would favour.

Mkhi Most

I don’t think Mikel will want to leave Pep’s side for a while. Emery will have his own idea of who should assist him


I agree, fantasizing a little maybe. You could see it working. Emry might go for a talented fellow Spaniard who knows the club and speaks the language.
But hard to see Artetta leaving Pep unless he can be convinced that he stands to gain more from learning under another manager for a couple of years.


You right Gooner??


A safer choice than Arteta (now coming in as a potential head coach instead?) which might just turn out to be a masterstroke. I understand the frustration of many who expected and wanted the Allegris and Enriques due to their availability. But realistically, with our new management structure in place and limited cash to spend, it would have been hard to convince these big names to come. And yes he has failed to win the champions league for PSG But so too have Moanrinho and Pep despite spending zillions in their respective clubs. So lets get behind this guy, if… Read more »

Woolwich Shepherd

Young enough to build a legacy, experienced enough to hit the ground running. French & Spanish ties sound good to me… Excited to support the new boss!

Mayor McCheese

I am not allowed to vote for your comment, presumably because my judgment is held in low esteem on this site. However, allow me to use words to express my feelings: Good comment.


I second this. My thumbing is postponed too.


So does that mean you woudnt take guardiola because he’s not won it with city.
This man has a fantastic pedigree and could be perfect for arsenal.
Proven in Europe and done well at every club he’s been at. Fantastic appointment if true.
Wether by accident or design it doesn’t matter. He’s a proper manager who will attract players and by all accounts is a great coach.


To be fair it was a game effort with PSG last season considering he was constantly being undermined by the petulant Neymar I thought it wasn’t a bad effort.

The year before they fell foul of the nou camp curse of getting fuck all decisions all night and having to play against 12 men.


I’m getting very jealous of this person who seems to have the singular power to vote!

Is it you blogs?


Maybe it’s some kind of a pay to vote sytem? It surely is defeating the purpose of it all.

My wig smells cheesy

He will be 68 in 22 years time. Makes perfect sense.





Sànde Class

😀 😀 😀 😀 Your name plus this LEGENDARY comment surely surely SURELY will get you to heaven, sire!


The Champions League has lots of luck involved too. Its something that you cant quantify. But there are lots of examples; the ghost goal against Chelsea that saw Liverpool make it to the final. The Messi penalty that hit the bar against Chelsea when they went on to win it. The John Terry slip sending his penalty onto the post when Man United went on to win it. There are so many examples that highlight the necessary ‘alignment of the stars,’ to win the Champions League. And that PSG game where they conceded that lead to Barcelona at the Camp… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more with everything you have written here. I have a friend in Madrid who know Spanish football inside out and he gave me a glowing account of his time in La Liga. I’m not expecting us to win the Premier League next season but I’m expecting us to improve with some shrewd additions in defence and some decent coaching and tactical nous. Despite the gloom and doom merchants I do think there is the bones of a decent enough side there to challenge for a Champions League place which, despite everyone telling us for years isn’t a trophy,… Read more »


Viva la prof = long live the female prof ????

David Nightingale

better than the dude who won fuckall with a fuckall dollar squad because he has fuckall experience.


Yeah they got knocked out by minnows Real Madrid who then fluked their way to their 3rd consecutive final. Neymar was injured as well.


What the actual fuck!? I don’t even know how I feel about this. Any La Liga fan know the type of football to expect under Emery?


Counter-attacking according to google


End to end if his sevilla days are anything to go by. Just a younger Wenger but leaky defence and all out attack.

Twisted cuntloks

I liked the idea of Arteta but with someone with greater experience to be at the helm, then perhaps Arteta take the reins.
I feel this is a good appointment, we have a blank page to start with, no doubt it will be filled with exciting times and some worries ahead.
The club has shown good ambition IMO.
It’s the first time in ages I have felt some excitement and a little fear at the same time and I will be looking forward to the new season.
Let’s see what happens-good luck Emery!


This obviously still needs to sink in with us fans (if it’s true), but this is a good choice. He’s relatively young (as in not burnt), experienced, doesn’t seem to be in idiot but has actually demonstrated proper managerial success.

Plus, he knows how to win the Europa League 😉


Counter attacking with Valencia, they were one of the best teams to watch on the counter back then


Well organized, counter attacking football. He is a bit pragmatic with his teams but likes attacking. I’d say he is similar to Rafa Benitez but with better man management skills. He does like a big midfield enforcer in his teams. He knows what it takes to win in Europe (3x Europa League Winner). I think he ticks all the boxes for 90-95%% of Arsenal fans!


He’s a great tactician and knows how to create methods for pressure at the opponent’s half (something we didn’t have in a longgg time).
His downfalls are probably the fact that he doesn’t know how to controll a dressing room full of stars, but apparently won’t be a problem at Arsenal.


Id rather take the risk with Arteta than just hire any old chap who has managed a few games.
He accomplished the bare minimum at psg and couldnt improve that team what so ever.

Runcorn Gooner

Was Arteta actually “in the frame” or was it media hype. I am glad for Arteta. I have always admired him as a player but it could have ruined him due to his lack of experience.

Emery has got a decent record in European football and I wish him well in his new role.


Are you high? Have you watched PSG in the last 3 years? Did you not see them destroy 4-0? There is only one winner of the champions league which means all the other great sides miss out but that doesn’t diminish their quality does it!!


Ive seen him blow a 4 nil lead in the quater final of the champions league and lose the Ligue 1 to a team with far fewer resources. Very underwhelming domestically for sevilla and didnt win an away game in his last season there.
Decent record in the europa back when it was far less important or competitive.
If he gets the job I will wish him the best and support him but this is a decision made for the sole reason of being safe and not inspiring.
For the comment below I didnt mean literally old.

Mesut's Magic

Didn’t win an away game in his final year at Sevilla? I can see why he’d be a great fit for us then!


..lose the Ligue 1 to a team with far fewer resources. …

Couple years ago 8 or 9 clubs lost the Premier League to a Leicester outfit with fair less resources too. sometimes, it happens.


Given you are just some bloke, like me, and not part of the Arsenal hierarchy than I think it’s safe to say you actually have no idea why the decision was made, how it was made, and indeed who or what was considered.

So for the time being I guess – you really can only speculate and postulate.

Now that we are clear you are just making it all up along with the rest of us, I respectfully say I don’t agree with your waffle.

I’m excited and optimistic.


You should know that up until this season, Monaco had not lost to PSG in 7 years. That basically helped them win the league in that 2 horse race.

Apart from that, Didn’t Bayern also lose to a lesser talented Dortmund side? Also, Atletico Madrid won the league when it never looked like it. And what about Leicester? This does not make Emery at all a bad coach.


46 isn’t exactly old. Has had 13 years managerial experience and has won Europa league 3 times and won 3 domestic cups and Ligue 1 title. Not everybody’sfirst choice but certainly better than a rookie. Also better for Arteta as he can learn his trade from Peo


Who’s Peo? Peo Walcott?

A Different George

Peo! Peo! Peo!

Bould's Eyeliner

chortled ribs for 1, coming on up


I think it was julien laurens, a big Arsenal and PSG journalist who does pods with Arseblog, really doesn’t rate this manager. He often said he wasn’t a top manager and not for for PSG.

Do we really have to get stuck with this kind of guy? Not really at the forefront of managing, while watching our direct rivals putting in place real top class coaches in Guardiola, Klopp, Poch.
Pretty disappointed in this news.


Speaking of klopp did he not struggle in his first season.. you guys should just cool off and get behind your club.. gunners 4 life ?


Genuine question james would you have been happy with arteta?


I personally want Jo Brand as our next manager…she doesn’t suffer fools gladly and err…that’s it…can’t be fairer than that…and she’ll keep that Vazidis slap head in line…


He’s not for PSG and wins the treble. Poch hasn’t won a trophy with Spurs and even Klopp has struggled until this season and still hasn’t won atrophy with Liverpool.

Mesut O'Neill

Julien Yanni?


Remind me again what Pochettino has won?


huh? he won a treble in France this year? Anyway, I’d rather someone without any links to the current squad that can assess what we’ve got and who should stay/go, I don’t see Arteta taking that ruthless viewpoint on his old squad colleagues.


“Any old chap who has managed a few games” – Thanks for the expert insight ?


This any old chap won three back-to-back Europa’s with Sevilla and guided Valencia to thirds place three seasons in a row. He also helped promote almeria and guided them to an eighth place finish the season after. And btw, whether we like it or not we’re a Europa league team, and he’s an expert in winning that


I wanted Jardim. Someone who seems to keep producing talented squads even when there is a sell off, plays great football, improves each player he has, plus managed to beat PSG to the title despite them being completely outgunned in the transfer market.

Also would have loved Allegri

Bould's Eyeliner

And a unicorn.

And a TANK.

Maybe a popsicle.


Just shut up if have nothing to say. Is Unai old?. Only stayed two years at PSG and were cheated out of the CL. Just buzz out man.


Wtf is happening with this club…

Am I the only one who would have actually preferred Arteta?


Have we just bottled it


With a man who has won the treble this season.


With PSG in the French league? Yes, such a merit


still won something, we cherish FA Cup wins, we also bottled league cup stuff against mighty Birmingham I believe

Mayor McCheese

Bottled it? I’d like to know in what universe it’s considered “bottling it” not to make what many people last week called an irrational decision without any basis in reality.


I was getting used to the idea of Arteta but this seems like a safer idea


I actually think for the board that arteta was the safer option. Much less of a shift from Wenger in that he’d been around before, and would probably have made minimal change to the current system. Emery on the other hand is supposed to an obsessive that plans meticulously for every opponent, with a very hands-on planning and man management style, totally different to Wenger. Bottled it ?


Yes we bottled it. Instead of choosing a manager without any experience we have someone who has won the treble in France and has won 3 Europa leagues and 13 years managerial experience.


I also wanted Arteta, I don’t know much about this guy but he seems a bit boring. I agree with Absolut, the board bottled it.


Arteta would have been bottling it.

Mayor McCheese

The board bottled it by making a decision not to pursue a completely unproven individual? A week ago, I was reading posts about how the board are bottling it because they’re choosing Arteta, a yes man who was cheap, familiar and buddies with Gazidis… So, which is it now?


Ya gooner

Pretty much won everything apart from the cl with psg, granted they have a rediculous squad but so do a lot of other teams in the ucl.

Willing to give the guy a chance as he won 3 europas in a row with a budget sevilla side (albeit meaning they didn’t progress past the group stage).


Arteta would be a big gamble, this guy seems a decent coach and is willing to work as a head coach with a reported limited budget.


Just when you try and look for the positives in Arteta we get thrown a curveball lol. But tbh barring the sacking at PSG (Despite winning everything domestically might I add) he did pretty well at Valencia and then incredibly well with Sevilla. Plus he sounds like he has a track record of improving players so im all for it. The post Wenger era looks like its officially beginning.

Mesut O'Neill

I don’t think he was sacked, his contract wasn’t extended despite winning three trophies.


That’s just like being sacked, only it doesn’t cost the club any money to pay him off.




Yes madness to choose a successful manager with 13 years experience instead of one with no experience. Utter madness


Yes Yes Fucking Yes! I mean at least he is an actual manager…

Kwame Ampadu Down

This is good news. Far more comfortable with the idea of this than I was with Arteta.
(assuming it’s true…God knows if it is)

Rabid fuzzle

For fucks sake. God knows if it’s true? This is orny we are talking about guy. Why stonehenge was built. What happened to that Malaysia airliner. Location of Lord Lucan. Orny knows all of that shit.


i’d give this a thumbs up if i didnt happen to misplace the thumbs up button in the first place. maybe i should ask the ornacle where it went.


Emery OUT!… oh wait, too soon. Good luck to him

Chippys chip

Oooh. You are awful. But i like you


There I was thinking I’m the only one old enough on this site to remember Dick – wait, that doesn’t sound right either! Anyway, I hope we don’t find he’s awful because it’s a headliner writer’s dream.

I’d already written off the next manager as a transition – a la Rioch – so have just normal hopes instead of high ones.

(Anyone thinking that lack of voting rights on the site has muted a lot of the more rabid comments – thumbs up if you do?)




Was excited about Arteta and the staff he would put together.

Touraine Gooner

PSG reject..


Will be interesting to see how PSG do without him. At least he has experience of handling big name players which was always the doubt with Arteta.


Maybe sometimes change in environment helps… Salah and de bruyne were Chelsea rejets!


God was an Inter reject.


Haters lining up. FFS. He won Europa League 3 times with Sevilla and European coach of year as well as treble in France (so he didnt win CL? Only 1 club can each year). How about we give him a chance before criticising? To FA Cup/Wembley tune “Emery, Emery. We’re the famous Arsenal and we play for Emery.”


Haters lining up. FFS. He won Europa League 3 times with Sevilla and European coach of year as well as treble in France (so he didnt win CL? Only 1 club can each year). How about we give him a chance before criticising? To FA Cup/Wembley tune “Emery, Emery. We’re the famous Arsenal and we play for Emery.”

Leslie Enwerem

Winning the Europa league back to back 3 times just means that he was knocked out of the champions league group stage at least twice

Mr brightside

Back then you didn’t get champions league qualification for winning the Europa league.


Except that that didn’t happen. Sevilla finished 5th in consecutive seasons in La Liga, so they started in the UEL all three seasons they won it. Granted, I guess something can be said for never finishing in the top 4 of La Liga while he managed Sevilla.


Arsenal would die for the knocking out. Arsene would still have his job just to be in CL and get knocked out.


Arteta withdrew because the club didn’t allow much flexibility in the transfer kitty. I welcome Emery’s experience but I’m more interested in seeing if he reverts to his style in Spain where the budget was more constrained. Either way, we should not think our goal is to win the league next season. The board has made certain of that.


“Arteta withdrew because the club didn’t allow much flexibility in the transfer kitty. ”


Here you go:

“Arteta had long been in the frame and is understood to have wanted assurances over the role he will play in Arsenal’s transfer policy before agreeing to join the club as new head coach.

The 36-year-old, who part of Pep Guardiola’s title-winning staff at Manchester City, also wanted guarantees of a significant say in which players are to be sold to recoup funds for further investment, with the club’s summer budget reportedly at £50m.”


So ol’ Mikel wouldn’t come because we wouldn’t give him control over transfers?


Dude, try being an official manager for ONE day in your life before making ultimatums from employers about managerial duties.

You want managerial control? Try a smaller club that has less to lose if/when you screw up and make the wrong call. Then, if you actually succeed at this manager thing, keep you phone on. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

A Different George

This could be true and could also be invented based on what a guy who knows a guy at City who works with Arteta sort of said. “And is understood to,” with the passive construction, means there is no source, not even an anonymous source. Otherwise they say something like “sources [or “a source”] close to the Manchester City assistant say that…” That could still be nonsense, but at least someone has said it.


Fair point.


No source, not even an anonymous source?
Why don’t they just print : “A tabloid sports hack with column inches to fill and a deadline approaching said…”


Do you really think arteta would turn down the chance to manage a huge club, one he loves, his first ever job in management, over transfer policy? FFS please think before you comment.


Yep sounds like bollocks


Bollocks is right, just like most media comment which has placed roughly 127 contenders for the role out there. I must admit that I was disappointed not to get a contenders mention myself ?


Lol so much salt ?.

These appointments aren’t so fairy-tale-esque. Arteta knows the situation at Arsenal about transfers. It’s only natural that this be part of the questions he’d ask his potential employers. Just because it’s a dream club to manage does not mean your role would also be that.


I am not sure I would gamble my fledgling management career at a club where my hands would be tied, decisions made by others but the responsibility fall on my head. Add to that the fans being complete twats when the wins dont roll in, (and lets face it, thats the new Arsenal fan base now, win or GTF out). No way I would take a huge risk like that. If it goes wrong his career would never recover.


Exactly @Ausdrexler.

Kwame Ampadu Down

So now it’s the fans fault a candidate didn’t take the job. Priceless !


Bit of a stretch there Kwame.


A massive improvement on Arteta. Thank god that we’re actually going to appoint a proper experienced manager. Arsenal is no place for a rookie boss. And, unlike Wenger, he can win in Europe. If this guy can sort out our defence then we can do something.


Well said ! I agree ?


Quite positive from Fatgooner. Not sure what to think now.


It’s confusing isn’t it


Actually Emery is quite a good choice. I’ve seen tons of matches when he was at Valencia and Sevilla (to be honest I was watching La Liga that period only because of him). Before he came to Valencia and Sevilla he was (so to say) anonymous. In his both spells at those clubs he managed to stabilize and maintain the teams (also making them competitive) within their recources (they didn’t have the budgets to compete with Barca or Real). And if we pass round his PSG period (because it is a multibillionaire club) and make reference to his period in… Read more »


I agree it seems a solid choice


Hey Tribe how did you manage to get a vote? No-one else seems to be allowed a vote any more so you are now the most liked comment on the board!


Honestly I don’t know. I can’t vote also. 😀
Maybe some demons.


Would the real Fatgooner please stay away. I like this version better.

I Didn't See It

Where’s Fats? What did you do to him, you impostor?


Am I the only one who has the feeling this horrible AFTV has gained way too much power? They were the ones leading the Wenger out campaign and they also tried everything to make the people mad about the Arteta appointment and now we’re switching from a real Arsenal like solution to a solution a Chelsea or Liverpool or every other club in the world could make. It’s like Gazidis only watching hes AFTV and does what they want to make himself as popular as possible. What’s the fucking identity of the club?


I think the people who watch that shit most likely already agree with it


People like you insisted that anyone who wasn’t sure about Arteta had to suck it up and “back the club”. Now we’ve appointed someone you’re not sure about, your attitude has changed.

Give it a rest.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Well said Kaius.


I wish I could give you 100 thumbs up (even 1 would be good!) because I think you’re absolutely right. Arteta was a ballsy appointment, this is just fucking boring. Either the whole Arteta thing was lies in the first place or the gutless board is afraid of being unpopular. I’ll back this guy if that’s who it’s going to be, but I’m no longer excited about next season, makes me wonder what they actually said to Mikel.

Pepe Nero

“What’s the fucking identity of the club?”

It is gone mate, with the great man.


And hopefully the lack of fight and underachievement, as well.


Hahaha. Good one sir!


ArsenalFansTV might literally be the saving grace of this club right now.

Why? Because they’re holding the club accountable for it’s screwups and lack of achievement. Especially given the prices that tickets to Arsenal games go for these days.

They’re actually letting the club know how the fans feel about things. They’re getting the message out that mediocrity and underachievement will not be met and accepted passively by the fans.

If the fans don’t hold the club accountable, no one will.


Umm yeh because AFTV represents the entire fanbase :/

Per’s Nimble Footwork

Arsene for Arsenal. Emery for the Emirates. Marketing??


I really hope this happens. He’s my #1 choice, along with Jardim. Plays entertaining, yet still somewhat pragmatic football. Has a great track record, and the crazy last-10-min-fluke against Barca last year was probably the only thing keeping him from winning the CL with PSG.

He’s also still very young, so he’s bound to bring a bunch of fresh ideas. Exciting times!


I remember the incredible counter-attacking football they played in the 1st leg and thought he was on the verge of doing something really special with PSG. Going out to that Barca comeback and Madrid this year are nothing to be ashamed of. Even Bayern couldn’t stop Madrid.

Very excited with the possibilities ahead.

Merlin's Panini

The common sense choice right from the off. I was saying I hoped it would be him when Wenger made the announcement he was leaving. He’s exactly what we need given the situation we are in. He knows how to win the Europa league and has qualified for the Champions League with before Sevilla too (although they ended up in the Europa after not getting through the group stages). I was getting used to the idea of Arteta but this just makes way more sense. A proven, and still young, manager. I just hope he can translate what he’a done… Read more »


I dig the optimism. I’d thumb it up, IF I COULD


Bob's Mexican Cousin

No leaks! The bookies had it all wrong. Hyped.


Apparently a Mr Gazan Ividis collected at 150/1…


The olde espanith switcharoo. Arteta was a bamboozle!


See you all at The Emerytes…


The Ornacle has spoken! Tbh it’s a little underwhelming compared to Enrique and Allegri but unlike Arteta at least he’s an actual manager

Del boy

Clearly the better choice, too early for Arteta


Let’s deal with the important stuff first, who is going to write a chant replacing ‘Come on Eileen’ with ‘Unai Emery’?


That’s not a full head of hair

Public Elneny

Maybe he has but just buzzes his temples up a bit cos he wants to look more like Dracula

hg hg

bated breath


I was just looking at Emery’s record at Sevilla and it has me worried. Yes, he won the EL three times, but his defensive record in La Liga isn’t great. On average he conceded 50 goals in 38 La Liga games in the 3 seasons he was there. That’s as bad as Wenger. The one thing we need more than anything from the new boss is somebody who can come in and strengthen our defence. His record at PSG was much better, but that’s a far weaker league. I hope Emery brings in a decent defensive coach with him.

Des Lynam

How many of those goals against Barca or Real?


And yet, when we are looking to buy a striker from France, the criticism is always “yes he’s scored goals, but in a much weaker league”

So is it easier to score goals in France?
Or is it easier to defend goals in France?


Fatgooner the Sevilla team was far more worse than Arsenal’s at any time. The man also didn’t have much money to invest properly. I think he has a far, far better base to work with at Arsenal.


If we win games 3-2 each week, I wouldnt give a rats about the defensive side.

Jean Ralphio

Good decision I think. He managed a team with some big personalities and broke records with Sevilla. He deserves our support.


Good to see we finally have a manager. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to Basque in the spring sunshine!


I would have been happy with Arteta and although this certainly is a surprise to me I think it could be a very good hire. He certainly has experience dealing with prima donas and massive expectations, but also has shown what he can do building a squad on a lower budget.

Bitter Pill

I’m breaking the missus waist tonight.




I’m really not sure how I feel about this. …….. actually it feels like a ‘meh’ appointment. This and Cech being given the No1 jersey really starting to feel the clouds of depression roll in after a brief sunny interval. This fucking club.


This is a meh appointment, and Cech getting the No 1 jersey is a fucking joke. Only at Arsenal, so bloody conservative, afraid to do anything different. Boring, very boring, very very fucking boring Arsenal.


If only Arsenal would think outside the box and give him the No 2 jersey… That would be so not boring


What would be really interesting is if we stuck Unai Emery in goal and made Petr Cech manager of the team

Kwame Ampadu Down

To me, this doesn’t feel anywhere near as meh an appointment as Arteta would have been…quite the opposite.