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Danny Welbeck makes England’s World Cup squad

After the news Jack Wilshere was not going to be included in the England squad for the World Cup this summer, Danny Welbeck will be on the plane after Gareth Southgate announced his final 23 today.

The forward scored 10 goals for the Gunners last season, and is the highest goalscorer in the current England set-up, ahead of the likes of Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and Jamie Vardy.

He’ll travel to Russia knowing his future at the club is somewhat uncertain. Always a favourite of Arsene Wenger, who spoke about him in glowing terms, it remains to be seen if the new manager hold him in such high regard.

Meanwhile, the Times report that Wilshere’s exclusion came because the England manager didn’t feel he had the requisite fitness to play the way he wanted his players to.

The 26 year old was included in the squad for friendlies in March but was sent back to Arsenal and took no part in either game. It was reported that he had a knee problem but he played in the very next game for Arsenal.

The implication is that he lacked the kind of match fitness Southgate wants, and during the last few months of the season there’s no question his performances for Arsenal were laboured at times.

Like Welbeck, he’ll be anxiously awaiting the verdict of whoever the new manager is, but unlike his colleague, his contract has only a few weeks left to run.

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Declan M

Unlucky Welbz. I bet you were looking forward to a fortnight in Ibiza.


Congratulations to Welbeck the epl gloden boot winer on his world cup call up and wishing him a good competition except when he is playing against African teams he is free to do a Chu Yu Park

Mayor McCheese

I always put on my lederhosen before my glodenboots.

John Bull

Good news for Wellbeck and Arsenal fans – especially those who refused to go along with the narrative about him and the jokes made by a section of commentators and self proclaimed pundits and player rafters … A hard worker , who puts in his defensive shift , can create chances and also score … in fact he is the one player who despite his injury history is the highest scorer for England over Kane and Vardy … Hard work pays and no higher recognition than being selected for the World Cup and getting a chance to show the whole… Read more »


He’s been in good form since returning from injury too. I hope he has a good tournament and isn’t sidelined as an “impact sub”.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Welbz will go to the world cup and there is a possibility that Laca doesn’t go. I said a possibility because pundits in France gave their possible lists and many times Laca isn’t in it. I think between him and Martial, one will miss. Let’s wait and see on Friday. This will make me sad if it happens. My fear is that Martial is more of a proper winger and coaches like the player who can be a winger or a CF to cater for possible injuries. Dembele has been very good lately and world cup squads always reserve a… Read more »


that is quite interesting. I like Martial as a player and even more so as an athlete but he’s hardly played this season. Based off that I’d imagine Laca goes


Incomplete sentence, Danny Welbeck makes England World Cup squad worse than it would be with pretty much any other striker ? cruel, but true. I jest.


Charlie Austin would do much better. Guy knows where back of the net is. That’s why big brands on your CV matter.

A Different George

Do you think maybe there is a reason that some players are playing for “big brands,” and Charlie Austin is not? That none of the big clubs, or even Spurs, have made Southampton an offer?


Danny Welbeck has always been prolific for England and is their top scorer in this squad. Not to mention he’s mostly been impressive for Arsenal when we play in Europe.


He’s never met England down. 15 goals in 37 internationals and has also been in great form since coming back from injury.


Let not met


Happy for welbz but I don’t see him getting a chance. The manager is deluded like every other England manager in the last 12 years. Only cares about what people think of them, that’s why they hand out debuts to youngsters left right and center, it’s so that when they eventually get sacked, they can have that tag of “gave 13 players debuts” or whatever. Wilshere not going to the World Cup is the biggest mistake Tottenham loser Southgate could have made. And I’m convinced him being an arsenal player has something to do with it because not only is… Read more »


I thought Hart played really well against us recently, made some great saves. I like Danny but he really isn’t good enough at doing what strikers need to do, score goals.


15 goals in 37 appearances isn’t bad.


By in large I agree with you as england football sucks however I can’t get with joey hart at all. Basically was lucky to get into the west ham team again but really I’d much rather give the young bucks a go instead.


Wonder what the basis was for his selection. Previously he did have pace, scoring knack, excellent heading ability.. all that seems to have more or less deserted him. He does work hard though.


The England squad has 10 defenders and 5 midfielders (including Dier). Not sure why they need 6 fullbacks. It looks seriously unbalanced.


Southgate’s been getting some tactical tips from Maureen?


Kyle Walker will probably play at CB, Arnold and Delph are midfielders who’ve played as full backs this season (kinda like niles). If this squad makes it past R16 they’ll consider it a success since they’re a “young team” then in the next Euros they’ll sack the manager, and the following World Cup will be the same bs as taking youngsters for experience. From there it’s rinse and repeat. Boring…

Merlin's Panini

Don’t think Walker would play CB.
More likely it’ll be Stones, Jones, Cahill and Maguire, and then Dier if needed to cover there.
Then Walker, Rose, Trippier, Alexander Arnold plus Delph and Young as fullback options.
Delph will also be a midfield option (as will Dier) and Young will be an option for the wing as well.


Walker played right sided CB in a 3 in the friendlies


That cunt Ashley Young got picked over Ryan Bertrand


Moral – career can get prolonged if a bird shits in your mouth

Merlin's Panini

I’m slightly shocked he was called up. I expected he would miss out and there would be another central midfielder in the squad (which would have made more sense) but there you go.
Danny to score the winner with his left bollock in the final minute of the final against Germany.

John Bull

Does not matter what part he scores with … in fact the hardest shots to save are the unconventional ones…


Truth is Southgate made the right decision. Seems as if he will attempt to replicate a high-pressure, hard working group of athletes to compete against teams who have clear technical or tactical advantages over England. It’s the right strategy for the current crop. England don’t have the requisite technical players to really make Wilshere useful. Welbeck on the other hand is perfectly fitted for that style of game.


Bingo. Danny will do what he’s done for us- work his bollocks off. Fact is he’ll have to defend and close down opposition 90% of the time.


Says something about the state of the club at the moment. There are not too many Arsenal players in the world cup that will exactly be the players that will potentially be highlights for the tournament. In terms of young players, maybe Bellerin or Iwobi could have a good display. Ozil is 29yrs and not exactly the most exciting player in German ranks. Our good friend Granit may surprise people and put in a performance for the Swiss. Other than that Welbeck for England? Again not inspired potentially more a back up to you know who if at all third… Read more »


Ozil i has had more man of the match performances for Germany than any other player.


You must be delusional.
Mesut Ozil has been winning the best German player of the year award for 4 or 5 years. He is considered the best among what is perhaps the greatest generation of German talent ever.
Sure Arsenal don’t have the same level of talent as in the glory days of the early Wenger years, but don’t write off great talent just because of that.


Athletico finals with Marseille. Thauvin will be interesting to watch. As Greizzman. Rather than Aubameyang in January, I think we should have laid in principal understanding with the player and made the transfer now in the summer. It would have allowed us to retain Giroud who could have been critical for our chances in europa not least offering a very different alternative to Lacazette. Giroud starts for France ahead of “world class” Lacazette for good reason. He holds the ball up for the team where Lacazette tends to lose it. He isn’t that much slower than Laca and he moves… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

You’ve been pushing this idea that Lacazette isn’t good enough. This is your second book on the subject. Maybe the fourth as you are so prolific. Lot of big clubs including Atletico wanted Lacazette for a reason. He assists, he creates chances and he is industrious but you don’t seem to be seeing any of this.


Looks like I’ve stumbled into santoriblog again…


Welbeck needs to : 1) Anticipate the ball better. When he sees someone running to byline, he needs to start moving closer to 6 yard box. 2) He needs to play to strength. If he is running at people (diagonal into the box), he is difficult to stop. 3) Take more shots. Clearly that is a strength. There’s a good player in Welbz if he can leverage his strengths. Taking a page from Giroud, you can always improve even into a late age. The Frenchman’s best asset is his attitude. He knew he was slow and he shed weight, got… Read more »


Welbeck getting the nod makes sense considering his England record, Southgate’s style of play and the lack of other options. Expect him to be battling it out with Rashford for a slot as a left sided forward (formation permitting). Happy for him but a big shame for Wilshere, whose omission is very baffling. Jack’s made 38 appearances this season compared to Delph’s 29 (almost all at left back!) and Loftus-Cheek’s 25 (mostly on the left wing) yet people are questioning his fitness! Lallana is on standby and I think he’s only started one game this entire season, 13 appearances in… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

What surprises me with Wilshere is that the English midfield has no one who can play his kind of role.
I would take him to England just because there is no one else who can play the ball forward like he does. I’m not saying Wilshere is amazing at it, but among the rest of the English squad chosen, certainly there’s no one else who does so.

Lord Bendnter

*take him to the World Cup
silly me, he’s already in England

Monkey knees

Jack, with, what…, 6 MOTM performances from his last 7 England matches!? Get/keep him fit and he has that “something special” England miss in the middle of the park. Instead, it rests on Jordan Henderson’s weird shoulders. If we get through the group, I’ll be happy.


oh dear, this is the worst England team for many a year

Matt P

Nice for Danny. Sad indictment of English football though.


Something tells me that watching England in WC will be like watching Stoke on their best day. Good luck to Welbeck anyway.

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