Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Happy Bellerin will ‘definitely’ be at Arsenal next season

Hector Bellerin has told Sky Sports that he’s happy in London and will definitely be an Arsenal player next season.

There had been speculation that he might be sold in order to raise funds for transfers, but given he is the only established right back at the club at this moment in time, it would have been a strange decision.

Not to mention he is one of the brightest young talents in that position in Europe who, if given the right guidance and a bit more defensive coaching, could develop even further.

In the interview he declared himself, ” … definitely happy at the club and will be here next season”.

“I’ve got a long contract, I have been in London for a very long time, this is what I call my home right now.

“There is nothing else I am thinking of, for the summer. We have the World Cup, I don’t know if I will be called up or not, that is something we will need to wait and see.

“If I get given the chance then I will be really happy for it. Apart from that I am sure I will be coming back here next pre-season.”

This follows on from earlier reports that the Spaniard wanted to take the 2 shirt next season, the traditional number for a right back.

What we have to do now is get some back-up/competition for him, so that he can be kept on his toes, and also not played into the ground.

So far this season, Bellerin has played 4041 minutes of football, the most of any player, putting him just ahead of Granit Xhaka who has 4030 under his belt.

After that it’s Petr Cech with 3400 and the next best outfield player is Shkodran Mustafi with 3173, so it shows how reliable Bellerin is but also how much we’ve been dependent on him.

He also has 3 goals and 5 assists to his name. And ahead of the final game under Arsene Wenger on Sunday, he paid tribute to the man who has brought him through from a callow youth to an established first team player.

“He was a massive part of me signing for the club,” he said. “He has treated me like a son I would say, he has given me opportunities, given me so much respect and given me great advice throughout my career here at Arsenal.

“Apart from missing him as a coach I am going to miss him as a person, miss his values and everything he has given to the club is going to be missed.”

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Hairy Bottle

I just absolutely love it when good players want to stay at Arsenal.


Makes a change


How many of our best players over the years have asked to leave as opposed to those who want to stay?


A lot of players have underperformed this season….he has had 1 great season out of 3 I think it is. He might become awesome, but right now, if we got a ridiculous offer for him then would it really be that stupid to sell and replace him?


It would be more stupid to sell and replace Bellerin than it would be to sell and replace… say, Ramsey.

Bellerin is still really young and has a lot of potential, plus he can fit in the squad.

Ramsey is neither, and he’s wasted in the only position where he can actually play when our best players are named (on the wing).


Disagree massively with you and the pointless ramsey hatred. We should be pushing the boat out to ensure Aaron renews.
I’m not sure what you’re on about with the positional bits, because you’re implying that either ramsey and Ozil play the same position, or that ramsey and aubu do, which is incorrect in both instances. The only established player who is potentially being hindered by the selection of ramsey in the side is jack wilshere, and he is far from one of our “best players” at present.


Ramsey is one of the best attacking midfielders in the country and of course one of our best players.


Yes, it would really be utterly stupid to sell him, whatever the offer. Hector is awesome and will only get better.


Isn’t this part of what people were having ago at Wenger at before, playing average players. Do I think Bellerin is better than average and can get better, yes. Has he been average for the last year or 2….yes. I would personally love him to become world Class and play for Arsenal. But it’s obvious he will play for Barca again some day (if his performances improve). There have been better RB in the Prem this season who yes, might not be as young as Bellerin, but I guarantee IF he does become class, he won’t be at Arsenal. I… Read more »


Here’s hoping the next manager can take Bellerin’s game to the next level. Feel he could defend better, get more assists, and maybe even score a few, given the positions he gets himself in. The #2 on his back would also be nice.


Nothing signore Allegri couldn´t fix. Bellerin the best RB in the world in no time.

(Yes, definitely over-attached myself to the idea of Allegri joining. Yes, it´s likely gonna backfire and hurt).


Allegri isnt as good as people think. He took over an already league winning Juventus side, bought better (more expensive) players, and played even worse football than before. Other than that, he got fired from AC Milan, from taking them away from being a top 4 team in the league. Honestly cant see any reason why he would do a better job than Wenger.


“Honestly cant see any reason why he would do a better job than Wenger.”

Well 3 (and very likely 4 soon) doubles in four years in Juve are kind of a good thing to start with.


You forget to mention he won the league in his first season at Milan with a squad that had a lot less investment than in the previous decades under Berlusconi, sure look at the drop off in league position since. Also he has led Juventus to 4, 4!! league and cup doubles in his four seasons there and two Champions League finals, with a team that Conte struggled to get beyond the group stages, all while having his best players sold and having to rebuild the team year on year, ala Vidal, Pogba, Bonucci (although that was due more personal… Read more »


Hate to disagree with you there, but it you look at the players on Milan when Allegri took over in 2010, there were a ton of super stars. Aging, yes, but absolutely loaded with talent.
Seedorf, Nesta, Gattuso, Thiago Silva, Zlatan, Robinho, Rondaldinho – all already there. And then Allegri signed Von Bommel.

Let’s not go overboard here.

Allegri as Arsenal manager would be a really big mistake.


Stupid me, I left off Andrea Pirlo.
And Pato. And Inzaghi. Flamini also there.
And my personal favorite, the Bari Brawler, Antonio Casano. All also at Milan then.

My 4 year old nephew could’ve managed that team to the Scudetto.


LOL, no he couldn’t. Not after Leonardo failed so badly to get the squad to gel that they needed Allegri to come back and stabilize the team so that it wouldn’t underachieve, AGAIN. And this was when the Inter of Mourinho were still mostly intact even after his departure (with Samuel Eto’o coming in for Zlatan being the only real change of note, and Eto’o scored more goals than Zlatan that year[and more than Zlatan had scored in any year other than 08] when Allegri won the title). And with all those names you mention, you fail to mention how… Read more »


headcase LOL


You had me until you mentioned low

Clock-End Mike

All I’d say is there’s the world of difference between managing an Italian team in Serie A, and managing a team in the Premier League that’s a mix of internationals and young talents.


And Juve aren’t also a team of internationals and young talents? Or the CL isn’t full of those types of teams as well? What would you call them, then, if not that? The only thing that might work against Allegri is the language barrier (I dunno how well he speaks English). But if the last two Italian coaches to get jobs in the PL are any guide (Raineri and Conte), then I think he’ll do pretty well. Maybe not “win the league in the first season” well, but “get into the top 4 whilst building a squad that can win… Read more »


This is a very astute comment. People touting Allegri as the next Arsenal manager know nothing of Serie A and nothing about how Allegri manages. His “titles” with Juve…please. If you watch the matches, its a farce of decisions always going Juve’s way. I’m no Milanista or anything like that, but Allegri’s success in Italy means almost nothing in the rest of the world. Whenever Juve play a good side – outside Italy – they struggle or lose. He’s basically an Italian Wenger. Allows his players freedom, does not impose a system on his sides, and is a man-manager. And… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

Oh God this is like looking up a product on Amazon you think you really, really, want, and then clicking on some of the one star reviews and starting to worry. Or something like that. Where’s Rambling Pete when you need him?


How come Milan then hadn’t won the title since 2004 and haven’t since if it was that easy. Oh and they only won seven league titles on the bounce off a ‘farce of decisions’. Tell us then, whose your choice as next Arsenal manager? Sarri, I’m guessing, but of course Italian football is irrelevant in your eyes.


Better yet: How come Milan have only won ONE trophy (the mickey-mouse Supercoppa Italia, lol) in the years since Allegri won the league, if it was that trivial of an accomplishment? How is it that only ONE Milan team since the title winners in ’04 have yet to finish in a higher spot than Allegri’s WORST performance (3rd) in the years before he came? Or for that matter, NONE have managed to even equal that worst performance of his since he left? I know Milan have been through some tough times financially and with all the boardroom shakeup sagas and… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

One of my friends who supports Juventus wants Allegri out.

Jimbo jones

Good lad!


Skilful, quick. loyal.

Stay a long time Hector.


He’s not a number 2 though, he’s not sh*t.


Ok, lot disagreeing so I’ll reverse it:

He is a number 2, he is sh*t.

the only sam is nelson

constantly surprised at the minority around me at the Grove who think Bellerin is fair game for abuse. There’s a reason that he’s wanted by the best and richest clubs in Europe, and it’s unlikely to be his fashion sense or haircut – it might just have to do with his abilities on the pitch.


Outside of his pace what are his key skills in your opinion? Asking as i cant get my head around him-quite frequent defensive errors, weak crossing, lacking end product but indeed Guardiola and other guys do see something in there.

Living in a Santi wonderland

Good man! Let’s get a good leader in who can help this young defence grow.


The thing that gives me some solace is when star players commit their future to the club ❤️ Hope Ramsey signs as well. By 3-4 cool signings we will again play for the title. Hope Allegri comes to Arsenal and then we will be the beasts again
Arsenal forever ❤️❤️❤️


Hector, you gotta stay at The Arsenal I’d be gutted if you went.


Really glad he wants to stay, and really hope Arsenal aren’t daft enough to sell him. He is still really young, and has a bright future, even as he’s starting regularly for the side right now. If we really need to sell players to raise funds for transfers, why don’t we start by selling off some of the deadwood currently on the squad, like Welbeck and Ospina? And then if we need more money, let’s try selling off players who either have not performed, will not get better, or do not fit the squad. Like, say, Xhaka and his lack… Read more »


Great news


It will be excellent to keep him next season and have AMN push him at Rback.


AMN is a central midfielder

Christopher Wreh

I actually think he has had a piss poor season. Atletico away annoyed me greatly. But there’s a top, top player in there. Glad he is staying. He’ll blossom with some proper defensive coaching and a mean streak added to his game


Great! But pls for the love of God learn to cross?.


But the Arsenal Fan TV mob say Bellerin is shit and needs to go! Twats


I like Bellerin a lot.

He doesn’t strike me as a defensive player though and that’s a problem in this team. His positioning leaves our centre backs exposed too often as his instinct is to go forward. Id prefer prefer full backs a bit more destructive, ala Sagna, Lauren etc.

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