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Welbz backs Wilshere to grasp new opportunity

Danny Welbeck has backed Jack Wilshere to move to the next level now that he’s leaving Arsenal.

The 26-year-old midfielder released an emotional statement via social media on Tuesday evening outlining the reasons for his departure after 17 years at the club.

If reports are to be believed, a host of suitors have already lined up to sign the England international on a free transfer with the likes of West Ham, Everton, Wolves, Juventus and AC Milan all possible destinations.

Facing the media at England’s training camp in Russia, Welbeck admitted that he’ll miss having Wilshere around at London Colney.

“I’m still going to be very close to him even though I won’t see him every day,” he said.

“Things change so quickly in football and I’m sure he’ll be missed, particularly by the fans.

“Jack’s contract was coming to an end, the contract was there for him to sign but he’s decided it’s best for him to leave and he feels like it’s come to a time where he’s made that decision and has to move on.

“He’s got to be positive with it, grasp the opportunity with two hands and keep improving and take himself to the next level.”

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89 was fine

Such a pity he couldn’t reach the next level with us. It’s his last chance to shine now and I wish him all the best. It does seem he’s not the only one who couldn’t quite get to the next level. I’m hoping that changes now as we move forward.

Heavenly Chapecoense

You mean Welbeck too couldn’t get to the next level ?

Thierry bergkamp

Welbeck could be out the door not long after him

John Bull

You mean Arsenal’s only player to be in England’s squad for the World Cup .

Ya gooner

Ac Milan will probably be a good fit for him footballing wise, a slightly slower and less phusical league for his body to get back to his best. It’s another matter for his family though for them crystal palace or west ham is probs the best fit.

Heavenly Chapecoense

There might ne some english-speaking schools and daycare places for upper class in Milan for his kids. Ladies always like Milan anyways.


Wow at that analysis


Long needed wake up call to Jack…….


Bullshit, as if getting benched at Bournemouth wasn’t enough.. He’s been acutely aware of his situation for years now. Like us, he loves Arsenal and found it understandably hard to let go.

Maul Person

He still could have stayed…


He was a regular player at Bournemouth and played most matches and was one of their best players just to put the record straight. Sad to see him go but it was his decision.

Tristian Beale

He was at first but then was dropped after Christmas. Not sure about him being one of their best players. I didn’t really watch them play but being dropped doesn’t suggest good form


Hope Jack takes a risk and goes abroad. I for one am sad to see him go and those who have been slagging him off should be ashamed of themselves. Whatever you feel about his ability, he always gave everything for the team, which is something that cannot be said for many of this lot. The injuries that have stalled his potential remember were sustained by his willingness to put his body on the line for our club. Personally I would have liked to have kept him (I don’t think he’s any less athletic than Xhaka, and possibly has more… Read more »


those who slagged off jack, know NOTHING about football

Tas Gunner

Who are you to judge people?


im me, that’s who


When Wilshere joins west ham will you do us a favour and please go with him.


It would be great if Wilshere could move to storied club like AC Milan, but i have a feeling he’s going to want a stay in London. West Ham or Crystal Palace?


I really can’t believe he would want to take such a step downwards

Heavenly Chapecoense

Emery doesn’t want Jack to be in the way of Torreira or whoever he wanted to bring in. It is similar to Wenger not wanting to let experienced Debuchy deserve to play and hamper the progress of then great prospect Bellerin. Same as selling Gabriel to allow then very hot prospect Holding to play.
People blame Jack for not wanting to prove himself but Jack understood the above.


Total rubbish. Debuchy was a great signing and started really well for us but sadly was badly injured which enabled Bellerin to grab his opportunity. To blame Wenger for this is absurd. Debuchy never really recovered from that injury and Bellerin became more than a great prospect and became a Spanish international. The selling of Gabriel had nothing to do with promoting Holding. Hasn’t Jack been given every opportunity and played quite regularly last season. Your anti Wenger rant is a pure joke.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

1) I love Wenger.
2) Debuchy came back and didn’t get any chance and that explained his attitude.
3) Bellerin is still a great prospect to date.
4) Selling Gabriel has to do with Holding. Wenger said the squad was too big but kept Holding in first team and sold Gabriel.

A Different George

Debuchy came back and was almost immediately injured again. He was desperate to get playing time so he could be chosen by France in the Euros and had an offer to move to Man United–which Wenger (in my view, correctly) blocked. That’s what ruined the relationship.

Mesut O'Neill

United were willing to pay £10m for Debuchy. For a guy with an economic’s degree that’s pretty shitty.

Arse City Blues

Fair play to Welbeck. I’m sure he’s had similar conversations with Wenger and Emery, but knows his level and knows he will get his chances to run his arse off for the team, and shin kick a few bobblers into the net throughout the season.

I hope Jack gets to work with a decent manager and a team that can play to his strengths. He deserves a good run of games and to play with a smile on his face.

Arse City Blues

Tim Stillman’s article the other day about Jack was interesting, and he’s right, Jack’s main problem (apart from injuries) is that he hasn’t been able to alter his game enough, from his dangerous last minute releases of the ball – which was his most effective skill, but which also caused him so many ankle niggles. As a player, I know how hard that can be, and not everyone can switch their style after playing a certain way all their life. Hopefully he can develop a less collision-based game. If not, it could be just more injury frustration for him. Here’s… Read more »


Blaming Wenger for every negative at Arsenal is something that’s going to take a few years to unlearn for some.

No Longer Laughing Stock

Overplayed by Wenger in his first year when we should’ve been buying a midfielder to help him through.He was never the same again. Criminal negligence by a man more interested in his annual bonus. Arsenal didn’t have the money? Of course they didn’t, that’s why we had all.that dross earning 60k a week. Thank God those days are over. Good luck Jack, you’ll always be one of us.



One of them is lying!

I think Wenger told him not to play for the England under 18 or under 21 games in the summer so that he could have a break. But Jack didnt listen. He did what a teenager would do and acted like his body was invincible. Following years, injuries started to happen.


To blame Arsene Wenger for his injuries his regression is just plain stupid

No Longer Laughing Stock

You dont think asking a pint sized 17/18 year old to play 57 games in a season was a bit risky? Did you expect Jack to say he needed a rest?


They have a lot in common don’t they? Both grew up in huge clubs, only to reach an impasse. Hope Wilshere can also move to a big club, and get back to the England squad. No grudge here.


He was the best player at arsenal fc at 16 years old. Put that into perspective. I’m gutted he’s leaving and wish him well. He’s been shat on by the media and some of our fans have lapped it up unfortunately.


he STILL is the best player at arsenal



A Different George

So this pretty much confirms that you are a troll, not just an angry, saddened, or even stupid Arsenal supporter.


why, because I speak the truth, I don’t think so


really really hope Jack goes to Juventus…even if they are paying him lesser than any premier league teams. It really is about time he wakes up and grabs this opportunity. Else he runs the danger of becoming a wandering salesman. Looking back, the Bournemouth loan was clearly a career suicide.


Err I don’t think so


Not that I would mind seeing Jack play at Juventus, but if he left Arsenal FC because of the lack of assurances regarding playing time, what would happen to his chances of playing ahead of the midfielders on Juve’s books?

David C

he’s not good enough for that team either, sadly.

I think Everton would be a great fit for him if he wanted to stay in the EPL.

Either way, hopefully he can stay injury free for a while.


jacks good enough for any team, but he will play where he thinks what is best for him

Wreh's FA Cup dream

If he baulked at breaking into a 6th place Premier League midfield, then I’m pretty sure he’ll baulk at breaking into a serial Serie A league winners’ midfield.


Good luck Jack, you’ll always be one of our own. What do you think of T*ttenham?

gooner of Oz

He’ll probably end up in Juventus which in my opinion is the best fit for both sides. Anyway Can and Jack on free would be some exceptional business much better than the rumored Pogba return, Italian job indeed.


He hasn’t got the bollocks to make that kind of move. Rangers at a push.

gooner of Oz

Actually he knows he wouldn’t have another chance to get a big team transfer after this decision. And I’m pretty sure sure he is enough of a fighter to believe and shoot for his potential. On the other hand Juventus is as safe a choice as it gets with likes of Khedira Marchisio Matuidi, ect either leaving or to be benched coming years


You’re next Welbeck


Amidst all the people leaving and coming in, and Ramsey’s contract discussions, the fact that Welbeck is also in his last 12 months has been somewhat in the background. Will he want to stay and accept that he might be third choice? Will the club offer him a new deal? I don’t think we should let Welbz go. Of course, a lot depends on player and club, but he, along with laca, auba and eddie could be a fearsome foursome for us.


Happy if he stays but also happy to leave slots for youngsters


You next Welbz….


It’s gonna be very interesting to see what happens to Wilshere over the coming years. Five or six years ago he looked like he was going to be the next really great English player, but the injuries ruined his career both at Arsenal and for England. For me, he’s a rough diamond who could still be turned into a superstar if he found the right manager and club. If I was advising him I would tell him to go to a top-half Spanish or Italian club: in that environment he would probably find both the coaching and injury-prevention culture where… Read more »


englands BEST player, before he got injured


What’s the betting Mesut gets the number 10 now..


it don’t matter what number shirt he wears, he stills plays shit, it wont change him


He’d fit perfectly at juventus. Just look how Khedira fared – despite his obvious weaknesses. Juve have a talent for creating midfield trios that complement each other. Jack would be a fantastic ball playing CDM like Pirlo was for Juve. Alongside combative, intensive pressing midfielders, he’d shine. Problem is we have someone like that already, and he’s younger, stronger, passes more consistently and is made of granit.


Out of all the players we have sold and let go over the last 12 months, how Welbeck has somehow avoided the chop is beyond me. Hopefully Emery continues the clean out and Welbeck is next and he can go join Wilshere wherever the hell he goes and they can go to the next level together.


Exactly why do you think that? He’s been very good since he came back after a long layoff and has scored a few important goals too. Still hasn’t lost his speed and has excellent work rate and with number of fixtures we have is an excellent squad member.


Because his preferred position is a striker and he is a terrible finisher? When are people going to get over this “work rate” rubbish. Same excuse has been used for so many average players over the yeara. He is utterly fucking shite but he has a great work rate. Woooopty doo.


Welbz knows how Jack would feel sidelined by an incoming manager/coach, having experienced it firsthand when LVG took over Manure.

All the best to Jack. If he does go to Juve, he’d reunite with Szcz.


I’m sad to see Jack leave don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to Jack we talk about 3 things. His Pashun, a game against Barcelona 7 years ago, and a goal 5 years ago. I want him to succeed but lets be frank. Even when injury free this last season, he wasn’t on fire. I know the whole team was off last year, but to blend in a team on the decline, and not show something was telling. Also remember this. He ran to join another club when he was told he wasn’t first choice, and has publicly… Read more »


One more season to prove something otherwise sold next summer


since his contract is up next summer he can’t be sold without a renewal first


Welbeck is a limited player who has great power but does not anticipate the ball early enough. He needs to attack the 6 yard earlier and we need to play him up top not at left wing. Meanwhile, Giroud had another excellent and effective game for France. There is a reason why Deschamp starts him ahead of “world class” Lacazette who is not at world cup. Commentators wanked themsleves over Mbappe scoring the goal but truthfully, Giroud’s movement and shot created it and Mbappe merely put in the finishing touch in case the keeper got to it but the ball… Read more »

Nasri’s missing chinbone

Fuck you Paddy Macnair. Where are you now?

Genuinely believe Jack will be a top level addition to any side. But he should be playing at home in front of us. Breaks my heart to see this happen.

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