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Report: N’Zonzi wants out, Arsenal interested

According to various reports, Steven N’Zonzi has told Sevilla he wants to leave and remains a possible Arsenal target.

The Gunners will likely announce the arrival of Uruguay international Lucas Torreira when he’s done at the World Cup, but there’s an apparent willingness on the part of Unai Emery add another midfield option if the right deal comes along.

Arsenal have been heavily linked with Ever Banega, also at Sevilla, but the Andalusian outfit seem to be playing hardball on that front. In contrast, the Gunners have long been aware that if they stump up N’Zonzi’s £35 million release clause, they can have him.

“If he [Emery] wants N’Zonzi, he will have to call and put the bid in,” said sporting director Joaquin Caparros last month.

He added: “The bid is the clause. If you put that bid in, then there are no more negotiations [over the fee].”

Whether we can afford that on top of our other outlays remains to be seen. That said, the France international is apparently keen on a return to England where he’s previously played in the Premier League for Stoke City and Blackburn Rovers.

The Gunners have lost Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere this summer and until Aaron Ramsey pens a new deal, his long-term future remains a doubt. Thankfully, the vibes coming from the Welshman’s camp are positive but another midfielder wouldn’t do us any harm.

On a slightly separate note, from what we can tell, our transfer policy (or at least, the players we’ve been linked with seriously) in the last six months seem to neatly fall into the following categories…

Has he played for Borussia Dortmund? 
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Papa Sokratis

Does he play in the Bundesliga?
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Papa Sokratis, Bernd Leno, Caglar Soyuncu

Has he played for Unai Emery?
Yacine Adli, Ever Banega, Steven Nzonzi

Is he a bit of a bastard?
Lucas Torreira, Stephan Lichtsteiner, Papa Sokratis, Steven Nzonzi, Marouane Fellaini

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Why not

I like full bastardry


Bit of savage brutality


Hold on now. That’s moving perilously close to Stoke territory.


No, that’s cuntish thuggery.


Coupled with inbred fucktards that is the population of Stoke on Trent


Hence N’zonzi.


Always thought he was a GOOD player when he was last here but didn’t like him because of his bastardry. Now that bastardry in his game makes me see him as a VERY GOOD player for us. I think I’am going to love this new Arsenal I’am imagining.

Jack but

i am super excited


I remember a few seasons I thought before the start – do we have too many midfielders? Then three months in we did not have fit midfielders.
There are never enough midfielders in Arsenal…


Well when you’ve been nursing the likes of Rosicky, Diaby, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere etc for years on end, it’s almost prerequisite to have a surplus of midfielders for Arsenal. Wenger’s Arsenal that is. Maybe we won’t sign talented/unlucky players anymore?

The Jeff

One of the rare occasions where a Venn diagram is really needed 😀

Cliff Bastin

I really hope in 30 years I can tell my grandkids about that one time we were hilariously linked with Marouane Fellaini.


He’s staying at United where he belongs


He’s scoring very important goals in the World Cup.

Cliff Bastin

If we’re buying players based on that then I’ll take Toni Kroos please.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Yerry Mina ?

A Different George

Yeah, it’s too bad that Catalan outfit knew about him.


I’d love a sly bid for loftus-cheek. Could be a monster of a player in the right environment, which Chelsea clearly aren’t. Reckon with their recent transfer policy £25m odd would get him.

Big Cheese

Fellaini’s a good player to have on the bench. He kept Belgium in the world cup and just might help get them to the final. If he would have settled for less then 120K per week he would have been a good signing for Arsenal. He would have helped us win those tough away games we struggled with all last season. He’s also the reason United beat us last season at Old Trafford. Laugh all you like, Fellaini’s a quality player.


Would be surprised if we coughed up that much without selling someone.


I’d sell Elneny and Welbeck to raise funds for a decent midfielder.

Bacary Lasagne

Elneny? He played really quite well to the back-end of last season. His new contract, his improvement, as well as his usefulness as a good squad member, make me think that he won’t be sold. Might not even need Nzonzi if Elneny can improve further under Emery.


He just signed an extension, right? I like Mo and I think we should keep him. Danny needs more playing time, but not at Arsenal. Good guy, but Auba makes him extremely redundant.

Big Cheese

Same here. Arsenal fans are insane. Elneny and Welbeck are decent squad players, but we need better if we want to break back into the top four and win trophies.


Seems an effective transfer strategy

Ordnance Dave

I still maintain that this guy is underrated. He’s great keeping possession under pressure and is a big ol unit as well.


I’ve always thought that he was a good DM, and was wasted at clubs like Balckburn and Mordor City. He’s doing a good job for us at the WC, at the moment. I hope he joins Arsenal.


Seems like we are linked to N’Zonzi every transfer window…


I heard somewhere we were signing Benzema as well

David Hillier's luggage

Whispers of a Salomon Kalou deal too


What about Seb Frey?

Heavenly Chapecoense

You’ve been watching Arsenal Fan TV too much.


Nothing wrong with those categories. With the state our transfer business was in, we clearly need to walk before we can run.

Lord Bendnter

Hahaha I love those categories ?

Faisal Narrage

I know everyone loves a transfer, but I don’t think we should factor in Santi as we haven’t had him for a while now. We’re losing Jack but getting Torrieira. If Rambo signs, we have; Xhaka, Rambo, Torreira, Elneny, AMN for 2 Sports potentially behind the no.10. Sure it’s grest to stock up on players, but let’s be realistic here. And if we’re gonna have fringe players, I’d rather that’s opportunity to go youth, such as; Bielik, The Jeff, Shaef, maybe even Da Silva if he signs. We need to consider youth more for our fringe players. We’re not City,… Read more »


Unless Unai’s got plans of a full three man midfield or a diamond 4, then we’ve got three spots to share around and we’d definitely want an N’Zonzi or Banega in the rotation as well for injuries and 3 competitions.


I’d prefer Banega though I think.

Faisal Narrage

Where does Ozil go then?


Wing in 4-3-3 or tip of the diamond in a 4-4-2 / 3-5-2. But in reality wherever he wants as long as he’s creating chances.


He could also be the creative force of a front two, actually. If we don’t play both Laca and Auba together.

That would really free him up to just press and attack / counter.

Big Cheese

We need to go younger. We should be in for Golovin.


Actually if Torreira comes and Ramsey signs a contract extension, it’ll be difficult for him to come in because we’ll have those 2 + Xhaka, Elneny, Maitland Niles. If that’s the case I’ll prefer Banega over him because he’s more creative and I think he will suit that Cazorla role better


I agree! I think if he comes, then the development of AMN might be stalled. An out and out winger who can take a fullback on is my preference right now


n’zonzi is not quality.


Good enough to get in the French WC squad

Average Joe

Poor mans Nemanja Matic…


He knocked Matic’s Man Utd side out of the CL over two legs tho. But don’t let facts come in your way.


To be honest would rather have an out an out winger. no one in our squad really fills that role currently unless you count Nelson.. mind you only has a year left and the contract offered to him is still unsigned…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Exactly, Wenger prefers developping CF on the wings (Welbeck, Theo) or using offensive CM (Ozil, Micki).


Wenger has left the club. If Emery wants a winger I’m sure he will get a winger.


still taking snipes at wenger…sad little man

Heavenly Chapecoense

“Wenger prefers developping CF on wing” is taking snipes ? Come on.

Big Cheese

We still need another centerback. Pavard would be lovely.


We have enough quite good midfielders, but they are all slow thinkers. We need a “new Pirlo”, the man with the revelation passes, who possesses that superior football intelligence.

I don’t think N’Zonzi fits this description. Also, he was obviously offered to us in several transfer windows. We shouldn’t take the bait now.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I am not the best Ozil fan here but he has a good deal of Pirlo in him.


Not much of his handsomeness though

A Different George

Ozil plays further forward than Pirlo, of course, but he is certainly the opposite of a slow thinker and his name actually is Turkish for “revelation pass.”


That must be sore


The Japanese national team actually has a midfielder with Pirlo qualities – Gaku Shibasaki – who currently plays for Getafe. Buy him!

A Different George

Haven’t seen much of N’Zonzi in Russia, but if your side had Kante, you would leave N’Zonzi on the bench too (you would leave anyone on the bench–Kante has been as good as any player in the entire tournament). N’Zonzi might play for the suspended Matuidi against Suarez and Uruguay; that will be interesting to watch.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Conservative Deschamps is poised to play Tolisso unless he plays Pogba on the wing and elect for Kante and Nzonzi in the middle.


So many names linked. Clearly we won’t be buying all of them. Midfield – Nzonzi, Torreiro, now Andre Gomes (as reported by The Independent) Gomes looks interesting. Barcelona product 6’2, plenty of up side at 24yrs. Expensive but if true, maybe Emery is finally getting a little leverage exercised with Mslintat having satiated his need to buy has beens and ex Dortmund. Certainly the extra height may come in handy when considering the Fellaini-esque tactics some teams may one to employ. I think we are looking at all the above names (and likely more) which is why the multiple reports.… Read more »

Kareem Mohamed

He is not a Barca product…


Can I have one more bastard in the team please? ?


Also seem to have a policy of goin for people late in their late 20s and early 30s which I like. A few less boys. A few more mens.


He is nearly 30.

Well, he is 29, but will be 30 soon, so he is of course still 29.

The age balance of our squad is changing massively within a matter of weeks (whether or not Nzonzi arrives, and even accounting for the young Torreira).

Is this a reflection of Emery’s philosophy or is it down to the exigency of our predicament – get back into the Champions League in one season and seriously challenge for trophies within two?

Sànde Class

Seems like we’re FINALLY pairing flair with Dick Bastardly! Our new bossman Emery seems to have learnt from Le Prof’s inevitable downfall BEFORE even managing A game! W00t!

Keith Comley

Most midfielders are defenders who cant defend or attackers who cant score.

Tom Gun

This may be the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen on Arseblog! Dear oh dear!

A Different George

You know, like Zidane or Cruyff.


May I assume that you know very little about football?


Disregard all rumors, I have it from good sources that the next signing in midfield will be MASTERBLASTER.

Arsenal to rule Pig Town this year.

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