Sunday, June 16, 2024

Arsenal 3-1 West Ham – player ratings

The scoreline was perhaps a bit flattering, and we still have an awful lot to work on defensively because it’s way too easy to expose our back four, but we still got our first win over the season under our belts today.

Read the report and see the goals here.

NOTE: We’ve taken your feedback from last week and made some changes. Not everything is done yet though, but hopefully, like Arsenal, it’s a bit of an improvement from the last performance. As ever your comments are welcome so we can correct any issues.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Xhaka upped his game completely when Torreira came on. Maybe because it meant he could move up the pitch a bit more


This what I have been saying for weeks and beingbpilloried for it. This is just the beginning of a great Torreira and Xhaka

Rectum Spectrum

Based on performance and potential I’d rather pair torreira with Guendouzi. Thats the future anchored by experience. Xhaka has rarely looked like driving arsenal. Guendouzi has taken the game by the scruff in each one he’s played so far.

JM 91

I disagree. Though I love Guendouzzi, Xhaka is better for Torreira. Against Chelsea, it was Torreira and Guen yet they were overran. When it was Torreira and Xhaka today, the midfield stabilized.


West Ham ain’t Chelsea.


Neither are the next several matches.

Olivije Žirod

But they are too similiar. Both Guendouzi and Torreira from what I have seen are not as near as disciplined as Xhaka is. Guendouzi is B2B and Torreira is a ball winning midfielder. They both have good passing technic and range but do they have the discipline to play together? I don’t think so.

Faisal Narrage

“Guendouzi and Torreira are similar?”
Also “from what you have seen” is literally based on 2 games of each combo; one against a midfield of Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante, and the other against a team who’s best midfielder is Wilshere.

Olivije Žirod

Xhaka was our best player in the 2nd half but he was also far from bad in the first half. Sometimes I really don’t know what people want. The same with Cech. He saved our asses again today but unfortunately his surname is not Leno so he doesn’t deserve a good rating.


What rating? I’m just here for the mugshots ?

Jean Ralphio

I think we could play all three of Xhaka, Torreira and Guendozi. or we could put El Neny in there and let Xhaka play further forward. Our defense needs protection and El Neny can play centre back as Wenger experimented last season (Ok it might have been pre-season but still). But for now, we can put experimenting aside and let the same team play week-in-week-out. Our team needs gelling. Maybe we should play Mkhi in the number 10 role. He has a Rosicky style of play I’d like to see used in the middle.


Jean Ralphino I respectfully disagree with the statement of playing Xhaka Torreira Guendouzi. I think it will be the 2 sitting back as DMs for the near future as Emery is opting for these days. But I definitely agree with using Mkhi at no. 10 at times. His directness is very vital while Özil on the other hand provides fluidity


I agree with Guendouzi and Xhaka playing in front of Torreira. Ozil or Micki on one flank and Auba on the other, playing off Lacazette. Our defence needs that protection and we could get more from Xhaka. It’s hard for any coach to drop Ramsey and play only one of Ozil and Micki but it’d be nice to see us try. Pushing fullbacks forward works, playing out from the back can too. But our team isn’t balanced and we are way too easy to play against.


Xhaka did not up his game when Toreira was introduced. Arnautovic went off injured two minutes after Toreira introduction. That resulted in Xhaka being able to play without a pest always in his vicinity. Without pressure and time to stroke the ball, Xhaka will look good. The problem most team will not give him time.
Despite that, he still got caught upfield on counter attack which could cost us the victory.

Man Manny

Still a work in progress. I think Ozil was missed today. All we need at this point is points on board; the fluency will come as the games come.


Most of the players looked better against the Hammers, though defensive organisation is still not there. Glad we have a run of mid table clubs coming up.

Fireman Sam

Just a note for blogs that the ratings are cut off on an iPhone 6 – the page is indented on the left and can’t be scrolled horizontally to read more. Zooming out doesn’t work either, it just shows the cropped text.

Jimbo Jones

Same on samsung galaxy. I had to guess at the last word on each line


Same with android chrome browse


Try turning on auto rotate mode if you’re on mobile it fits more when you’re in landscape


This is what I did and I was able to see all texts


Works in landscape


Same for me, but if you turn your phone horizontally it worked for me.

DB10s Air Miles

Same on Android.


same on my nokia 3310


Rotate the phone for now, you’ll see it all.


Also long names push the ratings to the line below (like auba) and it’s not actually obvious to me how to vote


I liked it better last week with the ratings hidden until you voted but I understand many didn’t. Drawings of players are excellent and I do like the new format.


I agree on hiding the ratings. It is called ‘anchoring’ if not, once you see the Arseblog rating then you are drawn to rating the player somewhere similar, albeit a bit higher or lower.


Regarding seeing/not seeing Arseblog scores I think a toggle switch button thingy of some description may be a good Idea.
I understand wanting to keep votes hidden before readers vote, and I also understand that some readers will not have seen the game and just want to see ratings.
So hide ratings by default and put a button to ‘reveal player ratings’, and fix it such that if a reader reveals the rantings they can not submit their own.

Jimbo jones

That would be great if possible. If I’ve seen the game, I much prefer doing my ratings then seeing Blogs’. Though understand why if you haven’t seen it you don’t wanna have to vote just to see what others have said.


Alex Lacazette brings something special to the frontline each time he’s on the pitch since he got read of his knee problem. I hope he’ll start against Cardiff. Same for Lucas Torreira (without the knee problem).

Hamburg Gooner

I nearly agree with you on all points, but last week he was unfortunately responsible for the decisive goal with his direct pass to Hazard and his half-hearted attempt of a clearance – if Özil would have done that he would have been slaughtered on social media …

David M

Difficult to select ratings. Stars too small and close together. Took multiple attempts to post the desired ratings


Ask for your money back.


3/10 for Mustafi.
3.5/10 for Papa.
4/10 for Eamsey.


Mustafi was one of the best performers for me, won pretty much every ball he needed to. Positioning not great but that’s across the team

Jimbo jones

Aye, Eamsey is dross…

Yanju Tai

One positive thing I have taken from Emry is in the aggressive audacity he has been taken in changing the tactical course of Arsenal play. He wastes no time to replace players unlike what we were actually used to under Wenger. Kudos to him and his staff.

Olivije Žirod

I think it is to soon to say Emery would be doing that all the time. Maybe he is doing that because he doesn’t know his best formation/lineup yet.

The other thing is. Those are two different philosophies. Wenger way was to trust the team and tactics he choosed to start with. Indeed it was frustrating sometimes for us but there were also many games which that paid off. After all we were called comeback kings many times under Wenger.


Xhaka is a decent option for home games, when we have more possession. Today was one of the days where Guendouzi’s inexperience showed, but he gave an honest account of himself. Feels like Emery is still finding his best midfield combination/s. Torreira ought to get a start in the next couple of games. As for for our defence, just woeful positioning, and teams with more clinical finishing will punish us. They’re good dealing with what’s in front of them, but the moment anything is played behind them, it’s a recipe for disaster. Bould needs to work his magic.


Boule was a great defender but I am not convinced he has much magic to work with as a defensive coach. He’s one of the only constants in several iterations of shaky, inconsistent, leaky back lines. I can not criticise his work as I’ve never seen him in action but he can’t be the solution. Part of the problem is personnel but the other half I’m still hoping is Emery’s obsession with defensive structure. So far the games show he has a lot more work to do.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Dumb question, what was the great Aubameyang chance set up by Ramsey? I don’t remember it and I can’t find it in the highlights.


Rambo battled away down the left in front of the north bank, pulled it back and Auba tried to be too cute IIRC.

Tristian Beale

Yeah Ramsey dribbled the ball down the left poor defending really but pulled it back to auba and his shot was tame


Ha ha, yeah, Debuchy must be chuckling about Marko’s self-injury. Shame he didn’t throw himself down and dislocate his shoulder too. Just kidding. Not.

I love how Emery makes substitutions when he thinks a bench player will be an improvement over one on the field, even before the 65th minute. Are we gonna get a chance to rate the manager?

Welbz always puts in a shift at both ends. I’m happy for his goal.


Totally agree on this. A manager able to make subs that improve the teams balance and performance is grand. Unfortunately not one able to find a place for both Auba and Lacazette in a starting XI yet, but today (along with much of last season after Auba signed) suggests it’s the best way of putting together a balanced front 4.


Ramsey’s passing though? Passed it long, sold Nacho hospital passes, passed it out, but his off day passes shouldn’t be mentioned. He’s no Xhaka.


Struggled today but have long accepted is as part of his game. He’s one of those magic moment players. Unfortunately doesn’t get the slack many afford to Ozil and Mikita Ryan despite (for me) being more impactful across a season in its entirety. Definitely can’t carry all three in the XI though.


Xhaka gets a lot of flack for what he does do but his passing is really top notch. Think him and Torreira should start next week against Cardiff

Arsene's Coat

This new system seems to have divided opinion, but to be honest I really don’t like it! From having to guess the last words of each line because they are cut off, to the strange pictures.. not a fan. And for the love of god, where’s Park Chu Young gone!?!

food for thought

and so it seems we really need torreira to sit DM in order to enable the rest of the team to function. we should be playing 2 CMs + Torreira to control the midfield. torreira to sit, xhaka to pass, and guendouzi to close down and make forward passes (ram doesnt play till he signs da thing). laca auba for fire power, and 1 of ozil/ micky/ iwobi


Still can’t read this properly on an iphone without switching to landscape. Trying to rate still very dodgy.


I thought Xhaka had a really decent game, he made a great block on the edge of our box in the first half and then stopped a break with a great sliding challenge in the second. Was also very today on the ball. I think a lot of his work goes a bit unnoticed.


Tidy performance and won a couple of 1 on 1s when others failed to stick a foot in. Still prefer the idea of Sideshow Bob and Jaws (I’m going to try and propagate these from now on) in midfield, but signs are Xhaka might grow under Emery.


Xhaka was great today,and played better with Torreira on the pitch


A bit harsh on Iwobi. He tried to make things happen being the only attacking option comfortable enough to take on players. His loss of possession shouldn’t be blamed for their goal especially since he lost it almost in their penalty area


I can’t see any ratings here

Unai's mythical press

A big shout out to Lacazette. He changed the game for us when he came on. I hope Unai Emery starts him st Cardiff City

Anthony Hylton

I was in the clock end today and despite the spin blogs wants to put on things, this was the worst performance I have seen in God knows when. West ham should feel hard done by and had we played a top 6 team it would have been anarchy. People were leaving with 10 mins to go. Having been at both the home games today one thing is evidently clear. Teams we face target bellerin as they see him as a weak link. This passing from the back isn’t working and lastly aubameyang irritates me. I look at him and… Read more »


true… this was perhaps the least quality performance I have seen from Arsenal in quite a bit. Just looked so timid and lightweight.

Thank god for Bellerin, Laca and Welbz.


Torreira and Xhaka. Let´s give them a proper go together and see where it goes from there.


So overconfident and rude of them playing with 10 men from the start. Should’ve atleast brought Wilshere on for the final 10 minutes at his former home. 3 – 1 is respectable for 10 v 11 though.


My requests for next week:
Drop Xhaka for Torreira
Start Aubameyang and Laca
Drop Papastathopoulos — Holding would be better than he is
and please Arseblog, get rid of these awful caricatures of the players


As Xhaka was one of our best players today and looked even better when Torreira came on, they should both start. I agree about Aub and Laca starting together. I was however pleased to see the successful cameo by Welbeck.


We are so easy to play against and not aggressive enough..The first goal is a perfect example.. 6vs 2 counter where all involved in particular our CBs just stand and ball watch instead of engaging.


I thought Mustafi would get a new spring with a coach who knows defense. But he might simply not be good enough at this level. All I want for Christmas is two new central defenders.

Irrational Gunner

Emery knows defense? Looks more like Wenger lite.


Maybe Liechsteiner with one of Papa/Mustafi would be a better centre back pairing. We could really use his positioning and leadership there.

Greg in Seattle

Just putting Lichtsteiner in for Bellerin would help our CBs immensely.


until we have games we are leading comfortably or in case of injury we won’t see lichtsteiner. I think emry prefers bellerin there.


How can we gi from a bad.defense last year to a worse defense this year. Wny didn’t we buy a dominate center back. I just don’t get it


Both of our CBs have very good individual numbers from tonight´s game, still I would be much happier if they were more positionally solid and wouldn´t have to into so many difficult last ditch defensive attempts – kudos to them that they can pull them out as well, but I would love our defence to look like a unit again.


Love the new look but on my Samsung s9+ your written review for each player is off the page in portrait mode.

Keep up the great work.


I have the same phone and works for me. On chrome.


How could Guendouzi score higher than Ramsey? Ramsey turned the game and Torreira has to play to protect the very vulnerable defence.

Lance banner

The xhaka drawing looks more like shaqiri.

djourou's nutmeg

i liked the old rating system better, this one’s too big. i appreciate you trying to bring new and better stuff tho. the drawings are cool.


Xhaka had a much better match, and as others have mentioned I would like to see him and Torreira start.

It’s evident that until Mkhi, Aaron, or Iwobi is capable of being a consistent creator and run tempo and possession in the final third, Ozil, or Laca, or both need to be on the pitch.

Despite Mkhi not looking like he ‘controlled‘ the match, he combined with Bellerin and played him into position frequently and very well. Bellerin could use a little more of his help on the other end though, or Torreira on the pitch to help cover.


Not sure the new voting system is working yet, on an iPhone

I could vote for Bellerin and Iwobi but appearently I’d already voted for the rest of the players (which I hadn’t) – sure it’ll be sorted soon


Olivije Žirod

What I love about Nacho is that it is clear that he was a striker (I think he once said that) in the youth selections. His positioning in the box, runs behind the defenders, reading of the game, quality finish, doesn’t panic when the opportunity arise… He has all off that. Goals against Manchester City (semi-final FA cup), Swansea and the goal he scored today show all those mentioned. Probably many strikers envy him.


Victoria victoria victoria est est. But fuck that was ugly. None of our players today looked world-class. Are the guys going through Arsene withdrawal? It’s possible. Something’s not all right in the ole team cabaza. Just glad for the win and Emery really was. The guys looked flat-footed and kind of clueless defensively, and on offense it was pickup game-level organization, against a lame defense. Hammers had at least 2 if not 3 very solid missed chances at goal. I think they’re having a hard time with the new system. Mustafi had I think one of his better games, solid… Read more »


Some feedback – I enjoy reading the player ratings on my phone but with the new format, it cuts off the right hand side of text which I just can’t seem to get to! Loved what I could see of your comments though, particularly “assuming we don’t count…off Iwobi’s arse for the first” 🙂


Our full backs need to realise they are DEFENDERS first and foremost.Our two CB’s are being crucified but they are being exposed by Bellerin and Monreal bombing forward.Both fullbacks have no defensive discipline. Thank God West Ham couldnt finish


“Scored a goal!”

With his FOOT!!!


Bugs. Bugs everywhere


Bugs in my pockets
Bugs in my shoes…


Might be the wrong place to leave feedback on the sitebuild, but- comments under players continue off screen to the right (without being able to pan), and the first add covered the (1st?) line(s) of the opening paragraph. Using chrome on a huawei.


Everybody looks like Ozil with those bulgy eyes


4.5 For Jack Wilshire pretty average performance poor tackles and got a yellow though encouraging that he got 90 minutes under his belt


Bro.. just move on.


Bit harsh to judge iwobi on the goal when he was trying to be positive in the dribble into box and west ham had to go the entire length of tue field to score

Matt P

Harsh on Miki. Was busy and created a bit


I feel like Welbeck coild be very useful ina pressing game.
I wonder if he could be effective on the right with auba on the left and laca in the middle. Mikatarian offers little so far this season. I would rotate him and Ozil at tue no 10.

Ramseys not giving much either.

Or how about this radical ideal…start Lictseiner at left back and move bellerin to left wing?

We ar sooooo poor on defense….surely its time to make a change…..


Noooo. The left is all Nacho all day. The player I trust most on the entire pitch to deliver the expected quality.


Getting the much needed 3 points was nice, but Analtovic getting injured has to be the best thing to have happen over the course of the match.


Xhaka started to look good not when Toreira was introduced, but two minutes later when Arnautovic went out injured. With West Ham having only one outlet Anderson for counter attack, he was able to be release further forward. Despite that a more direct team with more accurate strikers would have beaten this arsenal. This was a bad team performance. Undeserved victory just papered over the crack. I said it before and I keep repeating it. Unai Emery is a mediocre coach who not only will be found out in tactical battle, but will quickly lose the dressing room with his… Read more »


Couldn’t see the ratings last week. Still can’t see it.


the type of phones and browsers affect the way some of us view the ratings.

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