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Emery on Ramsey’s injury and contract situation

Aaron Ramsey missed last night’s penalty shoot-out win over Chelsea in Dublin due to a calf strain sustained in the pre-game warm up.

The Welsh international was due to start but was replaced at the last minute by Emile Smith Rowe after suffering what was described as a ‘minor calf problem’.

Speaking after the game, Unai Emery said of the injury, “It’s clear that the problems tonight were Aaron Ramsey – but that’s not a big issue. He has got a little pain in his muscle and we decided not to start him because it is maybe a big risk for him.

“But I am awaiting the medical analysis and I think it’s not a big problem.”

It may well be precautionary, but it’s still a worry, especially as our midfield looked to miss his dynamism and drive.

It led to more questions about his future and whether or not he’d be signing a new contract.

Asked specifically if he was going to do that, the Arsenal head coach said, “I don’t know. It’s one question for the club and another for the player.

“I am very, very concentrated and my focus is thinking everyday about the training, the players and the match on Saturday against Lazio, and then against Manchester City.

“I think my opinion is clear, I want him to be with us, but then it’s one question for the player and the club.

“My opinion is professional and is in the interest of the team.”

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Hairy Bottle

Pls sign it Ramsey and we can finally move on from all these contract rebel thingy…..Let the football season begin


I think he’s off tbh. If he wanted to sign it then he would have, we know there have been multiple offers from the club. Anyways, I’d rather sell him abroad this summer than have another saga – and end up either selling him to a rival like we did with Alexis or giving him ridiculous wages like we did with Ozil. Theres a good atmosphere around the club and for once it looks like theres a bit of togetherness and belief in the squad, I don’t want someone that’s half in half out.

Uba Ngenegbo

An a average, injury prone player with delusional ideas about how good he think he is.
I will actually sell to to an EPL side to weaken them. He will warm the bench in Chelsea for example.


Other clubs don’t seem to have our injury issues, he might prosper under a differential set up


We have a new set up at arsenal… did not stop him getting injured in the warm up.

Yellow Ribbon

We were saying the same thing about the Ox too but it looks like he is still not over his injury issues.

Frank Bascombe

Well said Uba.


Hear hear


It’s a shame I can’t upvote you twice 🙂

I’m not a Ramsey “hater” but an Arsenal “lover” : I don’t have any preference or soft spot for any of the players but for the team and the Club (at least not since Fabregas).
Whoever doesn’t want to commit should leave immediately while we still can find a decent replacement, and Ramsey is hardly irreplaceable.

bossman bill

“I don’t have any preference or soft spot for any of the players but for the team and the Club (at least not since Fabregas)”

Dude c’mon – not even Santi or Tomas?


It still makes me sad when I think of Little Mozart leaving.


It’s interesting that our Player of the year who is so bad is being linked with Barcelona and Chelsea.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

Media create these links to fill the void. He can be a squad player at Chelsea. I don’t see him at Barcelona. Everybody forgot his world-class performance 4 years ago because he was far from repeating it. Would Barcelona recruit Torres for what he did at Liverpool ?


Are you serious ????
Average player ????

He scored 11 goals and got 13 assists last season.
How’s that an average player ??

Yes he gets injured but that’s down to the way Wenger wanted his midfield to play , keeping the ball too long taking fouls to buy free kicks.
Look at our midfield over the years whilst playing keep ball football, Santi, Jack, Rambo, diaby, Thomas the list goes on.

The guy is quality, top quality.
If Ozil is on £300,000 then surely Rambo should be on around the same.
That’s probably the on going discussions.


Ozil is on 300k… Ozil the World knows, people around the world buys his shirt, which AFC makes money from, he is a world cup winner and he is a World Class player. FACT !!!
Talk to me about Ramsey ???? For him to earn 200-300k Talk to me ???

Uba Ngenegbo

You do have to consider following another sports if you think Ramsey is “top quality”.My suggestion would be darts. You conveniently look to goals and assists against EPL cannon fodders and second rate European teams while ignoring the number of times he gives the ball away, slows down our attacks and leaves us vulnerable at the back in his quest to rush into the opponents box. Ramsey will not start in the present midfield of any of the five teams that finished above us last season! Spurs Dembele chews and spits Rambo out any time we go against the enemy.… Read more »


Nice one. Every Rambo apologist needs to read this. Rambo is a good player. You can’t argue otherwise. But see above qualifications. So let’s get some good money for him and use it to offset one last good signing. Honestly my mind is elsewhere these days about roster concerns. Our D is still a huge ? Our attacking ability is strong it just needs to be organized. I think we need a true keystone of the team, a Modric-type to replace Senor Cazorla, the “metronome” if you will who will control the middle of the field. Who are we expecting… Read more »


Ozil signed eventually so Ramsey might as well, though there does seem to be far more interest in the Welshman. The issue seems to be Ozil’s salary, all our top players will want a slice of that pie now


I think he’s going to see out his contract and we’ll lose him for free next year.

Prof Wenger to Emerytus

He wants the ridiculous wages. We knew this before we gave it to Ozil.


Yes, I’m tired of these overpaid players who were cared for so much by the club, the manager, the fans…and one injury free season behind them and they think they can hold the club at ransom. Just let them go. Too much love has been our Achilles’ heel sometimes.

Faisal Narrage

“and we can finally move on from all these contract rebel thingy”

Meanwhile, Nelson be like…..


Calf? I thought they only did sheep…


Rhinoceros have calves…


Can’t sell him if he’s injured.

Mesut O’Neill

Didn’t stop us buying Kallstrom ?

Yellow Ribbon

Move him on if he is not ready to sign a new contract and replace him with a good central midfielder. Enough of us trying to hang on to our players like they are the saviours of this mighty club. Let us remember for a fact that they are mere servants of this club.
It is becoming a joke now.. this sort of thing..transfer window after transfer window.


I don’t think this has really been a transfer saga at all. He’s clearly seen how Arsenal crumble when it comes to players in the final year of their contracts and he’s using it to his advantage to get the best deal possible. There is no credible links of him moving elsewhere and he has not said a word in the media to make a fuss over it that should make us worried he has heart set on another club. At the end of the day, it will cost us far more to buy a replacement of his quality then… Read more »


If only it were that simple. Problem is that if we want a CM at least as good as Ramsey, so as to not weaken the squad, we’ll probably have to give them similar wages to what Ramsey wants PLUS a chunky transfer fee. Wouldnt mind selling him if we could get in, say, Kovacic but is he really going to accept less than half of Ozil’s wages?

Yellow Ribbon

Fair point. I don’t know but I would suggest giving Mkhitaryan a chance as a deep lying midfielder.. he has got a good work rate, skilful and could fill up the void left by Santi. We could instead go in for a new winger.

All of this is just an alternative solution that could be given a thought.

It is not like I don’t want Ramsey to stay but it is just getting boring going through the same routine every transfer window. I would of course be happy if he signs..if not then move him on.

Pat Rice and Beans

Nailed it.

And I think Arsenal should move fast in this Ramsey situation, bc if he departs Arsenal would have a short window to buy a replacement (I suspect Emery already has his targets, like Nzonzi).

Anyway, I like him and think he could be important to the club under Unai, but I rather have an average player fully focused, than a good one with one foot out of the club.

Evang. Simon

I like your opinion Mr Emery.

Let Ramsey stay please.

Trust me he will win us the Europa league by scoring the winning goal…..

I will trust the devil I know than the foreign angel….

I will like us to win the league at our neighbors ground again but who would want to waste time on a toilet seat


Crash Fistfight

Clearly all the down-voters don’t understand what the word “foreign” means.


Will be happy to watch us this season either way.


It is starting to look like the club are slow off the mark again. This is really no good for team morale to have players hanging around that have no intention of signing. It would be such a shame if all the optimism in the team was affected.

We have to be brutal and sell if he doesn’t sign.


I like Ramsey, always have. But. He is not Cesc or even the Dutch snake in terms of his importance not to the side… I think a sale and a threatening wide player is the way to go here.

Ozil could play centrally in front of two deep lying CMs Xhaka and Torreira with Maitland-Niles (massively underrated at the moment) as back up (Guendouzi passes well but isn’t as strong, quick and doesn’t have the same variation as AMN in his game yet).


I think we should sell him. Love Rambo but fed up of players playing silly buggers. I would leave him out of the team until he signs as we have set a precedent of players running their contracts down and we need to put a stop to it and set a new example. It will save money in the long run. I appreciate he is an important player but you are with us or against us. His actions will create a saga.

Red Arrow

I don’t like players holding the club to ransom. I hope they don’t offer him Ozil’s level of wages – don’t think he’s worth it. Make him a final offer and if he doesn’t sign sell him. He probably will want to run down his final year to get a good sign on bonus at another club – that would be a shame and the club would then need to decide whether to use him or let other players who are committed to the club get more game time.

No Longer Laughing Stock

If we could get decent dough for ramsey to invest in a high class wide player or centre half (admittedly we have lots of them so will probably be going with what we have) I would be more than happy to let him go. Very good player when fit but not fit often enough and no way worth Ozil money. I should add, I don’t think.Ozil is worth Ozil money either but that’s a moot point and merely mentioned to increase thumb-downs.

Sànde Class


David Hillier's luggage


David Hillier's luggage

I thought this whole new structure meant the Head Coach didn’t have to answer questions about contracts as it wasn’t his domain? I suppose Ivan’s been keeping a lower profile now question about his own future are at the forefront. On that note, why don’t we ever hear from our non-director of football but actually director of football Sanllehi? Aren’t they meant to be the ones spouting about the club, signings, contracts etc etc?


Great point. Not really fair to have Emery constantly deflecting into the void important and justified questions. Maybe that’s in his job description but wouldn’t hurt for Sven and Raul to man up and take some accountability.


Sell him NOW !!! with the money raised Dembele ( Loan ) Soyuncu…. These are the 2 areas we are still short on Defence, Wing player…


It’s not really as simple as “just sell him.” You need to find a buyer who isn’t going to hold you over a barrel and get a ridiculously small fee…but everyone knows you’re over the barrel, so why wouldn’t they? Then the buyer needs to be acceptable to the player – you can’t sell someone without their consent. And with him picking up an injury now too, it just makes it all the more difficult if they do want to move him on. I think it’s very likely he isn’t sold before August 9th. We’ll either sell him without a… Read more »


He is an asset and we should keep him. BUT we’ve seen stranger things. Should he go, we have Mhkitaryan and Ozil who perform a fairly similar role. If anything, I feel Ramsey’s best position is Ozil’s. So frankly we do have a bit of over redundancy in this capability. It is in the wide (left) area where we could do with a different asset/capability, someone like Hirving Lozano maybe at PSV. But much will hinge on movement in coming days (whether it happens or not) with Neymar or Mbappe (or even Hazard) The market is watching. Which is why… Read more »

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