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Emery: We’ll help Welbz get better

Unai Emery says he’s impressed by Danny Welbeck’s spirit and hopes that he can bring the best out of the England international this season.

The Spaniard hasn’t had much time to work with the 27-year-old since he became head coach at the Emirates – the player only returned from his post-World Cup holiday a week ago – but, having opted to retain his services, he’s positive the striker’s versatility will come in useful.

“Danny Welbeck is one of the players who has a multi-position possibility,” Emery told reporters on the eve of the new season.

“Right winger, left winger, striker, and also yesterday he worked with us at left-back – his performance was good! I like this spirit. To help positions across the team with positive spirit.

He added: “I said to him when he arrived with us after the holidays, I want the best performance in his career from this player – and to work for that.

“We will be helping with his quality and also getting better with his quality and his data in this year. More goals, more assists. Working to help when we need quick pressing against the opposition.

“For me it’s clear. Yesterday the transfer window closed and our players will stay with us.”

Welbeck’s current contract ends in June which means if we don’t offer him new terms we’re at risk of losing him on a free. He may not offer the same threat in and around the box as teammates Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Lacazette but his physicality and pace could still prove useful when the cup competitions get going.

On a separate note, you’ll notice from the picture above that Emery led the first team in a training session at the Emirates on Friday; an unusual occurrence that only ever happened in the Wenger era during a Members’ Day opening.

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I am glad we did not sell Wellbeck even at the risk of potentially losing him next Summer for free. He is a very useful squad player and can fill in for a number of positions. Great attitude and great work ethic, not someone that is a prima dona for which there will be constant over whether he will stay or go, but rather someone that will do what the manager asks of him. Interesting to see that he is working some at left back, I hope only as a precaution. I’d hope that one of the two RB’s in… Read more »


Yeah I’m guessing emery tried him out there just to see if it was an option at all, doesn’t mean he will put him there and also could be part of emery’s pressing tactics being instilled acutely ready for the PL. Remembering Welbz has been off the most, Emery even referred to them in the press conference.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Welbeck at left back !!!!! 😮

Unai seems to be even more bonkers than Mr. Bean


Completely agree. Also, we might be reading too much into this LB thing, he probably just filled in there in training because others are injured and U23 players had their own match as well so couldn’t participate. Even though I’ve seen Nacho training in one of the pictures… Anyway, Welbz is a dedicated, versatile, hard working player and if any of the duo Laca-Auba gets injured, he’s the first back-up option. I believe we’ll see plenty of him this season. Also, he’s basically playing for a new contract so I’m certainly looking forward to see what he can do under… Read more »


I really like Welbz, his injuries have been a concern, but I’m not convinced we’d have signed a better replacement with the amount of money we’d have got back in for him.

If he performes well and wins a new deal? Great.
If he runs down his deal? And Nketiah+Nelson are 12months more prepared to take over? Then I’m happy with that as well.
I do think Welbz workrate and physicality will fit in with defending from the front, if he has a season of good fitness? I’d put my money on him still being here next season.


Good attitude. I can totally see Welbz being asked to practice at LB and not utter a single complaint about it, as he knows his only way into this squad is via extra hard work.

He’ll defo get his chances and can be a valuable player when in form (like at the beginning of previous season).

Hope Emery gets the best of him!

Offtopic: as stated elsewhere, I guess Laca will start on the bench today as Eddie was asked to feature for U23s and therefore won’t be on the bench for A-team).


Why would Welbeck complain? Most players are asked to cover two or three positions in the modern game as Only world class players get to play in their favoured position.


Yes, but usually those players cover more positions in the same department (like attackers who cover ST & LW for example).

To ask a guy who always played upfront to suddenly practise as a defender is to me something else and I can totally picture some bigger egos having a problem with it.

That’s my whole point, tried to be positive.


His stats say otherwise. He’s got Monreal’s numbers ?

Heavenly Chapecoense

I don’t think he should play left back. He needs to be taught how to score goals. That’s all it is. AMN deputise Nacho until Kolasinac comes back.


Welbeck worked with Sir Alex, LVG, Wenger and co. Maybe it’s time to accept he’ll never be a prolific goalscorer.


I’m theorising here, but I strongly suspect training at the stadiim was based around positioning, particularly when we’ve not got the ball. I guess Emery thought it’s easier to give the give the players their final instructions in the surroundings they’ll be playing in this afternoon – understandanble as It will need to be right for a large portion of the match, otherwise I could see Citeh exploiting space and tearing us a new one.


On top of that, we haven’t played a single pre-season game at the Emirates and if it wasn’t for this session, some of the players who are about to debut tomorrow would actually step on the pitch for the first time ever.

Ivan Drago

He’s always been a really decent player and does most things right apart from his finishing. Even if he can improve enough to get an extra 5 or 6 goals on top of his usual 10 or so a season I’ll be glad we kept him

Merlin's Panini

We all know what to expect from Welbeck. A lot of running and dedication. If his finishing can improve he could play himself into a new contract. I was up for him going this summer but if Emery can get an improvement from him it would be great to see.

Jack but

i am practically Una knows this players, there strenght, weakness and potential

Jack but

i am practically Happy Una knows this players, there strenght, weakness and potential

and blogs need to add the edith burton


Is that the button that, when you press it, the whole website disappears in a piaf of smoke?


The Edith burton? You could get easily arrested for sexual harassment if you pressed it


I’d give him a go at left back or left wing back, it’s worked for others in PL. The role requires as much going forward as defending these days. Look at Young at Manure or Alexander at Scousers

David Hillier's luggage

“yesterday he worked with us at left-back”, I like players being versatile, but remember when sections of our fan base would slaughter our previous manager for trying players in different positions?


Welbeck is championship level , bottom of the premiership is a stretch for him . He is 27 , and this is as good as he gets . Can play at left back for the league cup maybe . Not even Fergie and Wenger could make a player out of him . Should’ve been sold this summer

Mick Malthouse

Its inevitable that someone unexpected will improve this year under new coaching- really hope its him.


Emery sure has a long-winded way of saying ‘like a new signing.’

Tasmanian Jesus

Why cant he just get better at finishing?
What a player he would be if he was a good finisher.
I would have him work at only that until he got better..


mission impossible


Thought we could have lumped him in today toward the end.

He isn’t the most accomplished but his height and power can be very useful for us. Closest thing to route one for us but he can also power in from left. Certainly feel he has more to give us than Perez.

I think with Perez out, Emery will keep Welbeck at least till January.


Shouldn’t have got rid of Giroud, Welbeck is a nice lad but that’s about all he’s become from showing such great promises when he first burst on the scene.

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