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Emery pleased with his Arsenal super subs

Unai Emery says Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck made telling contributions off the bench as Arsenal left it late to secure a 2-0 win against Watford.

The Nigeria international delivered the cross that Craig Cathcart turned into his own net to break the deadlock on 81 minutes and two minutes later worked with Welbeck to free Alex Lacazette who teed up Mesut Ozil to kill the game.

Reflecting on his side’s seventh consecutive victory, Emery noted how pleased he was with the injection of quality provided by his substitutes, including Bernd Leno who came on in the first half for the injured Petr Cech.

“I wanted to win,” he replied when quizzed on his tactical decisions in the second half.

“My idea is to change small details on the pitch to win. Every player is very important, but we need players, when they are in the match, to be hungry to help the team.

“I think today, every player, starting with Leno – our performance with Petr Cech was very high and today, and with Leno also. He is working every day for his moment to arrive so that he’s okay to help us and today he did that.

“Also, I think Danny (Welbeck) and Alex Iwobi went inside and helped us push with their quality and pushing. I’m very happy for the team, for the squad.

“Each match is very important for us to win, to get minutes, to take responsibility, confidence and continue creating our idea and our style. We need to work to continue what we’re doing.”

On Iwobi, Emery added: “He works well every day. Three weeks ago, he was injured for a couple of weeks.

“I’m very happy with his mentality. He has the quality to play right or left, to [go past players] on the pitch.

“Also, I want him to stay nearer to the box to score or find assists for team-mates. I think that’s the way for him and for other players.”

Iwobi was a 63rd-minute replacement for Aaron Ramsey who, at the end of a week in which it was revealed he’ll likely leave the club, took his frustration out on a water bottle as he took his seat in the dugout.

As was the case after the win over Everton, Emery said he was fine with his players being angry in such circumstances.

“I want competitive spirit,” said Emery. “When the players want to play every moment to help the team, I want this character.”

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A Fleeting Glimpse

What is almost laughable is Ramsey shaking his head when coming off. He was absolute garbage. Thinks he is a superstar. We look so much better without him in the team.

Cliff Bastin

This. If he’s worth $40m (ish) and we lose that when he walks away on a Bosman, that’s still better than paying him $250k a week for 3.5 years ($45m). Drop him and move Ozil central.


So for the sake of 5m (ish) it’s better to loose a player for 3.5 years?

And if we loose him for nothing then we would likely need to get a replacement who will also need high wages….

Maul Person

You make it sound like it’s the club’s choice. Ramsey has refused to sign a new contract for months. Do you think the club should just capitulate and pay him £350k per week just to keep him? He’s not that good (in my opinion). The club has contingencies if a players leaves for free as this is a real possibility for any player so keeping him to save on spending money is not a reason to keep him.


Please not another January Swop deal, the last one was pitiful!


I think it worked out rather well for us. Mkhi is good, Sanchez and United are shit


yeap. any shortlist of players running down their contracts next summer?

we love to speculate 😀


You ignore the cost to buy his replacement and pay their wages. Unless you were hoping for promotion through the youth ranks to replace him.


The thing is, we don’t really need a replacement for him right now. Sure if he was in his Welsh Jesus mode, he’d be first on the team sheet, but in a CM position. We don’t really need attacking midfielders, and he seems to insist on playing like one. We had Miki on the bench and I was very happy with Iwobi and Welbeck when they came on. So really, we just don’t need him that much now. That being said, I am a big fan of his, and if we could get him on board and fully functioning in… Read more »


like stillman said, he’s pretty redundant in a two man strike force

Bernardo Binda

Or maybe he is just frustrated with his performance. But it’s okay I too like to make baseless assumptions on the internet


Maybe but his apparent refusal to shake Emery’s hand would suggest more the former…


Ramsey IS a superstar, what are you talking about? I’m sick of all this blind bullshit from so many Arsenal fans. Ramsey played in an FA Cup final at 17. He was courted by us and Man Utd at 17 and turned them down. He then started games At That Age and always remained in the lineup. Despite a career-threatening injury he came back to have his Jesus season. He has won us two FA Cups and scored plenty of wonder goals. He has captained his country and led them to a European Championship, where he was named in the… Read more »


Dont agree with the post you replied to.
A star yes, bright one even, not a superstar though.

Granit(e) Hard!

And definitely not world class…yet?. To earn that most coveted tag, you need to do it day in day out, season after season, like Ronaldo or Messi, and Rambo fails on that front…consistency for the record, i a m a Ramsey fan, just keeping it real


The only blind bullshit is yours; Ramsey’s greatest talent is the square/backwards pass, slightly more impressive than his “aww shucks” grin to the cameras after he misses yet another chance. He had one good season, and I remember thinking a few of those goals looked lucky. He was the teacher’s pet of Wenger, on a team that set mediocrity as its goal. That’s what Ramsey is: mediocre. If he’s such a star, let’s see who is interested, and how much they are willing to pay for his services.

Joe Arsene

“I want competitive spirit,” said Emery. “When the players want to play every moment to help the team, I want this character.”
I Iove this line


If the cyber-aether doesn’t eat this comment too – I concur. Super-subs.

Iwobi turned the game for me. And Welbeck is always good for effort, at the least and usually more.


Emery is doing a great job, and I’m loving these wins, but I do hope we see some alterations to the starting lineup (rather than just the subs who bring on the balance). Most fans would agree with the sacrificing of either Ramsey or Ozil in order to get a wide player on the right (Mhki, Iwobi, Welbeck) from the outset, and I think the necessity of it should force his hand. However, if he wants to persist in getting all his lieutenants on the pitch at the same time, he might revert to a midfield diamond/three-man midfield with Ozil… Read more »


I also quite like the diamond concept, feels like it would suit personnel nicely. From I read its a system Torreria is familiar with from his time in Italy.


I am just worried about the current system wasting Auba on the left. He might be our most potent forward but we are not getting anything out of him there. He also isn’t a spring chicken. His best years are now and we need to make the most out of them.

89 was fine

Love the way Emery makes the subs whenever he feels it’s right to and know one is safe.

Cliff Bastin

Today he kept taking off captains haha.


maybe watching players stripping off their armbands turns him on…


He has got to figure out how to use Auba better. What a waste he is outside.


I’d say Iwobi in for Ramsey. Play him left wing and let Auba inside.


I like this idea except Auba doesn’t play in the no. 10 role . Maybe Auba upfront and Lacazette just off him ? I feel like Laca has better technical and playmaking abilities. I also love how he presses often against the oppponents defenders

Honestly though I can’t see Emery moving Lacazette off when he’s in the rich vein of form that he’s in. Auba will just have to bide his time …

In Arse We Trust

This is exactly what I had in mind. Laca is technically so gifted he could play a mixed n10 closer to the main striker. Would also provide better defensive protection than Mesut. Works wonders on Fifa 😉


Whole team was struggling a bit to be fair

gunner smith

When Welbeck came on,he made an immediate impact. His direct style
shd be adopted .What defenders are most scared of is someone running
at them with the ball.
As for the game Watford were physical. Reeney ran into the SA and was not penalized.
Hopefully the gunners cancope with all kinds of teams and play to win
instead of Wenger style; endless passing


Iwobi makes a difference because we are unbalanced with BOTH Ramsey and Ozil. As mentioned many times, they are similar type pass and play players. We are unbalanced as a team with both on and they tend to squeeze narrow. With Iwobi and Welbeck) we are more dynamic. The NIgerian is the closest we have to a wide player who is willing to go at the defenders and try and beat them for pace or trickery. Otherwise we end up trying to pass through the lines which does not often work or pull the defense out of shape. Iwobi is… Read more »

Naija Gunner

I want competitive spirit,” said Emery. “When the players want to play every moment to help the team, I want this character.” .We want it too ?


I love what Emery is getting out of Iwobi, he means business every time he comes on and can we get the Welbz contract sorted asap!

gunner smith

So far so good. Winning 5 epl games in a row is not to be sneered at. This winning run will have to end at some point.After a loss which is to be realistic,the gunners are expected to win . If a loss is followed by 2/3/4 losses you can be sure there will be an earth tremor by fans. That’s why its important to shore up the defence significantly.Pool improved the defence against Chelsea and could have won. The fw is based on results. I wont be surprised the so(special one ) will be axed.Thats why the present gunner… Read more »

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