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Deschamps stung by Koscielny criticism

France coach Didier Deschamps says he was surprised at recent criticism aimed at him by Laurent Koscielny but accepts he could have made more effort to stay in touch with the player during his ongoing injury lay-off.

A torn Achilles, sustained at the tail-end of last season, forced the Arsenal captain to watch from the sidelines as his compatriots won the World Cup.

Announcing his retirement from international football last weekend, the 33-year-old admitted events in Russia were hard to swallow while also hinting that he could have been offered more support by some of those within the France camp.

“I was surprised, as were the entire staff,” Deschamps said on Monday. “We’re talking about a player who was hurt in his professional life.

“The World Cup was an end-of-career goal for him, but he could not be there. This is a very serious disappointment, it leaves a lot of unfinished business.

“For my part, I called him after his injury, even discussed his choice of surgeon with him, I invited him to come during the [World Cup] preparation if he wished. I made sure that he could come to the final in the presidential plane.

“I got back to him in September for his birthday, I had a brief chat with him yesterday on the phone. It is true that I had not [spoken with him] in the last 15 days or a month or so. I could have done more.

“It will not change what I think of Lolo [Koscielny] as a player and as a man. He is someone who has good values.”

Koscielny is expected to return to first team action at the Emirates in November.

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What a heartless monster this Deschamps. Very well known to be a dick.
Laurent go on and keep talking shit about other people in the media. That’s class.


Strange, it seems that Deschamps made some efforts to be in touch with Kos.

Hard to believe that Kos is a snowflake.

Yellow Ribbon

Not winning the World Cup with the French squad would have surely been a huge disappointment for Kos. One could only feel for him.
A wrong injury at a very wrong time.
Get well soon Kos. We need you.❣️


I honestly don’t know what more Koscielny wants if what Deschamps said is true.

Gooner Sam

Agree I love the man Kos but if true it sounds like Deschamps could not have done much more


A birthday cake?

Teryima Adi

A la Yaya Toure

A Different George

I was surprised by what Koscielny said also. When Deschamps announced the France selection before the World Cup, he specifically singled out how valuable Koscielny had been to the team. He mentioned Payet and (I think) another injured player too but, as I remember, he brought up Koscielny (alone) a second time at the very end. It was very clear that he meant it as a special tribute.

That said, there is no point disputing how people feel in this sort of context. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just how they feel.

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Did captain Kos call Santi Cazorla every week for two years ?


Agreed. His response to criticism from Kos is very gentlemanly too.

Cliff Bastin

Deschamps seems genuine here and the team look like a close knit unit. Now if only Lacazette could squeeze into that ridiculous forward line.


I’d rather Lacazette stay at London Colney, taking it easy for two weeks, sharing his knowledge with Nketiah.


Even I used to think like that but as long as he’s called for competitive friendlies against nations like Spain, Germany, more competition can only help him as long as he doesn’t get injured/too tired.
For example, how quickly he forges understanding with players who you haven’t played with in over 3 months could be very useful skill if, for example, Emery tries be combinations.


I cant be that selfish honestly i want him amongst that team, they make it look easy and it can only benefit Arsenal to have him amongst that class of players and what looks to be a great environment, also he can put in a word to a few players on the slyyyyyyy haha.


I don’t know what the norm is for head coaches and injured professional sportsmen. But I do know that Arsenal players have for a long time enjoyed one of the most humane coaches in any top club ever and it is only human to not want to feel old and forgotten. Koscielny, at this stage of his career, will be feeling both these things and they will have been exacerbated by missing out in what would probably have been the single most significant moment of his career and maybe even his life. These feelings will have been particularly acute as… Read more »


I think both parties are not in the wrong. Whatever Kos has said needs to be accepted and handled with care and an understanding mind. Kos must be really feeling terrible on missing an opportunity to be part of the team. Whatever Kos said don’t need to be responded harshly but the opposite. Deschamps seems to be dealing well.

Naija Gunner

It’s a sad thing for not being part of the World Cup wining team but for not getting the necessary love from coaches, team mates and other backroom staffs is bad. Lolo let’s forgive and forget, we all love you more here at Arsenal FC ???


That criticism from Koscielny wasn’t necessary to be honest. The only thing that stopped him from being a world champion was the injury.

Glasgow Gooner

He can always be Jack Ryan’s stunt man. The resemblance is uncanny


These are Honourable men.
I think Kos may help with our push to CL qualification this season.
What a joyous thought !
The Title (our Title) is next season…..heck, I’m a realist !!!


This article reminds me of the magnificent , brave handling of D Costa a couple of seasons ago (I think in a league match)…….Costa , behind referees back , literally squeezing Kos by the neck, and Kos just stood his ground, and the little bully eventually got Gabriel sent off, and maybe himself (not sure did he go as well), but the real winners here are the two Arsenal Men…..sportsmen in the true sense. I saw Gabby at Valencia v Ushited recently, and I know Ushited are crap, but Gabriel didn’t put a foot wrong…….I always liked him, I must… Read more »

A Different George

Costa was given a retrospective red card, and Gabriel’s was rescinded.

DB’s first touch

Which of course did nothing to alleviate the fact we had to play down a man most of the match

Teryima Adi

Koscielny is obviously still reeling from the impact of missing out on a world cup medal. The pain would go with time. Deschamps did all that was humanly possible to reach out to him from the report. Cheers, Lolo


Umtiti’s place seemed guaranteed but would Kos even have started in the World Cup ahead of Varane?

A Different George

I have no doubt that Varane and Koscielny were Deschamp’s first choice centre halfs, both of them ahead of Umtiti. It was clear before the rupture that Koscielny’s Achilles would require more rest than younger players, but I am certain he would have started the most important matches.


Why do you have no doubt? There is no evidence to suggest Kos and Varane were the first choice. The last time Kos/Varane played together was a 1-2 defeat to Sweden on 9th June 2017, one full year before the world cup, and even 10 months prior to the Kos injury. Umtiti started all 12 games prior the World Cup going back all the way until that aforementioned 1-2 Sweden loss one year earlier. In the 4 France matches prior to Koscielney’s injury, Varane and Kos started 2 games each and 2 games on the bench. That’s the double header… Read more »


Most of the communication from the staff and coach would have been pre world Cup success. Post it, they would have been celebrating and one cannot blame them for it. But at some level you can understand why Lolo felt left out. It’s like your whole class is celebrating inside while you stand outside class as punishment. And I have had such experiences. Happiness always makes you forget the plight of others. Which is why we acknowledge the respect some athletes show their opponents right after winning. Because that shows true class.


Sounds like Deschamps has the moral high ground here if what he says is true. Kos just sounds bitter.


That’s a very measured and amicable response. Deschamps seems like a level headed manager.. Plenty others would have gotten on a high horse.

I feel for Kos, a lot. He’s clearly devastated and Deschamps knows this. I don’t blame Kos, human emotions are a funny thing, especially when things are tough.


Both guys are class acts

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