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Report: Fulham 1-5 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Result: Fulham 1-5 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 7 October 2018
Venue: Craven Cottage, London


Arsenal starting XI: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal, Torreira, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Welbeck, Lacazette

Martinez, Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Aubameyang


Arsenal registered their ninth win in a row, and in the process climbed to third in the Premier League, as they hammered Fulham 5-1 at Craven Cottage.

Alex Lacazette grabbed a brace before substitutes Aaron Ramsey and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang killed the game with great goals off the bench.

The home side had threatened to make a game of it when Andre Schurrle equalised two minutes before half-time but Unai Emery’s men, as is becoming a trend, moved up the gears after the break to seal the points.

First half

London’s glorious autumnal sunshine, the antique terraces and a perfect pitch certainly made for a wonderful setting as the two sides kicked off.

Quite often these early afternoon kick-offs can be sleepy affairs – Arsenal have certainly delivered performances worthy of the walking dead in previous encounters  – but this was anything but. From the outset the action was end-to-end.

Mkhitaryan, starting in place of the injured Mesut Ozil, set the tone with a long-range sighter inside two minutes. It flew over. In reply, Vietto, pouncing on a loose ball by Bellerin, fired a deflected effort that required a fantastic stop by Leno who’d initially been wrong-footed. Losing possession moving the ball out of defence was something that would eventually come back to haunt us. 

As the game settled down, the Gunners started to take control with much of our good work stemming from Torreira and Xhaka repeatedly winning second balls in the centre of the park. The Uruguayan was particularly decisive. He snapped into challenges, made incisive interceptions and his quick passing freed our attacking players to surge forward.

Iwobi, Lacazette, Welbeck and Mkhitaryan all looked threatening but their end product in the opening 25 minutes was lacking. Thankfully, Unai Emery’s players are a persistent bunch and their efforts were duly rewarded just before the half-hour mark when Lacazette applied a killer finish to a tidy move.

The Frenchman had done well to win a long ball by Holding in the build-up and then darted into a dangerous area where he was found by Monreal’s low cross. He spun on a sixpence and hammered low inside the near post. (1-0)

Lacazette opens the scoring

With confidence flowing, more chances followed. Within two minutes the Torreira-Xhaka tag team found Welbeck in space but this time Bettinelli rescued the ball from the feet of Mkhitaryan as he tried to tap in from close range. The Armenian then tried his luck from the edge of the box and saw the ball zip just over.

At the back, we looked relatively comfortable on the ball, however, as we’ve experienced numerous times this season we’re still capable of conceding at any time. One lofted pass by Holding proved a bit too ambitious and lead to a Schurrle half-chance that he blasted high and wide. It was a warning we did not heed. 

Two minutes before the break, Monreal gave the ball away trying to play out from from the left-back position and immediately we were left exposed. Vietto picked up the free ball, played a pass that left Holding stranded and Schurrle applied a neat dinked finish to outwit compatriot Leno. (1-1)

Second half

The Gunners came racing out of the traps after the break and within three minutes we’d restored our lead. The commentators were still purring over a fine stop by Bettinelli, he’d just produced an unbelievable save to deny Bellerin, when Lacazette caught the Fulham keeper out at his near post for the second time. 

The goal stemmed from Welbeck winning a header in the Fulham area and when the ball bounced invitingly for Lacazette he didn’t hesitate in thrashing home a first-time effort from 25-yards. It rustled the net in a blink of an eye. (1-2)

A chance came and went for Kamara as the home side threatened a second equaliser of the afternoon before Aubameyang was sent on for Welbeck and Ramsey replaced Iwobi.

The changes took effect immediately as the Welshman, who’d been on the field for just 38 seconds, applied a top notch back-heeled finish to tuck home an Aubameyang cross. It’s hard to describe quite how lovely a goal – both Ramsey and Bellerin produced delicious skill to keep the move flowing – so it’s unsurprising the scorer was mobbed by his teammates (1-3).

Welsh Jesus does his thing off the bench to make it 3-1

Emery, prowling the touchline, bloody loved it. And so did the travelling Gooners who sang, “We’ve got our Arsenal back, we’ve got our Arsenal back.”

Having registered an assist, Aubameyang decided he wanted in on the scoresheet. On 79 minutes Mkhitaryan spread play to Bellerin who picked out the Gabon international at the near post. The striker set himself with his first touch, shielding the ball from Le Marchand, before spinning and coolly slotting home with his left foot. (1-4)

In stoppage time, the former Borussia Dortmund striker collected a Ramsey through ball, weighed up his options and fired another unstoppable effort into the bottom corner. Lovely stuff. (1-5) 

Fulham needed the final whistle. When it came, Emery was quick on the pitch to congratulate his players. His plan really seems to be coming together.

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I thought this was an excellent performance from all 14 players that made it onto the pitch

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I like this Unai guy. Fantastic result.

I do wonder if the Wenger In brigade is feeling silly right now. Wenger and his ideas were a relic of the past, and he should have been sacked in 2013.

However great that sense finally prevailed and a fresh exciting new era got underway at the club.

BTW, this Alexandre guy, he doesn’t seem to lack a zette does he?

Jean Ralphio

Let the Wenger stuff go and lets enjoy the performances. That Wenger did buy some pretty good players that are playing well BTW


He did a lot more than that

Too Drunk To Be Offside

First of all I am already LOVING the performances, so I don’t think you need to tell me to enjoy the performance. We could have been playing like this for a long while now, if everyone had read the writing on the wall. The Wenger mistake is an important lesson that must never be forgotten. And the same players bought by Wenger playing is actually the point. In Wenger’s hand the team with a lot of the same players was sh!t. Look at Mustafi example. Crap under Wenger, great under Unai. Another guy comes in with most of the same… Read more »


Too drunk to have a nuanced perspective I guess.

Tony Hall

Dear god TDTBO will you change the record


i just dont understand the purpose of shitposting like this on a fan forum…. its not as if there is some election being fought or some project that has to be opposed….. what is the point of this?


You must be absolutely blind if you think mustafi is good under Emery. He has a mistake a game, easily. I can’t wait to see sokratis and holding. I was surprised that mustafi was playing today


U obviously still don’t get it…let it go!

One Arsenal

And Wenger actually left behind a squad that his successor could really build upon unlike Ferguson who messed up United’s future for his short term gain.


This is built on the foundations Wenger established. It’s not about that now


wengers foundations crumbled long ago


I don’t think there’s anyone in this blog who has expressed in this forum that they wished Wenger was managing the club at the moment. Simply out of respect for his own decision, and out of respect for the guy currently managing the club. Maybe what sensible people have done is appreciate Wenger’s legacy, and Emery’s effort to start his own. So I really don’t understand where your comment is coming from. I wish this obsessive journalistic Wenger in Wenger out discourse would stop now. Just enjoy the win man.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

I am eternally grateful that Wenger joined The Arsenal. An amazing legacy left behind. His time is done. Nothing to discuss.
Emery looks good

Make Arsenal Great Again

Too Drunk, whatever happens, Wenger’s legacy at Arsenal is set in stone. No need to throw jabs at the man. He won 3 league titles for us and went undefeated amongst other accomplishments. He has done his part and moved on. One day, Emery will also move on. Let’s just hope he also takes us to the height Wenger did. Remember, it’s just 9 in a row. He has 6 to go to match Wenger’s 15 in a row and 40 to go meet his 49 undefeated.

Let’s have some perspective


Judging by all the down votes, ie, people who disagree with you, it’s you who should be feeling silly right now.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Yeah there is a statement by Mark Twain I would like to tell you about, but I think its point it would be wasted on you.


Great result, above Sp*rs, fantastic goals, especially Ramsey’s. 3rd place in the PL. Let’s keep it going!


That was a lot of fun. 2nd half at least, though I can’t say I ever felt concerned even when they did peg one back. Everyone great but special mention for Iwobi who was tremendous today (IMHO)

…Mesut who?


That goal, oh baby!


If we manage to play the rest of the season at the same level as we played that second half, we are going to be a serious force to be reckoned with. Emery has ignited this team. Absolutely buzzing!


Ooof, what a goal. That’s why we love Arsenal so much.


Wow. Just wow. What a performance that was, looked defensively switched on in that second half as well, even Mustafi!!
A word on Miki, who didn’t get on the score sheet but looked so influential, so creative and positionally disciplined, hope he starts more for us. Maybe Ramsey has more quality (as he showed when he came on) but for me Miki fits us better.


He sure is taking the Miki out of them naysayers… that said I’d Aaron the side of caution with these comparisons.


Do you guys notice that all of Emery’s 2nd half subs in EVERY game have impacted the game positively in one way or another? He really makes good tactical decisions and probably the reason why we always play well in the 2nd half. We have a really good tactician in our hands


Was thinking that too mate. I seriously hope we can find a way to get those 2nd half type performances from the first whistle but loving what we’re doing at the moment.


Exactly. But Emery has given us a lift in every department: the players look more hungry, and better prepared. And, as you say, the substitutions aren’t pre-planned but in response to what’s going on the pitch.

A very good young manager has taken us to another level. A couple of quality signings and we could really do some damage to City, Liverpool and the Chavs.

Paul Roberts

Fats, and extra thumbs up from me for not mentioning our previous manager. Well done! 🙂

Oladotun Akinleye

That was a wonderful performance by the gunners, I can also say the best so far this season, we were on rampage and full deserve the win, we played beautifully and we were rewarded for the hard-work. Arsenal form in the last nine (9) matches in all competition: WWWWWWWWW. Come on you gunners, let’s show them the Arsenal of old. Let MadCity and Loserpool share points, and it would be a complete weekend. *the beer cans are dragging me*.


Well, they did share points


That Ramsey goal must be contender for goal of the season so far right?


You misspelled ‘winner’


Sadly they’ll probably be some boring long range goal that’ll win it

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

One of Arsenal’s “boring long range goals” nonetheless.


quite loving how we turn up our performances a notch in the second half of almost every game. dont know if thats on purpose, or because of emerys substitution starting to work but it bodes well for the mentallity of the club in the loong run. now every time we are down we know with every substitution and half time talk of emery we have a chance. hope this team becomes as reslient as the sevilla team emery had


I thought we were decent in the first half for once as well but got done by the one chance we gave up. Of course we ramped it up big time then on. The quality we have in attack is so good that if we can tighten up at the back we are looking so so good.


Definitely showing the benefit of the extra fitness work


Özil was invisible again, he need to run around more.


you’ve won my friend. hilarious stuff


Boom. Ruthless finishing all round


That second half was among the best I’ve seen Arsenal play in quite a while. So refreshing! I’m so hyped for the rest of the season. COYG!!!


It stood after first half 3-0 against manure


I always wanted a 4222 and today I got my system and performance. It suits our players more than the 4231.


So refreshing to see 442 in defence as well, and with Auba-Laca upfront you can bet the counter is coming.

Anne Noyd

Starting to seriously consider that Ozil slows our play down and we are more clinical and cohesive without him.


Until Ramsay came on we laboured creatively. We need one of Özil or Ramsay to create that spark


We aren’t making overrated souffles and beef wellingtons here, mate. R-A-M-S-E-Y – Ramsey. There.




isn’t as good as he thinks he is.


Disagree entirely. We have had many many flowing moves and goals in the past with Ozil at the heart of it. I think he slots right back into this team in the No. 10 position but he can’t take his place for granted – which is great for us!


The sooner we accept it’s not about 11 players the better it will be for us all. Ozil offers different things for different times


Think we’ve all become too obsessed with one lineup for every game because that’s what we had for so long


How different and better from the last few years under Wenger.


Hello! Hello! Arsenal are back! Arsenal are back! Hello! Hello!


Even Fats?! The vibes had to be really super!!

Fireman Sam

And old style match reports on Arseblog are back too, yay!


Where’s that twat from last week who was packing Ramsey’s bags? Ya frown should be well and truly be upside down now, mate. Bloody marvelous.

Caught in two minds

Wilshere scored a great goal for us as well…not sure which one is better. But he is gone and most likely Ramsey will be as well. Only good memeries remain!


Brilliant result. Is Ballon d’Or voting closed? Ramsey should be on the short list.

Le Jim

It’s been so long since I’ve felt this way watching an Arsenal match. Love it.


Mind the Gap!

Mick Malthouse

Probably second to Barcelona as the greatest football team ever.


Fulham aren’t that good


Even though Ramsey isn’t my favourite person at present, credit where credits due that team goal was a work of art. Had my hair standing on end.


Oh how i miss the times we were dominating possession (80-20) and had a hundred corners only to end up with no points


Ramsey please………………………… stay


I wonder if there’s any route back for him at Arsenal… It would be so interesting to understand what the powers that be are thinking at Arsenal…


Probably wage bill and prioritising other areas of the squad. In an ideal world I bet we’d keep him.


We are certainly well stocked now in the striker department. Always helps.

Paul Roberts

We have a couple of world class strikers. Great team performance and a special shout out to Lucas Torreira. COYG.

Three Steps Sideways

Can we fly to Azerbaijan and back every week please.


Arsenal shredded Fulham like a Banksy painting

another kolkata gooner

My first comment in arseblog to appreciate your comment


Great win…can see us developing this winning mentality… Even when they equalized I was calm, knowing we’d get a couple more goals, and we did in style. Great win, great performance, great team spirit.
Shout out to Lucas Torreira who kept taking all the punches and kicks in the midfield… Great warrior!

Akbar Saleem

God that 3rd goal! Reminded me of the wilshere one, maybe not as slick and beautiful but god it was beautiful. The Unai Emery era has begun!


Really brave team selection from Emery, there’s real competition for places and no one is safe from the chop.
Our best performance of the season by far, Torreira reads the game and sniffs out danger brilliantly, Lacazette was my MOM.

This international break comes at a really bad time, we’re just starting to click


There is never a good time for an international break


To be fair, we said that about the last international break and we’ve won seven straight since then, with a cumulative score of 21-5.


Im lucky enough to be in Tokyo on hols, managed to find a half decent stream and watched that while enjoying a few stupidly cheap Laphroaig’s, life is good, COYG!

Paul Roberts

Googling “Laphroaig”…


Regardless of how poor Fulham have been this season, I think there are a lot of positives to take from that game. The intensity with which the team played was infectious, everyone wanted the ball more than the opposition. I was watching this game in a pub and I felt like I was in the stadium. One thing that surprised me is that we were more physical than them. Most challenges, we would come out with the ball, we were pushing their players on the floor with smart fouls and pressing, from the back to the front. Very unusual for… Read more »


I love this. Slowly, under the radar we move. I could get used to this.
Only thing wrong with this weekend was Newcastle bottling it but …
Holding should not be dropped.


In a way Newcastle bottling it is good coz that means Mou gets to stay there a little bit longer and mess their season up further.


RAMSEY, ramsey, ramsey, i thought it wouldn,t be be long before sick note went missing, still we played very well without him


The unsung heroes of this particular game…. Xhaka (no one does that passing in between the lines thing better, imho), Torreira, Mkhi, Mustafi.


I need to watch the Ramsey goal again and again. That certainly is a goal of the season contender and looked as good as Jack Wiltshire goal v Norwich. Good to see variations from set pieces. Emery is proving to be a good manager and tactician.


So chuffed for the team!

Teryima Adi

They actually did drop the bomb at Craven Cottage.


Xhaxa have now gone 4 full premiership matches without been yellow-carded
After his 3 yellow card in the first 4 matches
Great work and attention to details from the player and coach


That’s because most of the tackling is now being handled by the Torr, and he’s better at it.


Top top performance from all envolved. EVEN Mustafi managed to beat his inner mustafi!

Del Boy

Mind the step spurs! hahaha


Back in our rightful place above sp*rs


Bloody loved this! Great write-up too, much preferable to the recent match reports that have just been lists of key minutes. Thanks.


That Ramsey goal. Wengerball Exhibit A. Quality.

Dave Crawford

That 3rd goal! Just WOW. One of the best I have ever seen
Great performance all round

Nas kw

Let the wenger and ramsey haters roll in the bin! Haha

Jakob the Swede

What happened with the new style for match reports, that kind of minute-by-minute thing? I loved that, made it easy-read and more enjoyable to read through for me 🙂


I think the difference is we recycle the play from deeper positions to draw the opposition out, especially if we are faced with a parking of bus routine. Mid or Low blocks are countered by us now, rather than last year where we used to play in a U shape around the opposition penalty area that Guardiola hates so much, because we are so so open to counters that way.

Good work by Emery to make all the players on the same page. In particular Bellerin who I thought was excellent

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