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Mustafi returns, Ramsey starts: Liverpool v Arsenal team news

Arsenal travel to Anfield this evening to take on thus far unbeaten league leaders Liverpool.

The squad remains depleted, with the absence of Mesut Ozil a major talking point, and this is the team Unai Emery has chosen for tonight’s game.

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Lovren, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Shaqiri, Salah, Mane, Firmino.

Subs: Mignolet, Clyne, Keita, Henderon, Sturridge, Lallana, Origi

Arsenal: Leno, Maitland-Niles ,Lichtsteiner, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torreira, Ramsey, Iwobi, Aubameyang

Subs: Cech, Koscielny, Elneny, Guendouzi, Willock, Saka, Lacazette

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Don’t Forget

I’m personally tired of this 3-4-3 nonsense. You really think we’ll be better with Lichtsteiner as a CB than with Ramsey in a midfield 3? I don’t see it. But whatever. COYG

Northern Gooner

May I politely piggy back off your rather gloomy comment to say…

Spurs have just lost, 3-1 at home! beaten (or eaten?) by wolves!.

Could well be short lived but the afternoon has started well


Is Harry Kane a real person

Lord Bendnter

Don’t Forget I agree with you. I hate the three CB formation. It sucks sucks sucks!

Forest gooner

Park the bus ?


arsene wenger might have broken his TV set by looking at this line-up.can’t say the same about wourinho!!


All the windows must have been open


Lichts will surely have a torrid time. Anyways COYG

Sad Gooner

LOL what an awful line up , we are gonna lose this match and it is gonna be because of emery’s line up and people will still defend Emery !!

Mayor McCheese

Because Emery injured Holding, Monreal, Bellerin, Ozil, and Welbeck? Don’t be ridiculous. Btw, have you counted how many months he’s been in the job? This is what’s wrong with the mentality around managers these days. Thank goodness (or, unfortunately for everyone else in the league) Liverpool weren’t so short-sighted after Klopp’s underwhelming first season.


Though I’ve been critical of his decisions lately, I’m not quite sure what more you’d expect him to do. Kolasinac has to play LWB because he struggles to defend, meaning we have to play with 5 at the back. Koscielny isn’t fully fit and couldn’t cope in a game of this speed, so we have to play with the defenders we have fit. Lacazette is unfortunate of Welbeck’s injury because he is now our only impact sub.


If Emery has got this wrong? he’ll be crucified, if he’s got it right? He’ll be praised… but that praise will only last a few days.
I really hope it’s a midfield diamond and not a back 3.


Decent side little concerned that Laca seems to be on the bench a lot. Hopefully he can come on and add a late winning strike. COYG!!


Lacazette won’t stick around for next season if this continues.


Chavski will be licking their lips at the situation, they are desperate for a striker.


Lacazette is Champions League quality and here he is unable to get 90 minutes for a Europa League team.


He has to be, he is our only impact sub if we need a goal.


Need to have one hell of an impact….


Gives us somebody to bring on who can change the game.


Anyway blame Özil and Ramsey is God.


Oh wow Lichsteiner AND Maitland Niles. Aren’t we lucky!


I will need a fat joint to calm my nerves for this one!
Fucking COME OOOONNNN ARSENAL! COME ON!! Let’s stuff them!
May we enjoy the game guys? let’s do this!


i like this line up very much


Other than Kos for Lichtsteiner I would have picked the same team with the players available.
Laca for the rescue in the 60th minute!
Fucking weak bench though…


Can’t wait for Lacazette to come on in the second half!


By the power of greyskull! Iwobi’s due a decent game. COYG!


The scum are being torn a new one!! Hahahaha!!!!


Spurs are getting turned OVER! looking at the table we are right back in the mix with a win today. Target that absolute melt Lovren!

Paul Roberts

Kolas playing inside left has been good this season…COYG!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Lichtsteiner and iwobi.

Billy Bob

Wow I really miss seeing Holding in the side, such a frustrating injury as he was definitely making his mark!!!


Actually between AMN and Lichtsteiner there is a great deal of speed and experience. I just wish they were more evenly distributed between the two.

Make Arsenal Great Again

By this time next year, the emery out banners will be out in full force p

Mayor McCheese

Everyone chill. Mustafi is back!


? good one

Paul Roberts

Well played Major! 🙂


I’m so worried


Am I right in assuming if Torreira gets booked, he’ll miss the Fulham game? This game seems ripe for a red card; Leitchsteiner, Mustafi or Xhaka being sucked into making late tackles.


Decent line up based on the opposition. With all the injuries we have we are not expected to be attacking as usual. Try to contain and if the opportunity arises to nick a goal or two. COYG!!!


At least you can say Emery is unpredictable in his lineups.


It’s time for AMN to step up!
His ability is there. He has to pick himself up and show what he is capable of!


Oof Iwobi to start. I’m open to being surprised but not expecting a great performance. Always happy to be be wrong when I’m down though!

Make Arsenal Great Again

But but but Ozil doesn’t put in a tackle. Looks like no one else does on this arsenal team.

All these Emery apologists will finally get it. I’m not sold on his approach at all. The fact that he keeps making changes at half time is not a plus. It’s a minus. It means he got it wrong at the start of the game. It means he didn’t pick the right players or the right tactics. A lot of you will see him for who he is by this time next season

Greg in Seattle

Agree. I’m surprised at how much he is managing like a mid table club manager who can impose tactics upon middling players and try-hards. If he cannot manage egos then he will not succeed at a top club, where the best players are. We can’t, as supporters, clamor for our club to buy top players and then expect them to tolerate this type of man management. We won’t compete for top honors simply with a bunch of selfless hard workers who can stick a tackle.

Seeing a little of the hubris that hurt him at PSG.


Great move for our goal followed by a complete disaster at the back. I don’t understand why we can’t score then just keep calm for a few minutes

Leno Cech

Emery can’t understand either!

SB Still

We have gifted them 3 goals in 30 mins. Can we get over the festive spirit and compete now.


Welcome to Emirates sir Emilio, Anything goes. Today it’s Anfield, wish you’d teach us Parking the Bus at 1-0. Its not football but sometimes playing ugly to get the right results is allowed


What a disaster, defensively all over the place. Dominated all over the field can’t remember Aubameyang having a kick of the ball.

Looking forward to the half time substitutions delivering a miracle performance.


Not sure who I’d take off though. Can’t remove a defender, and AMN / Iwobi are providing a threat. Tricky one…


Piss fucking poor! Teams never have to work hard to score against us, we make it comically easy for any team to have a go. We’ll do well to shut them out in the 2nd half, this could get really embarrassing.


It already is embarrassing.


This could get even more embarrassing.

Billy Bob

Wow that is bad and its only half time ?


I think Socratis might be mentally retarded. What a rag-tag bunch of crap we have in defence.

Monkey G

Get him out asap, he is absolute joke, fake tough man what a plonker #EmeryOut. Useless tactics, poor results + three of the players pissed off and most likely out of club. And for what? To get trashed 4:1 at halftime. #EmeryOut

Billy Bob

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, we need to sign three quality players: leftback, centreback and right winger!! If we can get some finds in the same way we did torreira that’d be great – would probably cost £100m but badly needed!!

not happy



And people were singing,”We have our Arsenal back”


No way Oliver gives that penalty if it weren’t already 4-1. Little weasel.

Sad Gooner

Oliver is a pathetic , disgusting human being.


They are actually taking the piss out of us now.


They are sitting on our face taking a giant shit and emery is standing there ready to hand them the toiletpaper.


It worries me that we haven’t found a way to play Auba and Laca at the same time on a regular basis despite them being clearly two of our best players.


They need 9 new starters. Ferguson would lose this game with this lot!


lol. Clearest penalty of the day and the weasel waves it off.

Not that we deserve much, but still.


That was a very TACTICAL loss. It was only tactical, nothing more

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