It’s not nice to lose to Sp*rs, we didn’t take the few chances we made, and we went out of the Carabao Cup going down 2-0 at the Emirates this evening.

Here are the on the whistle thoughts of James.

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I was willing to give Emery a seasons free pass, he’s exceeded my expectations so far, hopefully he gets backed buying+selling.
Dissapointing result, but Spurs drawing Chelsea will give us a big advantage in January, and could be a blessing when you look at the bigger picture


Only good news is that Sp*rs have to beat Chelsea then City to win the Cup.

SB Still

We are at crossroads in the season. Emery is yet to find his talisman in this team. Although not ideal the transfer window coming up will provide an opportunity to slightly reshape the squad. Problem is the budget available to him. That maybe another reason why he is highlighting where money could come from. Guess the honeymoon period is over and it’s going be a critical few months both on and off the field. Although its a derby loss, since its the Carabo Cup, it’s not so bad. We can kick their spuds again in the league (really need to… Read more »


I don’t know, I think it’s pretty telling that the standout performer of this season so far is the biggest signing Emery was allowed to make. The rest of the cast have pretty much continued in the same vein as they did under Wenger; occassionally good, sometimes litterally JUST good enough but rarely brilliant and generally underwhelming. This is still a team in transition and Emery is having to fit a lot of square pegs into round holes. The stress of trying to manage that and the injury crisis seems to be just a bit too much to handle, and… Read more »

Matty Cakes

Two defeats on the bounce.
Hoping another 22 unbeaten is on the way.


The way Arsenal conceded the goals reminded me of the fms pretty soccer.
All these teams have to do is wait for the gunner attack to fizzle out and hit on the
break. Why cant the Spurs scored when there was no defender in sight.
Seems to be Emery is repeating Wengers all day passing .
Imho,too many passes and not enough of a through ball .
We will have to wait and see.


Don’t think that’s true or fair.
I think they (Arsenal) are a lot more direct and try to emphasize counter attacks.
However, our pass completion is pretty awful due to bad passes or touches.
We need more quality with the ball in order to control games more/better. Which is what Emery has said many many times.
But then we should play Xhaka in midfield and maybe start Laca more often. Özil would be good too but he’s probably not performing in training…