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Edu Gaspar Offered Operational Role with Arsenal- Report in Brazil

Brazilian journalist Alexandre Lozetti claims that Arsenal have offered former midfielder Edu Gaspar a role in as part of the football operations at the club in a report in Globoesporte this evening. Lozetti is a well respected journalist with very solid links to the Brazilian national side, where Edu currently works as a Technical Co-ordinator.

Edu has established himself as a canny operator in this type of administrative role in Brazil. After retiring in 2011, he became the Director of Football at Corinthians, where he linked up with current seleção boss Tite. When Tite was offered the role as Brazil’s Head Coach in 2016, he accepted the job on condition that he could take Edu with him in this valuable role.

Edu currently co-ordinates the Brazilian national teams, overseeing all age groups and is considered Tite’s right hand man. Edu has strong input into squad selection. Lozetti says that the CBF have been notified of Arsenal’s interest, but there is no suggestion yet as to whether Edu will accept the offer.

Edu was of course, fondly remembered as a part of the Invincibles squad, winning two league titles and an FA Cup in a five year spell with the club. But most importantly, he is a respected and experienced operator in technical football operations roles. He has a good reputation in his home country. The story would appear to suggest Arsenal are looking to beef up their football operations behind the scenes following the departure of Ivan Gazidis in the summer.

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Lord Bendnter

If he will be our Director of Football, then what will happen to our not Director of Football Raul??
Or will Edu be Not Co-director of Football?
Or Not Assistant Director of Football??


he will be “Definitely not our co-director of football”


He’ll be our Deputy Director of Football.


Perhaps Raul is getting promoted to Director of Director of Football




And bring Gilberto Silva with him!


Loved Gilberto but one expert of brasilian football is sufficient for me, rather bring in someone from another country with loads of talents in addition. We have someone who knows the german market very well in Sven, Raul knows a few things about spanish talents and Edu could find us some likeable Neymars. Maybe we should consider bringing back one of our Frenchies as well as France seem to produce quite a few talents at the moment and I’m still a bit gutted that we missed out on all the Dembeles, Lemars, Mbappes, etc.

Emery in Aubalaca wonderland

It has to be Sylvestre then. He is the only one who has experience as a director of football of a club.


Please shortlist Cygan, first name Pascal.

Faisal Narrage

Erm, you know he’s not a scout, right?


Edu isn’t a scout, but besides that, don’t we have Gilles Grimandi as our French scout? Or he is no longer employed for Arsenal?


None of the mentioned guys are scouts. Sven has been a scout but is now head of recruitment. Nevertheless will Edu have a deep knowledge of brasilian football as he is currently technical coordinator of the selecao.


Likeable Neymar is a bit of an oxymoron


How many ppl does it take to replace one useless fuckwit?
I might put an application in….. I’ve got previous experience as a wank bank attendant in Amsterdam, and a toilet cleaner at McDonalds, so cleaning up other people’s messes is kind of what I do.

Faisal Narrage

You’re trying too hard.


They are not trying to replace Ivan, They are trying to replace Arsene. Bolstering a backroom staff that was severely understaffed was always going to be very important considering the scope of Arsene’s role at the club. He is the reason for most of our successes and also the main reason for our current predicament.

He took on too much, instead of letting Gazidis put specialists in place to take much of the burden off him.

Mr November

Would be a good appointment. I imagine he has a vast knowledge of talent coming through in Brazil and has the connections to get them in.

Pat Rice and Beans

I don’t know if it’s a good move. He oversaw a golden period in Corinthians, but did that spending heavily in players – something impossible to do atm at Arsenal.

As technical coordinator of Brazil NT, he’s doing an ok job, nothing that should be highlighted.


Fantastic signing if he comes. Was key to Corinthians revival after relegation which culminated in winning the Libertadores in 2012 and beating Chelsea. Very level headed and loves Arsenal.

Gudang Pelor

Isn’t Edu one of the former player that started the leaving on bosman trend?

Gudang Pelor

At Arsenal, I mean.

Micky Tayrian

Top player, top bloke, welcome back to The Arsenal


I am currently living in Brazil & know of Edu. I really hope he takes the job – though he may consider it a step down from his current position – if he does he will definitely bring the goods.


Ah, surely this time without any passport troubles?


Continuing the good work started by Gazidis. We are really putting his vision of a strong collective behind the scenes, instead of the one man scenario we had under Arsene.

I like the direction the club is taking. We should have given Gazidis greater power earlier, maybe Arsene would still be in the job with capable back-up instead of the severely incompetent/outdated staff he was so loyal to.


Alright Ivan!



occams hatchet

Ornstein did say we were looking to add a technical director.

So what will the structure be now? I don’t know what all these different executive positions entail or whether this is good, but I always did like Edu. 🙂


The more people in the back room staff with footballing knowledge the better. These are all roles that we should have had years ago but Wenger was too much of a control freak.


He has inside out information on the best talents throughout the system there….Bring him in!


Thats bullshit
he’s terrible


God, please, no!


If he joined then his role would have significant overlap with others already working at arsenal.

He would have to either be in charge of others or work with other peers.

Either way the levels of communication is getting more complicated at Arsenal. We must trust that Raul can set this up correctly first time around.


he will be our guard upon the western gate

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