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Report: Arsenal and Inter continue Perisic talks

According to the Evening Standard, Arsenal are still hopeful of getting a deal for Ivan Perisic over the line by Thursday even though an initial offer to loan the winger for £3.5 million with an option to buy was rejected by the Italians.

Inter’s CEO, Beppe Marotta confirmed yesterday that the 29-year-old Croatia international has handed in a transfer request and that the club is open to letting him go so long as his market value is respected by interested parties.

Reports in Italy claim the Gunners have offered the player €3 million after tax until the end of the current season with €6.5 million a year (after tax) on offer should he join permanently.

As thing stand, the sticking point seems to be around Arsenal’s obligation to buy Perisic and the terms of such an agreement. Inter think that one way of making a formal deal more palatable would be for it to be linked to appearances or Arsenal’s quest to qualify for the Champions League.

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Lord Bendnter

He has a 52 rating for Standing tackles in FIFA 19. I guess we could pair him next to Kos once his jaw swelling is gone…


Lol on a serious note, I had a long talk with my cousin who’s an inter fan about Perisic. He told me depending on which Perisic we get, this could be a great signing for us. Before the World Cup, Perisic was similar to Alexis in the sense that he worked at 100% the whole game and chased every ball all game. He’s double footed, has great crosses, plays on both wings and is great at driving forward with the ball at his feet. On the other hand, since the World Cup he seems to be disinterested, lacking motivation and… Read more »


Inter know they have the perfect chance to offload a high earner who is on his last couple of years of productivity. All explosive pace and decent skill. But not someone who could adapt to a new role once his pace subsides.

It’s like us loaning Mikhi and demanding a conditional 20m fee. We’d bite their hand off.


Seriously underwhelming. Would much rather give regular chance to Smith Rowe for the rest of the season and then explore our options in the summer.


We struggled to beat Atletico madrid last year with the team we had and you want to give Smith Rowe a chance? Perisic is a top top top player who has played at the highest level. We are out there negotiating a loan deal with an obligation to buy which will materialize only if we finish in top 4. Seriously, Arsenal fans are deluded. Nobody in their right mind will say no to a player like Perisic. On top of this some want Ozil out of this club. The worst i have heard this season is ‘recall Nelson’. Yeah, let’s… Read more »

Car Ramrod

To be fair, if we had taken our chances in the first leg against Atletico, we should have gone to the second leg in Madrid with a 2 or 3 goal lead.


Yes, we could have won. That is exactly why we need more firepower upfront. We need players who can do that in big games. Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Auba, Laca and Perisic will do exactly that.

I see Perisic as an upgrade on Welbeck. Iwobi will be Iwobi until he adds end product.


I can’t find any enthusiasm for this.


Ivan to also.


Ah yes, the old ‘wait until the last possible minute’ flurry of transfer window activity


I’m guessing a lot of that rests on Inter finding a squad replacement that suits their needs.


I find it odd that so many think this is underwhelming. Perisic is a top player.


Agree 100%. Tbh I find it weird when people have decided a player is rubbish or not value for money before he’s even kicked a ball for us. And in the case of Perisic – I thought he looked amazing in the world cup and was just gloomily expecting to see him in a United shirt before long.


Here’s a fun stat about Perisic: He has 1 goal + 0 assists in 17 UCL apps. Slightly better in the EL, with 5G + 4A in 30 apps (but most of these were in the 2009/10 EL – since 2010/11 Perisic has just 2G + 2A in 39 combined EL + UCL apps). To be fair, he’s much better in league play: He has 32G + 29 A in 125 apps in Serie A (roughly a goal or assist every 2 games) & 27G + 16A in 112 Bundesliga apps (roughly 1G/1A every 2.6 games). For comparison, Ozil has… Read more »


If he joins the club his wages would be £107k per week.


After tax, though. Which by my (admittedly rough) calculation would put him in the 175k gross p/week bracket if the deal is made permanent (so comparable to Mkhi & Auba, who I think are on around 200k p/week gross? – but I could be wrong about that…).


@Golden_W, no one has a similar playing style to Alexis. I mean come on, is there any other attacking player who gives the ball away to the opponent THAT many times?!


No he really isnt. There is a reason why a bigger club hasnt bought him from Inter. He’s just a decent wing, who is a threat on the counter. He can(could?) outpace defenders and put in a cross, and has a decent shot, but thats about it. He’s nowhere near the level of the wingers who play for the other top teams in our league.


Pacy winger who can cross and shoot… Pretty much the job description mate…


Most bigger clubs in our league already have decent options in his position, the only other top club that didn’t was Man United and they actually did come in for him last summer!

“He’s just a decent wing, who is a threat on the counter. He can(could?) outpace defenders and put in a cross, and has a decent shot, but thats about it. ”

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s almost exactly what we need! Certainly it’s what we lacked against United anyway, and in other games too.


Such a big club. Such big ambitions. Such thorough planning. Season after another. Sigh!!


Not really sure we can justify agreeing an obligation to buy him in the summer at the number’s being quoted, what with his age and Nelson coming back.


30 years old, not the position we urgently need, 35-40M £, 3 goals in 24 games (for a winger…), Mki to return, we’ve got Emile/Skaka/Eddie, not to mention Alex on the wing (i forget about Özil, but i think that everybody forgets about Özil, so i’m fine). Panick buy?


People comparing Perisic to 17-19 year olds who have barely played top flight football. Staggering.


Shocking isn’t it; the amount of fans that care more about resale value than the actual talent he can add to the squad in the here and now.


Exactly! Some of the reactions on here have been unbelievable. He’s a top player, exactly what we’re missing in attack when you compare us with the rest of the top 5, and a WC finalist. But people on here want to prioritise teenagers with 0 league appearances! Madness.

Harish P

He’s 29 until he’s 30, that’s how it works.

Public Elneny

Yeah but he’ll be 30 by the time he gets to play for us, that’s more relevant. Either way he’s old.

I think he would be a good loan, but buying another player of that age -especially for the £30-35m mooted -is just a road to disappointment and future financial worries.

Harish O

Are you sure?


If we were to buy Perisic outright I would feel underwhelmed because of his age and reported salary – but as a loan signing (with NO obligation to buy) I think it would be a great bit of business. His top level experience, bags of energy and versatility would really help us over the next few months whilst still allowing the likes of ESR to develop in the “lesser” games. The last thing we need is for ESR to be shoehorned into the first team, make a few mistakes (understandably) and receive unwarranted abuse from some of our fans. Let… Read more »


I really don’t think this is a clever use of our limited money. It seems apparent that Raul seems to think that buying established players is the quickest way back into the Champions League. With the age of the squad now adding another 29 year old on large wages makes no sense to me. I think we have to look at younger, hungrier players. I think our best approach is to be a higher level Southampton and (I hate to say it) look at what Spurs have done. We should be targeting more players like Torriera etc. Young players at… Read more »


Agreed, though I was disappointed not to see any younger players on the bench against United and doubt that’s the plan


Loftus-Cheek is an incredible player. Isn’t he still at Chelsea? Don’t think that they’ll sell to us, esp. as they’re going to get a transfer ban


I don’t think we would get Loftus-Check this January, my point was that he is the sort of profile of player that we should be looking at.

For example, I really liked Harry McGuire & Andrew Robertson when they were both at Hull, but I could never see us signing them when Arsene was here or under the new administration.

I’m not saying I’m a great scout either but those sorts of players are the ones we should be going for.


Loftus-Check played on the wing for Palace but he’s not a natural wide player, he’s CM/AM. Would still be a great signing but can’t see Chelsea doing business with us unless he was in the last year of his contract. Hudson-Odoi would be the winger to get but, again, if Chelsea aren’t selling him to Bayern I can’t see them selling him to us!

Post January Blip

You certainly can’t please everyone, but I’m in favour of this deal if there’s no compulsory purchase option. If we can fast forward to May and Arsenal is back in the CL via a top four spot (or victory in the EL), would you be unsatisfied with this deal? Not sure I can say I would be. I’ve come to accept that we’re unlikely to reinforce at the back during this window, so isn’t this just a case of the club accepting to some degree that we won’t be completely balanced in any case? If what we have in attack… Read more »


I hope we hold firm over committing money, another 29 year old is not going to help balance the squad

Christopher Wreh

If we can wriggle out of a mandatory purchase at the end of the season then this is a great signing surely? He scored an absolute peach in a World Cup final ffs, there is a top player in there.

I personally think it’s well worth a go. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. But on his day Perisic has the quality out wide we’ve desperately been lacking this season.


There’s been a lot of negativity on here about this signing but personally I think it would be a good one, certainly better than Suarez or Banega. Perisic fits the profile of what we need a lot more, apart from his age. But that means he could be a great placeholder for Nelson/ESR/Saka. For all the talk of us lacking creativity, the biggest difference between us and the top 5 in attack has to be our wide players. I’m a big fan of Iwobi but he isn’t in the same league as Sane, Sterling, Mane, Salah, Hazard etc. None of… Read more »


Everyone crying about his age I feel are disillusioned to where we are as a club.

We are after short term immediate “success” right now.

Teams have been successful when bringing in experienced talent- look at Juventus.

Young and good players don’t want to come to us and are too expensive in the modern market.

Should we have outbid Barca for De jong and dembele? Outbid psg for mbappe? Be real we can’t even afford Hudson-Odoi.

Then you wanna roast AMN for being not good enough.

Bladdy Nora guys, bladdy Nora.


I think the point is that we need to find the M’Bappe’s & De Jong’s of the world before they come household names, now that’s not easy but I thought that was why Mislintat was brought it for & now he’s going.

Paul Roberts

Is Bladdy Nora available on loan then? 🙂

Red Arrow

Would be nice to see us linked with top quality defenders given our current situation

Thomas b

Maby the reason for us to go after such an experienced winger is that we want someone to perform straight away for the next couple of years? We do have som young talented wingers who could possibly replace this guy in a few years.


Yes Nelson can come into right side and Perisic may not be extended so we push the can down the road again.

The good thing about Perisic of course is he is two footed. Also has a decent shot from range. Experience will also be a plus.

BUT motivating him and getting consistency will be the task Unai will have to face.

Inter is willing to let him go out on loan for good reason.


If we can get the loan through without a mandatory purchase (which would be a bad use of money) this seems pretty positive. I would also love for us to strengthen at the back – but I think our biggest problem there is quality not numbers, and if we really are only able to loan players this window, finding a defender that actually improves our defensive level might be tricky. Not that I’d say no to short-term stand in for Hector that is both an actual defender and doesn’t look like he’s running through treacle on the pitch (see AMN/Lichsteiner).… Read more »


The issue on the right which has existed since Wenger’s last couple of seasons (even with Alexis on left), is now compounded with the loss of Bellerin. Hector was providing the width out right for us in a less than ideal arrangement (with risk to space left behind him that had to be covered by Mustafi mostly) Now with AMN, we will more than need some sort of threat from right side. IT was painfully obvious to most outsiders other than some deluded Arsenal fans that ALL our attacks were funneling in from left with Iwobi and Kolasinac providing excellent… Read more »

Tim Miller

Loan with no obligation, yes. Straight buy or obligation to buy… I’d say no. Too much uncertainty coming up in the next months for the Arsenal, that and the “limited resources” issue. Either a loan or wait until the summer an re-assess then based on how we end the season, Ozil situation, Emery situation (not suggesting he’s at risk, but will he have shown a clearer idea of what he wants to do with this team and how he wants to play?), etc etc etc.


There’s no limited resource.

The Transfer team has been poor selling on players too.

Rather than think of selling Ozil with his exorbitant wage package, they could easily have put Mhkitaryan on market (who is on the mend). It would free up 120K.

Elneny could add another 55k.

Instead of waiting for Juve to pump out 10m to take Ramsey early, just bite the bullet and let hi leave for nothing early. Wenger only paid 4.75m for him.

That’s another 110K

That would have potentially freed up 285K on wages enough to bring in the winger and Suarez.


I really hope this is only a loan.. he isnt a “great” dribbler which is what we are crying out for although we need wingers bad… buying a potentially washed up 29 is very banter era buisness.. we need strength we with exciting youth or proven talent only from now on!!!!


Don’t worry, we have improve our transfer business.

We don’t do Panic buys anymore

We only do Panic loans.



Not ideal. But better than nothing and if we get him, Unai will have to get the best out of him. From what I hear, he has been erratic. There is after all a reason why Inter are all too willing to let him go. We could have resolved Rwing issue last January. We lost the Ox, Gnabry and Walcott in quick succession before that. The Ox and Gnabry were particularly galling since we did not play one against the other for the benefit of the club. BUT in January Mahrez was wantaway from the Foxes and preferred destination was… Read more »


poor man podolski

Kartik Iyer

If we can buy him then surely we can tie down Ramsey??

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