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Aaron Ramsey sends message to fans after Juventus deal confirmed

Earlier today, Juventus confirmed that they would be signing Aaron Ramsey on a free transfer from Arsenal when his contract expires this June.

In a statement on their website, they said:

Turin, 11 February 2019 – Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that a contract of employment with the player Aaron James Ramsey, effective as of 1st July 2019 and expiring on 30 June 2023, has been signed. As a result of the registration of the player, Juventus will incur additional costs of € 3.7 million, to be paid within 10th July 2019.

According to David Ornstein, the deal will see the Welshman earn somewhere in the region of £400,000 a week before tax, and his 11 year tenure at Arsenal will come to an end this summer.

However, there’s still plenty of football to play this season, and with a chase for the top four and the Europa League still to play for, we’ll need him to contribute if we want to achieve our aims between now and May.

In a statement this evening, the 28 year old confirmed his departure, but also assured fans that he’d give his best in the last months of his career in North London.

He said:

As you may have already heard, I have agreed a pre-contract with Juventus Football Club.

I wanted to issue a personal statement for all the Arsenal fans who have been extremely loyal and supportive. You welcomed me as a teenager and have been there for me through all the highs and lows I’ve encountered during my time at the club. It is with a heavy heart that I leave after 11 incredible years in North London. Thank you.

I will continue to give the team 100% and hope to finish the season strongly, before heading on to my next chapter in Turin.

Kind regards,

Having scored two FA Cup final winners for the club in 2014 and 2017, there’s still a chance he could make it a hat-trick with the Europa League. Wouldn’t that be the perfect way to bow out?

Ramsey will link up with former teammate Wojciech Szczesny in Turin next season, while Arsenal will have to find a replacement in the transfer market without the benefit of receiving a fee for a top class player.

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€60 mill would have been nice to rebuild the team but it is what it is. Good luck Rambo! Thanks for the good times.


Missing out on Rambo’s fee is a really big deal IMO. It probably would’ve been worth more than CL group stage qualification – which everyone now says is vital for our finances! That kind of money is direly needed for the rebuild in summer. We may be losing Ramsey, Welbz, Lichtsteiner, Jenko, Ozil, Mustafi, Elneny and Ospina. Kos and Monreal will probably stay, but there may be a declining contribution at their age. And player sales aren’t likely to bring much in. Most are frees, and Ozil is the only one who could potentially command a high fee. But his… Read more »

I'm 14 again

shrewd buys like Rabiot for instance. Could replace Aaron Ramsey


Aye, but Rabiot will be seeing what Ramsey’s getting and thinking along the same lines. I mean to say that ‘free transfers’ will be just as costly over time when wage demands are considered.


Rabiot couldn’t hold a candle to Rambo. Another overhyped, underperforming Prima Donna, from what I have seen. Hardly the sort of ‘talent’ we should be bringing in IMO. Let’s face it we are only probably interested cause he’s going on a free.


Yes but a much better player!

twisted cuntloks

Good luck Rambo. He gave every ounce of energy for the cause and deserves his new future to make up for some awful periods in his career. The club imo have mismanaged this. Wenger should have awarded Rambo an upgraded contract at 2 years left. Failure to do this resulted in the debacle we have witnessed since. Looking at it from a different angle. Why didn’t the club just pay him 300k per week and sell him for 30-40m (which is cheap for a player of that calibre) to a big club 6-12 months later? At least we could have… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t blame Wenger for what he didn’t control. Kroenke was in charge. (Ultimately) Kroenke’s money would have been what was being spent to upgrade Rambo’s contract. Kroenke was never having any of that. Has nobody noticed that as we have come closer and closer to Kroenke getting complete control of the Club the money allocated to the team has slowly dwindled. We didn’t drift out of the Champions League and lose money as a result, we were allowed to spend less and less over time by Kroenke and we drifted out of the CL as a consequence. Kroenke has been… Read more »

twisted cuntloks

I agree with some of what you say. However, everything we are experiencing right now is down to Wenger’s poor management (the relentless influx of slight/average height but technically gifted players to compete in the world’s most physical league) of the past 10 years led the club into a slow slippery decline and ultimately out of the CL. The CL qualification is a massive boost in funds and helps when attracting the best players. Yes the club is tight fisted considering we are the 6th/7th richest club in the world but not being in the top 4 for a while… Read more »


Manchester City?


Rabiot is a fine player, but he will command huge wages that I don’t see kse willing to pay.


I imagine it would likely be pending another large unnamed wage departure, if it’s even a possibility at all.

David C

I like him and hopefully the Emery connection is strong but no way we get Rabiot if we’re not on the CL…


That argument can go both ways. Let’s say Ramsey signs a 200-250k new deal & no one comes in for him because of the hefty fee and wage. We now have 2 players on a crazy wage which puts our wage structure in huge jeopardy. Note the fact that we already have alot of fringe players on high wages, to add on to that burden, existing or new players will start demanding for higher wages and we can do nothing but watch as the turmoil unfold. We are Arsenal, not Man city, not PSG, and certainly not Juventus. Though Ramsey… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“I think we all can agree that his overall performances and constant niggling injuries has not warranted a 200-250k/week contract, especially at Arsenal.”

I don’t agree.

Do you put ‘any’ value at all on FA Cup wins? He scored the winner twice. Surely must be worth a bob or two? No?


Well done to Aaron – he’s continued to keep his head down and given his best despite knowing all year he was leaving. He should be wished the best by all fans both for his contribution & the way he came back from that horrible injury. Separately the past year has made Wenger’s comments about how clubs were going to let players run down contracts just look absolutely foolish. We had 3 major assets he & Gazidas allowed to run down their contracts into the last year. Ramsey – left on a free Sanchez – swapped him for a player… Read more »


Wengers economic degree has to be a myth at this point. As for Ramsey i have been one of his biggest critics the last 3 or 4 years because he refused to do the things that made him have such an incredible 13/14 season where he dominated the midfield alongside an ageing Arteta. Which is no mean feat. But this season he has been good on the pitch and his attitude has been absolute class. Massive respect for how he has handled things. He leaves a success.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I am Arsenal : please let’s not wipe Flamini out of the 2013-14 story again.


Uses 3 examples of players running down contracts to say Wenger was stupid for saying players are going to run down contracts.

I agree all the situations you list are stupid ones the club never should have got into, just not sure they prove him wrong. If anything they prove him right.

Do wish Aaron all the best, a bit gutted he is leaving and even more gutted he is leaving for free.


The issue is 2 fold
1. it’s not a major trend – how many other clubs are losing their top assets on free transfers?
2. We’re a self-sustaining business model so unlike City our owner isn’t going to just put in the funds to replace them

A Different George

Atom, It is a major trend. Why don’t you actually look at contract extensions at Man United, for example? You will find exactly the same situation as at Arsenal–except the player doesn’t leave on a free because the club agrees to the high salary demand.


0lus by the stage we were renegotiating on Ozil, Wenger had already left the talks to Raul and misslintat.

Convenient to blame Wenger when you want to.

A Different George

You have got this exactly backward. Wenger did not say clubs would “let” players run down their contracts–he predicted that players would increasingly do this, and not sign an extension until the final year in order to bargain with the threat of leaving on a free. That is exactly what is happening at many clubs; ask David de Gea’s agent about it.


Well said George. People tend to forget that it takes two to tango. How long was the club in talks with Rambo for before they decided to withdraw the contract. Also, and this isn’t meant as a dig, but he could sign the contract with Juventus easily enough even though that’s in Turin but couldn’t sign the one at Highbury House or wherever contracts are signed.

Man Utd had 11 players out of contract in the summer at one point but have only recently signed some of them up or triggered the extensions on their contracts.


@a different George
That’s flat out wrong. Man U has club options to extend the deals on most of their players (DeGea, martial etc) they triggered to avoid their exact situation. Virtually no other club is actually losing their most valuable assets for free but rather sells them when they get at most 1 year out.

Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey all should have been sold when it became apparent they weren’t willing to sign except for stupid money


Once again people are missing the point. It’s true that Man U could trigger clauses in the contracts of their players, but why did they let it get to that stage? The same thing happened at Spurs with Alderweireld. That player clearly wants to leave and hasn’t signed but the club have triggered the clause in his contract to keep him for another year or get a fee. I totally get that if we haven’t been inserting clauses into player’s contracts then that’s a big problem and makes the club look inept, but that’s what the new guys have been… Read more »

Max Fischer

Exactly! Not to bring another sport into the mix, but I want to liken it to Major League Baseball and have someone explain to me why we can’t do what MLB teams do routinely: If teams know a player is not going to resign with them/will be too expensive when their contract runs out at season end, teams almost always trade them for prospects/players that are cheaper and cost-controlled. They usually trade them to a team that is on the verge of making a playoff run or can win the World Series with that last piece. Some teams that know… Read more »

Max Fischer

For the record, the “Exactly!” was responding to Atom’s comment.

A Different George

Max Fischer: you cannot sell a player’s contract (or trade it for another) in the UK (or the EU generally) without his agreement. A player must agree to the terms offered by the acquiring club, or he can insist on holding his old club to its contract. Obviously, the old club can refuse to play him if he refuses to sign a new contract (as Spurs did with Alderweireld for a while and PSG are doing with Rabiot) or to pressure him to agree to a move (as I am afraid we are doing with Ozil)–but they must continue to… Read more »

Max Fischer

Git it, thanks. I had a sneaking suspicion that was the reason.

Follow up question: do you agree or disagree that teams should not be allowed to transfer/trade players to any team that they choose to? MLB also has no-trade clauses that can be worked into contracts.


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The players decide where they go, not the Clubs. The Club CAN say we will not sell you to a rival, but then the player responds by letting his contract wind down and then goes to whatever Club he chooses. The players have the power.


We needed to be more cynical.

Ramsey either signed last Jan or we put him up for sale.

Plus We could have use Ramsey better as leverage on Ozil’s new contract instead of simply granting 350k a week.

The same issue was prevalent with the Ox.

Instead of putting a gun to his head and either have him sign or promote the hungry Gnabry, we lost both.


@sharpass – you have to differentiate between players that are valuable assets and those you don’t mind leaving. Man u triggered club options on players they don’t want to lose – Martial, DeGea etc. and it’s pretty much unthinkable they would let any of their top players (Pogba, Lukakue etc.) get into the last 6 months of their deal as we did with Sanchez, Ramsey & Ozil – our 3 most valuable assets. There’s always been lots of mediocre players who leave on Bosmans – squad players such as Jack for instance, but there’s no real trend to teams letting… Read more »

Mesut O'Neill

In what world is Ramsey a ‘superstar’. He is a decent player with a bloody good agent.


True. Every week performances of the Arsenal I watch suggest that we have no ‘superstar’ performers what so ever. Last one to come close was Sanchez, but even he had serious downsides, some have to do with losing possession 30+ times per game.

The lack of superstars is in correlation with our general form of latest seasons.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“The lack of superstars is in correlation with our general form of latest seasons.”

Kroenke and his chosen management team have controlled the purse strings throughout that period. It had little to do with Wenger. He always tried to convince our top players to stay and sign contracts. However, he had about as much control over the situation as I do over how often my dog takes a dump.


I’m not going to argue about Man Utd and their players, the point is that 11 of their players were out of contract in the summer and yet the focus is always on Arsenal and how bad they are at business. Also until summer actually comes none of us really know how much money the coach or recruitment team have to spend. I know it’s always a possibility but I would like to think that Raul took into consideration the effect of letting Ramsey leave for free would have on the budget. There is much more going on behind the… Read more »



The point is major clubs don’t allow their most saleable assets to reach the last 6 months of their contract where they can leave on a free like we have a history doing.

Our reputation for being bad at contracts/transfers is very well deserved. Hopefully the new team is able to sort that.

A Different George

atom, you just keep repeating that most clubs don’t allow players to leave on a free and you keep ignoring the answer: that’s because they agree to the terms the player is demanding or at least to more than they were initially willing to offer. It would have been easy to keep Ramsey in exactly the same way that Man United is keeping players like Martial or De Gea–just increase your contract offer. You may think this would have been wise or unwise, but that, and only that, is the reason we lose players and Man United generally do not.… Read more »


@a different George – that’s just factually incorrect. There is not some major trend out of there of teams letting their top assets get into the last 6 months of their contracts. There are a few isolated incidents you can point at – but it’s really not some sort of broad trend outside of Arsenal.

Wenger was extremely indecisive when it came to players/ transfers etc & that showed up in contract negotiations as well.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

We’ll know in two to three years. People will continue to blame Wenger until then.


Which is ridiculous since Mslintat and Raul were already in charge last Jan

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Agents DO like money



Wenger’s theory will always hold good.

What if a player gets injured and he has not signed a contract yet???

There are always different ways of looking at things. I can cite the example of OX.
Wenger playing Ox at Rwb and Hector at Lwb right before he sold Ox was a master stroke. We pocketed 35 mil and Ox to this day hasn’t justified his fee at Liverpool.
Most of what you said is right but taking it out on just Wenger is not nice.

A Different George

The possibility of injury as he runs down his contract (or a serious decline in form) is the one risk a player takes if he refuses to be sold as he enters the last year of his contract. Other than that, there is really no reason why a good player would not insist on terms equivalent, or almost equivalent, to what he would get on a Bosman in order to sign a long-term extension with his present club.


There are cards a team can play. As you mention – injury is a major deal as if bad enough it could end a player’s career without ever receiving that major deal he would have on a Bosman. If Ramsey had suffered a serious injury for instance, he might have been looking at a wage reduction on his next contract. A serious dip in form will be similar- a player has to be healthy and playing well. A lot of players are willing to take a “discount” to avoid a Welbeck scenario. Particularly in a World Cup/Euros year, a club… Read more »

A Different George

I agree with your points; I didn’t mean to imply that a club had no bargaining power at all. And, of course, we need to consider that players are not simply profit-maximizing corporations. Sometimes they take what in effect is a discount to stay with a manager, or because they think they are more likely to win trophies, or because they don’t want to disrupt their children’s education.


Wenger in general bought well.

He paid very low and sold high.

Ramsey he bought for 4.75m

Contrast our wage bill since Raul and Mslintat took over.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Management of Arsenal includes financial and contract decisions. Do you seriously believe Kroenke allowed Wenger to make those decisions? The Club, personified by the people who signed Mslintat with unfulfilled promises regarding his future career with Arsenal and in doing so lost him, are the ones who allowed our contract situations to deteriorate. It has been a marvellous way to save money. Not spending Kroenke’s money is the prime directive of the management. For the last 2 or 3 years, at least, Wenger was merely the Coach, not the Manager. It was useful to have him as the focal point… Read more »


Raul, Mslintat and gazidis were ultimately in charge last season.

Glenn Helder's Perm

Good luck, Aaron! Thanks for your service. A really talented player.

Sad to see you go, especially for no money.

Carlos _ Santana

Jeeez the club must be hiding something.. Send out some fake news of only £40m and 1 quid to spend and loan Suarez only to fool everyone next season surely? ? We’ll probably sell Mustafi for 5 South African rands ?


Not sure we could get that for Mustafi


You’d get more for Mustafi than Jenkinson and elneny.

Mustafi is not a problem.

He was not responsible for us shipping 8 points to the likes of Soton, BHA and West Ham.


I’m a bit gutted about this. Still hoped that somehow that he would stay, even when it was totally obvious he was leaving. For me it makes it worse that he is going for nothing and we don’t even get any money to replace him.

The one plus point is that he is not going to another Prem club though. Best of luck Rambo.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You can be sure it was his decision to go outside the PL.


He is a modern Arsenal Legend. You will be missed, Rambo!

SB Still

In this day and age, miraculously he was ready to be a one club player – joining us, turning down Fergi/ManU and about to sign his last big contract of his career with us.

It’s a shame we are loosing him on a free!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Tightwad owner.

Jung Beans

A class act, to be sure. And one we should not have let slip away.


In my opinion, the stature of “legend” in a big club such as Arsenal, should only be associated with players who have big contributions in wining multiple Premier Leagues titles, or the long awaited Champions League.

Winning FA cups is good but not a remarkable achievement by any means, again, for club of Arsenal’s prestige.

A Different George

Well, I guess Liam Brady is not a legend.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You’re young. Tell us FA Cups don’t mean much when we’ve been midtable for 20 years, if you’re still around.


Good luck to him. Our crap management has allowed this to happen but after the awful injury and two Cup Final winning goals he’ll always be a gooner.


This makes me sad ?


And we’re in this ridiculous situation where we’ve let Ramsey go for nothing (and Unai seems to like him) and we’ve got Özil on a massive wage who Unai doesn’t want. Mesut doesn’t want to leave and few clubs can afford his wages. This is a lose lose situation. Horrendous financial management by the old guard.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, management has been dire for years. Club management that is. We should have told Kroenke to eff off when he stuck his face in our doors.


Never understood the boo boys who never got off his back. He never hid and literally spilt blood for the club as well as being instrumental in bringing 2 FA Cups to Arsenal. Cheers Aaron and good luck in Italy.

Maxin In The Shade

The boo boys can go f*ck themselves.

Here’s a guy who’s been the consummate professional for 11 years on and off the pitch for the club.

Always gave his all. Never seem to kick up a fuss. Just got on with it even when injuries might have gotten a lesser man down.

Personally, this makes me sad. Thought he’d make captain one day.

But best of luck to him.


lets not forget ther boo boy were saying for years thats if we were to sell him no top club would want him as he is a midtable player

thats it was a myth top club want him and its was his agent talking to the media it to get him a payrise

and now he sign to a bigger club . thats how much this boo boy know about football …now they have to turn to the next target…wait to late Iwobi ruuuun

A Different George

He also, just this season, scored one of the best goals of the decade.

Little Mozart

I can’t help but wish him all the best at his new club. I’ve loved watching Rambo play for the Arsenal. Always a gooner.

Lord Bendnter

Thanks for the good times
We will miss Ramsey

J to the C

Gutted he is leaving. I understand some of the issues fans have had with him but in my eyes he is a legend who produced loads of magical moments and goals. For me, that’s what it’s all about.

Enjoy Italy Rambo!

Note: £400k a week is fucking insane. Well played sir.

Jean Ralphio

What a man. Not many footballers out there who have a modest and humble attitude. Ramsey embodies much of what Wenger wanted in a player in terms of attitude on and off the pitch.


True. Wenger always wanted the best for his players. Rambo and Walcott are classic examples. Wenger has always been a career and lifestyle coach above all and that’s why players love him.


yes but they are average football players

Brian O'Regan

Has the narrative changed !!


Sad 12 months seeing us lose Wenger, Carzola, Ramsey. Sidelining Ozil……

anyways thanks for the memories and all the best in Turin Aaron.




Wilshere. Cazorla.


Who would’ve thought that Jenkinson would be the last man standing from the British core


Jenko always knew


Juve have now recruited 2 of my favourite Arsenal players, for me Szczesny should be our no1 by now he always had an upbeat attitude and Arsenal at heart, Ramseys loyalty and mostly passion over the years shows a similar personality. Remeber going to the FA cup final dressed as Rambo (from the film)..Father in law is from Turin, will be following them closely. Good luck Rambo

A Different George

Yeah, but we got Lichsteiner from them.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla


Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually, I quite like Lichtsteiner, but sadly the PL seems a bit too quick for him. I hope our younger players are benefitting from his experience. If they learn from him then it hasn’t been a waste of time bringing him in.


Sad to see him go, this is not like RVP or Sanchez or anything like that though. He’s given the club everything he has. He’s won us 2 FA Cups, and it’s impossible to be mad at him when he’ll be paid a king’s wage to play in a beautiful country. It really hammers home though just how much work needs to be done this summer. Depending on outgoings we might have 5-6 first team players to replace. I tend to agree with what Clive said on the Arsecast last week. There’s a nervous excitement for me about the fact… Read more »

Don't boo Paul Davis

Clive was ace on that arsecast

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Did you know it rains more in Turin than London? Hope he takes his wellies.


Being Welsh I doubt he has many worries about the rain.


Wish him all the best. Top player, proper professional. Club legend.

Thanks Aaron!

Der Kaiser

In my mind Aaron joined as a promising footballer and was flourishing when he had an injury that could have finished many a career. He was fortunate to receive the very best medical treatment that can probably only be afforded at a top club & there must also have been a degree of good fortune ( just look at the impact of the infection Santi had). However, Aaron also returned due to his sheer profesionalism and clean living. I always have had the impression that he is one of the few top flight footballers who realises how fortunate he is… Read more »


It’s not like we didn’t know already, but this is a big loss. Great player with a class attitude, exactly the kind of values we like to associate with The Arsenal tradition. His greatest goals reel would be quite something too – backheel flick v Sp*rs, backheel flick v Fulham, half-volley v Liverpool, two cup final winners, backheel volley v CSKA, 30-yard pile driver v Galatasaray… and all after surviving a potentially career ending injury and the subsequent thuggery of the Stoke Neanderthals. True gent. Oh, and Eric Dier – “Sit down he said”! You will be missed. Legendary status… Read more »


The comment I was going to leave echoed everything you said (especially regarding his best goals) I honestly can’t believe we’re letting yet another player leave on a free!!! Crazy!!
Good luck at Juve… and Eric Dier is such a bell end!!


Will never forget his FA Cup final goals and that one amazing season he had. He was very nearly a world class player but could never consistently produce. Farewell and good luck!


“One”… yes, one… but like Wilshere and his game at Barca, fans will remember a couple of games and forget his weaknesses. I’m sure Xhaka doesn’t regret the guy who let him down a countless of times to disturb the attack for his own sake. Bye bye, Hollywood boy, good ridance.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Gotta hand it to you Alex. Your hypocrisy is consistent at least. Call anyone out for their ‘hate’ who dares to say anything remotely negative about Ozil…but yet you consistenly say far worse yourself about many other Arsenal players. Classy stuff.


Yeah, that was ridiculously unnecessary.


Good luck Rambo! BTW, here’s some good news. While we’re struggling to get our balance right and find our defense and right squad member, and while Man U are heating up — check this out. It’s not all Doom and Gloom. If you go through and count the the remaining Top 6 match-ups in the league that Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man U have left, Arsenal have 2, Chelsea have 3, and Man U have 4. We REALISTICALLY have a great chance of finishing top four — even with all our problems. It’ll be a fight, and nothings guaranteed, but we… Read more »


The problem is all those other games we’ll play against not top 6 sides.


Free transfer in lieu of a testimonial?

Another Yank

I’ll never forget Rambo scoring the winner against Hull to end the drought, nor how that stupid orc Shawcross snapped his leg. He was the epitome of the highs and lows of the post Emirates stadium move and he was always so gracious and professional throughout. I’m glad he got a deserved major payday in his last big contract and hope the fans of the Old Lady will appreciate his talents. He was one of my favorites and he will be sorely missed. Good luck Aaron.


Good luck Aaron. You’ll be missed. Enjoy your new life.
He always said that he wanted to play abroad and by running down his contract he gets a massive wage. Good plan!


Ramsey is the reason for 2 of the happiest days of my life as an Arsenal fan.
Thank you so much Ramsey. For choosing us over United, for breaking your leg for us and making the best fucking recovery ever, for your goals and assists. And for the 2 FA cup final winners you will be forever an Arsenal Legend.

Michael Ginty

Kinda feel that message from Rambo was really from the heart… especially signing off with Kind regards.. Good luck Arron

Matthew Walker

Good luck Welsh Jesus! It was nice having you at the club.

[Looking back at the last couple of years, our transfer policy looks more and more fucking bonkers than just about any other club in England. It’s a wonder we didn’t buy Andy Carroll at some point.]

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Shush, what if one of the twats who will be signing Arsenal players from now on reads this. Bang goes our entire (guessed at) 40 million kitty.


The Complete Professional


Stoke fans will be gutted. Who can they turn their awful abuse to now as they will never play Ramsey again.

Ps. Love the Fiat advert at the bottom of a Juve story.

Good luck to Ramsey.


The good news is we no longer sell our best players.. the bad news is that we let them go for free!


10 goals any footballer would be proud of…Ramsey top 10.




I would rather the deserving footballers who entertain us make a quick buck than useless owners like kroneke getting the, money for nothing and the chicks for free.


Never been his biggest fan aside from that unbelievable half a season he put in but I’m grateful for his contributions to our trophy cabinet. I don’t know who Juve think they’re signing but there’s no way is he worth anything close to £400k per week. At least we can stop calling the club out for withdrawing from the negotiations now. We can’t compete with that kind of money for Ramsey and nor should we.


I don’t care if this leads to downvotes but I would just like to say that I don’t understand why people are more sad because Aaron is leaving for free than if we had got a fee for him. We got £18m for Giroud and I’m pretty sure at the time that didn’t make me or other fans who liked him feel any better about him going. I had to scrap my car this week and got nothing for it. If the insurance company had given me some money for it I would still have been very sad to lose… Read more »


While I respect your opinion, I totally understand why a few people are ticked/sad that the club has screwed up once again in its transfer dealings. Yes we did get money for Giroud, but losing him for next to nothing would have made most supporters feel a lot worse. We lose in Aaron a serviceable player in what should be the prime of his career who has been a loyal servant to the club. We also lost the opportunity to net possibly £35 to 40 million in selling him, and that is why Juve is paying him so much; half… Read more »

I'm 14 again

On a side note, He’s going to play with Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala. That has got to be fucking awesome

Ozzie Expat

How many times do we have to lose players for nothing? Most other clubs, particularly in the top 6 would have handled this much differently. The financial management at Arsenal FC is atrocious! I’m pretty sure it would have been more cost effective to keep Ramsey, even on a higher wage, than to let him go for nothing and then have to pay a high fee and most likely higher wages to his replacement.
Perhaps the fans should sue Kroenke for financial mismanagement.


Ramsey (and his agent) is no mug. At 28 this is the last chance for a big contract deal. Also, he’s been with us for 11 years – who doesn’t fancy a change of scenery in that time? His mate Bale made the move long ago. At least Ramsey has honoured his contract and not gone on strike to force a move. Players are becoming wise to the fact that, at the end of contract, they can pick up big wages in place of any transfer fee. This is what Wenger predicted. If we’d signed him on 3 year contract… Read more »

Adam Guzzan

Arsenal just let there best players leave and keep the average one should of got rid of ozil and kept Ramsey


Ramsey is not half the player ozil is.


This really makes me sad, always loved him as an Arsenal player. Unlike Sanchez who behaved like a prick in his last few months, Rambo has always been very professional.
Wishing him all the best for his future.
I hope we play Juve in UCL next year!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sanchez has been a bit of a prick in United’s side since he moved… by being essentially useless. We didn’t do too badly out of the swap as it happens. Mkhitaryan has already scored a goal more for us than he did in all his time at United, and at a faster rate, and has scored 6 in 26 as opposed to Sanchez’ 3 in 26 for United.




Another. “Diaby” situation. How good could he have been if it were not for injury? Nonetheless, Ramsey has given us lots of magical moments. Sad to see him go, he is a good “people”


Aaron Ramsey was extremely loyal to Arsenal FC and was very professional in his tenure of 11 years, brought us some trophies, his commitment has never been questioned.
Now he will get double the salary that Arsenal was offered to him before withdrawing that offer from the table by Arsenal.

We miss you Aaron Ramsey and all the best for your future.

Arsenal without weapons

That’s why we’re always at top 5 team in the league, not the number 1


Totally unrelated but ….. What were we smoking when we bid &90m on lerma from Monaco.
Guy has been Shiite for athletico. We dodged a major bullet there.
Says more about our transfer policy TBH

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Says more about the stories the Daily Mail make up TBH


Aaron had some great moments and is a likeable player, but it is sad to imagine the kind of player he could have been without injuries.

Good luck and we certainly couldn’t have afforded those wages.


Well done him. Juve is a shrewd move. Shoe-in CL qualification. High profile. World-class team mates. Less intensive league (though still intense, of course!). Great manager. Pots of cash. Turin is not London of course – and the training ground appears to be built on a motorway services! -but watching the Netflix Juve series, the team look to be settled family guys living a nice lifestyle.


Thank you and goodbye to an average player. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder really as blog is raving about him but his first touch and decision making are often poor. Won’t miss him but thanks for THE half season and a few good goals.


Good post. Totally agree with what you’ve said about Blogs: maybe he had some great sex last night and an exceptionally pure line of coke, as so was feeling in a great mood. Aaron Ramsey was never, ever an Arsenal legend. Legends are players who: (a) were great players who played in great teams; or (b) were great individual players in average teams, carrying the side; or (c) average but made a massive number of appearances for the club over a very long period. None of these criteria describe Aaron Ramsey. True, had had some great games for the club,… Read more »

Teryima Adi

I wish you all the best in Turin, Aaron.

Donald's Trump

End of an era


Time for another dawn then? 😉

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