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Arsenal 5-1 Bournemouth – player ratings

Arsenal made it three wins inside a week with a 5-1 demolition of Bournemouth at the Emirates this evening. The goals came from Mesut Ozil, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Laurent Koscielny, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

With both Chelsea and Man Utd also winning, the three points were vital, and there was a lot to like about our performance.

Read the Arsenal 5-1 Bournemouth match report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated tonight.


The ratings are now hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Absoloutely fucking brilliant


How about 100/10 for Trippier’s finish?


Sorry, I know it isn’t the Arsenal game but I really couldn’t help it


I heard Giroud gave the assist, hahaha


Did the spuds trip(pier) up


It was a Thierry Henry finish lol


Indeed it was a Henryesque beautiful finish


Great evening!! Poor opposition but a pleasure to watch us plat like that.
Can’t prevent myself to think a bout the coming 3 games… would sign up for 2 wins and a draw, whatever the sequence 🙂


Great Ebening!! How wonderful would it be if he opened with that?


Great performance by many players. Standing out would be Kos, Mkhi, Ozil with others contributing. Great way to head into an important North London derby against Homeless Wankers FC. Hope we destroy them and their meaningless existence!


Wow. When Ozil and Mikhi both play like that the Gunners are on a whole different level. And so much more enjoyable to watch! COYG!


Özil played. And played well. And Arsenal won. What not to be happy about?!

A Fleeting Glimpse

Ozil been involved in 50 goals and assists in 85 premiership games at the emerates. For 95% who go to games live you sit back and admire one of the most gifted footballers I’ve had the privilege to watch live. On tv the percentage drops to about 50%. Strange


Well, you literally can’t see half the ridiculous things he pulls off on a tv broadcast. His first goal looked like a normal sidefoot finish from the main angle – it wasn’t until we saw the reverse angle we realised he’d done the Özil dink (the Özink?) again


Love the Ozink… can I use it?

Frank Bascombe

Well said. I


Yes he played well. I was in the game, he disappeared for a long period of time. Still play Iwobi in front of him. Mkhitaryan was unbelievable. He has been excellent all year. Our rough patch correspond to his absence


You’ve got to be kidding.
That then is the very definition of having the blinders on.


Need more like that in next two games – please. Spudz and Manure may be a bit harder than the South Coast duo this week.


Really happy for Emery tonight, he’s taken a lot of unreasonable criticism.
Anyone know where Xhaka is?


I don’t really want to get into an argument after game like today. IMO emery is causing his own problems with his man management skills not being any good. Case in point is jenks. He played couple of EL matches before bellerin went down and played reasonable well to warrant future opportunities especially when injuries happened to AMN. Since bellerin has been injured and licht showing he can’t consistently play in the PL he refused to give him some games up to this point. He showed he can at least play against some clubs. Does this mean he won’t get… Read more »


I would suggest that the switch to a back 3 helped Jenkinson to shine, and that contrary to your opinion about his man management, Emery considers every player’s strengths and weaknesses when picking line-ups and formations.

The fact we’ve got Jenkinson playing like the Corporal of old is a damn miracle.


It’s one thing to consider strengths and weaknesses but specifically talking about RB or RWB how can you say since bellerin has been injured that has been the case? I’m not saying jenks is the answer but the 2 appearance he’s had he has looked good enough for more opportunities. It’s taken him until now to get them since bellerins been hurt. It’s not like licht has been lockdown I’m that position and either has AMN. Again I’m not saying jenks should start every game since bellerin has been hurt. Why hasn’t he gotten more opportunities since the injury because… Read more »


Always plenty to complain about for some people


Litchteiner has been really good in the past 2 games. Yesterday the tension was palatable every time the ball came anywhere near Jenkinson. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for Jenks but if I have to face Litch or Jenks, I choose the latter.


Yeah – but’s because the poor lad is so desperate to impress and, worse still for him, not have a howler. He’s a Gooner through and through to his marrow – it means that much to him, which I will take any day of the week over a veteran who’s really just marking out the final phase of his career.


Xhaka is in I’m being rested for the Spurs game town. And you are one hundred per cent right on Emery. We are improved in a season of major, chaotic?, backroom transition. He deserves great praise.


Major backroom stuff was done by the time emery got there

If you mean by gazidis leaving I thought he wasn’t really part of the decisions regarding players at that point


Who would you guys start at RB/RWB on Saturday?




Agreed. In his appearances this season, he’s never going to convince anyone that he’s “world class” but I haven’t noticed too much that he’s done wrong. He’s like the right-back Elneny, quietly giving you a 7 every game without doing anything spectacular.


As a gunner fan growing up, he would be determined to put in a 15+ performance vs Spuds. Play the guy, watch him shine!


I would start niles if fit. Anyways pleeeeeeeease emery anyone but lichtsteiner


Niles clearly has more talent but Jenks deserves a chance at least. He has played well in the handful of games he has gotten.


Is jenks fit enough to play 2 games in a week? If he is than yes and knowing going in that he probably won’t look good as he did today but I think it’s much better to have a natural rb than a cm covering.

If jenks doesn’t play I would rather have AMN covering than licht.


Litchteiner or AMN.


Guendouzi- he is young and will make mistakes, but he will learn from that. What impresses me the most s that he never hid. Ever. Always positive, always looking forward. My favourite performance tonight just because of that. What a player he will be.


Absolutely. Other than that one awful slip up, I thought he had an amazing game as well. For a 19yo, there’s bags of potential!


This really was “vintage” Guendouzi. Makes a big error, shrugs it off, and quietly goes about dominating midfield for the rest of the game.

Deserved at least an 8 imo


His resilience really makes me think he will be a top player. So often we’ve seen players who had it all physically but never had the mentality or the confidence. I always think of the Ox fitting In to that bracket; he’d make a mistake and his head would drop and you could see it tormented him. Guendouzi just seems generally unphased by everything on the pitch and it’s great.


He’s got a crazy engine too, seems to never get tired.


It’s those mini semi-conductors in his curls… they recharge him constantly.

Carlos _ Santana

He recovered like a champ after the mistake..


I just love the way he can switch direction so quickly, assess everything in front of him and, 8 times out of 10, put a sweet pass right to feet, no matter what distance. Doesn’t have the 2-footed trickery of Santi, but also so similar in driving play forward and passing vision – already, at this young age.

Tony Adams Nose

Happy birthday Blogs.


For he’s a jolly good fellow!


Mkhi came out of depression,Ozil’s mom hid his joysticks-fucking poetry
No words to describe that trick shot,I’ve never seen another player doing it
Jankinson lion’s heart and Kos the boss
St. Tottering’s coming


Awesome night!

Happy birthday arseblog.



Mhiky is beginning to show what hes capable of……

Kroenke the Klown

Happy birthday Arseblog. Look how big you are now!


You’re all growds up and you’re all growds up.


As I’ve been saying, we have a PLAYER on our hands with Mkhi. I have no idea why so many fans have cast him aside, basically from the beginning. He has been at Arsenal for just 1 year, and we are seeing glimpses of the player who lit it up in Germany.


Lol don’t let santori know this


He’s been mostly lackluster and even seemed disinterested since he joined. If not for Ozil, he’d be catching big shit on here


Wow that was fanbloodytastic. Bring on Saturday

Mesuli is not Mesut

Happy birthday to us all lol really though, great work gents, long may it continue, it’s really appreciated.


Win on Saturday and we’ll be 1 point behind spurs, if ozil and mkhitaryan play like that we should do


Although my favourite player Ozil took a huge step towards redemption today, he’s such a majestic player and today he even put in a defensive shift. I’m still not sure if I would trust him in a big away game just yet…we need a few more performances like that first!


The way we played tonight, I think we would of put 5 past any team outside the top 2 *insert fire emoji*

Bruised Banana

A performance that brought the feel good back. It was fuckin’ excellent! Happy Birthday Arseblog!
Is there an unofficial Arseblog birthday?

Unai are meant to be together

What a day….. 10/10 to everyone


That type of error has been coming all season for Guendouzi and fortunately the one time it leads to a goal the repercussions aren’t substantial. Although letting them back into the game at that point could have been disastrous.

Hopefully that’s the lesson he needed to improve on that side of the game because he’s got away with it too many times now. No doubt that he will be a great player for us and hopefully experiences like tonight can aid his development.

Olivije Žirod

This season I have been many times criticizing Emery for his style of play. Not because I am Ozil fanboy but because I know this team is capable of playing great football. I mentioned against Bate that the reason I was so happy with the performance was because we abandoned rigid cut back playing style. We were much more similiar to the Arsenal we know. We kept the positive approach against Southampton and we kept it today. It doesn’t matter if we are playing with 5 or with 4 at the back. You can be exciting with both formations. I… Read more »


Not sure I actually agree about players not being allowed to “express themselves” before and that being the difference, I think it’s largely just due to quality and form. We weren’t “cutback fc” at the start of the season, it’s only really since we lost key players that that became the case. Even today though we created chances from wide areas, koscielny’s goal being a prime example and I enjoyed that goal. There were always going to be ups and downs with a new manager coming in and trying to impose his style of play on the group. It takes… Read more »


I think this “improvisation” thing is becoming overstated now. I think this season has shown that it was Arsene’s tactics that brought us that football and we need to give him greater credit for such a style of football. If it was improvisation, we would have seen it elsewhere, with other teams telling their players to just “improvise” as well. People just sat down enjoyed what was being served to them, but how do you not notice that the performances when winning were similar, and the losses were similar as well under Arsene. Arsene’s tactics are severely underrated. He used… Read more »


The tactics this season have not changed, the players were always trying to play these combinations, and it didn’t work. Only this time they found form. It is a usual phase.


What a game from the lads!
I’ve had my doubts over Suarez so far but I thought he showed promising signs in his limited time on the pitch today. He covered a lot of ground and ran with purpose, as well as looking tidy on the ball.
If we do sign him at the end of the season I think once he gets up to match fitness and gets some consistent game time under his belt, he’s going to be a useful player for this squad! We’re going to need the energy he showed today with Rambo leaving!


From what I’ve seen so far the one thing -that should hopefully come with familiarity with his teammates- is what he does with the ball AFTER he runs around with it. Passes that accomplish something, shooting, final ball, etc. His close control looks good, but there’s a little missing at the end yet.

Indian gooner

BTW my birthday is aligned with arseblog. Seemed to take me a while to figure it out since I have been passively active on the blogs. Happy birthday blogs, let’s split the cake.

Love from India.

Fireman Sam

Happy birthday to all gooners whose birthday it is, whenever that may be, such that they become one year older.


I think Jenkinson deserves more. I dont think he “Carl’d” at all. He was tenacious in the tackle. Great ball retention. Probably one of his best games in an arsenal shirt and by that performance deserves to start in front of old man Lichsteiner


Agree bro. But I bet you’re forgetting Jenks Vs Bayern and Jenks Vs City that we won. I really thought at a time he was gonna be top class.


He played the sideline and made space really well I thought. So even if he wasn’t a game-changer, he didn’t look out of place. Held it down well for us.


Corporal Jenks deserves a shout-out , bailed us out on a few occasions. Highlight bring the mad pressing and clean tackle when we were down to 9 men and those Bournemouth players wouldn’t put the ball out for the injuries.
P.S ( Adam Smith should really try to stay on his feet for once )

Fireman Sam

Shout out to Jenks.


On a different note… Did anyone see Beth Mead’s winner against Brazil earlier? Eat that!!


Happy Birthady arseblog! A great performance by the lads. Ashame for the goal as I thought Guendouzi was playing well and giving us extra movement. A disciplined display so here’s hoping with mash the spuds 🙂


COYG.. Let’s go for the weekend derby


Mkhi has a goal and 2 assists*


The balls it takes from Ozil to do that bounce finish…


He Carled? You’re better than that, blogs.

Frank Bascombe

No. He’s not.


Leno – Had to be alert and make a couple of important stops today. No harm ahead of the derby. Jenkinson – Good effort. Grew into the first half with a great lay off first time and industrious harrying when our midfield duo were down for the count. BUT overall, lack positioning which led to several chances dangerous chances for them (including one Koscielny had to slide away late in match). Passing was OK but lost the ball a lot of times. Overall still not the quality we need but effort always there. Sokratis – Solid as usual. One slightly… Read more »


The return of the Santi blog!

Christopher Wreh


Carlos _ Santana

I’m really ken to see a sharp Denis Saurez.. He looks like he could be a class player when he’s up and running.. That close control is fantastic..
Carl is an absolute champion.. Glad he got a chance to show what he can do


For me mkhi was the outstanding player tonight. Its the mkhi of dortmund days, precise and quick with no double thoughts. Also watching a player pass with both their feets is so nice to watch (santi we miss you). But i thought torreira didnt have that splendid game in general. Love seeing the tenacity from him on ball recoveries and holding onto it, but today he did get caught a bit more than usual, hence the worry.


You’re right on Torreira, noticed it too. I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about though. He’s a top player. Going to be one of the best midfielders the prem has seen, my opinion.

Gunn Cabinet

17/10. Enough said. Happy birthday, Bloggs


Ozil quality. Mikhi excellent. Good rotation, even in mid-game, by Unai Emery. Onwards and upwards.


Excellent performance from all of the players!

We’re extremely fortunate that Charlie Daniel’s shocking foul didn’t make full contact with Torreira’s ankle last night. With the recent news of Diaby’s retirement, I can’t help but feel pissed off that players are STILL allowed to go around making such awful challenges with no genuine repercussions.

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