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Suarez thanks Arsenal as he rules himself out for the season

Denis Suarez has ruled himself out for the rest of the season after confirming the groin injury he’s been nursing requires him to stop training altogether.

In a statement on social media, the Spaniard wrote:


I want you all to know that I will not be able to play again this season. Some issues with my groin have made things tough since the game against BATE Boris [sic] in the Europa League in February and now they have forced me to stop training altogether. After various medical consultations, the conclusion has been reached that I cannot keep on pushing it and I have started a period of treatment that cannot be done alongside competitive football.

I am sorry that all of the effort and sacrifice made to come to Arsenal hasn’t come to fruition as hoped and you can’t even imagine how angry I am about it, but health comes first. I want to give my thanks to such a big club for trusting in me although things haven’t gone as we pictured they would.

I am stepping aside but I am grateful for the messages of care and support that you all have to me every day. This will be where I take my strength from in order to return stronger than ever and even more determined.


Denis Suarez

Obviously, it’s a huge frustration for both the player and Unai Emery, who pushed so hard to get him to the Emirates in January. Nice that he ended his letter with ‘hugs’ though – everybody loves a hug.

Suarez made just six appearances as a substitute for the Gunners – four in the Premier League and two in the Europa League. Given the circumstances, it seems very unlikely that we’ll be turning his loan deal into a permanent transfer this summer. Presumably, he’ll continue his rehabilitation in Barcelona.

Get well soon Denis. We never really knew you.

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Will mostly be remembered for being thrown on at Man City by Emery, like a lamb for the slaughter


So the Kim Kallstrom signing was still better than this one :).
On a serious note 3 major injuries and the club only get Suarez in the Januray transfer window.
Once again the manager is being pushed in front of the bullets that should have been targeted toward Kronke and the board.


Same old same old story.

Lord Bendnter

Spot on about the board


I agree the board has hamstrung us. But Emery deserves all the criticism he gets, and probably more.

Maul Person

Okay, I’ll bite. Because…?


Meantime Spuds got a lovely loan deal with Lucas Moura, we are in a bad spell all round. Mr Emery seems just as incapable as AW of getting his team to actually compete!


I really don’t think this has much to do with Kronke and the Board. Sven, Vinai and the other backroom leaders, yes. But if you seriously think Kronke is close enough to manage transfers, or even the details of transfer budgets, you don’t understand much about business.




With a persistent groin injury, perhaps stepping aside is ill advised.




Not the players or managers fault…. Hope the board (kreonke) especially after the last few weeks and after this news are going to pull it out the damn bag over the summer because people are soon going to be blaming Emre and it isn’t his fault! Back the man!!!!


Dont think Emre is to blame. Emery, Kronke, Players yes but not Emre

J to the C

Well that was worth it.


PR spin for a return home

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

It’s a shame it didn’t work out, especially as for some reason he was the only target we (well, the club) felt was necessary, despite the usual injury crisis and inconsistent form in the team. The higher ups really messed things up here. Whilst I don’t think he was the right player to loan that’s not his fault. But, one thing does irk me, and this isn’t a personal attack on Suarez (as so many others do this same thing when stuff doesn’t work out), it’s just when they put into their statements lines to this effect: “you can’t even… Read more »


Or looked at from another lens… an injury to a player as a fan is mostly irrelevant because there are 24 other players on the roster and 1000s in the market to replace him. And 6 months from now Arsenal fans won’t even remember he was on our team. But for him, the countless hours of training, dedication to the sport, the dreams he has of lifting cups, playing for his country, or even supporting his family 20, 30, 40 years after his very brief career as a soccer player is over, which for many does not turn out to… Read more »

Billy Batts

‘Hugs’ (or ‘Un abrazo’) is a very typical sign-off statement or parting comment in Spanish. Like saying ‘all the best’ or ‘lots of love’.

Crash Fistfight

Similar in Italian (un abbraccio)

Red Arrow

Wish him a speedy recovery. Very glad we didn’t get pressured by Barcelona into signing him on a permanent basis.

Thierry Bergkamp

There’s a video on youtube called “5 worst Arsenal players of the last 5 years”, it his hilarious!


Seen it, its funny

Make Arsenal Great Again

I’ve not seen it, but is Sonogo on the list?

Thierry Bergkamp

Yes he is.

Lord Bendnter

Thanx for sharing. It felt so uneasy to watch though

Thierry Bergkamp

I saw your name and thought of Bendtner taking on the defender out on the wing. I just burst out laughing.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I just watched it. It was very funny

Thierry Bergkamp

Very funny, I’ve watched it about 5 times since yesterday. Welbeck kills me every single time.

oleg pascal senderos

Haha I saw it.. felt bad for welbeck though, not a bad player to be honest he might even be a misunderstood genius with the assists he got from fluffing things up.

Pat Rice and Beans

Suarez’ fiasco should be put on Emery’s account. He pushed the deal for a player who was not playing due an injury and technical reasons at Barcelona.

Kallstrom Legend still unrivalled.


And it’s just legend as Kallstrom was actually good.

Der Kaiser

Give this young man a break. Clearly a very talented footballer who cares and is immensely frustrated. Emery is probably frustrated also.

My only concern would be if we signed a player ( even on loan) with an existing injury or they have an awful injury record.

Get well soon Denis and hope you regain full fitness and fulfill your potential realising your dreams at Barca or Arsenal. Great message!!!


Hi Blogs, I listened to your podcast today and with all due to respect, I disagree with your opinion about Emery. It’s not his fault the lack of squad depth, that Sven left, that he is fighting with an unbalanced mix of youth products, overpriced mediocrities and fallen Angel’s. Let me reverse that. What do you think a top manager like Pep or klopp would do with that material???


They would throw money at it.


i was just having a related conversation the other day about liverpool – Yes, they picked up a top defender and keeper, and they have a couple top strikers. But their midfield is largely pedestrian players. They’re just the type that work hard and there is a clear gameplan and methodology that carries through from match to match. Yes, we clearly have some holes to plug, particularly in defense and on the wings. But we’ve lost several matches, especially on the road, because we were set up wrong. Wrong lineup, wrong strategy. The halftime double changes have acknowledged that on… Read more »


Fabinho, Keita, Wijnaldum and Lallana are ‘just’ hard workers?!


Lallana lol !!!

Crash Fistfight

I bet they’d look like it, playing for us (maybe not Fabinho, and Keita hasn’t exactly set the world alight this season anyway). People seemed to think some absolute dross that played under Klopp at Dortmund were better than our players at the time (Kevin Grosskreutz anyone?) when it was because they played in a good system. I kind-of agree and disagree with the point on Emery. I think he’s working under some pretty strong constraints, but I also don’t think he’s that brilliant. Sure a lot of our squad is mediocre, but they’re not worse than the players from… Read more »


Our slumps are during hectic periods (xmas and april) were we play every 3 days and our lack of depth is obvious. And yes they can run faster and they have more stamina, less injuries and they are stronger.


They will never put themselves in that situation.
You might say John W Henry isn’t a “money thrower” type. But he actually cares for Liverpool. Remember how he refused to sell the real Suarez to us when Wenger actually met the buy out clause?
I hate to say it but our nightmare circle is not over yet. Sacking Wenger is only kicking a pawn out of chessboard. The “K” is still there.




Now what are we going to do?


The same thing we do every matchday Pinky.
Get Iwobi to dribble the WORLD!

Faisal Narrage

I’m pro-Emery and think the criticism he’s received over the past week had been a tad harsh.

Saying that, in Jan I was annoyed because my concern was we pushed out Sven to chase Emery-choice players, particularly after the Ornstein reports of him wanting all his old Sevilla gang.

I didn’t want Suarez then and if he’s the type of players we’ll be pursuing in the summer then I’m concerned.


The players we’ll likely pursue will be the cheapest we can find to plug the glaring holes in our squad, i’d imagine quality will be a secondary factor to necessity. Expect more Suarez types loans, Lichtstiner type free’s, and Sokratis type signings. Sokratis looks a solid signing for £16 million, but 3 signings in this type of category would be unlikely to really kick us. We need a replacement for Cech, unless we give the spot to Ospina, Martinez or Macey. We could decide to stick with Niles, and allow Jenkinson+Lichtstiner to depart and don’t invest at right back, I… Read more »


The point is having a budget of 40 mil nowadays is riddiculus. Emery can’t do much with his hand tied so he tries to “play safe” with his gang he already knew. Look at United, there are rumours that Solskjaer has been handed 200 mil to spend this summer which makes a total over 900 mil since the first day they had to play Europa League. Their owner wants to kick their club forward by spending huge money. Emery once hinted that we need to spend money to achieve goals and he unmasked Kroenke in January like ” Hey guys,… Read more »

Włodarz Aleksander

Yes , get well boy but that was never going to work out … kind of faul play on club’s and perhaps Emery’s side to their own supporters …it smelled Kallstrom and maybe even Bischof sort of deal 🙁


Thank you too Denis. For…uh, well.. only having one N in your first name. Yeah, that’s it. You saved countless lines of print by not including another useless N. You just don’t know how many lines are wasted by selfish footballers and their names. We will never forget you.


The Copy Editors Guild


Issues with the groin since the Bate game. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

All jokes aside, this was a thoroughly disappointing and confusing deal. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hope the kid gets some regular competitive first team football.


The “kid” is 25 and at that age Özil was world champion and best European assist maker. The “kid” has done nothing to prove his worth but some regret him…


I wish we could have the other Suarez, if only we bid him for £40,000,002 – you that Suarez.

Kent Venish

Sadly there are many sportsman that are VERY skilled BUT they almost always feel sorry for themselves…sure , if you injured you are injured but dont go blah blah..sniff sniff….suck it up baby ..its tuff out there!!!


I think emery just did his own kallstrom asene wenger


meanwhile Santi keeps turning it on…..


His loan sign on fees and weekly wages added to Ramsey’s current wages would have gone a long way in tying down Rambo to a new deal

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