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TOP SECRET! Emery coy on team news

Unai Emery is usually quite forthcoming when it comes to information about his players availability, and how he looks to approach each individual game.

However, as Arsenal prepare to face Wolves in the Premier League tomorrow night, the boss refused to provide any detailed information about potential inclusions or absentees.

The club’s medical team have already revealed that Granit Xhaka is being assessed due to a hip injury, and that Aaron Ramsey and Denis Suarez will miss out, but beyond that the Spaniard was keeping his counsel.

“We are going to wait,” he said when asked who might be available for the trip to Molineux.

“I am not telling you what our idea is with the players, with the system, with the injured players or the first XI. I want to keep all information to myself for tomorrow. Sorry, I think it’s better for us.”

When it was put to him that he wasn’t normally so secretive, he continued, “Yes but maybe today. It can change sometimes. It’s because maybe I don’t want to be clear on how the players are. I prefer it.

“It’s not you, it’s for our opposition.”

I guess he’s looking for any potential advantage when facing a strong Wolves side who have been impressive this season, while the Gunners have had problems on the road throughout the campaign.

What’s clear though is that we need to bounce back from Sunday’s defeat to Crystal Palace because there’s such little margin for error at this point.

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Oooh what will Arsenal do? We’re shaking in our boots anticipating what they might throw at us! Will it be the inept German defender, will it be the 19 year old who throws himself on the ground at every opportunity! Guess we won’t know until match time, we’ll have to prepare for every scenario!

Dat guy

Why’d you type this


No filter!


Strange person.


you pipe!


Mustafi is younger than Jenkinson. Let that sink in.


What a twat


The X-files


The Lex files

Galtee gunner

We need to approach this like Napoli away. Wolves have taken points off top teams all season

Emery's voice


At Napoli we didn’t have to win to go through.

At Wolves, anything less than three points will reduce our chances of us finishing in top four.


I’m dying to watch this game – was there a streaming service that was recommended a while ago by Blogs himself?


second this. firstrow no longer works for me. someone posted a link to hd 24 for the napoli game which worked great, but it might have been a one-off

obviously i am only asking so that i can report any such streams to the appropriate authorities

Christopher Wreh

Thirded. If that’s even a word. Need to watch it without constant lagging/buffering, it drives me up the wall


there is a good app for android call navix sport , but its not on the play store. just google that and you should find it to download. i have it on my firestick and it works great.


The developer removed from the app store so as not to draw attention to it, however if you type in navixsport/apk you should be able to watch all premier League games …hope it helps

Versaysea is consistently great, if you can bear having to press the play button about 20 times before the ads stop popping up and it actually plays. Always in HD too.

bobbyp is good for Europa league games. It’s free and there’s no sign up. It used to be good for Prem games too, but it’s not allowed to show them unfortunately.

Crash Fistfight

I didn’t realise they still had Europa League games. I’ve been watching elsewhere since they stopped showing PL games as I assumed it covered all PL team games (doh!).

If you download Acestream and search for ‘live football acestream’ there is a page with links that you can copy and open from AcePlayer (open location from clipboard). Usually works well for me.


Totalsportek works great on ps4 & like roof mentioned above, Navix is prob your best option for Android phones.


totalsportek usually has a free, live feed.
tomorrow search “wolves v arsenal free live stream” and the correct link should appear. link 5 or 10 often works, but you have to try a few. cannot vouch for its security (i do it through a professional firewall).

I watch all the games on my PC here. Very happy about the streams. No lag and HD. Hopefully it lasts.


Livesoccertv lists all channels which are showing games.
Mobdro app download (android only I think) will have most channels listed to view. The Sports Network is a good Canadian site with commentary in English and due to show Wolves game.
All streams (including Sky’s own app) operate with an annoying delay which means notification from elsewhere will let you know of forthcoming goals!



Christopher Wreh

Cheers all! Plenty of options here. I used to used Reddit but that got shut down. I borrow my brother’s BT login for the games on those channels, I have resorted to paying £8 for a Now TV pass when they’re on Sky, it’s the ones when they’re not on telly that I struggle with!

SB Still

The way our away form has been. I’m going to be blissfully unaware and wait for the match report to be published on this site within 5 mins of full time.

COYG, let’s get the 3 points.

Crash Fistfight

I find that far more nerve-wracking. Better to watch the misery unfold in front of my eyes and get it over with than spend 90 minutes worrying about what is happening.


One game at a time. Play the best possible eleven


disagree. we should try playing two games at a time. and go with twelve players and hope nobody notices

Crash Fistfight

Surely we’d be outnumbered 12 to 22 in that scenario? I don’t like it – I say we play the whole squad.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

He’s keeping schtum because the club have told Mustafi that the Palace game was the last match of the season.

10pm tomorrow:
Mustafi – Hey, you guys, why are you all sweaty and look knackered?
Koscielny – Oh… shi-
Sokratis – Laser-Tag, mate! Was a total blast, you’ll have to come next time…!
Leno – (Phew, nice save Papa!)
Monreal – (Dude would just shoot himself in the face anyway…)


We need to play our strongest selection. Its Wolves away. AMN and Kolasinac must start. I’m tempted to play Iwobi bc he pulls defenses out of position for us. That left side is so much more productive with him plus he transforms Kolasinac. Whether he can sustain effort through 90mins is of course moot. Most likely we will have to also play the inverted triangle with Auba and Laca up top in lieu of Iwobi. Its not a zero sum game, which we start with will dictate either caution over adventure further forward or vice-versa. In defense its a question… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

“4 of which led directly to goals against us”

Nope. Stop peddling misinformation, everyones sick of it. Facts are based on reality, not your extremely biased opinion.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

I’m sorry if I come across harsh, but this is just wasting everyones time now, including your own. Stop repeating the same innacurate statements, this is Arseblog News, people don’t come here to read your repeated comments, it’s practically spamming this site. In fact I’m pretty sure people just thumb you down without even reading your comments. Please, for everyone’s sake, take a different approach ✌?

Don Cazorleone

Do you even Mahrez, bro?!

Billy Bob

He likes players whose surname begins with the letter M does santori

Crash Fistfight

Also, for someone who purports to be so well informed, santori manages to not be aware of the most obvious information, such as the fact that Sokratis is back from suspension.


Choose Mustafi to redeem himself?? Choose Hitler, he may redeem himself!

Bob Wiiiiiilsoooon

Got that off your chest then…


Just have a lemonade mate…


bore off!


Mustafi is garbage. iwobi sucks all he does is run. Niles can’t pass to save his life but over all is a good player.


Mind games against wolves. It has really come to this.

Mesut O'Neill

Never underestimate any team. Sunday is a fine example. The players, maybe even the boss & most fans just expected 3 points.

Lord Bendnter

It’s amazing how we had Suarez just sitting there with nothing to do. And now when we could use another body in midfield, he’s injured. How very Arsenal


He’s been taking lessons from Jenko who always manages to pick up an injury when the transfer window opens….at least we can just send him back to Barcelona at the end of the season.


“It’s not you, it’s me. I still love you, I just think you deserve someone else.”


Seating on Koscielny and Granit. Didn’t realize Sokratis served his ban already. That’s great news. Koscielny and him seem the only two with sufficient experience to hold back 4. Mustafi was OK back 3 but put into a back four and all over the place. Hopefully Koscielny is fit. If back 3 then Monreal should factor in on the left. Otherwise its a real toss up without Koscielny. Sokratis-Monreal for sure then Mustafi if it fit his head back on the right way if not Mavropanos (but risky on account of inexperience) Granit will be a bonus for us otherwise… Read more »

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