Arsenal hit Austrians for six in pre-Baku friendly


Arsenal beat Austrian side LASK Linz 6-0 at London Colney as Unai Emery stepped up his players’ preparations for next week’s Europa League final in Baku.

We have very few details about the game – we don’t even know who played or scored – although a few of the visitors have shared snippets of their experience with the media back home. “The pitches are like golf greens,” remarked coach Oliver Glasner.

Unai Emery apparently greeted all 38 of the travelling contingent with a handshake and only one of the LASK players played more than 45 minutes as their league season isn’t actually over. They actually have a big play-off clash with Austria Vienna at the weekend so jumping on a plane to England was a pretty big decision on their part.

LASK supposedly have a reputation for a high-pressing game but we suspect they were asked to take it relatively easy on this occasion. The last thing either side will have wanted is an injury.

If we learn any more details we’ll update the story accordingly.

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Let’s just do the same in the final, would be a great end to the season.

Maul Person

We do owe Chelsea a 6-0 drubbing!


Let’s replicate this onto the pitch come Wednesday evening lads!

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Well if nobody is claiming the goals… I bagged two hat-tricks! No takesies backsies!


Sorry mate, Harry Kane got them – swore on his daughter’s life


lacazette got all 6


I wonder how much we paid them to risk injury and fatigue before a playoff, to be a sparring partner for us. It must be a considerable amount of money. Barcelona got about 10 million euros for a game in South Africa last season, and they lost their unbeaten record in the league after that. This just goes to showing that affording wages for top players isn’t an issue for this club, we just need to trim the fat off the squad and become more effective and efficient in our recruitment and our wage negotiations. Otherwise, a good sign for… Read more »


I think we just said “pretty please” and they obliged!


Rumours are Mustafi scored a hatrick


Who for?

Mesut O'Neill

First ever Own Goal hat-trick?


He rarely scores own goals.

That would be Koscielny.



Judith Le'Strange

I agree 100% with Maul Person, but I would like us to score more than 6 against them, and not have Cech in goal, he’s still 100% Chelsea as far as I’m concerned.


It’s never a good idea to agree 100% with Merse


lets hope they play like this in the finals and lets not critiscize Mustafi. Lets have faith in him after all he is our fall-back. He does not need any pressure in a final.

Des Lynam

Hattrick for Welbeck. Off Arse, knee and bollock.


He’s going to be a very useful option to have.

A Different George

I thought the comment about the pitch was interesting. We sometimes forget how much better the conditions at a top club are than most players are used to.


In the linked article it says they’ll be going for Chelsea in the final, makes their champions league qualification campaign slightly easier