Friday, December 1, 2023

Reports: Dani Ceballos close to Arsenal move

Three of the four main sports papers in Spain say that Arsenal are close to signing Dani Ceballos on loan.

The two Madrid dailies, AS and Marca, are joined by Catalan outlet El Mundo Deportivo in reporting that the midfielder is on the verge of securing a loan move to North London next season.

The 22 year old has been linked with us throughout the summer, and would certainly help fill the gap left by Aaron Ramsey who joined Juventus.

With the need to add a body and some quality, the Spaniard would be an excellent choice, and a loan move wouldn’t eat too much into our restricted transfer budget.

It’s suggested a deal could be done this week, but with Arsenal set to face Real Madrid in Landover, Maryland next week, there’s the potential then for executives from both clubs to thrash out a deal if it’s not done beforehand.

Given the plethora of sources, the poos are getting lower.

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Kampala gooner

Helps with my pooos too. Could do with some positive news


Poositive news*


West Ham have just signed a player I’ve never heard of for the entirety of our summer transfer allocation.

Just to put the positivity in perspective.

North London is Redder

More money than sense. The market has gone mad and players “value” no longer comes into it. Maguire is an absolute lump, not even half the player Van Dyke is and I cannot see how he’s better than Lewis Dunk who’s touted to replace him (at a ridiculous 45 million I might add) – world record 80 million. Ayoze Perez a player who had me terrified when he was linked with Arsenal, 4 good months in his entire Newcastle career – 30 million. Wan Bissaka, a right back with a bit of something about him but only one season under… Read more »


Anybody who watches the bundesliga knows who he is.


And anyone who listens to black metal knows who Carpathian Forest are.

Just saying, small club, big money transfer. While we beg, borrow and attempt to steal ours.


Ray Lamontagne ?


Haller was next only to Jovic at Frankfurt and he is an excellent striker. He is NOT nobody


So only the second best striker at the behemoth of world football that is Eintracht Frankfurt.

That’s defo worth a £45M punt…


clearly you dont know what are you talking about : Eintracht Frankfurt was playing the best football last season in europa, unlike us they were capable of pushing Chelseas and quiet unlucky in semi final they are 5 time german cup winner, 1 league title and 2 european title (EUFA AND CUP WINnER CUP ), they arent giant like bayern but they re a good club and last few season they are been very good on the transfer market , now thery get rewarded by selling their 2 best striker for shit lot of money, they still got Rebic who… Read more »


Yeah massive club. Who sell their best talent to mid table West Ham. I forgot, that’s what the big clubs do.

Remember when Borussia Dortmund sold Lewandowski to Leicester City? Nah. Me neither.


Good player, with great close control…


So was Dennis Suarez.


Let’s hope this guy doesn’t have any unannounced fitness issues.

Pat Rice and Beans

And a hell of free kick.


This deal makes so much sense, which is why I almost fear it won’t happen

Hope there’s an option to buy clause in place if we manage to loan him. What a signing he could be!


Exactly, and typically the option to buy clauses are not astronomical. If we can do a sneaky 25m buy option it would be fantastic!


Hmmm. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, shall we. He hasn’t actually joined us at time of writing this! So, let’s see (a) if we get him on loan, (b) how he does if we do get him, (c) if he does well, what the actual option to buy clause is, assuming there’s one, and Real Madrid (who aren’t daft in transfer matters) are happy for him to go. Lot’s and lots of fences before the winning line.

Post January Blip

Would be great, but I do feel RM would be reluctant to let him go permanently. This deal makes sense on so many levels.


As long as he helps getting us back to CL, I’d be happy if we create a great player for another team. This is our current top priority.


Could be our first good loan deal in my lifetime (30 in Feb)


Don’t you disrespect Benayoun like that.


yossi benayoun some few years ago was quite a good loan deal me thinks!


And let’s not forget Kim Källström’s FA Cup semi final penalty kick…


Why does everyone remember Benayoun so fondly? He wasn’t awful, but he was just not that good.


Loan signings are usually crap. Look at James at Bayern. Yossi was a genuinely nice guy, a decent hard working footballer. So, no reason to say he was poor. Maybe not world class but better performer than Mikhi for Arsenal.


Didn’t he score in the last game of the season against West Brom? Meaning we just pipped Spurs to 3rd?
Surely that deserves legendary status?

Merlin’s Panini

Benayoun was good. He played like he gave a shit. More so than a lot of the rest of the squad at the time.


I don’t remember a single appearance for us where I thought he played badly. He was definitely one of those players for me where I wish Wenger played him more. Probably a slight touch of nostalgia goggles, but was a cult favourite for sure.


i think baptista was the best….(beast)


I forgot about Yossi, Ye he was decent


Were you not born when Thierry Henry came back? Lol


Does anyone remember the Italian goalkeeper we got on loan a few years ago?? I never even saw his face. Some say he was our very own Stig.


Emiliano Viviano. Don’t think he even played a single minute for us.


I was, was also alive when he said his Arsenal contract would be his last one then left the next season for greener Pastures. Place him firmly in the Nasri camp! (Roll on the downvotes haha)


Forgot about Kim.

Who you think brought you the backpains The eazy-e’s Icecubes and D.O.C.s?


Snoop D O double Gs ?

Man Manny

At a point Sp*rs were ahead in the deal. Could the attempt to put a spanner in the Saliba deal be a revenge mission?
On Dani Ceballos, that would be an exciting addition to the team.

SB Still

Finally something in the transfer window that’s interesting.


Play one half for Real, sign the deal at half-time, play second half for us? Could lead to additional shirts sold at the game… ?

The Peter Simpsons

Excellent comment – made me smile and only spoiled by the fact that SK would profit.


He could wear a special half-and-half shirt for the occasion

North London is Redder

This would be a clever move. It was legs on loan from Madrid that gave Chelsea the chance to finish top 4 last season and whilst they had to use a chunk of that prize money to buy the player it was a decent transaction for all. With a limited budget this is precisely what we need in an area we’re just short of bodies in. Also he seems to be quality.


Kovacic was a great loan for Chelsea. I think we need to be strategic and coherent. With very limited budget we cannot afford to be chasing shadows trying to plug every gap in squad. Lback for example is something that can await another season. BUT wide player there are so many options and price will cool. OTOH, we should not wait too long (on say Zaha which is a bit of a wank) andinstead be prepared to pay at 25-30m. The Cback we should be prepared to pay 20-28m. Hopefully Raul can lean on his ‘football relations’ contacts at Barca… Read more »


What does ‘Cebellos is a decent stop gap as Khedira or Matuidi for a limited season until such time we have more cash available and we can find the optimum solution there.’ mean?

What have Khedira or Matuidi got to do with anything?


After a summer of shit sandwiches, this would be a Jamon sandwich with a cold beer.

Thierry Bergkamp

Serious question. Is he good?
I missed a whole La Liga season as it’s not on Sky anymore

North London is Redder

You wouldn’t have seen too much of him honestly. 13 starts last season and not much influence on games but looked sharp. He was good for the Champions Spain in the U21s this summer though, 2 goals and 2 assists and he’s widely touted to be a good player.


I’m not against this… but Lacazette was 26 when he joined, and had pedigree…. but took almost a whole season to adjust.

The same with Fabinho and Keita at Liverpool last season, and also Kovacic at Chelsea took awhile to get going. Most players take an adjustment period, even when coming from Europe’s top leagues.

I suppose this is where we’re at as a club, just a stepping stone to go onto better things.
I’d rather we gave Willock or Smith-Rowe a season to adjust, rather than become a shopping window for Europe’s elite clubs


Why so many ‘poos’ ? The guy is actually good in my opinion. Spuds are chasing him too. Pochettino rates him very high.

I just hope that Sanllehi and Edu are wise enough to put an option to buy or we may have to watch him return to Madrid soon.

Also there are reports in Brazil that both parties have agreed 40 mil on Everton Soares transfer.

Edu Gaspar effect ?

Ben Constable

The poos are higher or lower depending on the strength of the rumour. Nothing to do with the players ability.


“the poos are getting lower” – you heard it hear


Finally! We are finally making use of the loan market. Insert an option to buy next season please.


Hopefully some truth to it. We do not have money to spend in too many positions. I should think Cback AND Wide player should take the bulk of the money so if we can get a midfielder on loan (Cebellos if not say Khedira or Matuidi from Juve), it will be better than committing money for a less than ideal solution at this point and thinning out our spending resource available. No Lback. We should be prepared to pay 30m ballpark for wide player thereafter and 20-28m for a Cback. Quality above all else. Spending on a Lback will compromise… Read more »


Your persistence is admirable.

Your message is tired and predictable, though.

Try a different comment, perhaps?


Preface: I don’t know anything about Ceballos as a player, he may well be brilliant. However… from an Arsenal perspective, this is incredibly underwhelming news which speaks to how the club is being run. Kicking the can down the road on our midfield problems isn’t the answer, its a cost-cutting measure. We should be investing in players who will drive the club forward for the next 3-5 years. Do we have a coherent scouting system? Was not having a technical director for an extended period of time a huge mistake? Are the current executives appointed by KSE operating for the… Read more »


A loan? Fuck off!

Someone On The Internet

If we get him, Tierney and the best wide forward we can afford in and Ozil and Mustafi out I’ll be plenty happy. We’d be lacking a bit in the centre of defense, we’d be able to play a consistent and coherent style with a back four and proper wide players, and if we can blood some youngsters it would at least feel like moving in the right direction.


It’s being reported only as a possible loan move, but he’s a good player. However, there’s many a slip as they say, so let’s keep calm and carry on waiting.

The Spoon

I don’t even care if he’s s##t to be honest. He’s coming to us over spurs, that’ll do for me. May the rest of the season progress that way!

The Spoon

Did any of those media outlets mention that they want Mustafi as part of the deal? Ramos isn’t getting any younger, perfect replacement, he’s won a world Cup and has European experience…..

Merlin’s Panini

He would be a welcome addition. A good player that allows us to buy in other areas. Hope this happens, with an option to buy at the end.

Jean Ralphio

Would be nice if Spurs don’t ruin this


He became World Class on my Football Manager game, if that means anything… ??

Jokes aside, lets get this one done before Spurs screw it for us! Decent player…


It feels like we are trying to recycle all of the elite teams …leftovers. I haven’t seen him play but it feels like Dennis 2

Group captain mandrake

Well, it is kind of the nature of a loan. You are either getting a young kid they want to get experience, or some leftovers. No one is loaning our established stars they have plans for.


There are some positions like the CM which are not ideal to patch with loaned players. I would rather play Guendouzi and Willock so that in the worst case we can sell them as PL experienced rather than building a team around a loanee.


Fake news. We’ve sold Mateo and Llorente, apart from our first choice midfield trio of Casemiro, Modric and Kroos, we only have Valverde and Ceballos as cover as Isco and Asensio are viewed as attackers in Madrid. There’s no chance we are letting him go unless we get a replacement which I’ve heard nothing about.


Wow. Nothing against the player but look how far we have really fallen. If there is an option to buy I will take it all back. But loaning players from elite teams means we are so far from being elite ourselves. We are doing real a bigger favour than ourselves by having him for a year and developing him. I honestly can’t believe how far we’ve fallen in 10 years.


Latest, and somewhat disappointing, news from Spain. While there’s a good chance that we’ll get him on loan both Real Madrid and the player are agreed that his future is in Spain. So the reports say that there will be NO permanent deal at the end of the loan period (assuming that it goes through). In addition, Arsenal will have to pay his full wages during the loan, just under £2.5 million for the season. This is not always the case with loans as sometimes both clubs divide up the wages, but not here.

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