Thursday, April 25, 2024

Sp*rs gazump Arsenal in late bid for Saliba

According to RMC Sport, Sp*rs have hijacked Arsenal’s deal for Saint-Etienne defender William Saliba by tabling a bid in excess of the French club’s demands.

The Gunners are understood to have an agreement with the player and were close to finalising the transfer payment structure but it looks as though Daniel Levy’s decision to throw cash at the situation means we could now miss out. Well, assuming this is true.

Arsenal are understood to have offered a package worth €30 million for the 18-year-old and, on the proviso of keeping upfront fees to a minimum, are willing to let him stay on loan at Saint-Etienne next season.

It remains to be seen whether Raul Sanllehi and Edu return with a better offer. If they don’t and we lose out on the only target with whom we’ve made any progress, it’s going to be even more egg on the face of a management team who are enduring a pretty horrible week on the PR front.

Yesterday, Laurent Koscielny threw our transfer plans into further disarray by refusing to go on the US tour. His decision will likely see him leave the club, thus putting even more pressure on our attempts to strengthen the defence.


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It’s gonna hit the fan


Hasn’t it already?


In fact, it’s gone through the ceiling and is currently making its way round the dark side of the moon…


Cluster J Fuck

Pat Rice and Beans

It’s more like the Cluster had one night stand with the Fuck, and from that night a giant clusterfuck was born.


Time to do an AFC Wimbledon. The old badge isn’t trademarked, we can do this. Who’s in?


What a joke club, we are Banter FC.


Consider yourself a disgrace for even thinking like that…period


Lads — all jokes aside.

We are in real trouble here.

The ownership have got to go. I don’t know how we do it. But we have to get them out.


Couldn’t agree more with this. We are poorly run (or not run at all) with all decisions being taken for primarily financial reasons not footballing reasons. Our soul has gone. I don’t think it is an overreaction to want our owners out.


The only thing that will do it is concerted protests at home matches. Marches, empty seats, leaving early ; coming in late, banners – plenty of noise.

Over time that would have an effect. Will our home fan base – who are notoriously supine – be up for this ?


I’m not sure it’s the ownership. It’s the execs who are running the show. But I guess the ownership hires the execs.

But…. let’s keep calm for now. It’s all just mega poo press speculation at this point. All of it.


This sorta stuff has been going on for nearly 15 years now..

The new edge to it being Spurs going over our heads. It used to just be United, Chelsea, and Barcelona out bidding us for players.

Now its Spurs as well..


Fully agree. A few weeks ago I tried to argue the same albeit with some exclamation points and profanity, comment wasn’t even published. But this whole window has been worse than 2016? pffffft

D1 x

I see the usual…

Wilsheres Middle Finger

Holy Moly


A calamitous transfer business we have here in this window


Arsenal fans are the worst and give our club a bad name. The online meltdown at the minute is just comical.
Sp*rs hijacking a transfer for a player that was going back to his club on loan has suddenly derailed our season?

Wait till the actual window closes. Chelsea have a transfer ban, just lost their star play and have just appointed a rookie, and their fans have still portrayed more class. We are actually the ones who give this club a bad name.

Juan Cornetto

What a shambles.

Anne Noyd

To think Wenger died on his sword for this.


Wenger? No matter how much you love him. He is hugely to blame as to why we are in this mess.


Why is Wenger to blame for any of this. Did we not buy Lacazette and Aubameyang in his last 2 seasons.

John C

He is the architect of our managed decline. Our position now is the conclusion of his totally unnecessary youth project, socialist wage structure and retreat from the transfer market. This is what happens when from a position of financial strength, you hoard cash at the expense of investment at a time when asset prices are going up at a rate 10x inflation. All because you “can’t find value in the market”, which is really a euphemism of i can’t buy todays product at yesterdays prices. All this from a man with an economics degree!! Wenger has caused profound damage to… Read more »


Well, everyone has different opinions, but blaming wenger is wrong, how did arsenal become a global brand in the first place, wengers ideas, I thought by now arsenal fans should have come to terms that, wenger wasn’t refusing to sign players as we all thought, but the board did, and used wenger as shield, if other wise, since he left has anything changed…… Nothing How much did abramovic waste on chesea so far? Instead of blaming wenger, let’s use out time to push this gold digger called kroenke out, as he’s no good for the club. another very important thing… Read more »


If you want to defend Wenger, list his actual achievements and titles. This kind of talk about Wenger taking Arsenal global as if the club was started in 1996 is revisionist nonsense. Arsene’s first title in 1997 was Arsenal’s 3rd title win in 10 years. But we have fans who talk as if Arsenal were nothing before Wenger. This is exactly why so many were happy to see him and the over-the-top idolatry and hero-worship around him gone. Wenger achieved great things, amassed a huge amount of power, then made serious strategic errors that we’re still paying for. The man… Read more »


@ Kaius — The thing about Wenger is that he brought sexy football to Arsenal, and he transformed the club and the PL in the process. For nearly his entire tenure (and even at the end for the wrong reasons) with us, people wanted to watch us play football (it’s something we’re losing our two-handed grip on right now …) — live, on TV, in replay, on highlight reels, around the world. He is one of the greatest minds in football, and boy did he entertain. Everyone makes mistakes, but I’m sure if you balanced out his economic decisions for… Read more »


Very well said

Kwame Ampadu Down

Futsboller…..agree with an awful lot of that……but I also wish fans (& there are still loads on here) would accept he stayed on too long exacerbating our problems greatly & not keep arguing that the problem is that we let him go at all …


Look, it is indisputable that Wenger had more control at Arsenal than probably any manager at any leading club has had in this country. People like you laud him for the positive things (mainly in the early years) that this brought, but isn’t it odd that it’s always someone else’s fault for the negative things. You really can’t have it both ways. Your comment “How much did Abramovich waste on Chelsea so far?” is bizarre. He’s certainly spent a fortune there but look at their trophy cabinet, including their most recent trophy – if that rings a bell. If Kroenke… Read more »

Gooner Sam

Easy to miss Wenger and clearly he was not the only issue but Ozil, Mustafi and Miki ate on h8m and they are three of our biggest problems


Yes. Of course the club’s decline started in the latter years of the Wenger era – the facts are there for all to see. Look at the slow but obvious failure to challenge for the title, the way that qualifying for the CL, not trying to win it, became the priority (and then qualification was “as important as winning a trophy” … although we’d managed to do both earlier on). All dumbing down expectations, you’ll notice. The fact that the move to The Emirates never produced the boost for the club that Wenger and others said it would. Add to… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

“Socialist wage structure”? I’m not saying I agree or disagree with your overall comment but please don’t use tabloid tactics of just scapegoating socialism. The demonification of socialism is a media and governmental tool to prevent people looking into what it actually is, and how its simply an economic structure that prevents those at the ‘bottom’ from the same level of exploitation or ignorance than say the likes of capitalism creates. Hence so many people assuming they know what that means and using the term negatively. And how exactly does socialism exist in a wage structure that sees a lazy… Read more »

John C

@Leno me, i couldn’t read your whole comment as the first couple of paragraphs were such nonsense i couldn’t make it through.

The term socialist wage structure was introduced to the Arsenal vocabulary by Wenger to explain his decision to have a flat wage structure during project youth. Such was his arrogance and hubris Wenger believed the powers of market forces didn’t apply to him, a fact that was brutally exposed as false when all our best players got picked off with the dross left to see out their contracts and leave for free, sound familiar?!?

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Wow, you’ve let the sun get to you, pal. If you couldn’t get through the entirety of two paragraphs how can you validate your claim that it’s ‘nonsense’? And given those two paragraphs were not only accurate but very basic I fear it simply being a case of a lack of comprehension on your part, which for some absurd reason you’ve clearly taken personally. Furthermore, ‘his socialist wage structure’ you’re blaming hasn’t existed for several years and is not the problem, it’s the lack of a structure that is the problem. If you actually stop and think about what’s making… Read more »

John C

Hi Leno, again i can’t be bothered to read such a long winded comment. You started off with a political rant that had no place in the discussion then you went on to talk about lazy players costing £ 350k a week, so you lost me. Wenger wasn’t doing the best he could with what he was given, if you read Swiss Rambles tweets you’ll be well aware that Arsenal have had at times more money in cash reserves than the rest of the league combined. I know it’s difficult for you to believe that someone you look up too… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Then why on earth should I read yours? Honestly, if you cut the condescending crap we could actually have a decent discussion. It was an informed explanation, not a ‘rant’ (and I’d say it was more socio-economics than politics), if anything the tone I directed at you was light. Those lazy player(s?) earning £350k pw epitomise exactly how we don’t hold any semblance of a wage structure, that was a pretty clear point and didn’t diverge from the discussion at all. Although, if somebody wants to take the conversation in another direction they are free to do so, it’s on… Read more »

John C

@Leno, you don’t have to read mine but you’re wrong on every level. Wenger was not held back from spending money. The interest on £200m in reserves hasn’t served us well as the last ten years have seen historic low rates of interest. Arsenal would have been lucky to see 2% or £4m and then that gets taxed, so all in all not a lot of money. All the while, player valuations have been sky rocketing over the same period at a conservative rate of 10% a year. As a football club Arsenal would have been best served investing in… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

You’re telling me I’m “wrong on every level” (very damning) yet not proving it. Interest is crucial for keeping your funds in line with inflation, the interest saw our steady profit maintain, and on £200m the interest rates have more options and better rates than those given to you or I on our ISAs. Interest helps keep the reserves where they are, whilst potentially offering steady increases. A few million next to a couple hundred million may not seem enough to you but it keeps our funds in relevant fiscal terms, and that’s it’s purpose. Although Kroenke started taking a… Read more »


100000% correct


Whatever the case – fantasying about Wenger is a waste of time. He’s gone ; and he’s not coming back. And what he did both right and wrong cannot now be changed.


I think it might help all of us to remember that had the team performed just a little better on the pitch at the tail end of last season, we wouldn’t be talking about decline in quite the same way. Had Emery been able to win just one or two more matches, we’d have finished above Spurs, in the top four, and perhaps even won a European trophy — we’d have silverware or a return to the Champions League (money money money), or both. Some would still point to our failure to compete with the top top clubs, but 95%… Read more »

Gunner Runner

Maybe Wenger wasn’t such a tight wad with the money after all, as some foolish fans believed. Get Wenger out and someone in so we can spend the money… Yeh right.


There’s a lot Wenger did wrong but it’s not his fault we can’t sign this fella up now!


If you except that wenger ran the club then hes responsible or equally so for giving ozil 350k a week for lettting ramsey run down hsi contract,for paying 35 mil for mustafi for signing perez etc etc etc i could go on and on. We have wasted millions upon millions under wengers watch.
Sure stan is a muppet and has a lot to be blamed for but wenger is the main culprtit

John C

He has cost us so much money not just on a deal by deal level but on a policy level. Betting the clubs future by over paying the likes of Bendtner, Denilson etc making them impossible to offload. Then incredibly not learning his mistake by doing it again with the British core!! You didn’t have to the world greatest assessor of talent to see that Gibbs, Jenkinson, Wilshere, and Walcott weren’t the spine of a championship winning side!! All this whilst not buying proven talent like Xabi Alonso, the mind boggles and when you add up all these bad decisions… Read more »


We’ve wasted money for sure but considering what we make, we should be able to get this over the line no problem. Debatable whether Wenger cosigned on the Ozil deal as well, I’ve heard otherwise.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Lot of fans supported Wenger’s decision not to sell Sanchez and Ozil even if that means the club incurs losses. I did not. Fans were saying CL revenue higher than transfer fees we could have gotten from selling them. Instead of tackling the new practice from players/agents to delay the renewal of contracts then sort of get the potential transfer fee for the replacement on the salary (Ozil), Wenger predicted than more than 100 players in the league will be in the last year of their contracts without renewing. For him, or was the state of affairs, clubs have to… Read more »


Amazing how the clowns at aftv could mobilise anti-wenger sentiment and basically make the club toxic enough for him to pushed out but they can not seem to mobilise anti-kroenke sentiment no matter how hard they try. I would really like to do my thesis on how Arsenal is really an experiment by some shady all powerful secret society to see how much tolerance for nonsense a human being has.

Lol. Hate to see it. This is shaping up to be a ridiculous summer.


This is really embarrassing, this hierarchy look like they couldn’t run a bath. This coming season is going to be a disaster and I don’t see either of our strikers lasting the season.


gazumped by Sp*rs. What a time to be alive.


Our management is Sp*rs.


To be fair, if he’s chosen T*ttenham above Arsenal, he’s not Arsenal grade.


I hate spurs as much as the next guy…but let us not be like united fans who refused to acknowledge city’s rise and to this day outwardly proclaim that United are a better side. We are a good squad, but spurs do not look like they are being run by people with no experience, unlike us. This can be very attractive to any professional footballer if it comes down to joining a well run organisation vs a seemingly not so well run one.


I’d go further than that. They are, top to bottom, in significantly better health than we are. Revenue growth, finances, stadium, coaching, executive management, and- worst of all- their players. If I were a young lad and not a fan of either team I know who I’d choose.


Although they’ve still won F all !

Dave M

It’s so depressing how right you are…


Until you look at the honours list.

Adrian Holt

Wash your mouth out!

A Different George

It is very unlikely, in my opinion, that Spurs offered more than the St. Etienne were asking. Levy has a reputation, from admirers and critics alike, of being an extremely tough bargainer. Spurs have never–never–competed with the other top clubs in spending on transfers. This just does not seem true.


Well with 45 million to spend, it’s hardly like we’re a top club in the transfer market. We don’t have all the facts but it’s plausible that they offered more up front or inserted better incentive clauses, it this point it seems to take very little to out maneuver us TBH.


George – Ornstein seems to have confirmed it. They’re offering 30 mil right now with bigger bonuses and a larger salary for Saliba.


How much to sign Daniel Levy?


This is annoyingly clever from Levy. He knows we have almost no choice but to try to beat the offer. He probably doesn’t want the player, he’s just making us spend more than we need to.


If we are honest, we have been a great example to work against.

They have looked at all our failures since the new stadium was built and are going to do their upmost to make sure they avoid all the same problems.

Added to that thanks to our spectacular collapse last season with an apparent dream run in, they also have the advantage of using champions league football as an advantage. It really couldn’t work out any better for them this season.



(Both my reaction to the situation and what Arsenal are offering as extra in response to Spurs’ bid).


Arsenal, release me from my contract please

Dave M

Best response of the day. Everytime I read something about Arsenal right now I feel a sharp pain in the left side of my chest and need to take a minute…well a day actually, it’s not getting better though!


Outstanding… 1000 internets to you for capturing how we all feel.

Freddie's Kids

Gotta love the 250+ likes when this site skewered Laurent yesterday for asking the same.

Bob's Mexican cousin



I want to fucking cry but my tear ducts are empty because of the shitshow


We run North London? More like We feast on despair!


Please don’t go back to the 60’s. Please don’t.


Arsenal board claiming they are disappointed by koscielny’s actions forgetting they have been doing the same to the fans for so many years…do they really care about koscielny’s feelings?…they don’t also care about our feelings as fans…. Our board surely doesn’t know what disappointment means….Koscielny is 33years and he knows he can’t offer much to arsenal anymore and has been pleading to leave for the better of arsenal..please let him go!…. The road arsenal is going to take to becoming a powerhouse is a long one so we need players who are fit enough,talented enough and committed to the task……… Read more »


What’s so weird about a club wanting to get some actual money for a player who’s under a contract rather than letting him walk for free just because he wants to?


Yes, whilst at the same time, the fanbase are on the club’s back for not getting a big enough fee when players are sold, and/or “letting”players run down their contract. As David Orstein said, it’s basically a no win situation for the club, and we seem to have got ourselves in a situation where whatever we do (not just with regard to Kos) our room for manoeuvre is limited and our decisions open to criticism. Very sad


Emery selected five captains of last season

Koscielny- leaving soon
Ramsey- gone
Cech- gone
Ozil- not Emery’s favorite..doesn’t even have the qualities to be a captain to be honest
Xhaka- half of the fan base wants him gone

The search for a real captain should begin now….we are truly on a long route.. God save us



Dave M

The fact you couldn’t even complete this comment by making the appropriate pun out of Rob’s name sums up our depressing state as fans right now :'(


The quality of a captain is jugded by the players, not by Arsenal fan TV. Are you an Arsenal player?


Unpopular opinion maybe but we haven’t had a proper face-of-the-club captain since Cesc. RVP only had it for a year, and while Arteta, Mertersacker and Kosc are all fan favourites, none of them have ever been world beaters

Freddie's Kids

Cesc was a kid and it was Gallas before that, the arm band hasn’t been accurately represented in a generation… Tony Adams wore it ’88-’02… That’s a captain.

Cultured determination

I believe those shitheads must be silently delighting that he’s leaving. They save 90k per week. That solves their headache of how to pay for edu and that ex barca piece of shit who hasnt shown us anything but power struggle.

Dennis Elbow

Apparently, his year extension was activated by Arsenal weeks ago and he is only now telling Arsenal that they should let him leave for nothing. That will not do. He, presumably, agreed to a years extension and then reneged on his commitments. If this is true then why should we bend to his will? If Arsene had a predilection for allowing players to leave for free, out of loyalty, why should Unai and co do the same? I appreciate all he has done for Arsenal but I also appreciate all that Arsenal have done for him. Arsenal do not owe… Read more »


Özil refused to play? When? Proof?


Since 2017 bro.


Why should the board care about Koscielny feelings? Why should we? We cared about his feelings while paying him for a year while recovering from injury. He still has a contract. Time to pay back the club and the fans. Sick of these entitled multi millionaires with their badge kissing “once a gooner always a gooner” platitudinous crap.


This is why you don’t wash your dirty laundry in public. Now everybody and their grandma know, that we are desperate and probably have to overpay for everything (that we don’t have).

Sp*rs (or journos) are just trolling us and we can’t to nothing about it.


Unfortunately it seems to be true. Ornstein tweeted it so it has to be gospel right


Hmm maybe this means we probably shouldn’t have taken 1 month faffing about and just got it done quickly.

As the great man Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV once proclaimed ‘SIGN SOME PLAYERS!!!!!’

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

I’m not one to write ‘lol’ but you kinda have to lol at this cos if you don’t, you may cry. What a joke. Captain that wants away, owner that couldn’t give a shit, manager who’s yet to convince and a boardroom that are producing an utter shitshow of their first transfer window. And now the Spuds come and shit on us….


I’m just hoping Laca and/or Obi don’t start agitating for a move, just to complete the perfect summer…

Drogheda Gunner

Who’s obi?

Yankee Gooner

Obi? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time…a long time.

A Different George

Still plays for Nigeria. Or is in the squad, anyway–and, I think, the captain.


A very long time


Oh, erm – I don’t know who he is, but if he leaves I’m sure no good will come of it.


You mean old Ben Kenobi?


I had to give you a thumbs up for the Dancehall/Arsenal pun username.

Frank Bascombe

Man, they’re sticking it to us. I’ve never moaned about Kroenke but it’d be nice if he understood what this means and did something about it. Fairly confident that, should it come to a bidding war, Stan’s got more in reserve than Joe Lewis. Levy’s taking the piss here.

William Nilliam

You have got to be kidding me?!

Frank Bascombe

Yeah, because you’re really fucking important.


Let’s just go back to them and throw kos the other way to be done with it and actually have a defender who wants to play for us.


Don’t care, cricket season.

Dave M

As an Aussie that is no better…


Try being South African….


As a South African its even more kak


Doubly so because our boys can’t play football or cricket it seems ?


Kak is the best swearword.


Oh good God!!


This is board room dark arts. Fuck Sp*rs.


Everybody is just toying with us right now. It’s as painful as it’s fucking pathetic.


I’m starting suspect we might be a little bit fucked. Next season is shaping up to be a complete shit show. Can’t wait.


This signing was for the season after next, so they’re not really adding to the fucked we already are next season.

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

Just fucking up our future season after this one preemptively.




I’m bracing for a mid-table finish.

Dave M

You’re optimistic…

Dennis Elbow

Never stop believing.

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

So… – We’ve been potentially gazumped by our North London rivals, solidifying the idea they’re now more powerful than us. – Our talismanic Captain wants out and doesn’t like the new managements. – Nobody wants Mustafi – Dinos after showing promise and interest by Wenger, has been written off by new management – Our most successful loanee has apparently been decided upon even before being seen by Emery that he has no plans for him, even though we have very clear defensive needs. – And there’s every chance we’ll miss out on Tierney also. – Coupled with our formerly recruitment… Read more »

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

That’s without even mentioning Ramsey and Welbeck leaving for free.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Dinos played 3 games under Arsene & got sent off after 15 minutes in one of them. Played 4 games for Emery last season….admittedly a full season rather than the half under Arsene but given he was out injured for 4 months until January not that much difference. Your statement about Kos is just speculation. The Bielek statement is again just speculation given he’s not due back yet because of hs involvement in euro u21s.

You’re right, things are shit, but there’s a very clear Anti-Emery bias in your post that isn’t based on facts.

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

“It’s just speculation”
As supposed to what? Is this story about spurs gazumping us not speculation also? 99% of Transfer news are speculation. It’s why I used “allegedly” often.

Maybe you saw the Bielik and Dinos story as anti-Emery, but my comment is more anti-Raul. Maybe you shouldn’t be so sensitive on the topic of emery.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Not sensitive at all mate. I suggest you read your Kos & Dinos comments again – no allegedly there at all and read very much as Anti-Emery. Fair enough if wasn’t the intention but to be fair I can only go on what you actually wrote….

Freddie's Kids

It’s fine to be anti-Emery, he’s a lame duck manager about to finish 9th in his contract year. He and one of our strikers will be gone by February and Freddie will get to be our “care-taker”.


For the record, can one be critical of Emery without being anti-Emery?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Of course you can Futsboller……but presenting as fact those statements I have highlighted is not just criticising Emery


I was at the match where he looked v good against man Utd. He marked lukaku. It was Wenger last game.
I went to try and get autographs, lukaku was first player out the stadium in his car not sign Ing. V quick after full time. Was lukaku trying to already on the beach?

Marsellus Wallace

Unai, is that you Mate? Your English has improved massively!


Talismanic? Let’s calm down here!


B..but we run Norf Landan


I’m sorry but the way this club is run is utterly ridiculous. I won’t be surprised if we end up mid-table next season.


Same old Arsenal, fucking about for weeks on end because nobody can man up and make a decision, and then losing out because someone else steps in and does the deal. In this case if it’s the neighbours with the shiny new toilet it’s even worse. Dick Law seems to have made himself a new career telling the world how he messed up transfers for all those famous players that Arsene proudly told us we nearly signed. Neither of them realise how stupid it makes them look, and this new bunch seem to be more of the same. My resolution… Read more »

Marsellus Wallace

I also seem to recall Dick Law telling a story about the Ozil transfer, and playing the toilet bowl denizens the day it went through that was intended to make Daniel Levy look foolish. It seems he’s (Levy) now having his revenge.

Dale Cooper

Stan Kroenke feeds on Garmonbozia.


Got a Light?


Yeah, use the red dumpster.


25 years later – could be about that before we see another league title…

Cygans Parting

I had to look that up mate!!! Very high brow. ?

Ray Parlour's Left Teste

I don’t understand it. Throughout all the fallow years, we were told that there was no money to spend as it had all gone on the shiny new stadium, this despite Wenger’s achievement in keeping us qualified for Champions League every year, yet Sp*rs can build a shiny new stadium *and* throw pots of money year in, year out on new signings. How come they get to have their cake and eat it too? Or was the bullshit about paying for our stadium so much smoke and mirrors?


Because it was a lie. A f*cking good lie from Kroenke.

“Self-sustaining model” is just an excuse for not putting any money into Arsenal.

Look at how those Spuds are rampaging after signing Ndombele for 56 mil. Now they look likely to steal a player in front of our nose.

Faisal Narrage aka Mr. Project Youth 2.0

We had the money, we just chose to “keep our powder dry” instead and hoped Wenger would keep performing miracles and time wouldn’t need catch up to him.

It Is What It Is

Match day revenue had a higher weighting on spending power back then. TV revenue means the likes of Fulham, Wolves and our d*ickhead neighbours can now outspend us.
Our brand of self sufficiency is almost impossible to achieve success with. The game is changing, and everything we do for the long term ends up biting us in the arse, short term. Emirates was cheaper, but revenues have increased across board. We were early adopters of FFP, yet not all clubs view the rules as unbendable. Both affected our ability to recruit and compete. We are free-falling.

A Different George

I’m not defending Kronke (who doesn’t deserve any), but Spurs have not spent pots of money on signings. They signed no one last year, and there is every reason to believe they will lose some of their best players (Alderweireld and Eriksen first of all) because of their low salaries. Reaching the Champions League final was a reprieve–it means that players like Kane will stay a bit longer to try to win something. The problems we had with the new stadium will be somewhat eased for them because of the vast increase in television money, but I expect the same… Read more »


Whatever happens…
I think this window will tell a lot indeed about the real intentions of the owner.
The previous season (and transfers) can be labelled as a transformation year/business period, but now the question is:

Our aim is to somehow stay (get back – better to say) in the CL – only for being profitable again.
Or are they really want to compete and are they willing to risk and invest more – to not only being profitable (more) but also for being the best (or at least: being among the bests)


Whoever sold this football club to stant committed the greatest act of FOLLY.


Meant “STAN”




Fan favorite saviour….david dein


‘folly’ and greed. Sold us all down the river.


If usmanov was in power headline would be –

League winning captain of Arsenal , Neymar welcomes new signings from Napoli koudobali, and Ivan drango from fc Moscow money laundering and Neymar is refusing to answer questions about f.f.p.

Currently we don’t have a bloody captain

Red Fred

Same old, same old. Absolutely nothing new here, except being over taken by the club in white on transfer targets as well as league places.
You can change the top team as much as you like but until we have an owner that wants to win nothins gonna change.


Errr… Protest at Kroenke now?


10 years too late.

Bob's Mexican cousin

Pee on his grave, just like all St. Louis sport fans. There’ll be a cue.


Norwegian gooner since 1974 here. The first two seasons I supported the Arsenal our club nearly got relegated, but this shower of shit we got ourselves into now is actually a lot worse. What I really don’t understand is this passive aggressive feeling among the local supporters. Why don’t you protest and demonstrate against Kroenke, the management and the board? I mean Liverpool got rid of their former and terrible American owners, why don’t you even try,? I thought North London was red not blue as a Tory?


Yes. I feel strange too.

They did protest against Kroenke. But they always stop after the club win something. Very inconsistent.

Mark my words, if Arsenal used all the budget to sign Zaha , all local fans would say “In Kroenke we trust” LOL.


To be fair who the F is mohamed? Why are you all getting worked up? Its another nobody like Ornstein who talks complete rubbish and makes a living out of peoples online reactions to fuel his wages. Tired of one tweet dictating an entire fanbase into another depressive cycle. We have enough real news and no activity to keep us feeling low we dont need to listen to a twitter feed nobody that has tottenham as their background picture guiding us.

Cultured determination

Dick law must still be around. The only reason why we are dicking around. Either that or kronke is a crockster


If this happens, we might “panick” buy Tierney as a make-up for this fuckup. We will pay Celtics 25M valuation which was the prize 3 weeks ago and the whole transfer windows was a gigantic waste of time.

Ghost of Henry

We all need to wake up. We are going nowhere with KSE. Look at his record – the writing is on the wall. His other franchises are shit. His attendance is shit. His transfer budget is shit. This great club is becoming a shambles. We need to drive him out its the only way! Lets get organised and get these protest started before we fall into even more disrepair.

Drogheda Gunner

That’s it he seems to be a lazy cunt playing the big man with his wife’s money. Buying clubs and stripping them of anything they have as long as there still getting there TV money and still in top division. Tight cunt


I think “wake up” is too late.

The local fans could have done better when Usmanov were there resisting Kroenke.

But i guess it’s kinda a political reason. Do the Brits hate the Russian?

Now it will be extremely difficult to make Kroenke sell Arsenal. It’s gonna be years of sorrow and mediocrity.


Color me surprised, said no one at this stage.

dr Strange

Brilliant move from sp*rs. They are fucking us hard and completely destabilizing their biggest rival. Perfect timing after the Kos bombshell and our US tour. They will go after Tierney next.

With the cunts that are running this club it will be a shitshow of epic proportions.


Open wide everyone this is Daniel Levy Tea bagging us while Stan does what he does best, stays silent and watches disinterested-ly.


I was considering buying one of the beautiful new shirts but the last week has convinced me there’s no point – nostalgia alone can’t justify the cost, considering the fucking shambles of the way our club is run, the laissez-faire attitude of the owner and our dire football on the pitch. I’m sorry. I can’t do it. Give me something to support, something besides three stripes and Ian Wright to justify spending nearly £80. There comes a point. And I really fucking want that shirt, it’s beyond beautifu, it’s the best shirt we’ve had in over a decade. But this… Read more »


Time to grow up I’m afraid.

Coquelin's third leg

I’m coming to London in a few weeks, and one of the things on my agenda was to buy the beautiful new shirt. I’m not sure I can do it either. I can’t keep giving that fucking leech money. Incidentally, I live in Colorado, meaning I get fucked with the Rapids, Nuggets and Avalanche too. They wanted around 80 bucks a ticket for the friendly here on a fucking Monday night. Captive fucking audience.

The Farmer

We definitely seem to be outsmarting the market!?!