Saturday, May 25, 2024

Report: Arsenal agree £25 million deal for Tierney

According to various sources, Arsenal and Celtic have finally agreed a deal that will see Kieran Tierney become a Gunner before the transfer window closes tomorrow.

Having had two previous bids rejected by the Bhoys, Raul Sanllehi and Edu bided their time – perhaps because of the player’s injury problems – before pushing ahead with a third offer.

It sounds as though we’ve rejigged the structuring of our second proposal offering to pay more of the £25 million fee upfront.

The 22-year-old Scotland international is set to travel to London tonight and will undergo a medical tomorrow. He will pen a five-year deal with wages around the £75,000 a week mark.

Tierney could be one of two arrivals before tomorrow’s 5pm deadline. Chelsea are said to be willing to sell centre-back David Luiz, whose name has come to the fore this afternoon, for a fee of £8 million.

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Tony Hall

That’s good, now we just need a CB


Hope we never have to deal with that little ginger prick again. Crying to the press every time we made an offer. Small man syndrome. Welcome Kieran, now forget everything he taught you.

ricky rick

Chill, friend. He was just trying to maximize the value for one of his best players. We got him – why still bitter? Can’t believe we’re actually solving glaring problems in our squad, what a time to be a gooner

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We owe it to fans who chanted Kroenke Out when Stan went to stadium to watch pre-season games in the US.


How? I doubt “Silent Stan” is intimidated by some jeers from the crowd. I’m certainly not a supporter of his but you don’t become a billionaire by worrying about that kind of thing.


Lol he became a billionaire by marrying a Walmart heiress


@EternalTiti, I was just waiting for the #wecaredoyou crowd to take credit for these signings. It took longer than I expected but there you go.

Kroenke doesn’t care about these hashtag campaigns.

Cultured determination

He probably thinks # is what you press when you wanf to confirm the option/ info uve keyed in for the telephone operator


What a magic


Rupert Grint?

Michael Ginty

Or forget the way that short little ginger prick taught players like Virgil V D and Wanyama.

North London is Redder

Well he didn’t as he wasn’t manager to either of those players. VVD signed in 2014 the year he left.


Not true – he managed both. Google it (not saying he made them what they are today but facts are facts)

Michael Ginty

You are incorrect. I am a gooner but follow Celtic too. I have been crying out for years to sign the likes of VVD, wanyama and Dembélé. Tierney is without question a better footballer than then all.


Not sure that Tierney is better than Van Dyke; VVD is the best defender in the PL…(but glad that we’re getting Tierney all the same)

Michael Ginty



Thanks but all the negotiations are through Peter Lawell, the Celtic Chief Executive. Nothing to do with Neil Lennon , who is, by the way, very tactically aware, both as a player and a manager.
He’s excellent.


He never complained once. I actually find his honesty and openness with the media a bit refreshing considering how media/PR trained everyone in the industry is. I may not agree with a lot of what he says but he’s definitely not one of the bigger c***s in the football world.

Cultured determination

I hope we cry each time everton comes bidding for iwobi until they reach 70m.
On the other hand, im sure we’ll also cry if someone comes in with 30m for mustafi. Tears of joy

Irish Fitzy

With you all the way with that one plonker trying that old injury stunt at the 11th hour sad man, welcome Kieran to the real football league you’ll fit in just fine!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Dear Celtic,
Our best and final offer is £30m + Mustafi. Kindly respond as soon as possible.
The Arsenal

Dear Arsenal,
We do not find your offer suitable. It’s £25m, take it or leave it.

Chris S



Wish I could retweet this


Damn, poor Mustafi

Cultured determination

Ok .40m + mustafi + kronke

Reality check

This could be a master stroke of a signing. Tierney is not only a pretty decent footballer – he’s also a natural leader, gritty and competitive. LB sorted for good 8-10 years..


As long as he’s not injured…

Mayor McCheese

“Pretty decent” is a gross understatement. He’s a fantastic player and I’m delighted he’s joined us.


Looks like it’s Luiz according to reports. If so, I doubt he’s our first choice, or even top three, but the window closes tomorrow and we’ve very few options.

Tony Adams Nose

I think Luiz found out that Lamps is a bit of a dick, called his old mate Edu and said something like, “oy Edu, still looking for a CB? Ive had it with that tart Lamps so how about I fill in for you until that French kid is ready?” (In Portuguese).
No one even knew he was available……


He’ll probably be first choice alongside Sokratis – at least until Holding is back.

Mayor McCheese

Luiz absolutely qualifies a first choice. If you think he’s worse than Mustafi, Chambers, Holding, and (arguably) Sokratis, then you haven’t watched him play.


I do think he’s worse than a fit Rob Holding. Guy was having a great season until the injury. I’m certainly happy if we land Luiz though (which it looks like we will).

Irish Fitzy

No don’t want anymore Chelsea rejects if their not good enough for them we don’t want em!


If this deal goes through with the numbers quoted by this article then this is an absolutely brilliant deal! At 22, he could potentially be our LB for the next 10 years. Signing a 5 year £75k contract wouldn’t do too much harm to our wage bill (earning less than Nacho and Sead), despite £25m not being pocket change, worst case scenario if this doesn’t work out then it wouldn’t be as much of a loss/as difficult to sell him as it currently is with Mustafi. Raul is definitely proving to be a man with pants, lol! There’s less than… Read more »


Excellent news with Tierney being close.

But am I the only one seeing Iwobi to Everton and that money being the upfront payment for a structured deal for Zaha who’s put in a transfer request.

I say make that happen.
We could go in very strong if Luiz joins in as well.
Top 4, here we come.

David C



Yeah, impressive business so far this summer.

Its me

Surely we are selling Sead then?


In wild speculation I wonder whether, & they are big ifs, if Luiz comes in, Emery might be looking at a back 3 as it suits both him & monreal as a CB. It also suits kolasinac & M-Niles more to be WB. That would mean they may be keen to do a deal on Ozil as a player who may not fit so well in that formation.

Not really what gets my girdle jiving so I kinda hope not.


The fear is real!


Emery really doesn’t care for a back three from what is said. He may need to play that early to offer more protection than AMN and Kolasinac can offer, but a back four of Tierney – Holding – Luiz/Pap – Ballerin is far better and we can better use another of our attacking options. I suspect we may see some back three early but should be fazed out if all of our injured defenders return to fitness.

Merlin’s Panini

I see the logic but then we just spent £72 million on a winger.

Irish Fitzy

Can’t wait for the winter transfer window to open to see who we get to replace Ozil!

el cuban

I think he’ll be pushed further up the park.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

There’s a better chance of Sead selling us.


Just promoting him to official bodyguard

Tony Adams Nose

He always good on the left wing. He’s a much better attacker than defender in my book and who’s going to mess with him now he’s Kung Foo’ed to pricks with knives?


I think this is the first Scottish player we have had in a while?

Its me

since diamond eared Charlie?


Scott Marshall says aye.

SB Still

Most expensive Scottish and African players are now Arsenal players (almost in the case of the former).


first team yes , in the youth system quiet a few


Charlie Gilmour had 21 minutes in the EL. 😉


Big if true.

Dave M

Yeah, I’m gonna hold out for a little more concrete source than “The Scottish Sun”…I mean (1) Is there even a sun in Scotland? and (2) Yes, the Scottish Sun (the newspaper) is the same mob as the English Sun – run by the worst kunt in the world – Murdoch.


BBC reporting it now.

William Nilliam

Wait for the Orn


Maybe we can sell iwobi and chambers to finance a top top C. B


Well, hope he passes the medical…


He’s currently injured so I guess a medical will be foregone.


How do you pass a medical if you’re completely banjaxed?


Hop on one leg for 90 minutes.


Please Budha, God, Ala, Superman, Stan Lee, Dennis Bergkamp, let this be true!


Its allah and u forgot to mention the great Harambe


Its man that flys on a pegasus too if we wanna keep it factual


YES YES YES! No David Luiz now please


I’m starting to come round to the idea of Luiz

He isn’t close to being my first choice but at least we won’t be depending on Mustafi

That truly is a fucking horrendous prospect


I hope it is either Mustafi or Luiz partnering one of our CBs. Can’t imagine the stress of the 2 of them being at the back together!


Luiz is better than every centre back currently at the club and there’s only a few hours of the transfer window left, so it’s a no-brainer and would significantly improve our team.

Drogheda Gunner

Papa and holding are than luiz

Drogheda Gunner

Papa and holding are better than luiz


Mate if you’re actually in Drogheda we need to meet.
I thought I was the only one in Drogheda 🙂


What is it with Drogba’s head. Must be a very hollow place yeah?!


Papa and Holding are very good defenders but Luiz is better and more experienced than them. He is flexible with good clearance, aggressive in crucial situation, able to take set pieces due to his awesome accuracy and finally has a brilliant heading quality. I won’t disagree for the fact that he is soft and sometimes loss focus on the pitch. He will absolutely help us.


Sounds like Mustafi but older.

My Cousin Vinai

Find it odd people claiming Sok better than Luiz. It’s almost like people don’t see Sokratis bad tackles and cards as blunders, like getting sent off is okay as long as it’s a bad tackle.

Luiz is better on the ball, more dominant in the air and one on ones. I ask people to name me all the mistakes he made last season, and he’s been Brazil’s defensive rock to titles.

Mayor McCheese

He was so good for Chelsea last season that they made an exception on offering a contract to a player over 30.

Look, let’s be measured about this: he’s being asked to come in and do a job for a year or two. He’s not a long-term solution, but he automatically improves our defence, he is (in my opinion) better than any of our other CB’s, has been part of winning teams, brings a ton of Premier League experience to the club, and also (reportedly) is very popular amongst teammates as a leader and motivator.

Mayor McCheese

Luiz is better than any other defender at our club. Seriously, for a team that wants to play it out from the back, you can’t ask for a much better CB than Luiz, whose ball-playing stats are some of the best in the league. He’s not VVD, but let’s be realistic here!


…apart from Sokratis and Holding. Probably Chambers too. Maybe even Mustafi.


Luiz might not be who we really want but he’s a million times better that what we’ve got!

Mayor McCheese

Yup. I mean “million times” is an exaggeration (Sokratis is very good), but he’s better than anything we currently have. Holding still has to prove himself. I see him as the future mainstay at our club, but let’s not forget he’s only had essentially two months of regular playing time as a starter.


Agree. David Luiz is a fcuking liability with the positional sense of a slug in a salt cellar. Most over priced player ever… we can’t offload clownstaffi, now it looks like we might go and sign side show bob as well. I hope this sh*t is just a smoke screen for a real centre back.

Mayor McCheese

Come on. That’s a lot of vague hyperbole. If you think this, you haven’t really watched Luiz play with any sort of regularity. You’ve youtubed a highlight reel of his mistakes, which are not representative of his overall quality.

Dazza C

Great work by Raul and Edu in there 1st window, identify weakness in the squad and addressed.

From the depression of the UEFA cup final, lot of optimism for the season ahead?


Yeah Don Raul has played a blinder all things considered.

Nearly every deal we’ve done looked impossible at the end of last season

Mayor McCheese

Excellent work by Raul this summer. Truly.


Edu believe that we’re making Raul progress in this transfer window.

Mayor McCheese

e-Vinai can see that!


Imagine that, common sense lives on


I’d take Luiz over Mustafi for next season.

Fingers crossed Saliba is an absolute brick sh*t house by the time he joins.


Too much reliant on hope.


Oh yes, God forbid that we’d be hopeful, right?


alrighty.. now please skip sideshow bob and bring in a young and top top quality CB.

Mayor McCheese

Don’t think that’s going to happen. My guess is that the club had about £40-50m left to spend, but two positions to fill. If it was Upamecano, then no Tierney. Now that Tierney is signed, I expect we’ll go for the cheaper Luiz.


I still think pushing hard for Upamecano this summer will reap dividends later. Players like it when a club has a long-standing interest in them.

Besides we had to replace Koscielny’s defensive experience so this is not a bad compromise

Mayor McCheese

Good point re: Upamecano. Let’s hope something works out down the road.


Yeah he’s got “natural heir to Sol Campbell” written all over him


Agreed. He’s fucking beast. Been frothing for a replacement for Sol for years.


Don’t think that’s going to happen in a day. Neither Red Bull nor Juve wanted to play ball. Luiz is an improvement on Mustafi, or Kos for that matter. I’m fine with it and it gets us through until Saliba can come in next year. Holding and Luiz might actually make a decent midfield pairing.

Winterburns right wand

If we sell iwobi, can we go and get that big fella from red bull in Germany?


40mil for Iwobi apparently and those German fellas were asking 70mil. I’m sure Don Raul can sort something out..


Great!! Now all we need is a big, strong, quick, bullying don of a bitch to play at centre-half.


Even United didn’t get that. If overspending for Luiz is the only way to keep Mustafi off the pitch I’ll take it.


Apparently the fee for Luiz would be £8m which is fuck all in this market.


£8m would be a bargain. Thought I read £20m in the Guardian earlier. I’d guess he’s on big wages at Chelsea though, probably between 120k to 150k a week.


That is a major bargain for sure. But we really are pinning a lot on a 19 year old Saliba coming back and immediately being ready to be a top CB in the EPL. If he takes more time to adjust then we will certainly need another CB of high quality. Why not just get one now?

Mayor McCheese

Much will depend on the progress of Holding this season, but as per kaius’ comment above, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of another bid for Upamecano next summer!

Dave M

The health of Rob Holding is the way…but Luiz wouldn’t be that bad for a year or two while Holding and Saliba settle in as the most dominant defensive duo in premier league history next season. What else can we hope for really at this late hour…That made me feel like Gandalf talking to Pippen…but hey, that turned out a’right didn’t it…

Red, White, & Rave Green

Spot on . . . it doesn’t feel like a “big name CB” was ever as high a priority for the club as for the fans, especially given the market shortage for CBs. A Bellerin-Holding-Saliba-Tierney defense looks pretty good for the foreseeable future at a very good price. Kos, Sokratis, and Chambers are the stop-gap to get us there until next season so it makes sense to bring in Luiz for Kos (and it’s probably a slight upgrade).


I wonder what the combinations of Saliva and Upamecano in a 4 at the back (flanked by Tierney and Bellerine) will look like in a couple of years? Or in a back 3 with Holding? Can afford to dream now. No harm in wondering and dreaming as an Arsenal fan nowadays. What an unforseen, unanticipated and unexpected turn out of events. Honestly, I’m so excited and no shame in dreaming further..


We sold him to Derby for 10 million.


Nice bit of business ?? He’s all action and no nonsense.

Announce Upamecano !! YouTube compilations are dangerous


Huge. Even Luiz CB gives us decent numbers (if non elite). Great transfer period!


this is the best transfer window that I can remember, it looked so bleak when Ramsey left but fair play to Raul and Edu. If someone said after our last game of t season that we were going to get Martinneli, Luiz, Pepe, Ceballos, and Tierney I’d have bitten their hand off. for the first time in years I’m actually excited about this team. I have absolutely no idea what to expect this season! it’s brilliant!!!!


You know Raul and his crew are so smart. Through this transfer window, they’ve been shrewd and spent the money wisely. Ceballos was at U-21, they didn’t sign him until he was ready to return. Pepe was at African nations cup, they didn’t sign him until he was ready to return to training. Tierney is injured and won’t train during pre-season, they signed him on the last day. All these saved a few thousand pounds on wages when they will not be useful to Arsenal. With Luiz coming as a short term CB cover this is a successful window in… Read more »

Guns Up

Excited for the new season, and salivating at the prospect of next season, given a fully healthy squad.

King 14enry

My thoughts exactly. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar strategy for an exit or two. Holding is still a few weeks away from full fitness. Keep Mustafi until the end of Germany/Spain’s transfer windows, use him as depth as long as we can, then sell him on their deadline day.

A man can dream, right?


Ain’t no way we keep paying Mustafi’s wages having taken on David Luiz as well.

With Mustafi’s experience he should be the one to step into Koscielny’s shoes – but with this signing clearly the club’s telling him he’s not the right man for the job

Drogheda Gunner

I’m very happy, every player we have got so far has improved the team or have a lot of potential, not just going for short term cheaper options like in previous years


These are not panic buys, but rather a well planned and thought out projects. Well done Mr. “Smart’ Raul.


YES. Finally a window to be excited about!

Arsene's Coat

Good news. Really hope this Luiz talk is a smokescreen for a better cb!


Welcome a new lb but would rather have kept bielik and give him a chance than sign a liability with no positional sense like sideshow bob… fcuking joke!

Tony Hall

I am hoping if we must have sideshow Bob we get him on the cheap because he has basically thrown himself at us and the club suprise us tomorrow by still signing one of the big CB targets we were after.

Tony Hall

I am thinking they are taking advantage of him as a cheap Kos replacement and that’s all, a bit of experience in the back row. After such a successful transfer window they must surely still be after one of the main CB targets, after all Kos left suddenly and Luiz replaces him. Even if Kos had not left we still needed a CB and not the guy coming next year!

Mayor McCheese

Seeing reports of £12m. That’s a bargain for a player of Luiz’s quality.


£45mil. Journalists were merely talking authoritatively on what they had said zero knowledge about. I’m glad we made them eat their words.


This buy also feels like we are buying a new full-time CB named Nacho Monreal for free.


Indeed. Not a bad purchase.


Great to finally get him signed up!Fantastic transfer window so far.
What do the fans think about the krankies now?

Yankee Gooner

It’s a great window, but it’s hardly the first one with the Kroenkes at the helm.


Well, they took their time getting their sh*t together didn’t they lol


Oh my God it’s happening! it’s happening everybody stay calm! everybody stay fucking calm!


Finally! I wonder why we waited so long – maybe to try and make sure we would recoup some funds through sales.

I know it could be a couple of months away, but imagine having Bellerin and Pepe on one flanks and Tierney and Auba on the other….


I read a comment that Raul likes to do the purchase on the last reasonable day, because otherwise you are paying the wages, instead of the other club.
In this case, Raul saved thousands paying the wages of Tierney (will no doubt get a raise) while he was effing doing rehab – which he can do just as well at Celtic.

Merlin’s Panini

Excellent news. I can’t believe it took until now for this to come together given it was pretty much the first story that came out this summer. We’ll have our left back for the next decade now. I really hope we can bring in someone better than David Luiz but right now we seem to be in “anyone but Mustafi” territory. If he doesn’t move on tomorrow we are stuck with him at least until January and he will probably only get worse if we sign another centre back. He’ll be further down the pecking order, confidence shot to bits… Read more »


Transfer windows for other leagues close later than ours, there’s still time to shift a few..hoping the club is banking on that by digging deep for a new CB.


I guess I’m a pessimist lol I think we are better going into this season than last but I don’t see how much we have improved? Our defense was arguably bigger or at least equally a need for us to improve going into this season. We lost Kos, at his age and injury history was still at least our second best cb last season if not the best. Sokratis is the only one reliable back there. Holding is coming back from a serious knee injury and chambers success came as a DMF for Fulham. We paid 30m for a 18… Read more »


Dude… Save it for another day!



Just because we sign a player doesn’t mean it’s all positive

Tierney and saliba money could have gotten us a very good CB that could be part of the team this season. Help us get into CL

Whatever is left over adding that to Pepe’s money could have helped us brought in winger less expensive and a FB.

It’s just puzzling that CB was consensus priority amongst us and we ended up paying for a cb for next season at 30m that could be questionable especially if we don’t make CL

Peter Story Teller

It’s called building a team for the future to start challenging for some trophies.
Yes we need a centre back but have you seen how much they cost at the moment even if you can find a decent one?
We’ve had several years of panic patching up here and there but this is the first time for a long time where it looks like there is a strategy behind the transfers.
Let’s just be happy it is happening as just a few weeks ago it looked like nothing would happen!


Peter I think saliba has all the tools to be a great cb. I’m not disputing that. How many 18-21 yo live up to their hype? Especially at 30m. That’s all saliba is at this point in his career since he hasn’t played many games. There is a difference building for the future and paying for a cb at 30m that you cant even use for a year. There is the cb that Barca bought last Jan from Ligue 1, for like 10m, taking a risk for the future. Buying someone at 30m and not being able to use him… Read more »


Here’s a thought – most Gooners have the same concerns as you.

But when good things happen and people instead use that as an opportunity to just air out more concerns, those concerns start sounding a bit myopic and reactionary


I understand and I get that. But when reading the comments and everything is thumbs up for everything Raul is doing this window along with edu, it just seems like we are getting shiny new toys without addressing immediate concerns for the upcoming season.


Upamecano is basically Saliba with one more season played. He’s already £70+mill with only 2 years on his contract.
His team mate is £100mill. So getting Saliba for £30, which is in instalments and addons is really smart business and something, hopefully, we do more of.
Getting these players the year before they explode and quadruple in money. Look at Jadon Sancho, he’s ridiculous money now.
Saliba is a steal in a market were there is a real lack of strong quality cb


James I understand young players who show potential are always going to be worth a lot on hype especially when the bigger clubs come calling. Sessegnon was hyped the last 2 seasons and look how far his value has dropped off. Taking a gamble and Buying a guy like MG for 7m is one thing and if he ended up a busy it wouldn’t be as bad because those are risk you take on young players. I have no problems with saliba. I just wish we could use him now. Year from now a lot can change. If we don’t… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

The team we had last season should have qualified for Champions League but they threw it away in the last few games against middle order sides. The player reshuffle we have had means that we almost certainly will make it next year. Ok, he is not everyone’s first choice but we are bringing in an experienced centre back in Luiz to cover for Holding’s recovery period and while we wait for Saliba. Agree, Saliba is a risk but you have to speculate to accumulate and we may end up with a £100M defender in two season’s time for £30M. Not… Read more »


Boring *yawned*

Drogheda Gunner

You are so depressing, I think we are much better off than last year and if not at least the club are showing great ambition, either way I’m excited going into a new season



I did say we are better going into this season than last. We have more depth this season I just wish it were more. Injuries derailed last season fast.


You missed the actual math analysis that showed that our missing out on Champions League was nothing to do with defense, but it was the endless 1-1 draws with teams like Watford or Brighton. In fact, ONE MORE GOAL against Brighton and we finish 3rd in the Premier League. Does anyone keep 38 clean sheets? The ball bounces around in the box and falls to someone who happens to be standing in the perfect spot. Or bounces off your defender for an Own Goal. That’s why the top teams these days frequently win 5-1.


Lol and a couple of those matches where we got lucky or let another goal in makes us finish further away from top 4

Yes I agree goal scoring is up because those teams have superior defenses


What worries me is if we do buy luiz and he plays guendouzi in the same game is anyone going to be able to see the ball. Won’t see the pitch at all if mo elneny plays too. Or has he gone now aswell?

Mayor McCheese

As long as Andre Marriner isn’t the referee, we shouldn’t have any problems with distinguishing between the two.

Peter Story Teller

We can always check VAR!

Red Arrow

Don’t know much about Tierney but if we’re willing to sign a player who is injured and unlikely to play until Oct/Nov he must be good! Players usually came to Arsenal fit and got injuries – maybe this is a bit of reverse psychology!!


I’m stunned and delighted with all the signings. Sure, we all have our opinions about what should have been done, but it looks as though that 40M pound limit was just to get some leverage. If these purchases work as well as I think they will, I’ll owe Silent Stan an apology.

I don’t want Luiz, frankly. He’s got talent, he still can play, but he’s so damned undisciplined. Everyone’s saying “better than Mustafi” but I’m not so sure. Come back soon, Rob! And honestly, Chambers is pretty good.


Very well said!
It’s funny indeed, that -as it stands now- after one of our best summers in 15 years how few are mentioning the Kroenke’s.
Of course it’s a complicated affair, but they really seem to stand next to their appointees.


It was still 40M. They’ve sold 20M of players, in a much astute fashion than previous Arsenal execs. So that was what gave them 25M for Tierney. * 20M for this year’s payment on Pepe * By loaning back Saliba, they clearly were not paying much up front, because they kept the player. * Loan fee for Ceballos, but that probably absorbed by the wage saving from Webeck, Cech, Ramsey, etc. (I am sure Cech wages were massive – decorated, many cup-winning top keeper in his upteenth season) * Martinelli (can’t remember the fee) * 8M for Luiz * 25M… Read more »


Likely means no Upamecano deal which means there’s still money left but we are probably going to adopt half measure to temporarily band aid Cback again (if at all) Hence the David Luiz rumour. Tierney as I have mentioned will be a good signing but we need not have distracted ourselves with this addition now as Cback (and a quality one) should have been priority. That said, Monreal looks slow last match and this will be a good upgrade to a problem we eventually have to resolve. I am more concern about Cback. We neglected to do something instead went… Read more »

Cygans Parting

According to reports we’ve sold Dominic Thompson to Brentford???

10-9 to the Arsenal

I mean…so now we have 3 left backs and 1 (sort of) right back until Hector is back? I’m all for upgrading at LB, but worries all over that back line…is there any back-up for AMN? Don’t say Chambers…


Regarding our fullbacks, I think we need to be realistic. There’s all this rubbish about AMN not in his ‘natural position’ (neither is Chambers by that yard stick) or Kolasinac a liability (not any more than Monreal) We are not going to be able to fix issues everywhere. Its a question of priorities. AND priority should have been CBACK not some future player in Saliba or pushing an old man in Koscielny one more season (Wolves way and Europa finals anyone? No Mustafi in either) Tierney will IMO prob be a good signing but we could have focused on the… Read more »


The point with Mustafi (and are you sure that you’re not his agent?) is that he is the biggest, but certainly not the only, weak link in the defence. That’s why he needs to go. The bottom line with Mustafi is that – on balance – we’re not going to be any worse without him. Despite the number of CBs we have, the overall quality, Holding excepted (when fit), and Saliba who is an unknown quantity in the EPL, is average to put it kindly. How many of them would get into the defence at the other “top six” teams?… Read more »


Well, Tierney is arriving at last – shame he won’t be available for several weeks because of injury though. He does seem to have a record of injuries which is a tad concerning in a young player.

Luiz is apparently on for a reported £8 million move – which is at the top of the scale for a 32 year old. Time is against us now and we must get someone in so I guess we’ll have to pay. We need any new centre back to hit the ground running, so let’s hope he’s fit at least!


Luiz is band aid.

Tierney is a good signing but not priority. We should have been focused on a good Cback from the start.


Yes, that’s true. I fear we may regret not bringing in a longer-term CB “fix”, but unless something spectacular happens in the remaining hours of the window, we’re stuck with it.


Tierney and Bellerin eventually will be first choice. AMN and Kolasinac will be alternates or wingbacks.

Monreal prob if we can move him on now.


Now snap up Luiz, he could be the bully we’ve been missing, got a bit of a nasty streak in him and he’s a winner, unlike Mustafi