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Chambers and Saka start, Ozil not in squad: Man Utd v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on Man Utd at Old Trafford tonight looking for a first win away there since 2006.

Here’s are tonight’s official line-ups.

Man Utd: De Gea, Tuanzebe, Lindelof, Maguire, Young, McTominay, Pogba, Andreas, Lindgard, James, Rashford

Subs: Romero, Rojo, Williams, Fred, Mata, Matic, Greenwood

Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, Saka, Pepe, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Ceballos, Willock, Nelson, Martinelli


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Xhaka's 18-Point Turn

Saka Get INNNNN!!!


Three defensive midfielders against Man Utd? No creative midfielder? I give up with Emery.

Also his treatment of Ozil is really poor

David C

Ceballos for Xhaka, but can’t do that to the new captain….


The same stupid mistake he made against Spurs. No creativity


He is afraid

Bob's Mexican Cousin

I hope he loses the job without us losing the game. A man can hope…


I get why he does not play Ozil but why not Willock or Ceballos? Luiz, Papa and Xhaka all in same line up, I hope we at least draw.


It amazes me that we are still making Ozil the story. We know exactly what Emery thinks about him. Let’s concentrate on things we don’t know, like if Emery is getting sacked after this game or another 4 or 5 down the line.



You say ‘We know exactly what Emery thinks about Ozil’, and yet Ozil was listed among the ‘5 captains’. If he wasn’t part of that group I’d feel I understood the situation more… are we to believe Ozil is now the ‘Carabao Cup Captain’, but won’t be involved in anything else?


That emery being passive-aggressive.


Ozil being one of the captains, yet rarely played, not in the squad even.

Maul Person

What’s the reason for not having Ozil, even on the bench?


That he has had chance after chance for years and just failed to live up to the expectation that the ridiculous salary he negotiated quite rightly brings?

Jason D

because he’s not a big game player.

Dave M

I mean I hoped willock would be in there for xhaka, but I knew it wouldn’t happen. Bad feeling about this…

Belfast Gooner

Maybe playing Guendozzi or Torrirea as more of a box to box? Not sure it will work, but let’s see.

Maul Person

Who? And who??


Not saying I agree with it but seems we’re moving to a ‘Liverpool’ style with 3 solid midfielders leaving the creativity to 2 good full backs (we will have) and a good front three (we have).


Yikes. It’s just a shame that Emery cannot coach or manage Ozil. Will we ever see controlled, attacking football again? United were there for the taking.


Man, Sky put up the stats comparing Wenger’s final 44 PL games with Emery’s first 44 PL games — nearly identical.

Come on, Arsenal, give us something fun and exciting to watch again, please, we can’t take much more of this!


Three defensive midfielders? Na don’t worry mate, Torreira will be breaking into their box as usual

Mayor McCheese

Love that he gave Saka a start here. Torreira and Guendouzi will be asked to push up when possible (hasn’t he been playing Torreira higher up the pitch these days?), so not sure the “three defensive midfielders” idea is accurate.


Mayor, these three are def mid, or central mid at best – none of them is an att mid. So, by definition we have three defensive midfielders, a setup we had against spuds when we had no creativity at all.


We have 2 out and out wingers, something we didn’t have last season.

Starting with 3 defensive minded midfielders away from home isn’t the drama people are making it out to be.

Our front 3 and Kolasinac will cause them dramas, particularly as they have a 21yr old centre half at right back.

Mayor McCheese

If they’re not played as such, I’m not inclined to call them as such. But whatever. I’m also not inclined to throw a fit about it before a ball is kicked!


Mayor, we couls then play Pepe in CB and call him a CB, as he would play in that position, by your logic. Would not make him a CB nonetheless.

Harry Sunderland

just putting an attacking midefielder in doesn’t mean you create more. Liverpool don’t play with one and they create lots of chances. The definition of an attacking midfielder is to create chances but when we play with one, we don’t create any more.


Didn’t you watch the 1st half of the game vs Spurs?

Mayor McCheese

I’ve watched every minute of every game we’ve played so far this season, and not much has excited me, if I’m honest.


Pushing Torreira up the pitch leaves Xhaka alone to screen the whole defence. Hence 31 shots conceded to Watford 0-8 FC
It’s fucking mindless tactics, and if that happens again today there is no hiding place for the manager.


I think qeundozi will be given the freedom to move up at will


Good old Emery. Terrified of everything.


Terrified of their worst team in two decades

Gregg Early


Gregg Early

sorry, sent by accident.

I meat to say it may soon be time for Freddy to move up a chair

Harry Sunderland

Guendouzi is honestly far from a defensive midfielder in all fairness


The only way Arsenal can win this match is if ManU score early twice forcing Emery to change everything on the go and try to score some goals. Otherwise a late strike will ensure their victory. A single goal means us playing for a draw.

Worst of all we will celebrate a draw as a win..!!

David C

Where’s Tierney? Also, why not Holding from the start?

Der Kaiser

To be fair the medical team must be trusted. We don’t want them playing only to get injured for months

Martin Harris

No Tierney?


No benji?


No party

my name is bob

Let’s poop on them


Thought Tierney would be a sure thing. Buzzkill.


Emery is just garbage.


Not the most inspiring midfield, would’ve like to see Willock. No KT or Özil in squad …
Hope the CBs can cope with Rashford.

Forest gooner

Arsenal academy on bench.


Regardless of tonight’s result. It’s Emery out for me.


So, if we beat Man U 5-0 at Old Trafford and our only loss on the season is against Liverpool, Emery is out for you? That says a lot. What is happening to our fans?


Oh how long will you continue dreaming for? Wake up to reality mate. What you wrote above will Never happen with this kind of thinking from our manager.


I’m not saying it will happen. I just think saying “regardless of result” is brash and naive. It’s essentially saying, “let’s not even give the guy a chance today. Let’s just damn him before a whistle is even blown.” It’s silliness.


We’ve seen through the fraud. Arsenal has a reputation for playing good attacking footie, not the crap this coward is serving up.


I think it’s just frustration. We all feel it. It would help me if the manager had a clear strategy [even if I didn’t agree with it], but I just can’t make out what it is, after 1+ years. I liked his early comments about being protagonists but I just don’t see that happening, and it seems like even some of the players aren’t clear on what they are supposed to do.

SLC Gooner

Not too bad a lineup. Interesting that Tierney is not even on the bench.
And increasingly looking like Ozil is pretty much done as far as Arsenal goes. Terrible that the highest paid player can’t even make the bench.


But quite correct.

Paul Roberts

I do know that Mustafi and Ozil were told the game was tomorrow, but that does not explain Tierney’s absence? 🙂


Emery making his usual mistakes but after a while now at the club, I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt and I hope he makes damn sure his selection works tonight. Xhaka Guendouzi rarely ever works but I have a slight feeling that tonight he’s out to prove he’s worthy of the captain role. No Özil again makes you think if Emery is continuing a grudge and that making him one of the captains was just because of team votes


Ask Neymar or ben Arfa. Ben Arfa is also on trial against PSG for the treatment UE had towards him.


Ask Abou Diaby about Ben Arfa, enough said!
Neymar is no angel either.

Time to cut some slack, the manager deserves it. If he doesn’t get the results and the finish this season, we can all crib what we want but if he can get us back into the top 4 and with the Europa/any other cup, we should all just shut up and back him.


With the crap, negative, cowardly football that he plays there can be no more slack. We’ve had sixteen months of this garbage and I don’t care where he gets us, he needs to fuck off before our best players do. Nobody deserves this, he’s pathetic.

Petit's Handbag

Ben Arfa and Neymar. Two huge pricks


No, constantly negative team selection, contantly changing tactics. Emery is not the manager I want to see at the club. I will back the team but the manager needs to go at a time that works for us.


gandu as CAM …. maybe this time we wont be so easy to score against.
trump probly called kroenke to stick the knife into ozil.


What does Trump has to do with it?


Lol, he must be the only other American that Shaka knows apart from Kroeber.


Who.. who is Kroeber?


That is a truly stupid comment. Well done. You win.

Iron Ljung

What is this garbage


We’ll need to score 3 to win this one



what a disaster line up. emery will never learn.

Billy Bob

It feels like he is cutting his nose off to spite his face!!!


Last season, United – Arsenal. 3rd sub: Suarez enters, Özil stays on the bench. Suarez had arrived in London 5 days before. We now know from Suarez’s own words that he has never been more than 50% fit for Arsenal. This season, Arsenal pay £15M for another Spanish player. If the guy is average, why would Arsenal buy him? If he is good/very good, his natural club, Real Madrid, will take him back. Or a better club than Arsenal. We know this Spanish player is here to get fit for Real and the Euro for his country. And Arsenal must… Read more »


The Özil situation is unbearable, and that Suarez was picked above him last season is f**ked up. However Ceballos didn’t cost 15m.


Let’s be honest, Ozil chokes and goes missing against the big teams 99.9% of the time, especially away from home.

Ambition at home is alright, pragmatism away is the right approach. We will not lose this one.

He has set us up to either win or draw, away from home against a rival, which is alright compared to the previous regime when we were set up to be slaughtered time and time again.


Their form is poor and they have injuries. Why don’t we go more offensive and try to get them on the back foot from the off? What’s the downside? Maybe we get hit on the counter and lose 4-0, but I’d rather that we had a go than sit back and be more defensive.

Fred Garvin

Özil MOTM vs Spurs 2-0, bosses it vs United 3-0, Chelsea home 3-0 & FA Cup Final 2-1, two assists vs Man City 2-1, solid, reliable vs Liverpool home last year 1-1 … shall I go on?


Reporter: “No place for Mesut Özil, is that tactical or an injury?”
Emery: “Not today”.

This situation is as unhealthy as ever…


I really dislike Emery’s team selection, why so conservative in midfield? Are we going for a draw? Sigh, anyway…COYG!

Magic City Gooner

[reads the names of the CBs]
[reads Xhaka]

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.

Der Kaiser

With that defence anything could happen!! What is up with Ozil? No doubt in years to come autobiographies will reveal all


Wtf did Ozil ever do to Emery? Also why tf does he not play a creative midfield? Seriously, United are there for the taking but this coward is playing a very conservative lineup with only 3 attacking players.


We dont know the full story, but i think it is a two way street, and its his training attitude that levaes him out of the team. Emery last year stated that ozil must work hard in training like the rest of te players but also think ozil is nit working hard on purpose he is in war with emery whi will last more we will see. Also to note that last season the second half of the season when emery startetd playing ozil again every week stated that now ozil is listening and working hard in training and deserve… Read more »


For all of his tinkering, Emery has a naive tactical understanding of the game. He has moved on from the one track strategy of spamming balls out to Kola. Now he just sets up his team conservatively and hopes for Auba to bail him out, despite no creativity or offensive strategy.

Billy Bob

Chambers in the team is definitely the right thing to do, but Xhaka? Oh please, it should be Ozil or Ceballos (depending who is fit to play). I have a feeling it will be a disappointing draw – as in I’ll be relieved we didn’t get beat by the scum, but disappointed that we didn’t take them to the cleaners!!! They really are there for the taking, but don’t bet on us doing the job!!!


Xhaka again. Really..! I bet he is waiting until we are 2 down so he could make the necessary changes.

I am fed up with this coach.


Emery out NOW


Oh no, no no. Once again it’s the xhaka sokratis luiz bermuda triangle

Billy Bob

Lol that is a very good analogy


except they are the reverse bermuda they get lost in their own triangle not the opposition


“the world is watching” – UE
let’s show who i like and dont like, irrespective of form and value.

Raeesah Ayub

emery is a second tier manager that is so defensive minded, even if arsenal buys ronaldo and messi, he will still demand from them to be defensive. What a clown!!!


Not convinced by that midfield lineup. Just hope that Xhaka plays as a number 10 to keep him well away from our penalty area, where he’s more like a number 2

Billy Bob

As in the number 2 you do in a loo?

The Gooner

Does Xhaka know that he is in the lineup?

Trex D’ Gunner

The Ozil situation becomes more and more sickening every week.
Another shitty line up by Emery

SB Still

Finally Torreira starting. Guendouzi on form. Xhaka is the captain, so!

Surprised Tierney is not in the squad.

A bold move to start Saka.


Last season Manure were on their worst start to season and we went there to get a draw when they were there for the taking (and lost Holding to injury).

We were losing to Villa and then went full blown attack to win it back. Now we revert to hopeless defence/DM (although I prefer Chambo to AMN, he may get tormented and get no cover).

I hope we do not sit back again like v Watford and get the crowd backing Pogba into action.

Teryima Adi

Let’s pray we win. COYG!


i’d rather pray for emery out

Paul Roberts

The Sky TV reporter failed to ask Emery about Tierney what a knob! He did ask about Ozil. Ozil is history I rekon?


Either Ozil is history or Emery is history. I’d rather keep Ozil thanks.


When is this Manager going to manage and stop playing people he likes. Board members of Arsenal please open your eyes and sack this manager. No creativity on the field. The central defenders and his captian still playing together. The front line will have to creat they own opportunities. I am trying to stay positive here but it’s hard looking at this lone up. Arsenal 1 Man U 4!!!!


What kinda fucking midfield is that? Is Dooz supposed to be the playmaker?



If we can’t beat them today, we’ll never beat that at Old Trafford.

Gudang Bedil

We’ve got Ozil, Mesut Ozil
I don’t think Emery understands.
But Xhaka is captain, he’s Unai Emery’s man.
He doesn’t play Mesut Ozil.


What a disastrous lineup, but I don’t expect anything more from Emery any more. He will never learn or try to be more confident in his selection or tactic, this is just him shatting his pants in front of very bad, injury ravaged, off form manure that just needs us to give them that necessary boost in the season, by beating us.

Only silver lining is that this must be very close to the end for Emery. Then he can go and manage a midtable team in Spain, where he should feel at home.

The Spoon

Sadly pretty much bang on.


So what was the fucking point in naming Özil a captain? What was that supposed to achieve?


Probably the players voted for it and he felt like he had to make him one of the bajillion captains so they aren’t completely ignored. At this point, even if Ozil manages to sneak onto the pitch and runs the game, he’d still be hauled off and left at home for every other game. Classless from Emery to treat an actual creative player like that (maybe that’s why he doesn’t like him?) but most importantly it’s stupid. We still play his wages, so as the coach, use him when you can. Let him bully some weaker teams or whatever, but… Read more »


this is just a banter club now…a frikkin joke of a club….the Arsenal way my ass.


expecting the customary penalty to be given away by our defence as well as us getting the customary red card.


Let’s go out there with a good attitude and make it a good ebening for our Spanish couch.

Thierry Bergkamp

I wonder what the men upstairs think about paying 350k pw for a player that doesn’t even make the bench, and only gets 70 mins in the carabao cup

Joy Boral

One positive to take from this is that Emery seems to be heading towards a somewhat fixed squad that will play each game. I’m okay with Tierney not playing in such an intense game first up. Tierney, Holding and Bellerin will become regulars eventually. I’m giving Emery the benefit of the doubt though things can go terribly wrong with that ‘bermuda triangle’ to quote backsakacrack. Hope Xhaka gives that extra effort now that he is captain. Not that positive about it though. We have to score a lot of goals to win this one. Sad about the Ozil situation, but… Read more »

The Spoon

I thought this was going to be a bloodbath a d we were going to destroy them. They are terrible and have no strikers, now we’ve set up to contain them for some reason and Rashford is suddenly fit. One of these managers is heading for the dole queue soon. Allegri has had a few months off, sure he’s bored and raring to go…

Make Arsenal Great Again

Oh my! If this manager loses this game, there will be hell to pay


Hopefully this will give Guendouzi or Torriera more of a license to get forward. Glad to see Chambers is being rewarded for his play of late as is Saka, but strange as hell that Ozil can’t even make the bench. Why is he even with arsenal at this point if he can’t even make the bench (in Emery’s eyes) for our big games and why was he named one of the captains?


Mind games.

tanned arse

Are we really gonna keep doing the same thing with basically same set up and players after our last 2 league performances. Maybe things will be different but that line up points to more of the same. Got this feeling that we’re gonna get over run in midfield even though that’s where we should excel and they are really weak


No stupid diamond in midfield ✅

Chambers in ahead of Maitland Niles ✅

Torreira in ✅…but not at DM ❌

Xhaka, Luiz and Sokratis start ❌

No Ceballos or Ozil in the XI❌

Putting a quid down on 2-2 with at least 1 penalty.

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