Thursday, February 29, 2024

Guardiola: Arteta already behaves like a manager

Pep Guardiola has backed Mikel Arteta to become a manager “sooner or later” although for he’s hoping he can retain his assistant at Manchester City for a while longer.

The Spaniard is the bookies favourite for the Arsenal head coach position with Unai Emery teetering on the edge of the sack after presiding over the club’s worst start since 1982/83.

Arteta, who spent five seasons as a player at the Emirates before retiring in 2016, was nearly given the responsibility two years ago in the aftermath of Arsene Wenger’s departure.

Asked about the prospect of his assistant returning to London, Guardiola had nothing but warm words for Arteta.

“Unai Emery is the manager of Arsenal,” he told Sky Sports after his side’s 2-1 win over Chelsea.

“[But] of course [Arteta] will be a manager sooner or later. We are going to finish the season but in the future I don’t know what is going to happen.

“I would like him to stay with us. Manchester City has a person of incredible value to work here in the future. But professional desires are professional desires. Everyone is more than satisfied to have him here.

He added: “He was an incredible player. The holding midfielder has a vision of what happens on the pitch. When you are a striker you think of the goals and ‘keepers to save it.

“But I think that the holding midfielder is an incredible lesson during your period as a football player. You don’t need to go to school.

“More than that he is an incredible human being and works a lot. I said after a few months together he would be a manager. He is already a manager – he behaves like a manager.”

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FECking make the decision to appoint him


seems like Guardiola’s requesting Arteta to stay via media

The optimist with little hope

I think he’s talking him up so he gets the job this time…


There’s literally no one better than Arteta in the whole world to manage arsenal??? I mean I’m sure Guardiola takes his work home with him, why not appoint his wife? I’m sure she’s learnt lots from him and for longer than two years, or let’s go all out and give Guardiolas Mum the contract to arsenal football club.


Why are there such low standards, arsenal have one of the best forward lines in Europe, a very good team really, the right manager can easily pull top 4 with this year. Arteta has no evidence to suggest that he can be that guy, he’s a massive risk. Get someone experienced now is not the time to take risks or we’ll lose auba, lacka and ozil this summer


Maybe they know something you don’t? Maybe they have the evidence that you don’t?


Hitler would’ve loved people like you Alex


Why do people on the internet always find a way to bring Hitler into the argument?


why do people on the internet talk like they are not on the internet???!!!



Haha. Nicely said. We’re all freaks.


‘A paradigmatic fascist dictator requiring blind and absolute obedience without question’ is more of a mouthful.


lol good one


There might not be a lot of top type managers who are willing to come here right now. Ten Haag has already said he won’t leave Ajax this year. Pochettino is unlikely to want to come to a slightly worse version of what he just left (limited resources but with a worse squad than Spuds). Allegri is really iffy given his style is similar to Emery which is partially what got him sacked from Juventus. I’m not sold on Arteta but he might not be a bad choice given the alternatives


Atom we are arsenal, we can easily spend 15m a year to double most managers current salaries.

Paul Roberts

Rob your really need to suggest you favourite no? I’d like Arteta me.

Paul Roberts




It’s not just about finances at this point. We’re a Europe league club who looks virtually certain to lose 2 of our top players (Lacazette & Auba) & likely very little money to spend. Add in Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and possibly psg & Juventus could all be available this summer. I love Arsenal but this is 2nd tier job now as there are no real prospects of winning any major trophies (excluding FA cup) for likely 3-5 years


Why is there very little money? if kronke won’t spend then we flush him out to.

It’s sad to see the low expectations, we are arsenal with a billionaire owner, massive fan base, brand new stadium, very good squad and based in London. We are an attractive club to manage and play for.

It’s not our job to budget for the kronkes, it’s our job to put pressure on the kronkes to give the best to arsenal and we’ll make their lives difficult if they don’t.


And if auba and lacka see a very credible manager come in with a great vision they may want to stay. The best want to work with the best, and Arteta is unproven at any level


@ rob

That’s an absolute pipe dream – the owners could care less about the fans. The real value in the premier league isn’t in the actual team – it’s in the popularity of the league and the corresponding tv deals. The fans aren’t going to force Kroenke our or to spend money regardless of what they do.

Crash Fistfight

What would it take for them to care less?


Raspberry twizzlers.


Most of your so called *top managers* were unproven at some point in their careers. Our greatest ever manager was a gamble at the time so was SAF. Even Guardiola was a gamble, forget if he coached Barca B or not. I’m sorry but we’re not the force we once were and I’m certain Arteta will do a better job than the “experienced Emery”


Emery only won Europa League because he crashed out of champions League every time. And managed to come second in the league with PSG. Emery never had a high pedigree. Arteta was average player (never even made the Spain squad in his whole career) and we know nothing of him as a manager, massive risk not worth taking at this time.


Wrong people type a lot.

Da Boss

‘flush out’ the guy who owns 100% of the club… don’t know how ownership works do you…..


Rubbish. Spurs have a poorer squad than us.


The fact that the bullshit aimed at your comment Alex, is allowed, is testament to how bad this forum has got. What a set of cunts?! I for one agree with you Alex, who might know better? Simpletons in arm chairs or arguably the greatest manager of his generation… I wonder.


So anyone that disagrees with you is a cunt, what a mean person you are. Arteta is a Trojan horse gifted to us from pep, and we’d be one less team for him to worry about.


Err.. We don’t have a very good team.. And our owners lack ambition.. I can see how we aren’t attractive to the elite managers..


We have the makings of a very good team, but a shit manager.


I actually dont think our owners lack ambition. It more like they have hired what they thought are good football people to sort the club out. They don’t want to be hands on with the running of Arsenal. It has its pros and cons.


And how do you know that he’d be a good coach for this team. We can’t be so hasty to get a new coach that we settle for anyone. We know he was a good player and that he is doing well at Man City, but it a different capacity somewhat. I’d like him as well, but a few bad results would make things hard on him

Naked Cygan

Who has Arteta managed?
He works under the one of the best managers in the world. He also works for one of the richest clubs in the world who spend 70 millions for fun. Let him work for a club like Watford, Brighton, or Norwich and let’s see what he does. We need someone with experience and excellent game management.


Damn, this is a great fatweighted argument. Cheers.


Would you consider Eddie Howe then? Personally, I would LOVE to see Leonardo Joachim at Arsenal.

Dark horse pick: Clarence Seedorf?

These two blokes are about attacking football and making sure they communicate well with the team. They’re the opposite of Emery and making sure they’re ideals are clear to the team and the team is happy.


I always loved the idea of having Jardim !
What he did with Monaco was incredible. Champion’s league semi-final and won ligue 1, beating Emery’s PSG with half the budget.


Ajax manager with overmans while retaining freddie.


No to Arteta please. Allegri or Freddie


So no one with some experience. Either all the experience or no experience.

Bring back David Hillier

Freddie Flintoff or Flinstone?

Paul Roberts

Barney Rubble is well likeable though! Let’s not rule him out just yet… 🙂

Paul Roberts

I can see Thelma sorting out the defence?


That’s Wilma to you sir.


You have to explain why Freddie would be a better solution than Arteta.


Arteta’s hair just lines up the same way every time. The whole league has got it figured out.

But Freddie.. Freddie’s hair does TACTICS.
It changes with the times

Well, DID tactics anyway.

Paul Roberts

Yes but the other managers would know that Freddie would dye his hair red and prepare for it??


He wouldn’t. Neither are the answer.

Crash Fistfight

Freddie at least has some experience of managing a team, and with positive results, too.

Pepe Le Pew

Freddie managed very successfully the youth team. He is a proven winner and bold enough to colour his hair red! So here you have it!! #rooting4freddie


So many who want to gamble with a man who had has no experience as a manager. Please bring in a proven winner like Allegri. Why areso many against this?

Ben Constable

Because we went down the proven winner route in Emery, and it has been a train wreck. Not saying that means we should jump to the next extreme, but one of the intriguing things about hiring a Head Coach like Arteta is the unknown. Might be a disaster, I’m willing to give it a try.


Allegri was winning with Juventus, like emery with PSG, leagues with no real competition


While I agree with this Allegro won with more that one team when there was competition and he also progressed far in the Champions League…two finals I think. Always made quarter final, but with a great defence.

Paul Roberts

Because we did that recently?


I don’t get it. We chose an experienced manager, it didn’t work, so the most obvious solution is… to choose an *inexperienced* manager? As opposed to simply choosing another experienced manager until we find the right fit?

I mean, if you dated a supermodel once and it didn’t work, would you then decide to date the ugliest girl u could find instead? You guys are very confusing


so dating a superficial girl vs dating a non superficial one? attractiveness can be subjective. league results arent.

Jean Ralphio

Please be true

Scott P

Get him in


Slightly aroused by this


If we’re going to appoint an untried manager, I’d prefer it to be Freddie. He’s already here (so, no compensation to pay), and he’s done nothing wrong. Whatever happens, change is imperative.


both may be untried but arteta has been learning alongside one of the best for over 2 years. can’t say the same for freddie. both have excellent hair though, at least on his day in Freddie’s case.

i wouldn’t be overly concerned with the compensation if it meant we are getting the best (or better man) for the job.


It’s unlikely City would demand compensation as it’s a clear promotion for Arteta & these comments appear to be Pep’s public blessing for him taking over.


I’m going to sound like a broken record, but fuckit. Arteta over Freddie all day long. Arteta has been with the best manager of this generation. Freddie has been with Jonker and Emery. The season is gone. If Arteta gets top 4 or close, unbelievable. If not half a season of experience under his belt. Plus by all accounts, he’s got a personality that means he can make tough calls


also pep has given the ‘head coach’ job to arteta for the league cup games for at least a season. from its looks, freddie has managed the team a maximum of 3 times, our early cup performances, if that rumor is to be believed. though you also have to take into account arteta is linked with everton too and has no other experience, other than the mentorship of one of the worlds top rated managers. and that freddie has experience managing the under 23’s, and personally I could deal with us getting rid of a failing arteta more than a… Read more »



Pepe Le Pew

Nepotism don’t work! Friends of Einstein were not Einstein.


Thank you. Honestly some of the logic flying around this blog could break the laws of relativity


Many, if not most of Einstein’s friends and acquaintances were fecking brilliant.

Really bad example.


You’re muddling the point a bit.

Einstein’s theory of relativity was a collaborative product of research involving elite mathematicians, physicists and other scientists. But those scientists were “feckin brilliant” because of their own academic work, not what they learnt or absorbed from Einstein

So maybe we should let Arteta become an actual scientist first, meaning let him get a real coaching job (like his age-mates Lampard, Zidane, Vieira, Gerrard and even Gary Neville) before we anoint him


Making far too much of a bad analogy.

“Spock wasn’t Kirk either.
But he was feckin’ brilliant when called upon.”

See? That was easy. Made sense.
Didn’t require a feckin’ dissertation to explain.

I’m fecking right about Arteta too.

Crash Fistfight

Was he brilliant as a captain?


Why? They both have glorious hair.

Pete Plum

If we get Arteta we still have Freddy and the makings of an Arsenal bootroom


Sign da ting

dr Strange

So he’s not Arsenal quality then.


There’s no experienced/highly tauted manager that we can get. We’re just not an appealing project right now. Allegri is Unai Emery in Italian. He’s not what we want and we’re not really what he wants either, we’d just be right back here in a year or two. It’s time to take a risk, the stakes are low frankly because asking anyone to come in and get us CL football now is an unfair remit. Why not use the remainder of the season to allow an ambitious person to get to work under low expectations? Arteta is as highly rated as… Read more »


I thought I was the only one that wasn’t totally sold on Allegri. Doesn’t have a reputation for attacking football and Juventus are to Seria A what PSG are to Ligue 1. Not saying he’s a bad manager, just not my preference. We’ve tried a steady hand and it’s blown up in our face, it’s time to roll the dice on a young, progressive, attacking minded manager.


Anyone else agree that we should employ a coach who could sort the defence out first? I think we have forwards who know what they’re doing really.


we cant fix the defence in January, and tbh in the new setup the coach doesnt buy players, they may have a say, I.E can you look at this guy please? or no i cannot use that player in my system.

we leak goals because we dont have a solid setup with a responsible midfield.

a 3rd point, pep is known for setting his team up with specific instructions until the final 3rd, when he allows complete creativity. which fits your request in a way.

Olivije Žirod

The last time I checked we are having trouble creating chances and scoring goals. Only individual quality is saving us and even that is fading atm. It is more important to first fix attack.


Although Juve are top dogs, there’s abit more competition in serie A than PSG have in league 1. Think the comparison is undermining Alegrís achievements somewhat. Yes there’s a potential languages barrier to start with but didn’t poch start with a translator, Didn’t seem to make any difference to his teams in that period.


Put it to a vpte among the players 🙂


Almost never is it that the first names bandied are the basis of an ultimate choice.


Not a good decision IMO. Unai is already far more experienced and playing the same game as Pep. BUT he does not have the assets to do so. We are unable to play out of deep defense the same way or control the ball. Arteta will emulate his mentor, likely do the same. More frustration as the same people idiotically calling for change scratch their head a month or two down wondering twhere we went wrong. Doing things out of desperation probably one of the most idiotic things one can do. …granted we are in precarious situation and Unai is… Read more »


Quite a few things wrong with your post, but I’ll try to limit myself to one point. You seem to think that Emery plays the same style as Guardiola, so Arteta will be bound to make the same mistakes as Emery (I disagree, but that’s a separate point). What you really completely fail to realise is that tactics are not simply picking a best xi, and then saying “go and press, play out from the back, maintain possession”. It’s far more complex and nuanced than that, so Arteta (even if the overall style was similar to Emery) would bring a… Read more »


also which madrid club has no manager at the moment? because poch wont manage a lesser spanish team or barca. also, emery is past the point of no return with his insistence of playing out from the back. he lost the war with ozil, to which im sure he lost alot of respect in the dressing room, his results arent coming and to throw everying he has been working on up until now out of the window would completely underwhelm him(if he isnt already :/) arteta coming in could clearly see it doesnt work 100% of the time (not even… Read more »


If santori is against it, then i’m in. Bring on lego hair!


Another essay. Can you try to be succinct or get your own blog please.


Get girlfriend Santori. You’ll still be able to post but your time will be limited and then…………….sorry got to go the missus is calling. See what I mean mate?


That’s a lot of words to say absolutely nothing of any substanc or sense…


This season is already gone from a top 4 standpoint, but we should start building and preparing for next year as soon as possible.
The sooner we start, the more opportunities he’ll have to getting used to being a head coach and all the burden and dynamics within the club that comes with it.
If he’s willing to come here at these desperate times, his appointment should be a no brainer from our perspective.


“No brainer” as in not thinking it through.

I’d rather wait for a better managerial option next summer if this season is already a wash out.

Less instability.

Worse to get someone short term like Ole at United and you have to visit this issue yet again.

Sounds daft to me.


My fear Santi is that, if we’re not seen to be serious now, we wave goodbye to Auba, Laca, Torreira, and maybe a few more before we get it sorted.


have you not considered that this season being a rightoff means the manager can come in with no pressure to perform until august.
give him the same time as emery, with judgement coming in the second season.

Reality check

With the consistency that points are dropped in this league, a long unbeaten run can not only get you the top 4 but can also win you this league.


We had a 21 game unbeaten run under Emery, didn’t win us fuck all….or even get top four.

Bould's Eyeliner

I would say Emery and Arteta have a major difference in that Arteta is uniquely positioned to inherit the overall skeleton of Wenger’s final squad, which is still pretty much intact. He knows the players, and his understanding of midfield would nicely help Gendouzi develop into a complete central player.


Arteta is probably a decent enough manager to get right now. Only thing that concerning is whether or not he brings a coaching staff with him. That will probably take alot of trial and error before we get a decent setup.


Pep will be his assistant in a few years.



Thanks for that– some levity was sorely needed.


One thing no one mentions is that unlike Allegri and whoever else, Arteta has played in the Premier league quite recently, worked under and along side one of the best footballing coaches in the game from a technical viewpoint and most importantly to me, will be eager to implement his own way (unlike emery who has no way)


I’m not struck on Citeh defensively at the moment – could Arteta really sort ours out?



Pepe Le Pew

Mikel, leave the forum please. The board will make its decision without reading Arseblog comment section


I think they had at least 4 defenders injured at once.
havent had a solid backline for most of the season so far. (sound familiar?)

Paul Roberts

My cat would improve our defence.


You would play Meow-stafi then?


Everyone knows that Paul’s cat would bring great discipline in and around the (litter) box.

Pepe Le Pew

Good point.


Thanks for this! Even Guardiola had to consult Xabi Alonso and I’m sure Arteta to properly understand the EPL. Its Arteta for me


If Guardiola (can’t stand commentators who refer to him as Pep) rates him, that’s good enough for me. Should have stayed with your original decision last year Gazidis, you melt. That said I would happily give Eddie Howe a punt or Freddie or inanimate carbon rod, anyone over Emery basically either than the cunt who went to the cunts.


The cunt who went to the cunts. Sounds like a regular feature from the Muppet Show. The continuing stoooorrrrry of…


Exactly, and the about-turn people have made on here: suddenly your friend and mine ‘poch’. It makes me sick


Speculation begets speculation! It’s like an extra transfer window!


And lots of problems abound just in squad capability alone – CBack, even tighter choices at CM, misfiring Pepe. BUT basics is what we need : 1) Hard work. Off ball, we should take a page from humble Sheffield (or any other team for the matter). We are not aggressive enough defensively and not positive in attack. 2) Concentration levels. As amply illustrated last league game, this continues to be a problem without Mustafi or Granit. too many fans delude themselves. 3) Transitions. We are far too tedious building from the back with way too many short passes. With the… Read more »


Don’t think they like or agree with the “delusional fans” bit

Upamecano but downalego

Or, you know, any of it.


How does he get his hair like that? I’d take him just to find out.

Bodie CI5

Its just like the bloody Brexit,, let’s just get it done and get out, and with Emery get him out and move on,,, PLEEEEEEASE

Bodie CI5

I guess the thumbs down people still want Emery in then


Not sure of your interpretation there bud…
Trying hard to avoid a rant here…
so in short ‘just get it done’ or similar is what a kid would say , you know like ‘I just want it’ because they see a nicely wrapped but still crap chocolate on the shelf in a supermarket without realizing how bad and damaging it can be.


So no that is not what that means.
(To help avoid you reaching another incorrect conclusion)


Erik ten Hag


Like Ten Hag would come to us atm – no chance.


…if anything, I’d prefer Ponch. He’s plenty of experience in the league, punched (no pun) above his weight with Spurts. Would be great if we took him and still finished above them with their Moanrinho. Plus Ponch style may suit us, with emphasis on dynamic attacks and wing play, high immediate press. If there is no opening for big teams in Spain – Real Zidane looks OK for the moment, Barca wary of his Espanyol roots maybe, at very least if things turn upside down more for Unai, he could be a short term replacement with working knowledge of PL… Read more »


What? No love for Jon?

Santori Neville whether you like him or not always thinks things through. As mentioned, unlikely Arsenal an attractive proposition for Ponch for a variety of reasons. BUT as Neville mentioned, end of article, you can’t get rid of a manager at the slightest first run of trouble unless of course it suits both parties and the manager to leave as well. That could apply to BOTH Ponch and Unai. What will transpire will likely be decided over next couple of matches for us particularly league match. But weighed against mediocre option in market manager-wise, it may be prescient to run… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

You seem to be the only person in the world who thinks his name starts with Ponch. Here’s a clue: read the article and link you just posted.


Love to see Pep bragging about himself in a response to a question about Arteta…
(yes I know they both played the same position).

Reality check

I think he was explaining how he sees the game rather than boosting how good a player or manager he is..


Surely calling him an incredible player diminishes the entire statement. If he’s as good a manager as he was a player he’ll be mid-table mediocrity.


Pretty much every manager out there admires Pep and tries to emulate Pep-ball. Emery is one of them. Pep-ball entails possession (at least tentatively) and a slow build-up of attacks. You get a lot of boring football, but of course one of the Pep clones, normally Pep himself, will win. And it is fun to win.

I think Pep ball might have reached its zenith. It’s time for faster transitions and attacks (which in its turn requires a real defence, as you lose the ball more often).

So if Arteta wants to play Pep-ball: No thank you.


Hahaha how low have we fallen. Guy with no ambition or demonstrative ability to manage a football club is who we are begging for. I mean his only claim is putting out the cones in training for city.


How do you know Arteta has no ambition?


There’s literally no one better than Arteta in the whole world to manage arsenal??? I mean I’m sure Guardiola takes his work home with him, why not appoint his wife? I’m sure she’s learnt lots from him and for longer than two years, or let’s go all out and give Guardiolas Mum the contract to arsenal football club.


Arteta would be a huge gamble. There’s a massive difference between being a coach and being a manager. Don Howe was a brilliant coach but a useless boss. His 80s teams were just about the worst I’ve ever seen – until now. Right now we need an experienced manager who can take hold of these group of players and turn them into an effective team – and do it quickly. Throwing in a rookie boss into a club in crisis – which is exactly what we are – would be madness. Maybe sometime in the future Arteta could be Arsenal… Read more »

Tony Hall

Rafa would be an excellent choice, he is well liked, a good manager and a steadying influence. He rescued Chelsea after Di Matteo was sacked and won the Europa League with them. he would get the team going up the table again and can handle star players.


Which experienced manager will agree to join us in this mess and can really challenge Klopp, Pep, Mou in a year or 2 considering we don’t spend as these guys. A gamble is what we need, anyone we take now is a gamble….. Even an experienced coach.

Dave Roberts

In my not so humble opinion, Unai is too attention detailed in his management approach. It appears that our star players; Laca, Auba, Pepe, and Ozil (all forwards) aren’t given the freedom of unrestricted play. Instead, they’re told to play in a certain zone with a given emphasis. They could be dynamite if they were given their creative freedom.

See this for a funny commentary, plus examples of Cazorla, Sanchez and Ozil playing together freely (video runs for 3 minutes);


Thanks for this
Good times!

SLC Gooner

Thanks for that video. Hadn’t seen it before. Pretty hard to imagine that kind of joking and positive atmosphere now.


Thanks for that mate, brilliant. We still weren’t any good at the back but our identity was an attacking one and what an identity it was.
Tell you what Santi and Mesut fit into that background poster quite well


I think whoever comes in has to be someone the players look to and think ‘yeah, he’ll sort us out’. Not sure who that is but as I dont think we’re going to make the CL, the prospect of losing Auba and Laca terrifies me. It needs to be someone who’s held in high regard by the football world (an endorsement by Guardiola is a huge tick for Arteta, though I’m not saying he should or shouldn’t be the man). Remember, we got Auba and Laca when we were hardly a dominant force but we had a manager who for… Read more »

SLC Gooner

I’d be OK trying for Arteta at this point. He wouldn’t be that costly, and has both Arsenal and PL experience. Seems unlikely he could do worse than Emery is at this point. Maybe Rafa would be worth a punt.
The other managers that would be high on my list are unlikely to come at this point, including Poch.


This fanbase is so restless that I worry about an appointment of a first time manager. At least Allegri would bring goodwill of his Juventus success, and that would earn him more patience by the fans. Arteta was a good professional, but noone loved a Flam-teta midfield. This guy would have an unfairly short leash.

Bodie CI5

Bloody excellent ????,,, guys and girls you have to watch

Bodie CI5

Excellent,, so funny ????


I love Arteta and would welcome him as New Arsenal manager. Just my opinion, probably just my bias and I have no facts to prove that he is competent enough. I only remember the rumors that the dressing room was responsible for some “tactical” performances the last years of Wengers rain, that Arteta was a very influential person in the dressing room, and that everything went downhill after Arteta left in july 2016. That’s just speculation and conjecture of course. Allegri is not for me. I find him to tactical defensive. But I wouldn’t object, like I didn’t object to… Read more »

Pepe Le Pew

“ARTETA ALREADY BEHAVES LIKE A MANAGER” with no experience whatsoever even of a B team. I rate Ljunberg over Arteta.


Get him in please, asap

Der Kaiser

Controversial but has Mustafi been our best centre back this season?!

Who woukd your two centre backs be?

I reckon Mustafi and Holding but with Torreira and Xhaka in front. Unless and until we can keep a clean sheet and prevent 20 plus shots on our goal each match we have no chance.

Bottom line is with our forwards we should always score it is the failure to defend which is the fundamental problem.


Whatever rumors confirm, at this stage, with the debacle last 10games last year. And now this complete loss of performance and results, the sporting board are 4sure working on alternatives.

I am sure Emery has give this his best, but there is to much going against him, a change is needed. Few managers come in after a legend and brings instant success, just look at manu. But yes, we need to try a different solution, my bet is that emery is in charge until Agreement is reached with a solid replacement, can only be weeks away now.

Cultured determination

How would the board replace unai? Given they’ve tolerated the 5 captains bullshit, we might get theirry, patrick, freddie, per and steve as managers and have shared responsibilities. Let’s throw in adams and o leary while we’re at it


Arteta is a weird one for me….

He has no managerial experience, therefore no history of success. I don’t see much of him in interviews so cannot judge his personality with any accuracy.
Yet despite that, I get the feeling that he could be a bloody good manager for us, but don’t know why?

Maybe because he’s simply not Emery….

Proud Arse

Let’s be realistic now, of all the available options out there, so many reasons that block the path to ours: – Allegri : “Will you give my minimum 250m transfer budget to fix your mess.” – Poch : “Revenge $ex (to arsenal) is not his appetite, and Real Madrid, and Man Utd are more appealing to anybody.” – Nagelsman: Just been hired at RBL and still a long contract and difficult to prise him away. – Rodgers : Who are we kidding? He just blend a good strong squad and will enjoy the ride for at least 2 years time… Read more »


Fairly accurate.


Pretty sure there are more than seven options out there….


There was a time Pep was suspended for a match and Arteta was in charge of the team for the match, Man City went on to loose.I wanted to see what arteta could do


Good. We could do with being a bit looser. Release that brake!


i hope ljungberg can stand in for this season while we properly hunt down allegri


He’s not leaving City mid-season, unfortunately for us all. Could this be why the club seem so reluctant to sack Emery before the end of the season?
I’d love Arteta but we will lose a lot if Emery stays all season, including some of our best players.


I think Arsenal want Arteta, and to build the Club back up with a manager that is Arsenal,but hey i may be wrong. He has not done anything yet, but if he was that bad, City would have let him go long time ago. ATM i dont really know who i would like, but i know i want a strong manager to rule the team but allow the players freedom to express themselves, sensible rotations(where we have a multiple players for a position) to keep players fit. And for Kronke to speak to fans and “show them he cares”. This… Read more »

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