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Report: Morrow set to leave as Mertesacker wields axe at Academy

According to both the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail, Per Mertesacker has begun a cull of Arsenal Academy staff with Steve Morrow, the club’s Head of Youth Scouting, set to be the most high-profile departure. 

Morrow, who famously scored the winning goal for the Gunners in the 1993 League Cup final before having his arm broken by Tony Adams in the post-game celebrations, was appointed to his current position by Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis in 2014 not long after Liam Brady stepped down as head of the Academy.

The former Northern Ireland international coached in the MLS in the early noughties before returning to Arsenal to work on the club’s Europe-wide Elite Academy system. It was from this role that he was promoted to work with Andries Jonker.

Well-respected within the club, he was among the favourites to take over as Academy Manager from the Dutchman before the responsibility was surprisingly handed to Mertesacker.

The German officially assumed his position in July 2018 and has been getting up to speed on the inner workings of a department that Raul Sanllehi has reiterated is central to the club’s long-term future.

It’s said that up to eight members of his team could be set to leave as ‘Mert The Sacker’ undertakes a shake-up. We’re not sure at this point whether replacements have been lined up or if this is a simple case of streamlining things. Our resident Academy expert Jeorge Bird will no doubt have more details soon.

Pun-loving Arsenal supporting 007 enthusiasts once said, ‘Steve Morrow never dies’. That may well be the case, but it does sound like his Arsenal career is over…for now.

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Scott P

Would be interesting to understand why he’s being let go if he’s well-regarded within the club

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

remember Wenger?


If they dropped him on his head for winning the fa cup, what are they going to do to fire him?

Crash Fistfight

Coca-Cola Cup

Which ones pink.

He was on morrowed time


Ok thanks but we still gotta sack Emery


I know, they are sacking the wrong guy

DB10s Air Miles

Great hijacking of unrelated article.


Can Mertasacker sack Emery too please?


No clue if it would even work out well, but Mertesacker in charge of the youth team, with Arteta replacing Emery and heading up the first team is a prospect I find so exciting that of course it’s absolutely never happening.


I don’t understand why people are so excited about the prospect of Arteta. He has yet not managed anyone, and we have no way to know what he will bring. I do understand that a former player becoming manager is encouraging, and it has worked sometimes before Guardiola at Barça and it seems to be working for Lampard. Can you explain why Arteta would be good, it just seem a little risky atm imo.


I wasn’t keen on getting shot of Emery, providing he maintained the support of the dressing-room. But the cracks appear to be appearing…. Mourinho + Allegri both have zero form with developing young players. Arteta was well thought of enough within the club to be towards the front of the line last time around, and well thought of enough for Guardiola to move for him. He knows the league and language. I’d much rather take a punt on Arteta than Mourinho. Not sure if Cesc has done his badges? But a Spanish trio of Arteta, Cesc, Alonso excites me for… Read more »

Dave M

I think everyone is just excited if the prospect of anyone other than emery right now. I’d even be excited if you became manager tomorrow @anonarse…reminds me of this:


I get that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence side of it. Arteta could be the real deal of course, and a proven manager doesn’t necessarily bring success either.

I would surely be excited. I’d probably die of a heart attack during the first press conference!


Of course we need a replacement but there would be little excitement if the wrong man is brought in

Which ones pink.

Thanks for stating the bleeding obvious Martin ?


Shouldn’t need to be stated, I agree.

Except for the truly amazing slice of the fanbase who seem to already be writing the “local lad done good” stories in their heads.

It’s almost as if – the more it’s pointed out that giving the job to those without experience is a bit mad, the more this crowd is like “Isnt it just! Just mad enough for Arsenal!”


I think the hope with Arteta would be that he brings back the philosophy of possession-with-the-intent-to-score: a real criminal offense at Arsenal these days.


Ten Haag is a great example of the prospect of Arteta. Before Ajax he spent 2 years managing Bayern reserves learning from Pep. Arteta “could” be as successful. Or he could flop. But at least there would be a philosophy.


The only caveat is reserve teams in other countries play in competitive leagues often with young players which means managers like Zidane, pep, ten Haag had actual managerial experience where as Arteta has none . We should go for ten Haag imo


If Arteta has a similar education from pep as Ten Haag had, it sounds promising. But as you say, no actual experience is at least exciting as Sean pinpointed.


Yes but that means Arteta should go and manage a team like Bournemouth, as Ten Hag was with Fc Utrecht before managing Ajax. But seems like Munich are keen to take him back too.


The issue with Arteta is, he’s a lot harder to sack if things aren’t working out, because he would be a long term solution. But right now, we dont have time on our side. Whoever we get in has to hit the ground running otherwise this campaign is fucking toast. And mark my words, Aubameyang and Lacazette are not going to hang around another year when we arent in the Champions League, and we’re being completely blown out of the title race by the end of October. We need a marked improvement straight away to attempt to save this season.… Read more »

Maul Person

You’re happy for Freddie (no experience) to be given the role for the remainder of the season but assume Arteta would only be given a long term contract…

Why do you assume he (Arteta) would / could only be a long term solution? His lack of experience would be a reason to limit his initial tenure as a form of probation. If the results are good and performances improve, he’s extended.


Emery was the safe option and look what we got


Yeah I know, however he was unproven in PL, and people were sceptical allready when the rumours started if I remember correctly. I’m not against Arteta per se, but just see him as a risky project which can go any way, that does not mean he can’t be great.


Tbh I rather go for risky at the moment than a club-killing manager like Mourinho


I totally agree. Mourinho is the last candidate I want. Risky isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m just curious why people fancy Arteta, he might be the next Alex Ferguson for all I know.


Mourinho is risky, verging on suicidal. Please dont bring him up to make Arteta/Ljungberg seem defensible.


Sean Dyche. Sam Allardyce. Nathan Jones. Sol Campbell. Alan Pardew. Claude Puel. Harry Redknapp. I would seriously take any one of them over Mourinho, who would spend £200 million on preening superstars who would then underperform, leading to a predictably poisonous dressing room and results in freefall, before the inevitable sacking and massive payoff with the club in mid-table and finances worse than Carillion.


Mourinho isn’t risky. Risky means there’s a chance things could turn out well. We all know, bar a hand full of lunatics, that Mourinho is a risk free bet on disaster.


Personally, I’d be excited at the possibility of Arteta managing Arsenal, even though I’m aware of the risks. My reasons are: – He is highly regarded as a quality Man City assistant in the world of football. – Pep Guardiola has said he will one day replace him at Man City as manager, and I have great respect for Guradiola’s footballing judgement. – He has been learning from Guardiola for two years, was the mouthpiece for Wenger before that… two great influences. – Reports are that he has excellent tactical nous, and is a workaholic. – He is a former… Read more »

Sam Mirage

Duh? He’s “Mert The Sacker”.

joanne Jeffery

Could Mertesacker actually step in as interim manager given how our main issues are defensive ones…


Does Per’s axe extend to the heights where Emery resides?


He’s a tall guy, but I don’t think Per can reach beyond the board.


The sun’ll come out, Steve Morrow, bet your bottom dollar that Steve Morrow, there’ll be sun. Steve Morrow, Steve Morrow, I love you, Steve Morrow, you’re only a day away.

Cygans parting

Richie you are a genius sir!!! ??????


Nicely done!


I may cry……


Maybe he’ll re-live the sacking in an endless loop like in ‘Edge of SteveMorrow’?


There is a name missing.


The comments on the ‘Elite Academy system‘ link are great.


Hope Bergkamp comes in to help him.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Bayern Munich has contacted Erik Ten Hag over the possibility of being their head coach in the summer…that’s a club that knows their onions…in as much as I’m proud to be a gunner and i started supporting arsenal during their lean years….it’s obvious i supported because of their style of game and not really about that’s why I’m not so desperate for trophies but instead good football once more Nevertheless,Bayern munich is a club i respect alot because of the way they operate…the board doesn’t joke with the opinions and feelings of the fans,they care about them and they… Read more »

I cannot remember his name ever being mentioned at any time

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Can you explain better?


When we get a new manager, will you change your name to his?.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

You know the truth…but you hide behind your pain.. You must be living a wonderful life…..when fans like you begin to wisen up the better for the club

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

Hypocrisy smells around also want ten hag as much i do… So why hide your wants?

DB10s Air Miles

You’re weird man.


That he is. I think also he’s another thing and one that is infinitely worse than being weird, he’s an eternal “manager out” fan. And I apply the term fan very generously in his case.

His ship has come in now that Emery isn’t working out. Like the proverbial broken clock he is right once every 12-24 months.

Win,lose or draw Emery remains the wrong choice

You truly speak alot of rubbish…you do i become a manager out fan just because i saw the shortcomings of Emery before anyone else?…you act like a coward trust me


Something about the name you chose for yourself gave me that idea. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am in your case.

When Emery goes you should change your name to “The Eternal Manager Out Guy”.

Toure Motors

Steve Morrow is dropped from the coaching ticket and gets the elbow as a result of strong arm tactics from big Per


Mert the sacker. Brilliant.

Obama Young

Why is there a picture of Michael Stipe with this article?
Did Per fire him too?
“It’s the end of your job as you know it (and I feel fine).”


That’s Per in the corner, that’s Per in the spotlight, losing his Steve Morrow.


Everybody hurts so this is no joking matter.


In other news, how much does anyone want to bet that Bayern pulled the trigger on their manager yesterday so they could appoint someone before Arsenal does? Their short list for a new one (per the Guardian) is pretty much the same as ours would be… including Wenger!


I assume you have seen the short lists of both clubs. Please can you inform us of all the names


I’ll bet you £50 that your spouting bollocks.

Kentish Gooner

Shit bird by name…


The number of Gooners who can take a joke online, while never high in comparison with some other clubs, has declined under Emery.

It’s Kroenke’s Arsenal. There’s no short list, you’ll have Emery until they can cut him loose for free.


Sorry mate, that was a joke????


If Emery can’t deliver top 4 then the cost of keeping him on is significantly higher.


What does Jose think?….that’s what I want to know?


I guess Jose is busy whoring himself to Bayern now.


Wasn’t the last time a backroom cull of this size happened before Emery was appointed!? Can we read into this any more!? Change finally coming!? Well overdue, anyway.


Morrow wasn’t a Emery appointee.




I think Arteta will be a good coach, (if he’s not already) I’ve been saying this since his Arsenal days. Its no coincidence that both Pep and Poch wanted him as their right hand man “immediately” after hanging his boots.


Stevie Morrow’s broken army , stevie Morrow’s broken army …..

Cultured determination

Mert the sacker. I like that. Can he play in the first team and assist in executing this particular skillset? Or can he at least teach david luiz this?


‘Mert the Sacker’, hah!

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