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Tierney opens up on his Arsenal pals

Kieran Tierney says a quartet of Arsenal defenders and Scottish members of the club’s backroom staff have helped him settle in London following his big-money summer move from Celtic.

Having arrived with an injury, the left-back had to wait a couple of months before making his debut and it appears that he’s formed close bonds with those who were also on the treatment table as the season kicked-off, including Rob Holding, Dinos Mavropanos and Hector Bellerin.

“Because I’ve been injured and Bellerin was injured and Big Dino as well, I’ve been close with them,” he told Pro Direct Soccer.

“Hector is a big voice in the changing room as well so he’s helped me settle in. Rob Holding and Calum Chambers as well have looked after me.

“It’s hard to say though because everyone has been great, even the staff.

“There’s a few Scottish staff as well – Celtic fans – so they’ve helped me settle in and make me feel at home.”

He added: “It was a hard transition. I lived with my family right until I had to move. I’ve been in the house on my own, doing the cooking, doing the washing.”

Tierney also revealed that the first meal he cooked in his new pad was salmon, seasoned with salt, pepper, cajun spices, wrapped in foil and cooked at 170 degrees.

Just in case you needed dinner inspiration.

We’ll not be writing ‘bastions of hard-hitting journalism’ on our CV anytime soon.

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Cultured determination

Im surprised luiz was not involved

Paul Roberts

I don’t think he cooks? 🙂


Poch gets the boot


I’d have him at arsenal in a heartbeat

SB Still

I envy Spuds, they have sacked their manager!

I think he can do a better job than our incumbent.

Also, Gnabry is the one that got away!

SB Still

BTW, I hope the Spuds get Mourinho next. He’ll drive away some of their stars, youngsters and leave them in shambles, like he has done in other clubs.


Wow mate you called it.

Kent Gooner

And Aaron Ramsey after the way he played for Wales last night. Oh I miss those days of having a decent attacking midfielder


I agree with you. He has the right kind of cojones to manage Arsenal to play the way Arsenal fans expect their team to play.
I would say Spuds have upstaged the Arsenal again… arses. They got to stop doing that.


Why would you want a manager who in ten years management has never won a trophy?

Dat guy

I don’t think an interview goes by where it isn’t mentioned that he’s a Celtic fan. I hope he never has to play against them haha. Good lad though

Rambo sambo

Farm raised or wild caught salmon? Atlantic or sockeye?

Can’t believe the shoddy state of journalism these days!

Canuck Gunner

And what did he serve with the salmon? Not a healthy meal if it was just the fish. Agree the journalism is rather lite and we fans demand deeper insight into the dietary preferences of all our new signings!
And to be clear, if it wasn’t wild Pacific sockeye salmon, my opinion of him will have dropped a notch.

DB's first touch

being from Scotland, Tierney presumably prefers Scottish salmon


And we’re supposed to just assume he bought it at Waitrose. *eyeroll**tut*


It’s moments like these I one really wishes there was a convenient way to buy top quality, ocean fresh salmon at short notice!!




Salmonon Kalou?


Salmonellan Kalou


He also said he played Lewis Capaldi’s album non-stop at his new place because it reminded him of his home and also called him the Scottish Beyonce.


This guy is a football man

Thierry Walcott

With Andrew’s journalistic prowess, there would have been a comma after football…


The guy is a football, man


He’s overcooking the salmon and destroying all the omega threes. He’s done!

Paul Roberts

Get a housekeeper man!

Jack but

I will gladly take the job for the dollar


While his, and Hector’s, inclusion was delayed by injury, I am still baffled by Emery’s reluctance to play the two of them together and make them an important part of the offence feeding balls to the strikers. Klopp has shown what an effective weapon this can be and have the perfect personnel to try it.



I would take him as our new manager!


And arsenal are dithering about their manager!


OGS will be available soon then


And he’s a good manager too. We should poach him.

DB's first touch

or should that be Poch him?

Pete Plum

Tierney will do it with lemon and mixed spice



Let’s face it, arsenal leadership is rotten. This isn’t going to happen lol Poch gets a great job somewhere.

Unbelievable smh

I can’t believe spurs did this. Incompetence with our rivals keeps us relevant with our horrible leadership


That kind of hurts my head. But I’m looking forward to years of celebrating St. Totterinham’s regardless of wherever Poch lands.


So would I in a heartbeat! Pochettino IN!

Tony Hall

In a heartbeart, Poch to us and Maureen to ruin the spuds 🙂


Half the work is done already.

Oh I would just so love it that we got him… He was the only class part of Tottenham (with Lloris).

Can’t see that happening though.


Totally off topic- Spurs sacking Poch. Why can’t our club be as ruthless….??


From what I understood the problems with Spuds this season didn’t lie with the manager but between certain players. There are stories of shagging each others wives and crap like that. If that’s the case they should have moved on the offending players and not the manager.

He’s done great with that club. We should hire him.


Pochettino was easily the best aspect of sp*rs and don’t feel he should’ve gotten the sack.
Though I don’t want him anywhere near Arsenal, we have had enough personnel that seem like others’ leftovers FFS. Though Lineker is sadly right: they’ll have a tough time replacing him

Man Manny

Pochettino is without a job; Emery is “secured” in his!
Why is life this unfair?

Lord Bendnter

I didn’t read the article. I just came here to tell you Shittingham have sacked Pottenchino

*Flies away


Let them hire Emery!

Mr. Gordon. Phillips

Can we have Pochethino he’s a bloody site better than what we have now. Sol made the switch and we benefitted.

Paul Roberts

George Graham.

Paul Roberts

Also made the switch.

Fireman Sam

Some people say Pochettino is shit because his team is 14th in the table, he won nothing at all his whole time at Spuds and got beaten 7-2 at home by Bayern.

But I say this is what makes a great Spuds manager! Let’s hope Maureen maintains his own dismal recent form and that of his new shite club.

Once a gunner

what we are waiting for at arsenal sp*rs gave us, life hmmm



Tony Hall

On the BBC it says the Spuds are already in talks to sign Maureen. Fantastic, he will auto destruct and leave in a tantrum just like he did with Man U and Chelsea. All we need now is to lure Poch to the Emirates and if he wants to bring Harry Kane with him so much the better. He may never shut his mouth when playing football but he is a goal scoring machine !


That would be nice, but another striker is the least of Arsenal’s priorities right now. It’s hard enough making Auba and Laca work. Poch can get right in though.


Kane is good but their biggest star is arguably Eriksen. Sour faced Spud cunt that he is. Very good player.


Should Arsenal get Pochettino ? I think he’s one of the best one the world and it would piss off the sp*rs.


Mourinho to Spurs is confirmed! Haha!
I’d take Poch in a heartbeat.


Totally offtopic, but I am looking for advice. I will attend my first Arsenal game on Saturday, could someone be so nice and tell me some basic info I need to know? What to take, what not to take, how soon to be there before the match… Please? 🙂


If you can avoid taking a rucksack. Over a certain size they wont let you take it in (this is a new development). No drinks allowed. Are you coming via tube? They close Holloway station on match days so best got to any of ‘Arsenal, Angel or Highbury & Islington’. First visit you want to be getting there about an hour before kick off. Will give you a chance to have a look around, get pictures and queue to get in. There’s the Armory store under the stadium. It’s a bit toppy ( you can get everything in there from… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

Holloway Rd Station is closed about an hour before kick off for southbound trains only (ie from central London). If you intend to go early, have a wander and get a drink you’ll be ok from there. If later use Arsenal, Finsbury Park or Highbury & Islington stations – there will be a flow of people to the stadium from all three of these (Angel less so). Post match you’re better off going to a pub to get a pint than trying to get a tube – you’ll be queuing for ages at Arsenal or Highbury and end up in… Read more »


Thanks guys, very helpful 🙂


So the Spuds have hired Mourinho. Surely they’ve lost their collective mind over there. Not that I’m complaining, but still. Madness!


Poch’ed salmon…. 😉

Naija Gunner

Welcome on board once again

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