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Report: Napoli make bid for Lucas Torreira

According to this morning’s Gazzetta dello Sport, Napoli have submitted an offer to Arsenal for Lucas Torreira.

The Italian side are looking to rebuild following the departure of Carlo Ancelotti, and have identified a defensive midfielder as a key recruit for new boss Gennaro Gattuso.

However, they don’t appear to be that serious about it, as their offer consists of a €3m down-payment for an 18 month loan, with an obligatory €27m final payment at the end of that term.

The newspaper says that Napoli are now awaiting a response from the Gunners. We don’t presume to be completely familiar with the inner workings of Highbury House, and there’s plenty that out football executive committee do that raises eyebrows, but if it’s not something along the lines of the image below we’d be very surprised.

Perhaps this is Napoli just testing the waters, but if Torreira is a player they really want, they’re going to have to do a lot better than that.

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Make Arsenal Great Again

I don’t trust this executive management team to handle this properly.

Bai Blagoi


DB10s Air Miles



The mess we are in this season is all on the board IMO. The end of last season was an absolute shitshow, Emery probably should have gone then or at the very least they should have seen his stats and had some kind of plan in place to move him on. But no, standard fucking Arsenal, they wait months too long, let him completely destroy this season and next and then don’t have a fucking plan for when they do sack him. Freddie a club legend now being hung out to dry. The kroenke’s and the incompetent arseholes running the… Read more »


We criticise teams like Chelsea for being trigger happy but there’s no way they would have kept Emery on after that end to the season. We had no contingencies for his departure which shows how badly we’re being run!


And so the exodus begins.

To be honest though I am not really sold on him anyway, and he is supposedly unhappy with life in London.

Meh, maybe it is better. 27m in 18 months could well be 2021s installment for Pepe.


Realistically, who wouldn’t want to get away from this leak-ridden ship heading into storm after storm. It’s sad. If you could get a decent job somewhere else, who wouldn’t be tempted. I don’t buy into the “but we’re Arsenal”. We’re not anymore. We could be again, and I hope we will be, but I seriously cannot blame the lads for listening to offers. Being at Arsenal isn’t what it used to be. And it’s gutwrenching. I hope Freddie gets a little time to rally the troops and make something happen. The players seem happy with him, but what do we… Read more »


I loved his start last season, really thought we’d found our own little Kante, but realistically since about this time last year he’s been fairly poor. If we can get something north of £40m with at least £20m up front I’d take it. As you say, he’s clearly not happy here.


Unfortunately that’s how low our players are selling themselves to the prospective buyers with the performances they are putting up recently.

The Voice of the Noise

Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve shipped a player to Italy for way below his value…
But seriously, we need to be looking at bolstering the squad in January, not selling players we desperately need in the XI. We could definitely do with another DM as well.


Offload everyone above 26 and rebuild from scratch.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Remember the british core, all very young?


Italian teams do not pay much for players. Juventus with Ronaldo being the obvious exception. I know their team is mostly built on free transfers and unwanted players from other big clubs


Fucking Jokers.


Give us Allan and the 27million up front and we’ll think about it.

Toure Motors

Make that Allan, a Partridge and a pear tree and we can start the talks

Jack Action

I’d take Allan for Torreira plus cash – 100% C’mon Edu, use your Brazilian contacts to make that happen.


Throw in Steve as well and now we’re talkin.


I rate him highly, if emery did not use him so badly or not used him at all he would have flourished, it is his second season with us so he would have settled surely. Now we can worry for many players who could leave – Auba very likely, Laca as well, why should they stay? We’re a mess. Add potential exit from Xhaka who I don’t rate but is senior, Bellerin might finally have his Barca DNA light up if they push hard enough, so we have a bigger transition project than we wanted to have. Emery made us… Read more »

Ya gooner

Bellerin will stay simply because he hasn’t been convincing enough recently in his performances since the acl tear.


Agree. But he has time til year end to show he’s back and still those barca cunts could show up to bring one lost son back and then not use him enough then he will go to chelski or sth like that, as cesc did.

Martin Dufosse

He’s shit. Sell him. Can’t defend. Like all the others. Haven’t got a defender at the club. Rip it up. Start again.


I’m surprised it has taken this long. If we don’t have a new management structure in place soon I can see a few ‘unsettled’ players being inquired about.

Cultured determination

We can do a 1.8 month loan followed by a 72mil pound deal.

Cliff Bastin

This is a player who has marked messi out of games but unfortunately does not have the physique to challenge the enforcers for goal kicks. Really wanted him to be our Mascherano.


I mentioned this in the summer that I was actually for selling him then with the rumours He was unhappy and we could get some decent profit. He is the type of player we need (Def Mid) but he isn’t the player we need. We should really still get profit from selling him but there’s no point selling him if a replacement is not brought in immediately. We need someone strong, taller than LT would be ideal, that wins tackles and offloads the ball. We have needed that for years but instead of buying a ready made class player of… Read more »


PS – this offer is crap


Bring back Sven and sack the rest.


Lol…Sven brought him to the club …


Hahaha…not gonna happen.
Hope the club hierachies realise this when they receive such bids, how the outside world would see Arsenal as. Maybe they are bidding with a reason that 27 million is good enough bid for player playing in a tram who are 7 points of relegation battle after 17 games.
But seriously fuck off Napoli…

Monkey Knees

Kola, sokratis, luiz, xhaka, torreira, ozil, auba, laca… All go. Work around hungry younger players and start work on getting solid defs/mids/atts… If positive changes are seen to be being made, a la Liverpool when klopp first came in (they were as horrid as we are!), fans will get behind the team, the board and Arsenal FC as a whole.


He’s not happy in London and in this team, Napoli have Allan and Koulibally who would obviously improve us, maybe we can throw in Xhaka/Mustafi and do a deal?


Xhaka and mustafi in a deal for who? The Napoli janitor and/or tea lady?


If he wants to leave, let him leave but for reasonable sum upfront. Use the funds to buy someone who can play CM with better positioning. Xhaka maybe the only one who is able to stay in position (maybe due to lack of pace). Rest of the lot don’t have understanding of the term positioning.
It is the failure of our defensive coaching that our players are getting worse every week.

Get David Dein back in the board…!! He is available and still is well connected in football world.
Victoria Concordia Crescit – victory comes from harmony


It isn’t exactly like we have been leaking less goals without Granit and with Torreira.

We are all over the shop in midfield but the forward line do not do anywhere near enough off ball work either exposing the central mids when they have to shift wide to help cover fullbacks because Pepe is too busy protesting his latest failed take on or Ozil and Auba are ambling back to help.


I’d be keeping an eye at Emre can surplus to Juventus.

PL experience, lost his way in Italy but still 25yrs, plenty of energy may perhaps light a fire under Ozil a little.

Also whilst this was not a problem for Santi, Torreira’s height is a bit of a shortcoming.

Can is 6feet and will help protect the cbacks (particuarly with set pieces but also balls over the top lobbed in) where Torreira for most parts is useless.


I don’t think our midfield is anymore water tight with or without Torreira any much more than it has been more leaky with Granit. We simply have not addressed what we needed in midfield last summer. Too many fans have been too easily fooled by Sanlehi doshing out 72m for frankly thus far half a season in, a big flop in Pepe and another 27m for the existential capability of Saliba, We could have with the 27m on Saliba and 7m on panic buy Sideshowbob had invested the 34m plus in Soyoncu. Cebellos we brought in to much fanfare but… Read more »

Obama Young

I will top their offer! My bid is 31 million! Paid out one Euro per year for 31 million years.

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