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Ex-Valencia boss Marcelino on Arsenal shortlist

Arsenal’s reported shortlist of candidates to replace Unai Emery on a permanent basis is believed to consist of up to a dozen names.

That’s quite a short list if you’re doing the weekly shopping, but pretty long when it comes to choosing a new head coach.

One of the names that is definitely on it is Valencia manager, Marcelino, who would definitely be interested in the job, but Arseblog News understands he is not especially confident about his chances.

The 54 year old has plenty of experience in Spain, beginning his managerial career in 1997 with Lealtad, and since then has had spells at Sporting Gijon, Recreativo, Racing Santander, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Villarreal and Valencia where he took over in 2017.

He was in charge of them last season when Arsenal ran riot at the Mestalla, running out 7-3 winners on our way to the Europa League final in Baku.

The language may be an issue again, and with at least 11 other names for Arsenal’s Football Executive Committee to consider, he’s very much an outsider.

Meanwhile, Freddie Ljungberg is preparing to take charge of his first home game as the Gunners face Brighton at the Emirates tomorrow night.

Freddie’s ambition to be a transition tactician

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Spanish manager with experience from various mid table clubs. What could possibly go wrong?


1 can speak Spanish to talk to edu& Raul.
2 cheap salary ( kronkie likes)
3 got team back in chl league first time asking

Would prefer ancellotti or allegri or nuno


Riku, Edu is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese as his first language… probably also speaks Spanish but not his first language.


Seriously. Other than the fact that he’s probably “Don Raul’s” mate, what qualifies him for the job?

What a mistake it was letting Sven Mislintat go and making Raul our main decision maker.

Jack Action

But he’s not Don Raul’s mate… Sanllehi’s bud is Jorge Mendes and Mendes was part of the cabal that punted Marcelino out of Valencia because he complained about Rodrigo being sold to Atletico. We’re not signing Marcelino, no way.


Perhaps you are right.
The connections, however, are hard to ignore. And I fancy Mendes has more tentacles all over La Liga than anyone really knows.


as a Maltese person whose country is going through political turmoil due to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff being appointed because he’s a friend, I can assure you, that’s the worst criteria for getting a job >.<

A Different George

My biggest problem with Emery was that he always seemed to set up the team, and the tactics, as if we were Sevilla going into the Nou Camp or the Bernabeu and might, with a bit of luck, emerge with a point. I’d rather try someone whose managerial habits were framed by the experience of winning most of the time. That spans many different types of experience–Allegri with Juve, Brendan Rogers with Celtic, Mikel Arteta sitting next to Pep.


I’ve never been on the Arteta bandwagon. Sitting next to Pep doesn’t make you a better manager. I think that’s a big gamble. But Allegri, Rodgers and Nuno have a track record. Arteta sits next to the man with the track record. Big difference.


If Emery doesn’t work. Try Emery.

Gus Caesar

Do we think that Raul is just going to work his way through every half-decent Spanish manager over the next few years?

Reality check

He’s looking for ‘yes man’. Top coaches have personlity and character they are anything but Yes men..

Wilsheres Middle Finger

The only Spanish managers I’d like to see taking the job are Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta or maybe, just maybe, Rafa Benitez.

I’m by no means fooling myself that Pep is a realistic target, but you know… keep Freddie here until Pep loses his job on the back of City winning nothing this year, then wham bam! Josh and Don Raul make’s him an offer that he can’t refuse.

Caveat: I do realise that I’m completley delusional, but it’s a fun thought.


I’m not sure Pep would improve this team without monies to buy the type of player he wants. I dont think he is the type of manager that can take a struggling team further, he tends to need stars?

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Emery cloned.

Ennui ball

Yes Spanish but a consistent coach to be fair to him. He got Valencia back into the CL at first try and the season after. Counter-attacking 442, I’m not sure it’s what we all want to see, but he’s not another Emery.


I follow Valencia a bit and they played tidy and exciting football under him. Whether that would translate to Arsenal is another matter.



thats a short list

but raul has his own ideas, the fat shit

The Voice of the Noise

Ancelotti reportedly on his way out of Napoli.
That would make your top 3 consist of only available managers. Would be pleased with either tbh.

Jack Action

Ancelotti got rid of Ozil when he was at Real. I don’t think that would go well bringing him in.


After watching the clown show that is Real Madrid’s management, you really think Ancelotti had anything to do with buying/selling players? Wow, that’s …. yeah.
And, if memory serves, isn’t that the summer Real Madrid splashed cash for Bale, and thus, needing some cash in for FFP? Yes, yes I think so.


Sagebrush Farm

And he’s made a decent Napoli side average again

SB Still

I would put Arteta 3rd on that list, while Freddie is evaluated in the job in parallel.


Allegri when interviewed 2018 for the job, wanted to bring 9 backroom staff and his english was total rubbish

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No Arsenal Way there then


He’s been learning English for some time so it must have improved. That story about the 9 backroom staff is totally untrue. The reason he turned us down was the lack of spending to improve the team. As we showed a bit more ambition last summer you nee know. He would be the ideal choice


Am I the only one who’s not interested in Ancelotti?Yes, he was very good in the past. But I feel like he’s yesterdays news these days.

Would like Pochettino, but I read somewhere that a new club has to talk to Daniel Levy before Pochettino could go to a new club (a clause in his contract until this season is over). Could make it very difficult for us to get him.

Would also like Rodgers, Arteta, Allegri and even Nuno.

My list is:

1. Poch
2. Arteta

Gus Caesar

Personally, Ancelotti was who I wanted when Emery was appointed and I still think he’d be a shrewd appointment. Few have won or experienced what he has in the game and I don’t believe that he’s just become a bad manager overnight. My only issue with him is his age, but even that isn’t a major issue in a game in which managers rarely last 5 years. He’d offer us stability, experience and could mentor the likes of Freddie.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Poch probably meant it when he said he’d never coach Arsenal.


Good, him and his gimpy assistants can fuck off


Apparently he cannot take a PL team as next job?


Why on earth would we take on a serial loser like Poch. 11 years as a manager without a single trophy and left Spurs in 14th position. Arteta has never managed any club and Nuno has no credentials apart from improving Wolves. The only 2 who make any sense are Allegri and Ancelotti. Allegri would be my first choice


Yes, yes, yes and more yes.




Who is his agent? Hope it’s not Mendes..

Jack Action

Nope, Mendes’ tentacles are all over Valencia, he’s tight with Lim, the owner, and it was Mendes’ selling Rodrigo out from under Marcelino that got Marcelino publicly upset, criticized the ownership and then turfed.


I just posted a “tentacles” comment about Mendes not 2 mins ago. Not having read your comment here.
Cleary, you are right ! 🙂


I am afraid its gonna be a Spanish guy just because Raul’s “connections”. Only Spanish coach I am willing to take right now is Arteta.


Fabregas = Fran Merida.

I’d try Pep, Rafa. point is Emery failed big time but no guarantees any Spanish manager would be more Emery than Pep based just on their passport.

Imagine 1996 Arsene arriving after this saga we’ve been through?
I’d be underwhelmed but who knows?


Arteta haha only managed one game in his life and lost.


True, but he lost only one game in his entire career.


100% record


No thanks

Post January Blip

Yes, but how many poos is this worth, Blogs?


I couldn’t give one


I prefer Don Quixote to Sancho Panza. The latter is stupid realist, the former has a feverish aspiration. Sancho tends to say: “We need to gain confidence.” I want to hear some Don call out: “we will smash that team!” I fear the new brand Sancho is going to emerge!


I prefer Don Quixote to Sancho Panza. The latter is stupid realist, the former has a feverish aspiration. Sancho tends to say: “We need to gain confidence.” I want to hear some Don call out: “I shall vanquish the red devils” I fear the new brand Sancho is going to emerge!


Second version 🙂


Can you imagine Sean Dyche managing Real Madrid?….same.


Now that– is making a point quite clear.


definition of mid table manager. Rather stick with Freddie.

Acheivements to date: Segunda División: 2005–06
Copa del Rey: 2018–19
La Liga Best Coach: 2017–18
La Liga Manager of the Month: September 2013, September 2015

he actually has a worse record than emery. Raul really needs to go if this is the caliber of candidates. Nuno etc are mid table coaches at best. I was under the impression GG and the AW made us one of the big boys.

we are 3rd most successfull club in the English football history behind only Man Utd and Liverpool, we should act like that.


I don’t want another manager who can’t speak English, which rules out Marcelino and Allegri for me.

Sully Taylor

I don’t want another manager who cannot communicate effectively. Smart coaches can still relay their ideas without having a complete grasp of a language.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Smart coaches have smart translators who understand football if they don’t speak the lingo.


A: Bring in another Spanish-speaking manager w/translator.
Q: How to lose this team’s attention quickest?

WTF Raul?


Can we call ‘a dozen’ shortlist?


Yes. What really is this? Is there any plan in place, or do we just want to turn over everything to a “manager” and then try to control him? (sound familiar) More troubling than who is on the list, is the flipping length of the list itself. They sound have had a list months ago. Do these guys actually have a clue?


Sound out should in above.

Peter Story Teller

The plan is we will have a dozen managers to explain to the five captains what we want Leno to do!


El Moyes Mk2.


The Arsenal board are smoking crack


Sanlehi out! We need a manager who speak in English. I prefer at least Sam Allardyce than Marcelino.


I think you’ll find Sam Allardyce only speaks Walrus.


sorry if I hit you but I just wanted to say that we needed a coach who speaks English and who knows the Premier League and if Sanlehi wants a Spaniard like him, at least he calls Rafa Benitez.




Good ebenings are here again


This is very underwhelming and probably fake news, but if Arsenal are really interested then Sanllehi needs to go.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sack yourself Sanllehi!!!


No. Just no.


This guy sounds a shoe-in for our Board’s mid-table aspirations.


Arsenal fans are upset that some bloke may or may not be on a shortlist. What we know is there is a shortlist but at the same time there may not. Arsenal fans will be mad either way. They are mad at any report about Arsenal at the moment even though it hasn’t been fact checked. It just came from a guy called “Gud Sauce” so it must be true.This constant rage at things that might or might not be is being called noise – of course Arsenal fans are upset it has been called this. They will also be… Read more »


Marcelino would be yet another underwhelming appointment. A mediocre fifty-something Spanish boss who’s never worked outside his native country and apparently doesn’t speak much English. No thanks. Isn’t it incredibly sad that the club has fallen this far? Whatever happened to that beautiful club sited on the Avenell Road? I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the mid-Seventies. When I first stood on the North Bank we were a club that was absolutely drenched in character; we were “the Bank of England” club; more of an institution than a sporting body. With Old-Etonian Denis Hill-Wood as Chairman and our famous marbled… Read more »


and I thought I had a negative outlook. Have to agree though, also true for most English clubs. That said, the difference between the structure at Arsenal and Liverpool is small, yet the difference in ambition is huge


Liverpools shows that not all American ownership is fabric destroying. However, at Liverpool the owner is a risk taker and a sportsmen, while ours is a real estate developer/accountant.


It’s a beautiful and passionate prayer for our beloved club. Thank you! I am a foreigner fan, never been to the temple, but completely understand your feelings. But we made and we are making this world “together”.

joey deacon

And the Hill-Wood family sold the club to the Kroenkes.

Tony Hall

In fairness it was Stan or the russian, I mean what a choice, both awful

Tony Hall

That was really well said and 100% spot on. I remember the marching band, I even remember one day the conductor failed to catch the baton and the huge roar that went round 🙂


I don’t understand the fascination with Arteta. He is a secondary manager of a team stocked with top talent , with some success. Liverpool has lesser talent (IMO) and is ahead of them. Our team is better off with a manager who can help us punch above our weight. Plus he doesn’t have a readily available team of coaches. If anything , it would’ve made sense to bring him in before we appointed Emery. Are we willing to wait another 1+ years for consistent results (If at all) ?


If you want to take a swing at Arteta?
Name Arsenal’s next savior in the next breath.


1. Pochettino
2. Rodgers
3. Howe
4. Arteta
5. Benitez

Our new manager must speak English, and have some level of experience inside the PL.

Ennui ball

Zzzzz use your imagination ffs


Was thinking the same to be honest. We keep seeing the same names on the carousel. Part of me wants to bring in a high profile type manager but I don’t see us meeting a large release or perhaps being able to attract that type in the first place, especially as there will likely be some big jobs available in the summer. Another part of me wants to take more of a risk and bring in an up-and-comer. A guy like Lucien Favre ticks a lot of boxes for me because his teams play an exciting attacking style and they… Read more »

Jack Action

Fake news. Marcelino was run off of Valencia by Jorge Mendes who is tight with the owner Lim. There’s no way Sanllehi would bring him in and risk upsetting Mendes. Also – he hated the idea of Valencia as a selling club – when we sell off next year’s Iwobi, what’s he going to say then? He’s not on the shortlist. This is just slight of hand.

Zet Yeo


Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

Emery light.

Great idea.

To be honest I can’t see this happening so don’t worry.


Raul running the show now.

Isn’t he the one who forced out Sven Milasinat (sp.)?
Isn’t he the one blocking David O’Leary from joining the Arsenal board?
AFC looking at another La Liga manager… (IF the rumor is true – big if.)

Its highly possible (even likely) that all these effed decisions properly laid at his feet. Yes, yes, we can all rail on about Silent Creepy Stan, and his son Josh-Josh. But Raul is the fulcrum for all this foolishness so it seems.

Alan Sunderland's Mighty Perm of Justice

I’m leaning towards Ancelotti. Has prior success in the PL. Good at organising a defence. He makes his players train hard. He’s a bit of a disciplinarian. Which is probably why he’d flop at Arsenal. I did say he’d be my choice. I doubt the players would enjoy getting a kick up the arse for smiling and joking after defeats or not putting in 100%. They’d probably stop playing for him. Still, I think it’s about time we got a no nonsense coach with defensive know-how, experience of winning the EPL and of taking no shit when players aren’t taking… Read more »


And do not forget Attila Pintér “Pinyő”!


I don’t agree the list is long. Many times in my life have I been surprised by a product that I “thought” I didn’t want for ages – until I tried one. I’m perfectly happy the team is willing to open discussions with a wide group and I think it’s their responsibility to include a couple of wild cards in their deliberations.


Lets remember. Arsenal do not take into account tactical or technical ability or whether they fit the philosophy of the club or even whether they can do the job that is asked of them. Arsenal’s criteria is: 1. Are they unemployed. 2. Will they command much in the way of salary. 3. Will they make much in the way of transfer demands. Marcelino looks like the kind of person who would simply be happy in a job. Verdict: Perfect fit for Arsenal. I have zero hope that Arsenal will do the right thing… I hope Nina Bracewell Smith and the… Read more »


Sounds like the ‘Watford’ model!


Marcel who?


There have been so many (unsurprising) potential managers linked to us by each and every tabloid. why focus on this chap specifically? Most of the managers have even less to recommend them then Emery if I were to be frank and cut the bullshit. As mentioned before, we have an option to likely assess how Llungberg is doing in a couple of weeks toward end of December. If he is holding his own, then we may keep him to end of season for better options in the summer and a second assessment of his continued performance. However if he is… Read more »


God no


I think we need a more direct game. To many more facile minds, anyone will do. Arteta for example. No worry that he is under tutelage of Pep and will likely play similar tactics to Emery but with poorer resource and assets than City. Viera (again purely more from sentimental space than lucid thinking) has had a poor record in a poorer league. Complain about language issues with Emery but jump on Marcelino someone with equal if not worse language issues not to mention less illustrious CV. Too many people have their head up their arse and do not live… Read more »




I can’t recall many gooners calling for Rogers to be our manager last time out. Something along the lines of…no way is he good enough for Arsenal. Now he seems to be all the rage. I remember suggesting him and getting so much abuse lol.

We have to remember we are not a big club anymore. That will take many years to achieve once more. Liverpool are on their way to a first league title in 30 years, and have always been a much bigger club than us.

Arsene who?

Ange Postelogcou? Former Australian National team coach who is producing miracles in japan with unfancied Yokohama marinos in the j-league and playing really entertaining football. Barring an unlikely result, they lift the league title this weekend. Ange who? From Japan? Sounds like a familiar recipe for success…


As an Aussie I have a lot of respect for Ange. Every team he has managed has been entertaining. Maybe the Arsenal job is one step too far too soon, but I would love to see him ply his trade in England.

Yankee Gooner

Maybe the short list got switched with the captain’s list?


Paddy v and Freddie should do us.


Only thing I’d want from Valencia would be Kondogbia.

The optimist with little hope

He’s a decent coach, but a bad fit. He’s also a prickly character.

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