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Arteta: I like to see the players suffer for the cause

Mikel Arteta says he enjoys watching his players run themselves into the ground as they strive to achieve results on the pitch.

Fitness is an issue right now with the new manager’s style demanding much more from the team than previously. Some of the players have admitted that they’re not physically up to it just yet, with David Luiz saying after the 2-0 win over Man Utd, “We have to be honest and humble to admit that physically we are not ready.

“We showed that in the second half against Chelsea and today but when you’re not there physically you have to put in your heart.”

However, it’s something Arteta likes because it demonstrates their commitment to the collective, and when it was put to him that in the second half his team sat off a bit he admitted it wasn’t by design as much as necessity.

“That wasn’t the plan I have to admit, but at the moment we are suffering a little bit to maintain the intensity we had in the first half,” he said.

“I think it will come, it is part of the process, the way we train, but at the moment we don’t have much time to do so.

“But as well I really liked the resilience, and I like to see them suffer together. When they had to defend deeper.

“I want to see that reaction that instead of getting annoyed with each other when someone gives the ball away.

“It was a positive reaction and everyone was tracking back, so I am pleased with that aspect of the game as well.”

The Gunners don’t play again in the Premier League until January 11th when we visit Crystal Palace, but face Leeds in the FA Cup on Monday evening when Arteta is expected to field a heavily rotated side to rest legs after what has been a punishing festive schedule.

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Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd: Arteta is turning us into a team again

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One gets the feeling Mikel has put a lot of thought into what he is doing. I also think how he changed his role as a player when he moved to Arsenal also shows his philosophy of a commitment to a collective.


Every time he speaks there are multiple messages to all willing to listen. He may become a really good or great manager in the future, time will tell. You can already tell from all who work with him that he is a really good human who is demanding of himself and others. That is always the make up of great people.

Ya gooner

For me it shows wenger saw he was intelligent enough to play there, read the game from deeper and recycle possession. He was proved right as he became one of the top intercepters the season after moving deeper despite apparent physical limitations. Back then we weren’t defending as a unit so maybe he learned from that as something to include in his managerial philosophy.

Dial square

Makes a nice change from us fans suffering, now we’re smiling instead.


He’s just a big old sadist


‘I hear you’re a sadist now, Arteta? Should we all be sadists now? What’s the Club’s position? I’m so busy down on the farm I won’t have much time for the ol’ sadism.’


You should make time for sadism


And in the evening, I just like a cup o tea.


Arteta’s at the wheel

Paul Roberts

What a delight to have him in charge. 🙂

Phada Guy

Good evening

The Far Post

With luck, he’ll continue to rehabilitate “process” and “moment”… Eventually even this phrase will lose its negative connotation, I hope.


Love the picture with this caption blogs ?

Cliff Bastin

I love how visibly annoyed Harry Maguire was.

Ya gooner

More expensive than van dyke, that one.


Bit hard to miss on account of his massive head


This of course raises the question as to why the squad is not fit in the first place. When Emery took over he repeatedly stated that he wants a super-fit squad that can press deep for 90 minutes. Regardless of his ineptitude in terms of organization and man-management, it now appears he wasn’t even successful in getting them fit. Emery, in hindsight, is looking worse all the time.


Coach Arteta loves to see his players suffering? They ain’t seen nothing yet!

Seriously though, this can only be good news to us – to see them all putting in 200% to play for the team. Hope it isn’t too early to say: These are exciting times.


Signs are good, and there certainly is possible to get more out of our team than we have seen over past 8 -9 months. But this process has just started, we all need to stand behind arteta also when it doesnt click


The supporters responded well when we lost to Chelsea, and I’m glad for that. I think everyone understands that it will take time and are willing to stand by Arteta. All we asked for was to see more effort and fight and we did see that from day one of Arteta’s tenure. I’m actually quite surprised by how fast the players have responded to Arteta’s leadership.


I’m sooo happy……..I have not heard the word analyse once since Mikel took over.
It’s such a relief.

The Arsenal

His hair remains unruffled.


The players have been responsive and it was CRITICAL we won yesterday. Another loss you feel would have sucked the belief very quickly in this relatively untested Pep light. As is, he’s bought himself some confidence to build on. Hopefully we can continue to build because top 4 isn’t really that far away. We are still incredibly only 4 points off United. A string of 3 or 4 good results could see us close to overhauling them and into 5th very quickly. BUT plenty of issues still not least drop in performance second half. we need to also sustain these… Read more »


Good positive vibes at Emirates again.

Haven’t heard it in a while…can at least wear my jersey with some pride again.

Hope the fans keep the support going.

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