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Arteta: I’m upset with the way we conceded

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored and was sent off as Arsenal settled for a 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

It was an afternoon of mixed emotions for Mikel Arteta who saw his side start brightly but then concede a sloppy goal before being reduced to ten men.

After the game, the Spaniard faced the BT Sport cameras. Here’s what he had to say…

On the result and performance…

The first 35 minute is exactly what I want from our Arsenal team. We were at it. We were very dominant. We were controlling the game, we were in the right positions, we were creating chances, we were so good in the transitions, we were aggressive. After that we had 10 minutes to spare [until half time] where we started to give some free kicks away and obviously they put everybody in the box. It was more stop and start. But I was pleased with the first half. The first ten to 15 minutes of the second half, again credit to them [Palace] as they pushed, started to put more balls in the box, started to put men up front and we had more difficulties. We conceded a goal when we stopped completely. It’s unacceptable and I’m really upset with that but after that we reacted very well. After Auba’s red card, we were the team that I expected because everybody was at it again.

On the red card…

I haven’t seen it, but I think it was a harsh challenge. Obviously, knowing Auba there was no intention to do it but he mistimed it.

On his captain getting a three game ban…

I don’t know, let’s see what the decision is.

On concentration slipping…

I don’t think it was concentration, you have an opponent here who to control for 90 minutes is impossible. Every time they have bodies in the box and they want to put the ball over the keeper and you have to defend these situations. But to come here and control the game and play the way we did, I was very pleased.

On Torreira being injured…

It looks like it, he had to come off at half time. I don’t know [how serious it is], we have to check with the doctor.

On learning more about his side…

Yes and I’ve seen reactions today which are very positive. Today, we were very disappointed with the way we conceded the goal but we reacted really well straight away and the same after Auba’s red card.

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auba’s red card is a bigger concern than the draw


Who knows, maybe we’ll see Martinelli stake a claim.
I guess Saka won’t get the spot currently as he’s shown himself to be a good understudy to Kolasinac with Tierney out for a while.


A deflating draw.
Not making the same mistakes but the draw seems like a defeat.
Perhaps this is a sign of things improving – if Emery was still at the club a draw away to Palace might be seen as a good result.
I don’t really see too much that makes me think Arsenal will challenge any time soon.
Kroenke has been a disaster for Arsenal….


Oh, FFS, get over the Kroenke $hit.
It wasn’t Creepy Mustache that didn’t mark their man in our box on a corner. It wasn’t he misplacing passes.


Not to mention how badly we are hit by global warming, and cabbage prices going up, our board is behind it all, conspiring against the club only the fans love and now how to run. How can we ever expect to win under such conditions?

Charlie Georgious

God! I hate VAR.

Charlie Georgious

General observation rather than in relation to the red


Glad you clarified. Agreed. Unfortunately Auba’s mistimed effort was just short of a horror tackle.


While I would happily take a yellow to stay 11, that is a red card every day in the week. I think Auba looking sad when walking out was also due to concern on risk of having inflicted any foot injury.


Theres so much about the refeereing that frustates me today. The red card was totally fine, poor challenge from Auba. It happens. What frustrated me was the fact that the Crystal Palace only had to fall down in order to get their freekicks. I mean how are we supposed to be an attacking team, that presses high, if the opposition always gets a freekick whenever we tackle the ball? This is whats wrong with the premier league and why its seen as such a strong league. Because outdated poor football, that many of the smaller teams practice, is getting rewarded.… Read more »

The Arsenal

This is the way…..and has been since it became okay to ‘get up em’ as a means of kicking us off the park but calling it getting in their faces. I have spoken.


Unapologetically speaking, Paul Tierney was like a twelfth man to Crystal Palace today. That twat (Ayew) should have gotten a yellow card (at least) but didn’t. Given a freekick to a soft foul. Paul (and his likes) should go and referee in Championship matches where he actually belongs. So inconsistent with his decisions.


… and the VAR guy was their thirteenth.


Very strange that Ayew didn’t get carded also.


Precisely. And this is why fucktards like Tierney have no place in the game. Through their hopeless officiating they create toxic and fragmented environments all the while patting players and grinning like they have a clue.

The yellow we got in our favour after Auba’s red sums it up. I called even before Auba’s red was confirmed. I hate EPL refs, hate em.


It’s been like that for so loooong in the EPL, same Referee, same match, different APPLICATN of the law.




Errrrr Guendouzi????


You’re not the only one! And Jordan Ayew ? omg he probably won’t score again for another 5 years!
Losing Torreira and Auba is a massive blow….. what a disappointing afternoon.


No way should that have been his goal anyway. I’m guessing the betting firms made the call for them.


Well, the team is moving forward under Arteta. The philosophy is clear and it’s beautiful Artetaball.
But i am afraid he is gonna end up like Henry at Monaco. Please don’t criticize players too often. You will soon lose the dressing room. Arteta is young and inexperienced so he might not understand how important it can be.


What utter rubbish, Arteta has been in the game as a player, coach and now head coach for all of his adult life, of course he understands the importance of team morale but the balance has to be right, no individual was singled out and he simply stated a fact. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out the standards that should be expected from him and this club and the players should realise that. One of the things that worried me about Arteta’s appointment was how he would deal with big personalities and egos at such a young age,… Read more »


Henry took a huge risk of a bad start to his managerial career, I remember Wenger saying that big players often do this “mistake” basically taking jobs enabled by their high profile in the game rather than their refined managerial skills . I hope he bumps back, if he truly wants to manage he will


So he Should publicly name players he is unhappy with? We no nothing about how he manages the dressing room, but from how they have reacted to his arrival, he has their total respect, and at least most fans as well


Where does anyone suggest he should call out individual players?

The Spoon

A draw away from home, take it and move on. We should be beating Sheffield united at home so hopefully we start moving up the table. Aubas a miss but we should get through it, time for the others to step up.

Ya Gooner

Sheffield are currently 5th perhaps for a reason. Don’t think they will be push overs


And their away form is ridiculous. Unbeaten away apart from anfield and the etihad


We need to stop thinking of other clubs as “small” or “Well, we will thrash them.” We are currently tied for 10-12th. Home form isn’t great. Torreira injured and Auba could face a three game ban. Hopefully we have hit bottom.


I agree with everything Arteta said above. To give away a goal like that after a horrible deflection is sad but we were switched off for their set piece. Auba’s clearly mistimed it, it was actually Meyer’s quick thinking on the ball to drag it away from Auba which led to Auba over stretching, but it was a red though. We played well, all things considered, you only have to look back at how we played against them at home and how much the team has improved under Arteta. It is not just energy, they seem to have cut out… Read more »


I’m upset by what got Aubameyang sent off Palace had been doing all day. Where’s the consistency?


Wasn’t the whole idea of VAR supposed to take make some of these decisions more objective? Specifically offsides and hand ball leading up to a goal being the main issues? So now what do we have. In studio referees deciding the on pitch ref is “mistaken” and changing the on field call that was made subjectively in the first place. Let the on field ref be the judge, not some “next arbitrator” in the proceedings making things “correct” for all of us.


I believe the FA never wanted VAR and have set it up in such a way that it’ll keep failing. Calls for getting rid of it will grow ever louder and eventually the FA will have enough “evidence” for a mandate to return to the good old days of shit referees being judge and executioner.

It’s bullshit.

Lack of Perspective

Bang on twatsloch.


There where many positives in this game, our supposed leaders and star players are switched on in a way I have not seen for very long. Except when palace scored. Sure they had some luck but we looked off in the situations leading to the goal, it smelled danger all the way.

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