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Report: Arsenal 1 – 1 Sheffield United

Result: Arsenal 1 – 1 Sheffield United
Competition: Premier League
Date: 18 January 2020
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka, Xhaka, Torreira, Ozil, Martinelli, Pepe, Lacazette

Subs: Martinez, Holding, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Willock, Ceballos, Nketiah

Arsenal drew another league game as they hosted a solid Sheffield United side at home. Chances were at a premium at both ends but the lively Martinelli got the first goal just before half time.

Despite being on the backfoot for most of the second half, Sheffield managed to pull back a goal in the 80th minute to end the game 1-1.

First Half

Arsenal returned to home comforts as they took on a Sheffield United side defying expectations and performing well so far this season. Making it tougher for Arteta was the suspension of captain, Aubameyang, which means an under-performing Lacazette continued to lead the line with Martinelli and Pepe flanking him.

A late bug for Sokratis and injuries to both the left backs necessitated a make-shift defence with Mustafi and Saka starting at centre back and left back respectively.

The game started at a pretty fast pace as Sheffield’s midfield five were organized and tenacious in cutting off space in the centre of the park – a direct response to Arsenal’s front-footed approach.

The first 10 minutes saw Sheffield create the better chances with Arsenal’s defence looking exposed. The away team got a couple headers on goal that signalled a warning to the Gunners. This paled in comparison with Arsenal as Lacazette and Ozil struggled to knit the play higher up the field – the former at fault for trying too hard with his passes when he should have kept it simple.

But Arsenal were not without their chances. The first chance saw a move started by Lacazette who put Pepe through on goal. The Ivorian crossed for Martinelli who scuffed his volley as he took it on his weaker left foot. Pepe turned provider again for the Brazilian youngster on the 20th minute with an exhilarating jinking run from midfield, riding a couple of tackles and then releasing a final pass that Martinelli lashed wide.

It’s at this point where Arsenal regained control of the game – the Gunners winning their midfield duels and wasting no time in taking the game to Sheffield. However, Arsenal never found the incision required to carve out solid chances. Sheffield’s midfield and defence were quick to get in shape while the Arsenal defenders could have done a bit better to pass out more quickly.

Just when the first half looked to end on a whimper, Martinelli, easily Arsenal’s most energetic player on the day, put the Gunners ahead. Lacazette dropped deep outside the penalty box to lay off to Saka on the left wing. The teenager’s whipped cross was slightly deflected and Martinelli was quick to shift his run and tap in from a couple of yards away. 1-0 Arsenal.

Despite a relatively ponderous first half, Arsenal went into the dressing room ahead as they had a new challenge for the rest of the game – see out the result for the win.

Second Half

His goal must have given Martinelli a boost as he had a couple of half chances within the first three minutes of the restart. A clever run almost resulted in a shot on goal but for Ozil’s uncharacteristically heavy pass. Just a minute later, David Luiz’s long punt from deep almost caught the Sheffield defence unaware. Martinelli’s quick instincts saw him go close to getting the ball if not for Henderson’s fast reactions in stepping off his line.

Sheffield were not going to take it lying down as they tightened up the reins in midfield. That pressure almost resulted in Sheffield equalizer on the 55th minute. Leno misjudged coming out for the ball on a corner and Mcburnie had his header cleared off the line by an alert Xhaka.

Chances have been at a premium throughout the game and Arsenal had a chance to seal the game on the 66th minute as Pepe looked to have been tripped in the box while dribbling towards goal. Despite a check with VAR, the decision was incredulously not given to the Gunners. Scandalous refereeing right there.

It was homecoming for Eddie Nketiah as the returning youngster came on for Lacazette on 70th minute to save the Frenchman’s legs for the mid-week game against Chelsea and test the tiring Sheffield defence.

Sheffield haven’t looked too threatening for the most of the second half but just 10 minutes from time, the Blades found their equalizer. They whipped in a tantalizing cross from the right which Maitland-Niles could only head towards the direction of Fleck. Fleck hit his half volley with venom, bouncing off the ground and deceiving Leno as it went into the back of the net. 1-1 Sheffield.

Sheffield almost wrapped up all three points after Mustafi gave away the ball on the halfway line. The Blades were quick in their transition and McBurnie’s strike from the middle of the box was blocked by Maitland-Niles who was well-placed to keep the Gunners in the game.

In the end, Arsenal had to settle for a point in a game where a lack of firepower and chance creation was the team’s Achilles heel despite the players putting in strong shift.

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We are a team really struggling to find any kind of rhythm. Ozil’s flicks and Pepe’s dribbling can only take you so far. Movement off the ball was absolutely woeful; we need to be doing better.


Man, we are so poor at chance creation. We have, for the last few weeks, engineered some amazing situations – 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 – but we are just atrocious at turning them into actual chances. I don’t know whether it’s a lack of concentration, confidence or competency but it’s really hurting us. Ozil’s severe shooting allergy isn’t helping either. Still proud of the fight we are showing. We stumble on. COYG!

Reality check

“I don’t know whether it’s a lack of concentration, confidence or competency but it’s really hurting us”

I think it’s the lack of Chemistry between our forwards, we saw that between Martinelli and Ozil today. Ozil wanted him to chase and cross whereas Martinelli wanted to cut in, I think.
Both Pepe and Martinelli are new in the team, so hopefully it will get better with time. It’s easier to find your teammate once you know their style and movement better.


Sorry for replying to your comment Helder but wanted this to be near the top. To all the negativity only 5 games in, the I would take 10th now etc. etc. GET A GRIP ….. we actually closed on the top 4 by a point today. 3 wins to their 3 losses and we are there. Pool will do their job tomorrow, and it’s been a good day for us while Arteta is still learning about the players, implementing new ideas and planning for the future. And to Santori, can you please stop the “overrated Pepe and untested Saliba” crap.… Read more »


All very interesting, especially the top 4 comment. We gained a point on top 4? We are currently ten points off 4th and 9 points ahead of 19th with no proof we can beat the teams in between. Nobody currently injured has shown they can change things, so if we sleep on this window it will be a sad ending.

Olivije Žirod

“Ozil flicks”… Says someone who who has Lacazette on their avatar picture.

La Défense

Came so close to securing the 3 points. The players and Arteta must be feeling desperately disappointed. I feel for them.

Arteta the gaffer

Mike Dean should never manage an Arsenal Game again


We can’t blame the ref every game. Arteta looks like he’s going to be an excellent manager but the truth is a few of our starters just aren’t good enough for anything other than a scrap for 4th. We create so little even with Ozil


Özil created 4 chances. He cannot do them all. Some here ask him to shoot (yes, i agree) but his partners can also start creating too.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Isn’t Ozil’s job because of the position he plays in? Minimum service and seen as a heroe. Please open your mine a bit.

Olivije Žirod

“We create so little even with Ozil”.

That is the problem. We have ONLY Ozil. City have De Bruyne, Dani Silva, Bernardo in the same team. Sometimes even more. We have Ozil. You can’t expect to dominate game if we can’t make 3 passes in the final third.

Reality check

“We create so little even with Ozil”

I think Pepe is turning out to be a decent creater too.. he’ll only get better

Olivije Žirod

He has good final ball but he is too selfish. He gets it and then runs into the defense. We don’t have players who can make more than 5 passes around the box. The only way we can score is from crosses or from a direct attack.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m not too impressed with Pepe, he has potential but hasn’t do e enough for me so far. However, we’ve been crying out for years for a wide player that can take people on. Now we have one, he gets criticised for doing it.

Keeping it Monreal

You’ve got the image of Mike Dean managing arsenal in my head and it is rather unpleasant


That’s a bit like saying Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed near the White House. Lovely sentiments, but…..


We say this every damn season

Reality check

Gutted about losing the lead again. Some work to be done, especially at the end of games but overall, it is better to take lead than to keep chasing games. Not to underestimate Blades who are 7th for a reason. They forced us into duals early on but we slowly took control. Auba’s suspension and Laca’s blanks not helping atm.


I still think Arteta can prove to be the right guy but Man, I really expected more than 6 points from 5 premier league games (three at home) and more than 90min of good football so far (half an hour with chelsea, an hour with united). Relief after not losing at home to sheffield united just does not feel right. Honey moon is over. And yeah fuck VAR.


It’s not fuck VAR, it’s fuck the useless officials in the Prem. The only difference it’s made is that now we’ve got an extra brainless twat sitting in a room somewhere. Pretty much all major leagues and cup competitions now how VAR yet somehow 99% of the controversy comes from England…


Yeah i know, you’re right, but still given what it is today – fuck it.


Zero English referees at the last WC. Are we surprised. The most “unpredictable” league, yeah.


Blame VAR, blame the refs, blame god if you want. Or you can stop and think and come to the realisation that Arsenal simply are NOT good enough. I have seen no improvement in our fortunes since Emery left. NOTHING. It won’t be long before people are calling for Arteta to be sacked. He tries to bring Man City’s style to Arsenal. Like taking Arsenal’s style in the early Wenger years to Peterborough United. I would rather Arsenal had lost against Sheffield United, lost against Palace – at least you could feel something. Following this is a struggle. Emery was… Read more »


If Arsenal are yesterdays news why don’t you take your negativity and fuck of to today’s news. You never have anything nice to say about the club, the players, anything. You’re a right misery.


Still?! You *still* think Arteta can be the right guy after 5 league games in charge? Your patience is truly saintly.


Yeah Jack i ‚still’ think so


The point is that the word ‘still’ is ridiculous.

Pat Rice and Beans

You’re right, the ‘new manager bump’ is over.
If it was Emery on the bench today whistles would rain down on dugout at the final whistle.

Arsenal defense is a clock bomb, a disaster waiting to happen, independent of the personnel.


It’s not Emery though. Pointless comparison.


Careful Pat, you’re upsetting all those Mustafi lovers. I personally love his own goal in our League Cup exit after one minute. He had an ok game today. For some, that now makes him Tony Adams.

Reality check

So you wanted him to turn Newcastle into Man city over the period of 6 games. A bit unfair isn’t it?


No i wanted him to get more points from these first five games than Emery at average did this season and i expected more than overall 90min of good performance.

dr Strange

Mike Dean


Down vote only for the name, not the sentiment. God I hate the sight of that bald twat!


……is a cunt.

The Voice of the Noise

Drawsenal ?‍♂️

La Défense



I actually feel really down. Sheffield didn’t have a sniff the whole second half then score with their first chance. We really do need to start getting points

Reality check

My glass half-full tells me that’s a good thing, much better than peppered with shots and backing down all the way back in the box. These are good signs, we’ll get it right, It’s only a matter of time..


The shit of it is we scored a fluke goal off a deflection, notwithstanding Martinelli’s excellent attack. They scored from a man finding space and hitting a solid cracker. It’s getting to be a routine, as are the draws.


VAR is an absolute disgrace. Look up how many points its robbed off us this season. But today it really took the piss.

Mesut O’Neill

As pointed above, it’s the Moron’s who are controlling it rather than the system itself.


it’s not VAR. IT’S NOT VAR

it’s simply the officials in the premiership. They let Delle Ali handball it before they scored against Watford in the first leg despite the rules saying any contact with the arm that leads to a goal blah blah.
VAR was showing clear contact. that’s just an example.

It’s not VAR.


Torreira and Saka outstanding. Mustafi, Luiz, Pepe, and MN very good (although he was too slow to stop the volley for their goal). Martinelli’s movement and workrate fantastic. Our midfield badly needs dynamism. Unfortunately same old Arsenal crumble at the end.


You wouldn’t ask this lot to take your dog for a walk because they just can’t hang onto a lead. The sooner we got to forty points the better. It really is that bad.


That was a pile of shit. Nowhere near good enough. Hanging on to a point at home to Sheffield Utd. FFS.


We are tenth ! We have a goal difference of minus 2 !! We are seven points off a relegation zone spot !!!

I can remember the mid seventies when we were similarly bad. But that is little consolation.


For me, this is the 82-83 season replaying itself. Sexy new home and away kits and a bunch of clueless clowns ruining them with tepid-at-best utter-shite-at worst performances. For Lee Chapman read Lacazette. For Chris Whyte read Mustafi. For Peter Nicholas read Xhaka. For Colin Hill read AMN. For Stewart Robson read Ozil. For Graham Rix read Pepe. Looks good enough on paper, looks great in the kit. And then the ref blows for the game to start…… and yes, that year we finished 10th…..


I remember it well. But I can’t remember what turned it around? Maybe it was just time and eventually Georgie Graham?


Yes, it took until the summer of ‘86 for Gorgeous George to come along before we began to look solid. Don Howe managed a couple of nice results with Charlie Nicholas and Co, but we were nowhere near consistent enough to trouble the top of the table. Until George took over. Funny how his name is getting mentioned more nowadays than Wenger – such is the cry for defensive solidarity…..


I know where you’re coming from. Frankly, I would settle for tenth right now.


Todays game only goes on to show, we need quality players in the side, so they can bench the likes of Mustafi, xhaka ( he hasnt been bad, but apart from the clearance he did nothing much). Ozil didnt look good , but there was no one to replace him.on that bench. I wanted Ceballos in for either Ozil or Xhaka in that secind half, but Arteta must know better. I am sure Mustafi just wants to take out his revenge on the out of context mustafi videos by playing those idiotic passes late in the game. Looks like he… Read more »


I mean, the guy played one bad pass at the end when he was trying to split the lines. Other than that he was excellent at everything. I notice when he plays we win alot more aerial challenges because of the way he attacks the ball. I’m no Mustafi fan, but he was one of our better players today and for the most part his passing was very good.


I know it sounds harsh, but moments like those make you concede or lose games. However play, if you do that and cost the game at the end that serves no purpose. We can understand if it happens once or twice but with him its mostly always.


Every time Mustafi sets foot on a pitch, we find a way to fuck up. Cannot wait for him to go.

Olivije Žirod

Thanks god then we didn’t fuck up most games in the last 2 months.

Kran stoenke

Fuckin hell mate, mustafi was brilliant today, he’s an excellent passer and an athlete. Today he was one of arsenal’s better players. I get it he makes mistakes, but arsenal are in kind of a rebuilding phase so It’s better to get behind the team.


Seems we keep Hoping and Expecting Arsenal to start a run, but this year just makes me think of the movie “It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This”. Young, new, injured, and some past their prime, but these guys better start gearing up for the cups ties.


These guys better start gearing up for relegation battle avoidance. Sod the cups, just staying up is the priority with this bunch of assorted melts and muppets. They’re making this club a laughing stock.


Turn it in, son. Mustafi is the pits. The amount of points we’ve dropped because of that pillock’s ineptitude must now run into three figures. He’s tactically inept, he’s got the pace of a tortoise in fresh cement, he gives away stupid free kicks in dangerous positions, he commits unnecessary fouls, he scores own goals for fun and goes to ground whilst blaming his fellow team mates for yet another goal we’ve conceded that is actually his fault. Apart from all of that, then yeah, he’s the best centre half that ever lived……..

Arsenal 12

A defenders job is to be good at the whole game! Mustafi sometimes is good but he always does a stupid thing and we conceded so only from this point of view he should not be playing he looses his concentration

Arsenal 12

The fact that your comment has 35 dislikes show how delusional our fans are! unfortunately they still think that Ozil and Xhaka are good, There is no hope


Frankly don’t think we will make it even to the europa league NXT season, it’s all about the rebuild now and I really hope the fans give Arteta the support he deserves.

The Spoon

Apart form the money side of things, missing europa league will do us a favour. No Thursday night football in middle of fuck knows where. More rest, more training, less injuries and hopefully we will make the most of it. Its all about next season now. If we’d won today I’d have half a hope we could still grab 4th but confident that’s a distant dream. Unless we can beat chelski and maybe ill dare dream again….

alex alexsson

(winning) the europa league has been the closest we’ve got to CL football the last 2 seasons and probs will be again this year. don’t think we should underestimate how detrimental it would be to lose that avenue to CL football. Yes its long journies, thursdays/sundays etc but we pretty much play our reserves until the QFs anyway…


I wonder what happens to ST prices if we don’t even have EL. Probably start charging us for EFL Cup ties instead.


And include the emirates cup too. That’ll get 2 of the 7 out the way

Arsenal 12

He wont get the support, January is already gone and we didn’t even get a loan player, after few months fans will shouting for arteta out unfortunately because the board does not care

Keeping it Monreal

I’m not one to complain about refereeing decisions as I’m a firm believer of them evening out throughout the season but it seems like we are getting absolutely no decisions this season… I cannot understand how the trip on Pepe cannot be seen as clear and obvious. Defender sticks his leg out, ball goes past defender, defender trips up Pepe. As clear and obvious as it gets for me

Right Across Sunderland!

We haven’t paid our dues. Can’t see what else it is.

Right Across Sunderland!

I think the ‘without incorrect VAR’ table has us 5th just off the CL places. Get the brown envelopes out, Stan!

Kran stoenke

Yet the sokratis goal was disallowed because that was a clear and obvious error. The biggest league in the world, brings in the most money and this is the best officiating they can produce? Disgusting.


No, F this shit. What is the point of VAR? How was Pepe not tripped in the box? That’s 2-0 and their eventual equaliser doesn’t matter. I love this club and they have my full support even in these bad times but this shit is just unfair!


We are not going to get any VAR decisions this year, so we have take matters into our own hands. The refereeing association are bent, accountable to nobody and have wet dreams about relegating us. The reason they didn’t want the on pitch monitor assistance which literally works in every other league is because it prevents them from influencing games. You can guarantee if that was spurs or liverpool they would get a penalty.


Fuck the ref the blind fuck. It’s like referees sitting behind VAR has a sort of complex denying their ability to make the right calls. I guess most referees are dumb fucks, which in turn opens up this career path for them, that’s the simplest explanation.


My favorite is when everyone is in the ref’s face and he just taps his ear piece like God just told him the proper call. Let’s hide behind the curtain and let the on field ref off the hook. Great system. Great integrity. Fuck off.


Spot on. 100 % agreement.


If we had won that 1-0, I’d have been happy. Perhaps we didn’t take all our chances but at least there was attack-mindedness, aggression, good performances by the young ones and a marked improvement on the Emery days. The defensive organisation for the last goal was woeful, Fleck had acres at the back post with noone on him – Maitland-Niles culpable or was he drawn into the centre by someone else not doing their job? I know alot is said about Ozil off the ball defensively but in attack I’d love to see him inject a little pace and perhaps… Read more »

Fred Garvin

He created 4 chances today going forward.


That metric doesn’t give a clear picture. If he taps the ball to torreira 35 yards out who then takes a shot at goal, that’s a chance created. But it isn’t really is it?


We are just not a very good team. At least now i go into a game not expecting to lose as was the case under emery.


Arteta needs to fit them with dog collars that zap them if the ball is passed backwards. We break down our own attacks from the edge of their box and pass it all the way back to Leno at the slightest thought there isn’t a 100% giltedged chance. We are allergic to taking chances and risking a pass in their box but a-ok with passing across our own with three of their players in it.


What’s the point of VAR when we are robbed of a clear cut penalty.


And worse yet, how many other teams have got points from close VAR calls? Scraping wins from penalties called by VAR? I still can’t forget VAR calling off our last ditch Sokratis goal for a Chambers “foul”.


The whole point of VAR seems to be to rob us of clear cut decisions. In the past there was still the possibility that the on field ref was just blind, but with VAR you clearly see that it seems to be a system of bias.


I’m fed up watching Arsenal now. We’re not improving after 6 games now and we are probably going to end up finishing this season in the bottom half of the table. We struggle against everyone, end of. No one at this club is safe from criticism because we’ve regressed so far in the post Wenger years that I’m actually beginning to wish he was still here and we didn’t have this mafia style management with people like Sanllehi, Vinai and Fahmy. Our recruitment over the last 4 years, with a couple of exceptions have been woeful, pitiful shameful. I wish… Read more »


Mate the whole EPL is tight, with the exception of Liverpool and City. No other team has suffered as much as Arsenal from fucked ip VAR calls.


Since the Kroenkes took charge and we had Ivan, then Raul they’ve absolutely proven to be the wrong management. The recruitment has been awful and it’s no surprise the likes of Alexis, Oxlaide Chamberlain, Giroud and Koscielny wanted to leave. They were used to the Champions league. Then we sign dross like Xhaka, Mustafi, Lucas Perez, Sokratis. Even Kolasinac, Lacazette and Aubameyang have actually made us weaker. The table does not lie. We’ve not recruited well, we’ve sold incredibly poorly and we’re dropping like flies. We have Chelsea next then Burnley away, that’s 25 games gone. We’ve still to play… Read more »


Pepe ,saka, Martenelli and Torreira play outstanding today

Right Across Sunderland!

I’m a big fan of Torreira but I thought he was quite poor today. He’s our DM and Fleck was constantly making late runs off him.

Best of John Lukic

We have problems. That’s obviously why we have a new manager, and he is doing well and has gotten rid of some of those problems. But others remain, and that’s why we keep drawing even when we take the lead and look like we are dominating. However. I’m on the verge of thinking “what’s the point anyway”, when both refereeing and VAR so randomly and inconsistently impact the outcome of the games. The Pepe incident was such a clear penalty. Ref said no for some reason,and VAR just blew it away. It’s infuriating. I know this sounds pathetic. Football fan… Read more »


Ditto brother. Almost pointless now.


Exactly right. And while the Arsenal is obviously the most important for me, VAR is ruining my enjoyment of other games, as well. The long delays, the incessant overturning of goals, the number of calls gotten obviously wrong–it’s absolutely ruining the league. And Bundesliga doesn’t seem to have these problems with video review, so, as noted a few times already, the problem is our worthless and unaccountable officials.


Good point concerning the Bundesliga. VAR usage in the PL just makes the FA look incompetent. Having two refs for each game just shows that the game is too fast for one on field ref, but as someone pointed out, now there are just two knuckleheads calling the game.

Right Across Sunderland!

Positives: Pepe Mustafi (yes, Mustafi apart from one bad pass) Martinelli Saka (our best player imo) Maitland-Niles Luiz Ozil (just behind Saka as our best player for me) Negatives: Xhaka (off the pace, poor passing) Torreira (wasn’t aware of Fleck’s runs at times…I called it (Fleck finding space in dangerous areas) in another thread at half time). Lacazette But I’m still in a positive mood. I think the players are just finding it difficult to keep it up for 90 minutes. But some genius at the club decided to fire our much sought after fitness coach. Whoever made that decision… Read more »

Bodie CI5

Shit is it wrong to feel pissed off?? Because i am, I’ve had such high hopes, and now a draw feels like a loss, and just looked at the table and WE’VE got more draws than anybody in the hole league, and that’s pissed me off even more,

Paul Roberts

Most draws could be a cup??

Bodie CI5

Also now we have 3 away games in a row, and our away record??? well I just can’t see a win coming out of them, i know ones a cup but still

Gavin Binding

We’re heading in the right direction. Emery sucked the creativity out of our forward line and midfield over the last 18 months. It’s going to take a lot of time on the training ground and a couple of changes of personnel, but we’ll get there.


Exactly this. Wenger told them not to shoot and Emery had the forwards playing as midfielders, it’s going to take a while for them to sharpen up.


Arsenal’s ludicrous inability to just create another chance, let alone actually kill the game off once they get a goal is what cost us yet again today.

That scrappy, once-in-a-lifetime, deflected goal that Sheffield scored should’ve been nothing more than a consolation goal but just like against Palace and Chelsea, it changed the entire complexion of the match in THEIR favour.

It’s absolutely killing us and Arteta needs to sort it out.

Paul Roberts

I copied your post to someone that blames Mustafi for today’s draw thank you.

Sagebrush Farm

This team, these years! Ah. Had a laugh towards the end when Mustafi managed a perfectly directed and weighted pass to one of the opposition.


Mike Dean is a baldy twatbasket


Dont be baldest.
Actually that’s unfair on twats too. Mile Dean is just… well a Mike Dean. There is no fitting adjective for him.

Right Across Sunderland!

Foolishly, I though VAR would negate the inverted haemorrhoid that is Mike Dean.


I have haermorrhoids and i honestly like them better than Mike Dean.

Jean Ralphio

We’re struggling to find the finishing touch and it’s so frustrating! I have no hair to pull out.


We look better, but we’re still just not good enough. If Arteta can use what’s left of this season to make a clear plan of who stays and who goes and do some real surgery on this team come the summer that will be ideal. There’s just not enough about this bunch to achieve anything this campaign.


Look better but same results doesn’t mean anything. We need to have concrete results. Not seeing it.


We’re just lacking a bit of quality. The direction is clear as broad daylight and we’ll get there. ??


That’s very Wenger of you. “We are lacking just little bit the qwaliteee.” Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than that, Arsene – sorry – Duno


When you say more than that, what do you mean exactly?
It’s easy to note our style of play, Arteta just need the personnel to carry it out to the letter. Something that most certainly will take a couple of transfer windows. No?


May as well have said Emery needs the personnel to carry his vision through.

Similar set of players. Not exactly as if unai had better assets at disposal (not least considering some fans further agitated to deny him Xhaka)


Petit's Handbag

What the fuck happened? 2004 – best side in Europe, blew it because of one week. 2005 – Gilberto injury ruins league hid. 2006 – poor season but champions league final lost at last hurdle. 2007- that wasn’t great but champions league football. 2008 – what a side, can’t believe we had nothing to show for that 2009- why’s he playing? 2010- this is better, he looks good. 2011- don’t let them leave 2012- they left, but we bought Santi, and still we have champions league. 2013- nothing happens, we sign some lad who’s greatest impact is on social media… Read more »


We were not buying enough with Wenger and Law.

BUt with Mslintat then Sanlehi we have made mis-steps in market and spent more for less results.

Right Across Sunderland!

I’m buying a bottle of bubbly the day Mike Dean retires.


The day Mustafi leaves I’m going to open a pub – drinks on the house…..


…did well today one iffy moment first half and a header a apart.

Put out two very good slide rule passes from deep to release strikers higher up which had it been Sideshowbob the media pundits would be having a wank never mind a drink.

Man Manny

I remember Klopps first season at Liverpool; they finished eighth…I think. They had loads of draws too.
He was then backed in subsequent windows. From Salah…to Van Dyke? They have become an unstoppable force.
Can Arteta duplicate that here? No doubt…if he’s backed by the club. And that is a big IF.


This is stupid.

May as well then continue with unai. he did not drop us out of fifth first season, drop in second season but largely as well due to poor decisions in the summer with capability gaps still in key areas.

As we see with Arteta not entirely dissimilar results with same assets. So what improvement?


The improvement, Santori, is the style of play. If you can’t see the change from Emery’s negative, cowardly fucked up chameleon tactics to a team that has a style and a plan then maybe football isn’t for you. We’re getting better every game, but unfortunately we dropped off after about seventy minutes as the legs started going and we ended up pegged back. We should have had a penalty and the players put in a real shift, I was proud of them today.


The improvement is that even if Arteta is not a great manager at least he picks the best team. Unai is the worst manager i have ever seen and he would have dragged us down to relegation. Now we are a solid middle table team. Thats the improvement.


You’re right. Your post is indeed stupid.

Paul Roberts

I’m pissed of that we can’t seem to build on or keep a lead. Goodnight. COYG!

Paul Roberts

*off FS!


But Paul, your mate Mustafi played an absolute blinder today. I’ve only just finished throwing cartwheels around the house. The wife and kids have never seen me so happy. Come on mate, cheer up. Dropped points – who cares? WE’VE GOT MUSTAFI…!

Right Across Sunderland!

VAR works in places like Italy because their referees aren’t complete idiots like the ones in the PL. I was genuinely shocked when FIFA ignored PL refs for their biggest comps….not any more. It’s because they’re shite

I wouldn’t let them officiate a car park in an empty town.


I know we’re not playing great still, but are we gonna talk about how many points we’ve been dicked out of this season now due to inept officiating?


Everyone is getting dicked by the officiating surrounding VAR, so that’s no excuse. We should be creating more chances and putting them away and our Keystone Kops defence need replacing.

Up North

Basically, I don’t feel that we play bad and not lacking effort from the players either. The combo of yet again makeshift defence and toothless in the last third cost us two points today, but my belief in Arteta stands strong


We are still not generating enough chances.

Don’t blame the officiating, its as expected.

Too tentative going froward, drop off as per usual (albeit not as bad this game) in second half but we need far more control of the ball and should be playing quicker plus more in their half.


But we need concrete results. No point saying we are in transition. It hasn’t been any better results-wise than with Unai.

We need to be seeing results. One win over United followed by more draws won’t cut it.

And come summer we will be complicated by less spend bc of fall in revenue, key departures plus back loading on overrated Pepe and under tested Saliba.


Not good. Some people prefer to see otherwise but we really need to be banking points. Thus far we have struggled to get past Palace (albeit certain extenuating circumstances) but now also Sheffield. taking nothing away from Sheffield, we should be beating them. Team looks tentative at best. Understandable bc they are likely wary of their own faults and Sheffield’s danger but we needed to be far more in control second half. It was too end to end. Again certain question marks over timing of changes and if sufficient legs were added to keep our momentum going. We had Guendouzi… Read more »


Disappointing passing accuracy again and the forward passing became absent again. However, I can’t believe VAR officials dealt us another injustice again with the Pepe penalty. How many points is that this season?


Martinelli should be starting weekly now. The kid has proven himself, and deserves his shot ahead of others.


I would play Martinelli ahead of Pepe when Auba returns.

72m wasted. Could have got Ziyech or Fekir for less spent some money on a proper solution at cback instead of trying to cut corners extend on over the hill Koscielny then get upset bc he won’t.

105m on Pepe, the absent (and relatively unproven) Saliba and Sideshowbob.


1-1 to the Arsenal – anyone take that for the next game?

Mind you both Southampton and Bournemouth have won there recently so maybe my sights are too low.

Kanu Believe It

They are not called Sheffield, they are called Sheffield United FFS.


I really wonder if we keep drawing like that how long it will take for people turning against Mikel

Manu petits left peg

That was a bit unlucky today. But being objective a fair result as we didn’t quite create enough. Emerys arsenal would of lost that today.

We’re missing a little bit of sparkle and lacas form is at rock bottom at the moment.

Don’t look at the table this season. It is about getting a team together and figuring out who arteta thinks he can trust and tactics that will work.

The futures pretty bright


We don’t know how to kill game off
That’s our problem

Arsenal 12

Its depressing to see our fans think that our team can get better and not realise that Ozil, Xhaka is shit, we have many young players that are not good enough like Nketiah, saka, nelson,mavropanos. We dont care if they are young and bla bla they are not good enough for the team like Arsenal that want at least to get top4! We need midfielders and defenders urgently. It would be better if we could sell attackers like nelson, lacazette and invest the money on midfield and defence

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