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Report: Arsenal 4 – 0 Newcastle (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 4 – 0 Newcastle
Competition: Premier League
Date: 16 February 2020
Venue: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Saka, Ceballos, Xhaka, Ozil, Pepe, Nketiah, Aubameyang

Subs: Martinez, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Torreira, Willock, Martinelli, Lacazette

Arsenal’s training camp in Dubai paid dividends as Arsenal won their first game on their return from the Winterlull with second half goals from Aubameyang, Pepe, Ozil and Lacazette.

Despite a lukewarm first half, fans would have been happy to see Ceballos, Saka and Ozil taking the game by the scruff of the neck to control the game. The icing on the cake was definitely the sense of relief and joy that looked to have returned to Lacazette who found the net again after an uncharacteristic dry spell in front of goal.

A very positive result and performance that bodes well for the last stretch of the season.

First Half

Fresh from a two week break in Dubai, Mikel Arteta turned the starting lineup inside out for Arsenal’s first game back from the Winterlull. Saka featured at left back in what we can assume is a precautionary measure to ease Kolasinac back from injury.

There were also two surprise starts in the form of Nketiah for Lacazette and Ceballos for Torreira/Guendouzi in the hopes of adding some cutting edge upfront and control in midfield respectively.

The first few minutes were a lively affair with Ceballos looking like the standout player. It was reminiscent of his performance against Burnley with his array of dribbles and quick passes catching the eye. But it was not always one way traffic as Joelinton showed ingenuity to evade Mustafi and cross in for Lazaro who could only shoot wide.

Lazaro’s powerful runs from deep down Arsenal’s left looked to be a big test for Xhaka and Saka. And it was the former who was first to commit an error on the 8th minute, blatantly pulling Lazaro’s shirt to stop his run into open space during a dangerous counter.

Arsenal’s troubles weren’t just limited to defending down the left. Saint-Maximin’s dangerous dribbles also caused Bellerin and Ceballos some concern on the counter as he was hard to catch once he got going. Just as problematic was Arsenal’s inability to break down Newcastle’s low block with Nketiah’s shot right into the arms of Dubravka on the 35th minute the best opportunity thus far.

Aubemeyang and Pepe’s efforts from afar also did little to work the Newcastle goalkeeper.

By the end of the first half, Arsenal had upped the tempo with Ozil rediscovering his ability for laser guided passes but the team still lacked the overall guile to find a way past the well organized Newcastle defence and midfield.

It was 0-0 at half time.

Second Half

It was a much improved performance coming out of the tunnel as Ceballos and Ozil continued pulling the strings for Arsenal. The Spanish international lofted in a beautiful diagonal for Aubameyang on the 46th minute but the forward couldn’t get the right touch on the ball to take it past Dubravka.

Just minutes later, Pepe shimmied his way in the box and squared it for Nketiah whose shot went close by hitting the crossbar. Pepe was not to be discouraged. On the 53rd minute, he cut in from the right wing and crossed towards the far post. Naturally, Aubameyang found a way to sneak in to space and head the ball in to put Arsenal in front. 1-0 Arsenal.

It was Pepe again who took centre stage to double Arsenal’s lead. Aubameyang seemed to have overhit his pass down the left for Saka but the youngster managed to beat Lazaro to it. Saka did one better and nutmegged the right back and laid on the ball for Pepe who lurked in the middle and guided the ball in with his left foot. Unsaveable. 2-0 Arsenal.

Arsenal’s quickfire goals lit a fire in Newcastle and the Magpies almost equalized not long after. Saint-Maximim’s cutback found Clark in the middle of the Arsenal penalty box but could only lash it wide with his left foot from close range. Arsenal were let off easily there.

The Gunners were not to be dissuaded from that as they were full of confidence, strutting their stuff with a spell of composed tiki-taka possession. Again, Saint-Maximin reminded Arsenal that the game was not over as he went on another dizzying run, shrugged Bellerin off and curled the ball only for it to hit the far post.

Arsenal slowed the tempo towards the end of the game but their dominance still showed as Ozil got on the scoresheet. Lacazette, a substitute for Nketiah, received the ball in a tight space around the box. The ball bounced and the Frenchman improvised by flicking it on towards the middle of the box. Ozil pounced on the free ball and made it 3-0.

Just when you thought it was over, Lacazette finished it all off with a simple tap in after some hard work from Pepe down the right with essentially the last kick of the game. His celebration showed big relief and a massive weight off his shoulders as he made it 4-0.

Lacazette, the rest of the players and fans were smiling again as we looked to have our Arsenal back.

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Great result. Top half and a positive goal difference! And Ozil and Lacazette scoring…


The whole front 4 scoring!


All our record signings scoring


Everyone one performed well but big shout out to Saka. What a player we have. I hope they extend his contract asap.


Team looked utterly relieved, and liberated by the final whistle. Hopefully not many find fault with our players, our coach, or the performance — all were well worth it today.

Dave M

Yes a much needed preformance. We looked like a team and players have effort thoroughly enjoyable. Now let’s see it consistently. Well done arteta in his tactics and subs


I guess you didn’t wait to watch souness’s take on it all lol he wasn’t flattering at all. what a c*Nt


If you’re talking about Graeme Souness, well, he is a cunt. No, Make that a mega cunt.


Would love to upvote your comment but I’m told I’ve already voted. I haven’t. Keeps happening.


When was the last time we won 4-0 against any half decent team?

Obama Young

Before today, the last Premier League match we’d won by 3 or more goals was 5-1 over Bournemouth, Feb. 27 2019.
Before that, 4-1 over Fulham on the first day of 2019.
Before that, 5-1 over Fulham on Oct. 7 2018.
Before that, 5-0 over Burnley on May 16, 2018 under Wenger.


Bellerin has been sh * t though


Well it may be because he is no longer playing as an attacking RB rather is getting into the midfield leaving the wing for Pepe. It is just like when someone asks you to change your job responsibilities you are no longer working at the same efficiency and will take sometime before you are able to exert your influence.


If you could write a script for how to get our mojo back, that second half was pretty much it. Saka amazing down the left, Ozil running the game from the middle, Pepe with three goal contributions, Laca with 2 in about 10 minutes on the field, 2nd clean sheet in a row. A perfect night at the Emirates!


Best Ozil game I have seen in a while, his touch was good and he had several flicks amd tricks. Saka has been my favorite player to watch all season (which I know some will say I’m lying).

But I would like to see how we respond away from home or against a team that actually bothers to press the ball as opposed to 11 players playing goalkeeper like Newcastle did today.

Guns Up

Said almost the same thing after the final whistle. My only edit to the script, had I been writing it, would have been for Eddie to have taken his great chance, giving Pepe a hat trick of assists in the process. Oh well, no complaints here – more of the same please!!

ricky rick

When he plays out wide, Auba will always be favorite for that far post header over shorter RBs. Hope we use this more. 

Sweet Lou

Ozil’s finish was filthy. Dubravka never saw that coming

Andre Santos' car keys

Ozil’s finish reminded me against his late clincher against Bayern in 2015. Tears in my eyes.

Best of John Lukic

That was so sweet. But Bukayo Saka! Oh my. Bukayo Saka!

Mo mo mo

There’s a chant started at Everton away, to Queen’s Radio Gaga

All we need is
Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka

(it’s quite easy)


more dubai please. these boys will creep into top 4 methinks


Dani Onions, Saka, Pepe and Ozil where all sensational in that 2nd half. Hats off.


Our midfield looks a hell of a lot better with Ceballos in it. Silky player. I think people forget he’s just 23 and expect him to be the finished article week in, week out. He’s pretty mobile and doesn’t shirk the defensive side either. I want to see him and Torreira given a go next game.


There’s been a lot of talk lately about how we miss real ball players in our engine room and he filled that game for us today. Won’t be surprised if he becomes a regular fixture in the team going forward.


The scary thing about Pepe is he looks like he’s still only in 2nd gear. Super excited for his next few years with us. He’s started tracking back and winning headers now as well. Future monster.


He didn’t have much attacking impact in the first half, but he did a great job tracking back. There were at least a few instances where he came back to make a strong interception or tackle and, judging from his lackadaisical efforts in that regard earlier in the season, I was both surprised and really pleased at the development and the way Arteta and the coaches seem to have gotten through to him.


Great game today! I loved that everybody put in a shift. Ozil I hope you keep it up. Dani was also a bright spark. Let’s build some momentum and win some games on the stretch.

3 points in the bag! Can’t wait for our next game!!

Evang. Simon

This is a 5 Star performance and Arteta with the Man of the Match…

We have step up our performance let it not come down again….

This is the Arsenal I know

John Lowe

Great stuff and I regret I was not there this afternoon. Are all aware that there is very good Ticket Exchange availability for next Sunday’s match, which could be a real cracker?




Please, pundits, where are you now?


So happy for Ozil to get a goal. It was classy for Mikel to bring him off afterwards so he could get his ovation. That will give him a whole load of confidence

God is a Gooner

He looked like a man who hasn’t scored since April, and that finish was a wet as they come. But yeah, he really needed that.


That nutmeg by Saka was filthy. I swear I heard him call it.

Mo mo mo

I’m not sure I’ve seen a better piece of skill this year. Except maybe by another 18 year old against Chelsea.


Satisfying win. Having said that, first half was worryingly boring. Onwards and upwards.

Scott P

That Laca celebration ❤️❤️


Really liked Ceballos’ ability to receive the ball and turn. Almost Cazorlaesque. Someone was saying in one of the threads we need two “8.5s” rather than a 10 in Özil and I feel we got that this game. Özil playing that slightly deeper role has been brilliant as well.


I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Dani in the midfield. Arteta need s a Spanish technician, and probably sees a bit of himself in him. Let’s hope he can keep up his game.

A tetra

Ooo looking forward for the stats to see how many passes it was before the Özil-goal! 40ish in the buildup?
What a delightful win and some good results the next games and I think we’re in the mix! One can never stop believe…


34 with each one of our 11 with a touch


35, most in the league for a passing move goal of any team


Heard it was 35! Great game today. So fucking delighted.

Three Steps Sideways

According to the BBC, 35 and the most for any goal in the Premier League this season.

A tetra

That’s why the big smile and “chill down handshaking” from Arteta.Thats a kind of goal that would make even Wenger proud!

Paul Roberts

It’s clear from the celebrations following Lacca’s goal that the players had been “living” his goal drought with him. Serious team bond there! Well done Mik and his staff!


OPAL with the goals…. Long may it continue!


Damn! Can’t remember when we scored 4 goals in the PL…Very Welcome result

Right Across Sunderland!

4 goals? Goal and assist for Pepe? Goals for Ozil and Lacazette? A positive goal difference?

I don’t know what kind of fresh madness this is, but please let it continue

MA must’ve given them a right rollicking at half time. We somehow looked tired in the first half. And full of beans in the second.

Mo mo mo

You omitted a second assist by Pepe.

Right Across Sunderland!

Saka MOTM. No way he loses his place for me.


I agree. I don’t think it’s about care with Kola post injury. I think Arteta really rates that Saka going forward with Xhaka dropping in to cover thing.
We did it so often that it looks like a plan.


Will the 5th place get CL football due to city’s 2 year ban?


Yes. I feel though they will appeal and win.


Great result but not getting too carried away; Newcastle were shocking and gave up after the first goal. A tougher test will be Everton same time next week. Saka was incredible, another MOTM performance.

Guns Up

As much as we’ve been hearing about Ancelotti and the results since he arrived at Everton, I absolutely can’t wait for Everton same time next week.

The Swede

Who is getting carried away? We know that this win doesnt mean that we are the best team in the world.

Gudang Bedil

I want what they were smoking in Dubai.


Caviars back on the menu boys!


Ah… That’s what it feels like. A convincing win.
I like it… I like it a lot.

I want my next fix please.

Lord Bendnter

That’s what happens when you take time off away from the depressing weather of the UK


Crazy double footed finish for Laca baffled the keeper:-)

Paul Roberts

Yes I didn’t spot that. He got lucky…:-(

Right Across Sunderland!

It was deliberate. He even has a name for it.

He ‘Lacaflected’ it.


nah, he assisted himself.


Lacassisted himself you mean

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Not his first time either. He’s mastered the art

Gudang Bedil

Welbeck is proud, he taught Lacawell.


Mustafi was amazing!!!!!!!


that team celebration after Laca’s goal brought the hugest smile to my face 🙂

Tony Hall

Very nice indeed, well done lads, a few more 4:0 to us this season would be lovely!


That was fucking amazing. I was smiling like a fucking goon by the end of it. I can’t remember the last time I saw an Arsenal performance that good. We needed to win, but we needed to win well. The first half was dire, but that 2nd was beautiful. I get the feeling that this result, and the performance that brought it, will fully engage this team that Arteta’s instructions (which he clearly gave at half time) will yield the proper results we need. There are obviously still issues with tempo and game management, but I feel they will come.… Read more »

Laca New Signing

The lads clearly needed that desert ? ride. It was like a preseason!


Ruthless second half display. Ozil, Pepe, Ceballos in particular were excellent. As for Saka, I think he could quite easily convert to left back/wing back. He is only 18 and displays maturity of some one in their mid to late twenties. Tierney and Kola shouldn’t be getting back in the team. Probably should sell Kola.

Ya Gooner

We might need him at lw if auba goes. As good as he’s been at left back it’s pretty clear he’s more of a winger hence artekkers setting up our attacks down the left


Excellent result. I would’ve been happy with 2-0 tbh but the clean sheet is especially satisfying. And kudos to Arteta starting Mustafi and Caballos, he really is his own man and I love seeing it!


Some great performances all round. Ceballos and Ozil were standout in the middle, Pepe 2 assists and a goal deserves serious recognition. But I think Saka just about shaded MotM, he’s a real talent, Newcastle couldn’t handle him all day. Very happy for Lacazette as well, a flukey goal but the relief on his face told the story, hopefully he can crack on from here.


Sweeeet Caroline woooooaah oh oh oh. That Saka nutmeg. He stole their souls.. Pepe. Everything! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. With the City news.. Can one dream? If we.. Nevermin.. 4-0 to the arsenal! Was watching with my dad at 2-0 i said come on let’s get us a 3-0 game it’s been such a long time.. He said I’m happy with just 2-0..then 3-0 came i said come on let’s get laca a goal. My dad said “OK ill allow it” and then laca scored woop. Now I can watch scum play tomorrow… Read more »


Takeaway from today: Mesut Ozil was class. Had a couple of sublime touches, controlled the game and got a well deserved goal Saka needs to be given a new contract asap. His decision making is fantastic, didn’t just whip in a cross, waited for the run and put it on a platter. Many sites online saying Pepe is one of the worst transfers of the summer. Ha ha ha. Finally seeing some structure and identity to the team. And to all those who say “it was only Newcastle”. They’ve beaten Chelsea and come from behind to draw at everton recently.… Read more »


Reiss Nelson

We should just stick with these forwards for the coming years and focus on building other parts of the team.

A tetra

Problem is that two of them probably won’t sign any new deals and we can’t afford to let them go for free. But let’s not talk about boring stuff on a day like this! Enjoy the win and go for the next!


I’m not sure it is necessary to see them leaving.
They seem to be settled and basically happy here at Arsenal.
With the ban of Man.City, with still 12 rounds left and with the Europa League – we still have realistic chance to be in the Champions League next year…

Steve Vallins

I said on a previous post today Arsenal haven’t scored a headed goal in the EPL from open play and guess what.
After the first half half things had to change , and they did ,now to start climbing up the league


The best game so far well done boys


…and to top it off, a loaned player from Spurs on the losing side. What’s the score Danny Rose?


This second half performance looked more like Arsenal that we want to see. I want to see more of those 3:0, 4:0 matches and it could have been 5 or 6:0 today. Let´s not get ahead of ourselves … I know. Saka MOTM for me he has to keep his place in the XI on this form. You could go through the whole team today and find positives. Ceballos looked very good with the ball in that midfield 2. Ozil inspiring again, now he has to do it consistently also in away matches along with the rest ot the team.… Read more »


It was a pre-assist for Willock actually looking back at it.:d Still it was a nice contribution from him.


YEs, finally we can see what Arteta wants!


I’m not sure I agree with Hatta’s assertion that Saka starting was likely due to wanting to ease Kola back. The more I see of him, the more I become convinced Saka just offers more at LB than Kola, both individually and in the context of what Arteta wants to do, regardless of whether it is his natural position. Bit of a nervy start. It almost felt like some of the players still didn’t completely trust themselves not to make a mistake. They grew into the game beautifully and the second half was a joy to watch. I don’t know… Read more »

Billy Bob

Feels such a long time since we hammered a team 4-0 but boy did that feel good – first half I was concerned, but second half, wow

Up North

This felt extremely good! And if we fail to extend with Saka, Sanhelli should follow him out the gates (He should anyhow, but..) A small negative observation, we still tend to play too much high risk- low reward passes/dribbles, but that will Arteta iron out before next season.


The Dubai trip was worth it after all ?

Obama Young

Our checklist of what we needed today: A win. Any kind of a win, just get the 3 points: check. A good performance where a lot of our players play well: check. A clean sheet: check. Improve the goal differential as much as possible: check Ozil to contribute to goals: check. A goal from Lacazette to break that drought and get him going again: check. No injuries: check. No red cards: check. Team confidence improving: check. Continued improvement from Pepe: check. Another good game from Saka, a teenager being played out of position: check. Ceballos to get more playing time… Read more »



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