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Arteta addresses Ceballos deal talk

Dani Ce-buy-llos or Dani Ce-bye-llos? That is the question.

As things stand, it’s more likely to be the latter with Mikel Arteta making clear the club have not held any discussions about signing Dani Ceballos on a permanent basis.

After a prolonged spell on the sidelines with a hamstring injury and with the boss not picking his compatriot at all during his first month in charge, it looked like Ceballos and his very specific hair might return to Spain in January.

He’s since turned things around and has been a regular in Arsenal’s midfield, playing 357 minutes across six matches in the last seven weeks. Naturally, talk a deal with Real Madrid is doing the rounds again.

Ahead of Saturday’s game with West Ham, Arteta was asked about the situation.

“We haven’t had any discussions about it,” he said.”I’m really happy with Dani and what he’s bringing to the team right now.

“It took him a while after his injury to get to the level that he has and that I’ve seen in the past.

“He’s performing much better now and that’s why he’s playing much more games.”

Given Lucas Torreira has fractured his ankle, Ceballos could well have an important part to play in the Gunners’ run in. With Euro 2020 on the horizon and Zinedine Zidane to impress, he’s got lots to play for.

Here’s hoping he can make an Estrella and Paella-fuelled impact.

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Buy-buy (at a reasonable price) rather than bye-bye.


Chances of getting a reasonable price from Real Madrid?


How much can a club reasonably expect for a player that they rated so poorly that they let him go out on loan rather than be a squad player ?


Hmm. Maybe you’d like to break the news to our players out on loan that they’re in that position ‘cos we think they’re shit?

Group Captain Mandrake

Oh come on. In some cases (see Mhikitarian and Elneny), yes, they are on loan because they aren’t good enough. But most of the players on loan are youngsters that need the field time at a higher level than U-23.


Not club sells players like we do


Bet you Madrid would want at least 45 million Euros minimum for him. Still buy buy?


Quality player with potentially a high ceiling, he’s brave, always wants the ball, and tries to play forwards.

Hopefully we’re just not acting desperate.


In hindsight, Ceballos now realises he made the right choice sticking around. Maybe he listened to Hleb?


Good skill. Hard working. Dynamic. Increases the tempo of our play. And does what Arteta asks. Dodgy hair..but nobody’s perfect


Busted his ass today. Love his work on d.


His hair is very ‘specific’

Lord Peter of Highbury

Ceballos is the most progressive modern midfielder we’ve had at the club for a long time – high tempo, high technical level, with a bit of bite thrown in.
A deal that we really should do.


There’s a Rambo feel to his game. Stylish (not the hair, the play 🙂 and not
afraid of contact at all.


A-dubs is on one today with the puns n that, long may it continue

Arsene's Coat

Perhaps but maybe we get Ramsey back instead? No? How bout Santi?


yeah why not Arsene while we’re at it


Imagine what he will be like, with a full pre-season at Arsenal and under Arteta. He could be an amazing buy. I say go for it.


I’m sorry but I really don’t get this. He’s been great for us since coming back into the side and showed huge potential in his first few games. Arteta clearly agrees as he’s been undroppable since his comeback. So why are we wasting time? Have the discussions now so things move smoothly on June 1st, simple!

Ya Gooner

Because Arsenal and arteta know we can’t afford him! At least they won’t waste time on a fake bid and say later ‘oh look we tried’ well you would hope anyway.


Money probably has something to do with it.


Money might do but if we’re not having the discussion we won’t know how much he’ll cost.

Cliff Bastin

Potentially not being in Europe (obs I hope we make it) vs Playing for Real Madrid


We know Zidane doesn’t really rate him and they don’t have the best relationship. I don’t think he’ll be going back there, even if doesn’t stay with us.

Forget about it

Who says we are not in discussions? Well yeah, Arteta, but what else is he going to say?


Perhaps there are discussions and ‘discussions’?


Good player, atrocious politics.

Given our lack of money it would be far easier to try and keep hold of him than buy a player with similar skill from elsewhere.

Cliff Bastin

Keeping hold of him means buying him.


I get that, it but it will be easier to negotiate.

A Different George

Well, his atrocious politics mean at least he can never play for Barca. I also like to think they are just the stupid statements of a kid, rather than, say, a genuine Di Canio-style fascist.


That’s very true, and perhaps you’re right, I like to think Arsenal wouldn’t buy a genuine fascist.


He made those comments when he was 16-18. No need to sentence someone to life imprisonment for something done at 16-18

Public Elneny

I hope he’s not the same person as the one who posted those infamous tweets a few years back. Apparently he is close with Bellerin, and I doubt that would be the case if he was still an edgy fascist dipshit, given Hector’s politics

Done anyone fancy Emiliano Buendia from Norwich as an alternative creative/technical midfielder btw? Might be available for a reasonable price after their relegation too


He is valued at around 25m-30m and not that influential so maybe another loan or some Pepe-esque deal (paid by installment). We badly need the funds for a more elite MF


If we can afford it, do it. This ones a no brainer

Public Elneny

A no-brainer, really?!

I’m not against it but so far he’s had a handful of good games, a handful of bad games, and a long injury lay off – at the tail end of which his application and fitness was questioned. It’s a pretty marginal call surely?


Let him go. we haven’t seen enough to suggest he’s worth the money

The Spoon

Extend the loan might be doable, or use him if Madrid come a knocking for Auba. Cabbelos and 50m and we can start talking 🙂


Don’t forget to mention the middle finger to Barca into the bargain. My 10 year old football brain can certainly see incentives for RM.

Steve Morpurgo

Personally i have never really rated him, he’s an ok player but i don’t see him as outstanding, top class or even in the better players of the Premiership. He’s ok and i don’t want my club settling for ok any more.
He’s obviously not good enough for his parent club either. That then makes me a Ce-bye-(no)loss…

Dave cee

I agree Steve he needs to show more to convince me he would be worth a significant outlay. He has 3 months to show that he can be a special player rather than just another player at Arsenal.
If he does then obviously I hope he stays. If not, then look for someone else


Buy-buy, he’s a Football Manager wonderkid


He has shown more physicality over that last few weeks playing with Xhaka and Ozil than I thought he was capable of. Tha is a much needed attribute, and he has a pretty decent skill set. Let’s see how he plays against the midfields of Leicester, Man C, and Pool before we decide if this is someone we want long term.


Funny article today about Torreira. How does Arsenal reshape midfield without him? In case you were somewhere-else, we have been playing Xhaka with Ceballos and for a reason. The Spaniard is more forward thinking and in recent matches with Torreira we have some security defensively (not as much as many prefer to think) but at expense of sufficient attacking intent. Also Guendouzi has had zero issue despite purported media induced bust up drama…and he has come in with a good attitude and frankly shown improvement in defensive awareness. Torreira if anything would have been there for depth and maybe to… Read more »


Ceballos….I suppose we will need to try and lock him down but you can’t fault the player for keeping options open particularly if we are not going to be dining again at Europe’s top table. Which is the problem for the manager and the team this summer. We will have more issues than just simply Aubameyang leaving. Some people here prefer to believe players leaving mean the ones they don’t like but alas the reality is we will shed players in all areas and a rebuild will mean : 1) More risk as we cannot afford fully form product so… Read more »


I really start to like him. I think we should try to buy him. Out midfield is not in a good shape anyway. He brings in a good tempo and attacking presence to the game.

Chilling like a shilling

Presumptuous. Estrella is the Barcelona beer Mahou is the Madrid beer ?


I’m more convinced now than at the short lived heights of Dani-mania back in Aug/Sep that we should do the deal if it’s affordable. The quality was always there, now he’s shown he’s complimentary to what Arteta is doing too, and given his inclusion recently, he clearly had the attitude to match as it was questioned by Arteta – looks like he rose to the challenge. That, along with the ethos shown when choosing to stay in January, and voicing why publicly all makes me think he’d be perfect.

not sure Arteta sees it that way, but hey ho.


I think he will be a good replacement for Ozil if he leaves


If possible, buy him. It is a no-brainer.


Does anyone know if he actually wants to stay here? It’s all well and good saying just buy him, but he needs to want to be an Arsenal player.

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