Date set for FA Cup showdown with Sheffield United


It has been confirmed that Arsenal’s FA Cup quarter-final showdown with Sheffield United will take place at 1.30pm (UK time) on Sunday, 22 March.

After three consecutive games on Monday nights, this will be the first time in this season’s competition that we’ll play on a weekend.

The match will be broadcast on BT Sport. We’re giving you 13 days to buy yourself some noise-cancelling headphones so you don’t need to listen to Jermaine Jenas.

Arsenal have had some pretty memorable FA Cup ties with Sheffield United in the past. We beat them on the way to winning the trophy in 2003 (THAT Seaman save) and on penalties on their patch in 2005.

The older ones amongst you might even remember us beating them in the 1936 final at Wembley; a game settled by Ted Drake’s 74th minute strike.

There was also the infamous Kanu and Overmars incident in 1999 that ended up being replayed courtesy of Arsene Wenger’s generosity. What a nice man he was.

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I was kind of hoping it would be a Monday night so Sean Bean and co would have had a long day down pit beforehand.


That made me really laugh. Cheers.


Ay, reet fuckin’ grim!!

Lord Peter of Highbury

Don’t forget the 5-0 thumping we gave them at Bramall Lane in 1978


Who could forget that?


One of my earliest memories. FA cup 3rd round. I was 10. Grandstand went to the ground with live pictures. They couldn’t show any of the action but the fact they had cameras at the ground! And they showed the crowd!


Couldn’t forget that – my first time seeing the Arse in the flesh. What an intro!
Things quickly paled though – the next 2 matches I saw were the ’78 Final (lost to 2nd Div Ipswich) and a League Cup loss 3-1 to 3rd Div Rotherham. Can’t forget them either, sadly.


Typical. It’s on a Sunday instead of a Monday and it’s Mother’s Day. No chance of the missus letting me watch it live.

Petit's Handbag

Have you thought about a divorce?

Naked Cygan

You should have told your missus you can’t miss any Arsenal games before you got Married.

SF Gooner

First time I met my eventual wife I told her I already had one true love, The Arsenal!


I married a cardboard cut out of Nigel Winterburn. He can be controlling but he lets me watch the match if I’ve done all the housework.

Naked Cygan

Good man.

The Spoon

I’ve been watching games on Ladbrokes, refuse to pay for BT. Apart from sky and now Amazon, they just have the most awful commentry.


Streams are better than ever in my experience. Smooth as, bar a few annoying pop up ads, and free. Why pay for the sky or bt garbage? There’s enough money in football without my monthly subscription.


If everyone stopped monthly subscription there will be no money left in football. Who would want to pay to advertise a product on a programme where only a few or no one is watching. Keep what you do to yourself. Don’t try and create the impression those of us who pay to watch are fool’s. No, we are not. We see the bigger picture that you fail to see.


Streaming is also illegal in the UK. Just making sure you are not surprised when you get the knock at the door.


What a nice man he is*


Exactly what I thought. He’s not dead.

Crash Fistfight

He could’ve turned evil since then.


Dear God, if there is someone on here that remembers the 1936 final, we really need to hear some of the stories they must have on Arsenal. Please!


Mother’s Day? Time to take a stand about these TV schedules lads lol

Dave Swain

I was unlucky enough to watch (and listen to) the Arsenal West Ham match on Irelands Premier Sports…. Gary Breen and some supposedly English plank commentating ,,, the English fella finished with something like “the 3 points went to the club from North West London”… Knobhead


The standard of commentary on both TV and radio in recent times is really the pits, some of them are barely literate.
There was a brief period a few years back on BBC, where you could switch from the commentary to just the crowd and it was brilliant, but I don’t think Sky ever did it and it just petered out, sadly.


I was 6 at the time, Peschisolido or something was the Sheffield United striker from which Seaman made the save and to this day that save still pops up into my head from time to time


Permaine Peenarse