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Ornstein: Bellerin playing with groin tear

According to The Athletic’s David Ornstein, Hector Bellerin is managing a groin problem with painkillers but the injury is taking a toll on his ability to cross the ball.

It’s reported that the Spaniard picked up the problem in the build-up to the 4-0 win over Newcastle United – a game he completed – on 16 February and could explain why he was left out of the trip to Olympiacos four days later.

While the right-back did complete 90 minutes against Everton on 23 March and 84 minutes of the return leg of our Europa League tie with the Greeks, Sokratis has filled in on the last two outings against Portsmouth and West Ham.

Bellerin did make a very late substitute appearance in Saturday’s win so whatever the issue, it’s obviously not so serious that we’re worried he could exacerbate it in the heat of battle.

As we all know, ACL surgery ruled the 24-year-old out of the start of the season and subsequent fitness niggles have restricted him to just 14 appearances so far.

Our back-up right-back, Cedric Soares should be fit to make his debut in the coming weeks. Since signing from Southampton on loan in January, the Portuguese has been rehabbing a knee injury.

Arsenal’s last medical bulletin said he would join full training this week.

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Injuries piling up in March, par the course. But to sign one who is really just cover was a bit too little too late, something quite repetitive about our transfer policies in last decade

What’s the common denominator


Ordnance Dave

I’m no fan of the silent one, but you are reaching my friend.


You maybe right, I’m definitely not a fan. Just years of transfer windows where we have come up short in some way. The last transfer window showed some ambition in terms of long term squad building but we were stuffed in the short term. Eg Monreal was replaced by Tierney who took weeks to be ready. We were left with only Kola. And then had to resort to Xhaka. We signed Saliba but he was unable to play for a full year, which cannot have convinced Kos we wouldn’t push his body to the 3 games a week we didn’t… Read more »

SB Still

I pretty much forgot our back-up RB now is Cedric Soares. Look forward to his debut soon, especially given Bellerin’s reported injury.


This was a golden chance for AMN to copy Saka & cement his spot in the XI. Instead he’s sitting in the stands watching Sokratis & an injured Bellerin fight it out to play for Arsenal…


It could be that AMN is not really working as hard as he should, but he is still the best option at Right Full Back right now. I think for better balance, Arteta should consider playing him ahead of Sokratis.

Dave M

Such a strange decision to sign a RB with a knee injury on loan, with a crook #1 RB (takes time to get back from ACL and get full confidence and your normal stride back), and a backup the manager is understandably not sold on (still loses concentraiton and makes brainfarts on defense – AMN that is). Sokratis is getting games because he makes us solid, but it hurts our attack for sure. We’re all still assuming Soares will be back in the next couple weeks. I’ve got two f*cked knees – you simply don’t bank on knees ligaments/cartilage being… Read more »


Yes yes, keyboard warrior, your knee issues & rehab are totally comparable to that of a high-level athlete who plays for The Arsenal. I wish they had your insight regarding recovery timelines. Missed the boat there, they did #GOzidis #kroenkeout

Dave M

Yeah bellerin and holding showing how easy it is to come back from knee injuries. WTF would I know, I just battle keyboards all day


I’m not convinced by Sokratis at RB. I went to the West Ham game, and WHam’s left winger was left wide open for large chunks of that match. Thankfully his team-mates didn’t notice (or just weren’t good enough to find him), but that’s the sort of thing that teams like City would exploit ruthlessly.

Dave M

Not super convinced by sokratis RB either, but he’s a pretty solid defender that does a job a RB (not a great one, but solid – Sweet FA going forward though). But arteta is obviously far from convinced AMN can and if he is saying he doesn’t want to play RB then fuck him… Means he doesn’t want to do enough for the team. And given Bellerin is still struggling with his own injury issues, sokratis it is!


Soares makes NO SENSE at all no matter how you add it up. He’ll probably be available for only a handful of matches. And having watched him a couple of times in the past I don’t think he has much left in him even if he were fully fit.


Obviously soares signing is to sign him up for free after his contract expires at the end of the season.


Too many injuries! I thought we had expertise to reduce them now.


Wenger era had avoidable and bad rotation caused injuries. Mainly muscular. There is no predicting the accidents that are fractures and ligament damage (including the dreaded ACL).


Papa is a strong defender but he was always going to struggle at RB, from Mikel’s statements it’s obvious that dearth at the back is why those selections are being made, like Saka at LB. This is where I think AMN can be useful for us.. he’s played full seasons as RB. I wonder what is going on in training that he doesn’t even get selected as a sub


Ainsley Maitland-Niles must have seriously pissed someone off.
Anyone know what is going on regarding with him ?


I think Arteta said in one of the press conferences that he needs to see more from him training.


None of us really know what’s going on. But to be honest, I trust Arteta’s judgement of players and there must be a damn good reason why he’s choosing an immobile CB ahead of him. If his treatment of AMN is an example to the rest of the squad about the necessity of hard work then I’m cool with that.

Seems strange that an academy lad isn’t prepared to put in the blood, sweat and tears but there you go. That’s the club culture Arteta is trying to eradicate.


When I’ve seen him play he’s been no more than mediocre in any position and has tracking’tackling back is non-existent. I’m glad he’s not selected and hope he joints Xhaka and Ozil through the out-door in the Summer. A lazy young player.


Wenger also went on record about AMN’s application. Shame, he’s got all the attributes to be awesome!


Very strange regarding AMN. He’s the perfect back up to Bellerin considering the system we now play. The RB gets narrow and is almost a CM when we attack – considering AMN is DM by trade, surely this system is perfect for him. There is definitely something going on behind the scenes which I hope is resolved soon.


He’s definitely off in the summer. Cant replace anyone in midfield & now Sokratis is preferred as backup RB.

Dave M

He’s the perfect back-up that won’t accept his best chances (and arguably his best position – can anyone show any evidence AMN is a better CM than RB?) are at RB. That and he still has concentration issues that lead to him switching off at times and making mistakes AND he clearly (from Arteta’s comments) isn’t showing enough in training. If AMN is complaining he doesn’t want to play RB, then I’d ship him out in the summer without a second thought. It’s exactly the type of soft-selfish mentality that has seen us slowly slide from dominant force to mid-table… Read more »


I scratch my balls the wrong way and I can’t walk. Here we have Bellerin running 6 miles a game for 90 mins and training everyday on top of it. Normal folk don’t always appreciate the pain which players have to play even when they aren’t “injured” injured.


Sounds like you should stop touching your privates so much!


Are you a pirate?


I still don’t get signing Soares on loan. If he is not back for a few weeks, there could just be a handful of games left by then. Easier to just sign him in the summer if Arteta wants him and don’t waste the loan fee.


Southampton didn’t want to lose Soares on a Bosman

Dave M

Yeah, but we are Arsenal, not Southampton…


If the plan was to get him with an eye on next season backup / competition, I think that was the smart time to do it. Factored out a bidding competition or just plain missing the opportunity if he went elsewhere.

I always hope we choose wisely and want us to get the best options, but at the same time I am pleased we’ve reduced the dilly-dallying.


Max Aarons should be towards the top of our shopping list this summer.

I like Niles, but it looks like the writings on the wall, hopefully we can pick up £20-£25mill for him.

Then a combined £50-£55mill for Sokratis, Mustafi, Mavropanos, Mkhitaryan and Elneny, then have a decent punt on another centre half to add to Saliba.

pierre lacapeppe

Yet another CB? how CBs do you want dude. assuming you sell sokratis and mavropanos, we will still have holding. luiz, mari, chambers, mustafi, saliba. that’s 6 senior players vying for 2 spots.


We shouldn’t be playing injured player returning from ACL, that not responsible thing to do. Bellerin is still young, don’t kill him. Let him get his fitness back. I am all for Arteta setting standards for players, but it shouldn’t come at the expence of other players health. I don’t ever want to see Sokratis at rightback, but we should play him there if only other alternative is unfit Bellerin boosted up by painkillers unable to run or cross. For goodness sake AMN, get your sh’t together, you have (probably had) perfect oportunity to make your claim for starting spot… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

The strangest part is that AMN started (and pplayed well) in Arteta’s first 3 games. Maybe he fancies himself as a CM, but surely when the opportunity comes to be the first choice RB at the Arsenal you take it?


Stop playing with it, Hector.

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