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Arteta: This is a good time to reflect

It’s hard to believe that Mikel Arteta’s Covid-19 diagnosis was less than a month ago.

While the boss was quick to make a full recovery after a stint of self-isolation, thousands of others around the world have not been so lucky.

The world has changed in ways we couldn’t have imagined and football, financial arguments aside, has taken a back seat. Domestic seasons are on hold, international tournaments have been cancelled and with no end in sight to self-distancing rules, no balls will be kicked in anger until late May at the earliest. Possibly.

Having endured a ridiculously busy first couple of months in charge, Arteta says he’s using this opportunity to reflect on what he’s achieved and to deepen relationships with his squad, albeit using unorthodox means.

“This is a good time to reflect on what we’re doing,” he told Sky Sports.

“I joined at the busiest moment in the calendar year in December. We had some momentum, and it’s a shame that we had to lose it but we have to make the most out of this time.”

Arsenal were initially holding daily meetings and players were said to be following personal training programmes. With no end it sight, it’s thought that strict routines have been relaxed but contact remains.

“We’re doing work with them and we’re trying to engage them,” Arteta added.

“We’re close to them and up until now, it’s been a very positive response from them. We cannot touch each other at the moment, but we’re having group and individual talks.

“It’s so important that we keep connected so they can see there’s a relation between what we’re doing now and when we restart training. They are bored and as young players they have a lot of energy!”

Arteta also joked that being around his three young kids every day has given him an insight into the work that goes into running a home.

“The experienced players have families around them and kids that are occupying them. Those of us with children only realise now how hard it is at home when we are away for our wives!”

With the likes of Jack Grealish and Kyle Walker falling foul of the authorities in recent weeks despite fronting campaigns telling peoplen to stay indoors, the importance of checking in on players and keeping them out of mischief is very apparent.

“For the young players, some of them are alone in their apartments and there are long days,” noted the boss.

“We have to be caring for them and we have to keep them busy and try to do things to improve their development and education.

“I like to make them all think and assess themselves as people, too. I’d only been here for three months, so it’s been a chance to get to know them a little bit more, break some boundaries. We’re having some really good conversations.”

Earlier this week, the FA warned that many clubs in England are facing financial ruin as a result of lost income from matchday and broadcast revenue. Against that backdrop, it seems hard to imagine clubs splashing big cash when the transfer window opens again. With a squad to strengthen and the outlook unclear, Arteta confirmed that he is having to be flexible in his planning.

“I’m planning two or three different scenarios that we can face,” he said. “Depending on one of those three, we will be able to do more, less or nothing.

“We have to react daily. We don’t know what the financial situation is going to be, we don’t know the rules, the timing, the window. There are so many things we cannot control at the moment.”

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Ross Leach

Reading between the lines, you have to think it all depends, mostly at least on the futures of Aubameyang and Lacazette. Seemingly sounds like the club and Arteta are planning well for these scenarios.


With all that uncertainty, I am really happy that we have a coach as smart as Arteta in charge. Whatever happens when we start football again, I think he’ll make sure that the players have used the time well and are ready

Timorous Me

Not just smart, but he seems to be a genuinely decent human being who cares about people and things on a deeper level. Both are reassuring considering the uncertain times we’re living in.

Martinelli fanboy

May sound sadistic but kroenke will use this to justify non-expenditure. It will also be a good test for Arteta to see if he can punch above his weight in terms of talent and resources available. I’m hoping he and edu make master strokes in terms of key decisions that propel us forward.


Either we’re a self-sustaining club which many fans are proud of or we’re going to have to accept a likely morally dubious owner taking us over if we want a sugar daddy. Kroenke for all his flaws hasn’t really interfered in the football matters – he picks his people & lets them run it & unlike the Glazers hasn’t saddled the club with massive debt to pay himself huge dividends. The global economy is literally collapsing & our finances weren’t in great shape to begin with as we’ve spent a ton of money on players the past 5-7 years but… Read more »

Martinelli fanboy

He could show more interest. Go an extra mile. Defer benefits meant for him and his family which he doesn’t need in the immediate future. He could demand more based on what he sees on the pitch. Emery was way past redemption but the action was taken too late. What pro active role did he and the rest of the senior leadership take. This isn’t just recently. Wenger hid Manu of their flaws. Decisions have to be made. Trusting your appointments and a manager doesn’t mean taking the foot of the pedal. Owning too many franchise teams doesn’t allow one… Read more »


I like Wenger but honestly the biggest stick you can validly beat Kroenke with is his refusal to fire him despite how shambokuc Wenger let contract management & squad building become at the same time the team was becoming less and less competitive by the year. He’s not going to be a sugar daddy – the ones that are all have pretty squishy moral histories & personally I don’t want them near the club

Martinelli fanboy

I’m not focussed on kroenke being our sugar daddy. Would you say he’s as involved as RB Leipzig is. The owners of wolves are clearly doing something right consistently.

Something has been lacking at the club for a long time. We’ve hardly ever operated as an Excellent team on and off the field since kroenke came in. Where’s the passion and pride from him?

We have differing opinions. Arteta’s reign will reveal more about kroenke.


“I’m planning two or three different scenarios that we can face,” he said. “Depending on one of those three, we will be able to do more, less or nothing. so I figure the NONE option is a result of 0 player sales. meaning we have no wiggle room realistically and have to be reactive in the merry go round. however on the MORE front, our players could be lynch pins in said merry go round and give us some much needed income. gotta be auba/laca leaving, miki going and at least one senior CB. though i think kola might leave… Read more »


on the pandemic front, 100’s of lower league clubs are going to fold. say that means we lose division 2, out of the 22 clubs in that league id say there were on average 12 players who would be good signings for the league above and 30 youngsters whom might of made it before. League 1 clubs that survived will pick apart folded clubs like vultures and in turn financially struggling league 1 clubs picked off by the championship and so on. this coupled with the massive loss in revenue that will come to the clubs in the next 24… Read more »

Naked Cygan

I urge arteta to play fifa and pes 2020, play with Arsenal, check the defense out. You will really get to know our issues. I don’t know who makes these games but they are extremely realistic. I feel like I am watching the real games, same mistakes, same style…amazing…

Liam Young

my question is, did Arteta do his sky interview with pants on?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I am starving of football and have a plan:
1) Test each player for covid.
2) Put every covid-negative player in isolation for 2 weeks.
3) Give them 2 weeks of training.
4) Play games.
1a) Test fans on a voluntary basis.
2b) Put every covid-negative ticket holder in isolation for 2 weeks.
3a) Conduct GPS monitoring on these fans for 2 weeks on a voluntary basis.
4a) Let these fans attend games.

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