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No new injuries for Arteta ahead of Liverpool clash

The squad that lost to Sp*rs on Sunday are all available to face Liverpool in tomorrow’s must-win Premier League clash.

After a spate of injuries in the first two weeks of football’s return, we’ve been relatively unscathed since. Eddie Nketiah continues to be suspended, Mesut Ozil’s back remains sore and it seems unlikely that Matteo Guendouzi will be getting a recall.

The guys with more serious issues – Gabriel Martinelli, Pablo Mari, Bernd Leno and Calum Chambers – remain in the treatment room.

After a defensive horror show at White Hart Lane, all eyes will be on Mikel Arteta’s selection at the back.

It seems hard to believe he can justify sticking with David Luiz, Sead Kolasinac and Shkodran Mustafi but then again, we probably don’t have anyone likely to inspire confidence with Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane coming to town.

Even if we win our three remaining games of the campaign, our potential total points tally (59) will still be the lowest we’ve achieved since 1995. On that occasion, we finished 12th after a 42-game season. ?

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Fasten your seat belt!


Half of me is desperately hoping they can just keep it respectable whilst the other half really no longer gives a fuck…




Holding will come in for Kolasinac but I expect the other 10 to remain the same.


The problem is that Kolasinac is left-footed and Arteta really wants a left footed player on the left side of defense. I think that is the only reason he has been playing.
And Holding is not left-footed, so…


dont think it really matters when you’re playing like crap regardless. like kolasinac has been doing. i’d take a one-legged pirate with a wooden stump who can pass five yards accurately and not wilt under pressure.


Seems to be the case, but whats the use of Kolasinac’s left foot if he just passes inside/backwards anyway?


For some reason I’ve got that old school BBC Cricket theme playing in my head, along with a vision of the Emirates ground staff wheeling in a couple of giant white scoreboards…..


Prediction: Ozil’s useless if we lose Ozil’s useless if we win Ozil’s wages are the main topic if we lose Ozil’s useless if we win Ozil hasn’t been consistent at whatever imaginary super human abilities people think he has, if we lose and show no creativity. Ozil isn’t hard working enough for this side, if we win without creativity. Arsenal (apparently) cant sign top players to compete because of Ozil’s wages, if we lose. Arsenal need to get rid of Ozil ASAP and give the money to others, whether we win or lose. No tactical reasons will be analysed for… Read more »


exactly, however when we play holding and his arse gets turned inside out but no we will never say anything as hes one of our boys


I think this is where the problem lies. We need to part ways with him as soon as humanly possible so that both parties can get a fresh start. He clearly has a problem and his back aside everyone has experienced those days when he’s “sick” and can’t travel away from home. The first game after the restart, he wasn’t having back problems. Arteta made it clear he left him out totally “FOR TACTICAL REASONS” . Now this is huge. Arsene left him home for some away games, Emery used that very statement and now Arteta. World cup winner and… Read more »


not prolific, I meant high profile. My English is not the best


I think it could also probably be something along the lines of Ozils contract included appearance bonuses and the club not wanting to activate that and give him any more money.


Come on mate. I agree with everything you say, but it’s time to move on. If I can accept it – and a fucking bitter pill it is to swallow too – then I’m sure you can. We are a club in transition and looking to start again and rebuild – at least I fucking hope so! ?


Ozil said he is not going anywhere and he is going to see out his contract.So he will be with us for the next season.


Another twelve months of ‘bad back’ stories. Oh joy. Can’t wait…..


I will get downvoted to hell for this as I am not supporting the anti-Kola agenda, but if there was a choice for atleast one CB to not play, It would have to be Luiz. Kola’s pass that day was terrible, away from Luiz’s left foot. But Luiz made his first error (which led to a shot on goal) at 40 seconds, then made 2 more similar errors prior to then being slow to intercept Son. He’s terribly slow, he thinks a lot of himself in regards to shooting but he sucks in that too. His passing is alright, but… Read more »


Your opinion does count. But unfortunately The Three Stooges are all as bad as each other. Normally a club gets one bad centre half, every now and then. For the past decade we’ve been invaded by the fuckers.


Also Blogs, kindly, this is the 2nd time I’m writing this, I hope I’m not coming across as an entitled prick but I’ve been on here for just under a decade and I’m still having my posts awaiting approval? Sometimes I post and it doesn’t even make it on here? Please advise me on what I’m doing wrong. The NLD has caused us all enough pain ?


it’s really bad when it happens and I believe it happens to all of us. I think at times it happens when the post is too long, has some abbreviations or words that break terms here maybe.
I feel your pain though. Always nice to read what other gooners feel

Timorous Me

You should see if you can start over anew, with a new user name and/or email address. We might just not know that it’s you if it does work, though!


I don’t know – sorry.

We have a massive moderation list of over 1200 names, phrases, emails and IP addresses. Sometimes innocent people get caught in it too.

It’s NOT personal, and we try and moderate comments as quickly as possible.

Rosapirescastle all the 7s

Does it really matter who we play.
We play the weekend in our cup final beat city and anything is possible.

I’d go with


lol, cedric and holding are poor, amn and nelson not doing it atm. torreira not match fit , u on a hiding for a 7-0

Crash Fistfight

If we play 12 players we might just have a chance.


This talk about Ozil’s wages could be better used is bullshit. Ofcourse it could be better used..but that is not enough of an excuse for the club to not recruit with more ambition. Before Ozil it was Arshavin and Bendtner. Just because there is a rotten apple in the basket doesn’t mean one compromises with what they do with the team.


Was Arshavin really a bad apple though? I say that because i can’t think of a time where he’s kicked off with a teammate or refused to play for us.

I recall him as being an enigmatic, maverick match winning yet lazy with a lack of work ethic.

Where went wrong with him was playing him on the wing and expecting him to make repeat runs AWAY from goal to cover the full back.

He was a No10/ Support striker ALL DAY LONG.


Don’t envy Arteta picking a defence for Liverpool. We know players deserve to be dropped but it’s not going to help the confidence of any replacements to be up against Liverpool in the first game

Mike Lowry

I hope he drops Sead K. Guy’s been proper shit for sometime now. Temped to just to lose all the remaining games so the board will have to accept where we’re at in terms of the quality of the squad and put in some investment.


I think we should focus on the semi-final…


Don’t think we can afford the luxury of picking and choosing which games we focus on. Let’s win ’em all!


Just hang on to that slim hope that it’s the FA Cup Semi Final and anything can happen.

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